Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturday Sexcapade

My name is Mat and i am 16 years old. Eversince I was young as 7 years old I know I am a little different and I keep it a secret until I reach my teenage years. I love older men that loves to have sex with a teenage gay like me. One of the greatest sexcapade I had with my older guy happens in his ofice.

My boyfriend Gary and I had plans for the weekends. We will go to the beach because eversince we became an item I reaaly love to fulfill my fantasy in making love in the beach with those sands all over my body. Thursday night came and all my stuffs are neatly packed in my bag with the extra accessory of all the things I need for the completion of my fantasy. Gary arrived in our pad (I had to live with him in his pad because I was still in my college years and our house i situated in Ilocos Sur), with some bad news, he had to go to work for three consecutive Saturdays. That really made upset and devastated. I really cried my heart out that night o Gary comforted me while kissing me in the ears and told me that he will talk to his boss if he could bring me along so we could still be together thi Saturday. And because I love Gary I just agreed. The next morning Gary talked to his boss about the situation and his boss agreed. So that Saturday Gary brought me with him in the ofice. I was still devastated about the whole situation because I really would love to fulfill my fantasy. When we got to the ofice, only one person was there and her cubicle was on the other side of the office. Gary and I gave each other naughty looks and played footsie under the table. When I couldn't take it anymore, I crawled under his desk and immediately unzip his pants and gave him a blowjob. He was really contorlling his emotion and was maoning softly. All of a sudden, his officemate walked in and said that she was going out to lunch. She had no idea that I was even under the table. My heart was pounding really fast the whole time and when she finally left, I knew Gary and I would have an hour at least to do some dirty sex. So I stood up kis him hungrily in the mouth while taking our clothes off in our way to the conference room. When we reach the conference room we both are naked. He laid me in the table while we were still hungrliy kissing each other. He then kiss me in the neck and and began sucking my turgid nipples. OOOhhhhh. I really love that I told Gary. He then went down and and gave me a really nice blowjob, I was moaning reaaly hard and I don't mind if his officemate is done with her lunch already. I just wanna comtinue our sex session. After a few minutes of Gary's mouth in my hard-on cock I came. He then swallowed all my honey juice nectar. I then position myself on top of him, this time doing all the dirty job. I the gave him another nice blowjob. The more he moaned the more it turns me on. That's right baby suck it even more, suck it deeper, Garu said. I was totally aroused by all his dirty talk so I suck his big hard-on cock even more. By the time Gary couldn't take it anymore he instructede me to do the doggy style position, he then put one of his wet finger in my asshole to get it ready with his nexy action, I was moaning really hard as if I own the conference room, he put his hard-on cock on my ready asshole and gave me some real thrusting. He move graciously and keep thrusting me real hard. Deeper please I moaned, more, I still want more. Gary never disappointed me and gave me more. While his pumping real hard, he then put his hand on my cock, I was growling and moaning and in a split second I came, I then put my cock on his ready wet asshole and he also came. We were both happy with what we did, so we immediately went back to his cubicle. That was the best lunch we ever had, carnal lunch. I couldn't wait for the next Saturday.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fuck Party

Manila hotel was the most extravagant haven yet for the annual party a group of my parents' associates held. I knew a few young guys, and did my best to mingle while my parents played the "must" politics. It did not take long to complete the
rounds and run out of familiar faces. I looked for my parents, but saw they were involved in conversation and so I decided to find a safer harbor to bide my time.

As I slowly made my way to the grand bar at the back of the ballroom, the tall blond bartender caught my eye. He looked a bit younger, and more attractive than anyone has a rig,ht to be, the real killer was that lop-sided grin; the one that makes a
woman's knees go weak. It was impossible not to return a smile and acknowledge the impact of his silent flattery. But he insisted I was still young to drink. I asked him how'd he knew I was young and was just a teenager and he just told me that
it was just his intuition and he also knew that I am a teenage gay. I told him that my parents are with me and they always allow me to drink occasionally and so he agreed.

With a polite greeting, I named my drink, something stronger than my usual, something more appropriate for such a...tedious occasion. The bartender stared back for a moment, the edge of his cocky smile lifting, deepening the crease of his suntanned cheek before he turned his back to pour. I found myself sizing himup, the stylish cut of his hair, the broad shoulders in the short white jacket of his uniform, the hard buttocks that filled the seat of those black, perfectly creased slacks so well.

When I looked up I realized he had been watching my bold motives in the mirror. This time he gave me a more seductive grin.

Embarrassed, I faked a cough and looked away.

"What's your poison?"

Startled and a little bit surprised by the voice, I turned. The speaker was a handsome guy with pouty lips and a pair of gorgeous, expressive brown eyes. I placed his age somewhere between the charming bartender's and my parents. His clothes, his
informal manner, all indicated a distinct earthiness. And when he did not fake a smile, I took it as further evidence of his easy casualness, his total lack of pretense. I had no doubt we could be friends.

I'm drinking Scotch on the rock, I answered, meeting his gaze.

And I will do the same, she told the bartender, his glance falling below my waist briefly before he returned his attention to me. "Melvin. My name is Melvin. Hello, Melvin. I'm Ben. Great party, isn't it? I asked gently and amiably.

The question sounded tentative, a gauge. When I sent his my best get-serious look, he chuckled, sounding relieved at not having received the standard polite bullshit. Are you staying here, at the hotel tonight? Melvin asked me. I told him that it
was only my parents that encouraged me to attend the social event. Melvin laughed, with one of those sexy throaty laughs that melt teenage gays like me.

Before either of us could say more, the bartender set Melvin's drink down on the counter then casually, leaned on his elbow with all the confidence in the world. He looked from me to Melvin, his lascivious thoughts no secret. His glance inched to
his chest, obviously seen in his tuxedo. Who could blame him; carnality exuded from Melvin, and there was no lack of want there either.

When Melvin, unruffled by his boldness, continued to sip his Scotch, the bartender made a small sound of desire then returned his attention to me. Now previously playful smile disappeared nad was replaced by a candid expression of pure lust.

When a guest broke the sexually charged atmosphere, I became aware of the hot moisture of our silent but intense exchange had generated, and shifted for comfort in suddenly dampened briefs.

Melvin said that he is too.

Discomfited by the frank and unexpected admission, I cleared my throat and took another sip of Scotch.

Melvin studied me through slanted eyes, then really floored me with his next comment. Ben let's just fuck now.

I stood frozen, mouth wide open, mind racing to distinguish fact from imagination before I was able to force my eyes to blink and collect my wits. Slowly absorbing his advance, I allowed his candor to encourage mine. When I met his eyes, it was with equal forthrightness, and we established an understanding.

I asked him if he was alone by himself and he told me that he was with his brother but his date turned out so he was alone now.

I turned and searched the room. My parent were speaking to a squat, balding man but their gaze was fixed upon me. We made eye contact, then their glance moved to Melvin.

Melvin remarked that I was a parent's baby but I simply did not say anything.

Now that the course had been set I was simply too aroused and too anxious to debate with him. "Let's go," I said decisively when he continued to regard my parents with an expression that seemed to calculate them.

Melvin shot me a rigid look, and then quickly downed his drink.

We had only taken a few steps when, as if prompted by an unspoken signal, we paused as one and turned for a last look. The sexy bartender was wiping a wineglass but we seemed to still hold his undivided attention. He squinted in return, a hedonistic squint combined with regret. Melvin and I sighed simultaneously, like a couple of lovesick teens, then turned and left with shared reluctance.

As Melvin led the way out of the ballroom, my focus remained on his chest and muscles, quivering underneath the fabric of his formal tuxedo with each step he took. More hot steam pooled between my legs and I hastened my stride.

We rode the elevator in silence, oblivious of the elderly couple who had followed us in. Melvin stared at my muscular leg, visible in my pants. As for me, I shared the bartender's appetite for his heaving chest. By seconds, the moistened gusset of
my brief was growing more uncomfortable.

I let Melvin enter the room first. Just as I shut the door, we reached for each other, hungrily, without the usual formalities between two strangers. Driven by lust, there was no musculine gentility when our mouths parted and our tongues
began an urgent, passionate kiss.

As we kissed, we tugged at clothes anxiously. Melvin snapped open my polo, and we separated, both pulling to rid me of the restraining tuxedo. My eyes fell on his muscular body, looked ripe enough to make my mouth water. Mesmerized, I licked my
lips and swallowed before I started to drool.

Melvin literally shoved me onto the bed with a growl then came down himself. He told me that he loved my skin and body while he was anxiously caressing my arms, chest, tummy while his glance took a slow tour down the length of my muscular legs.

Turning back abruptly, his eyes locked on mine and without preamble, he shoved an elegant hand in my hard-on cock.

"Aaahhh," I sighed and raised my hips high to greet him.

"That feel good?" he asked, and covered my mouth with his hot mouth. His tongue blasted through my parted lips in a mission of invasion. Melvin took as liberally as I gave, and offered the same in return. All the while, my body pushed and churned on
his comforting hand.

I moaned my loss when Melvin tore his mouth away to posture himself for a more significant seizure. Welcoming the pain of passion, I clenched his hair and encouraged his hungry assault on my chest and turgid nipples.

"Delicious," he moaned as he switched from one insistent nipple to the other.

I squeezed the chest he was suckling. It encouraged him to work harder. "So you like sucking cock, hmmm?" I teased.

With his lips pursed tightly around my tugid nipple, he could do little but moan.

"Me too," I agreed and, unable to resist any longer, reached for one of his heavy chest, only to have my hand pushed away.

"You'll get your turn," he teased and slid lower. "I want to taste your cock."

The sound of the door opening gave us only a momentary pause. "What took you so long?" I questioned when the bartender entered.

I waited for the right timing to escape from the bar the bartender answered while he was busy taking his formal tuxedo clothes off.

Melvin turned his head, but kindly kept his hand in my hard-on cock. He regarded the bartender whose name is Simon, one thick eyebrow arched with interest.

After a little bit of chatting, Simon stretched out by my side and asked if he had missed much.

"A lot more to...cum," I replied.

He chuckled and gave me a lustful kiss.

"So, Melvin, what's a nice teenage gay like you doing in this bed with this naught teenage gay.

Melvin gave him a brazen once over, then leaned across me. "Getting a good lay, I hope."

"You got it, baby," Simon promised and took that edible pouty mouth of Melvin with his. While Simon kissed Melvin, Melvin did not neglect me, his slender hand still in my ahrd-on cock because he want the heat and humidity it worked to promote.

Releasing Melvin, Simon asked, "What did I interrupt?"

"I was just about to taste Ben's cock."

"Then let me help."

Simon spread my legs, gently, wide. Together, they stared long and hard at my vulnerable cock while it cried for attention.

Then Simon's heavy tongue came down and took a single slow lick, leaving me quivering.

"Mmm, that there is pure honey, Melvin."

Melvin shot him a glance then dipped his head and snatched my swollen cock between his lips. My body responded instantly, welcoming the impatiently longed-for onslaught.

Simon's eyes remained on my writhing form as eased my legs wider apart. Melvin accepted the invitation and carefully moved to lie in the "V" he had provided, his finger never slipping out of my honeyed nest in the process. I, in turn, bent my knees deeper around him and provided him with a more splayed access.

Settled, with Melvin's warm breath fanning my pubic hairs in a pleasant distraction, he extracted his hands. Before I could feel its absence, a soothing plump tongue slipped in to take its place, intoxicating me. I took Melvin's head in both hands
and pushed my cock to his face. Melvin held nothing back, huffing and slurping as he reached farther and farther into my depths. It was heaven.

I cried deliriously when he next removed the essence of my pleasure, that nimble tongue of his. Then cried again when he

filled me with two fingers in its stead. And when he took my greedy cock once more, I became lost in the climb toward nirvana.

Simon pinched my turgid and erect nipple, forcing me to arch my back, to offer him more. "Cum," he ordered, his dark eyes demanding the pleasure of seeing me in ecstasy.

My heart pounding with love, I submitted, to my needs and to his command, breathing his name just as the little death arrived to make its exalted claim.

I flowed with soft screams, fighting to keep my eyes open. Melvin hanjob me deeper, his mouth firming on my hard-on cock, his sucking relentless. Simon watched proudly, victoriously, as my body bucked and churned in its attempt to cram Melvin into my

In the end, it was his pleasure that brought me the greater contentment.

"You're right, sweet as honey," Melvin confirmed after I came.

Melvin and I unwound from each other, making room for him to lie between us. Simon kissed and caressed in turns while our bodies took refuge in his masculinity. Leading Melvin and me into our own private exchange of passion, he slid lower to bury his face in chests. His hum of delight echoed as he fondled and suckled, his efforts earning him even more tender and responsive nipples.

"Melvin," Simon gently separated us, "why don't you come sit on my face."

Melvin's eyes sparkled. He moved quickly to straddle him, on his knees, backward.

"Show it to me first," he requested. "Open your legs and show me your hard-on cock."

He shifted to find his balance then carefully leaned forward, his rear lifting inches. Both hands reached back, deepening the arch of his spine, and ever so luxuriantly spread his cheeks.

"Oophhh, what a sweet plump dick," Simon murmured after a moment of silent observation, and then sniffed deeply. "All right, baby, go ahead and set it down for me now."

Melvin lowered himself on his face, his drawn out moan at initial contact turning into a breathy sigh of accomplishment with the final seating.

I took Simon's powerful cock in my hand and gave it a little kiss, inhaling his unfamiliar unique scent before swallowing what I could of him, with all the tenderness my hunger would allow. His balls cradled in my palm, I sucked hard, in the very way that I know can pleased him most.

Melvin interrupted with a touch, desire in his countenance. He brought his head down, mouth open, anxious. His moan rang of gratitude when I placed Simon's swollen tip between his lips. He suckled it preciously, then took it deeper, shifting his
hips from side-to-side, opening himself wider for him.

As I carry a constant, insatiable need to pleasure Simon, I could not pass up the opportunity when it arose. Positioning myself between his bent legs, I licked and pampered his sac of skin while Melvin continued to ravish his cock. Together, we
created a lovely chorus of moans.

When still it was not enough, and I ached to provide more, I forced Simon's legs wider apart and reached lower, so shocked to know just how much it pleasures him to have his anus tongued.

It took little time for Melvin's breathing to grow heavier with his approaching climax and I returned to their side, to aid and participate.

"I think he loves cunt juice; smear him good," I whispered in Melvin's ear. He heeded my advice and, grunting, tackled the task with more gusto.

I gently squeezed one hand under the curve of his manly tummy for support. The other, I sucked wet the middle finger then reached for his backside. My penetration into his tight asshole was all the incentive he needed, and he toppled into sweet
oblivion with a guttural roar. I pushed in all the way. Simon pressed his hips down from both sides; he crushed him hard.

"Yesss, baby, rub your cock against that hot tongue," I urged over Melvin's muffled screams, his masculine form convulsing in its pleasure while he valiantly rode the crest of insanity. "Feels so, so damned good."

Melvin slowed at last, but continued to feed on Simon. "Yea, he eats cock real good, doesn't he?" Stroking his hair, easing his return, I gauged his satisfaction by his hungry suckling and muted whimpers. How well I know that profound need that always plagues me afterwards. Yes, sweet Melvin, suck his cock, feed your soul.

I waited for Melvin to fight his way back through the haze and straighten, then I straddled Simon's hips and slowly lowered myself onto his quivering shaft. Meeting Melvin's smoldering gaze, I drew him to me for a taste of those provocative lips.

What they tasted of was Scotch and cock. I savored the combination, and then left him to recover while I nourished myself from his ripe nipples and rocked upon the rock-solid penis that stood buried within my asshole.

My nipples fetish for the moment appeased, I let Melvin slide off Simon, and then I came down into his loving arms. His scent was strong on him, and now I licked his lips for Melvin's own alluring taste. Our kiss was brief, but fiery.

Simon rolled me onto my side and re-entered my asshole. He knows my needs so well. A strong hand snaked over my hipbone and experienced fingers seized the slippery asshole for manipulation. The other arm lay in an arc, a supporting cradle,
underneath my neck. Melvin, for his part, took charge of my needy nipples. Coordinating his ministrations with Simon's languid strokes, the two joined forces and teased me relentlessly.

As I grew more responsive, my back curved into a pliant arch that allowed Simon deeper penetration. For that, he rewarded me with a more solid thrusting.

My orgasm suddenly upon me, Simon pushed in to the hilt and wedged his thumb through my lips and into my mouth. I exploded with a growl--my nerves alive. Simon pinched my cock with his working hand while Melvin bit one nipple and squeezed the other
none too gently, adding a pleasant pain to my pleasure, only to have the scream of jubilation stick in my throat, as I sucked on Simon's thumb like a cock.

I relished the precious ecstasy for as long as I could freeze time. With the tension slowly ebbing, Simon and Melvin, as good lovers do, held me tenderly, lulling me back to sensibility at the dictate of my own sweet time.

I returned from the bathroom and found Melvin on his back and Simon on top. His legs were wrapped high around his waist, in the age-old fashion that a man opens himself to another man. He was thrusting into him, his balls slamming against his bottom. I climbed between his legs to watch them do so.

My affectionate caress of Simon's manly buttocks slowed him, curbing his thrusts into sensual grinds. I took his drawn out moan as a request. My mouth replaced my hands for a wet massage of his cheeks, stopping briefly to tantalize the small sphere of nerve endings before continuing lower to his scrotum, where I could taste and smell both Melvin and me.

"You've got a great ass, Melvin." I heard Simon say. "Do I get to fuck it?"

His whimper of consent came without hesitation, and I reached for the jar I had brought back with me. As my greasy finger circled and taunted Melvin's anal entrance, I continued to lave Simon's testicles with my tongue. He and Melvin kissed while

I took time to lubricate Melvin, to prepare him for pleasure.

Ready, Melvin turned over, laid his head down, and raised his rear high.

"That's nice, baby, that's just how I like to take it."

Simon took his place behind Melvin on his knees and I took mine beside him. Unhurried, fanned fingers squeezed and molded

Melvin's lush flesh, as much a posturing of their dominant and submissive roles as foreplay.

Melvin purred, waiting docilely, straining to deepen his spinal arch.

Eyes glazed, Simon groaned with manly ego and spread his ass cheeks more taut for a better display of the oiled sphincter that was now at his discretion.

"Mmm, looks nice, babe." He tore his gaze away to thank me for the preparation, a thorough kiss that left me sizzling.

Melvin's moans rose when Simon's hips pressed forward and the weight of his cock-head lay teasingly against the puckered entrance. His moans rose higher when, taking hold of his thick shaft, he began to rotate it around the small circle, lubricating that same head in a blend of pre-cum and grease to ease the penetration of his tight canal.

"You ready to give it to me, Melvin?" Simon tapped gently then butted his swollen tip against his little ring.

"Yesss," came his soft, anxious and anticipatedly reply.

I watched, riveted, as the darker resistant skin first indented slightly, then slowly began to give way against steady


"That's right, baby, open up your ass so I can fuck it."

Melvin gasped, and I let out the breath I did not know I had been holding when elasticity prevailed and the bulbous head suddenly penetrated in partial then came to a halt.

With Melvin's rubbery anus stretched forcefully to accommodate his thickness, and purple veins straining against the pink flesh of his shaft, Simon allowed him a brief respite. Then he resumed the invasion, taking an inch, returning two,
conquering slowly, prolonging the exquisite sensations, sensations that I am gifted with often.

Melvin moaned and whimpered, urging him to take Melvin, to be swift in delivering them both to the height of ecstasy. Simon listened in silence to his exasperation--to what I know is symphony to his soul. And when his neediness grew into the very
advantage he sought, on the next outward slide, he withdrew completely.

Melvin lamented, his rectal muscles contracting reflexively, pleading for his return. Simon watched; triumph and pleasure etched on his face. Then he started the sweet torment anew, inserting ruthlessly slow. Giving little; taking a lot. By the
time he sunk to the hilt, I was trembling, desperate for a release of my own.

Simon's hands fell away from Melvin's hips, and he grew still. Melvin cried in protest, gliding back and forth on his slick cock in his urgency, his coaxing strokes exposing the full length of the rigid shaft in one direction, then swallowing it back into the snugly-fit glove down to its base. When Melvin's efforts failed to raise a satisfying response, his strokes became more demanding, and grew into feverish pumping.

Melvin's need successfully nurtured into a serving tool, Simon's attention turned to me. "Come here, babe."

I shuffled forward on my knees obediently, positioning my cock above the open palm Simon held out at hip level. Knowledgeable hands began to move, to stimulate. I might have collapsed from sheer exuberance, had my body not been already wracking itself into oblivion.

"Look at me!" Simon's commanding eyes bore into mine while he shoved a hand in as substitute, and continued to massage my bursting cock.

Through the storm of rapture, I whimpered, "Simon," his wielding power once again granting me solace in the sweet submission

that belongs to me by nature. "Ohhh, Simon..." ...

Having brought me to a swift completion, Simon held and cooed me through recovery, his patience great, his tenderness heartfelt.

Breath finally caught, libido appeased, I moved to kneel behind him, then reached for the lubricant.

For Simon, I used two fingers, inserting deep. A groan expressed his pleasure and he reclaimed Melvin's hips, forcing his frantic pumping under control, hushing his pathetic mewling.

"All right, baby, you get your turn too." His hand slipped over the curve of his lush hip, disappearing under his abdomen, his own hips on the move to meet the mating call. I wrapped my free arm around his waist and held on tight.

Thrills vibrated in Melvin's wail at the onset of orgasm, his body tensing first then shattering into convulsions. Simon's gentle thrusts grew more arduous, driving Melvin's harder and harder into the pinnacle of pleasure, then slowing with him
downward spiral, only to pick up pace again and require more of him. He reached a second orgasm, bucking even more violently on his cock, his cries of ecstasy drowning his growls of satisfaction.

Following the peak came the desperation, the need for that all-consuming powerful thrusting, essential to completing a gay's satisfaction, an act catering to his primal need for domination, for possession.

A man well versed in gay's needs, Simon obliged, pumping hard and fast, dousing the intensity. I pinched his nipple for their mutual gratification and braced myself. With Melvin primed to his taste, smoldering and whimpering like a puppy, Simon pounded his ass for the final conquest.

"Take him, my love," I whispered, pridefu. "Fuck him."

And he did.

I woke to a knock at the door. "Who's that?" I demanded, disoriented. My eyes focused on the small clock on the nightstand and I saw it was past two.

"Thought you two might enjoy a late night snack," Simon offered, rising from the bed.

Melvin and I shared a sleepy look, shrugging our shoulders, then sobered quickly at "Come on in" and in a panic, scurried for

the covers. We would love to.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Debt in Heaven

I've know Don for a number of years as he's the son of the manager from the bank in charge of my family's mortgage. I actually haven't seen Don in a couple of years since the death of my father. Thus, it was a bit surprising when Don showed up at the house. I suspected there had to be something wrong for Don to make a visit to the house and I was right. My mother's company had been cutting back on his hours and apparently, my mother had been having problems maintaining the payments. I told Don of not knowing of what to do, especially as I wasn't even schedule for graduation from high school for a couple of years. Don said he was aware of my situation as his cousin, Steve, who graduated the previous year went on a date with me.

Don said Steve told him of how I was a perfect gentleman and only wished he had met me sooner. Don smiled and said he knew of how I could help my mother, but this was if I was willing to be the good son and do everything. Don said for me to stop by his house the next afternoon and caution me on speaking to my mother about his visit. I did as Don wanted and didn't say a thing to my mother concerning Don's visit. After class the next day, I went over to Don's house and wondered what type of job he might have for me. When I told Don's homeboy that I had an appointment to see him, I was told to go right in as Ms. Alonzo was on the phone and would see me next. When the homeboy opened the door and escorted me in, Don smiled when he saw me and waved for me to enter his office as well as motioning to where he wanted me to sit.

Don finished with the call and said of being glad to see me, as he said one of the things that Steve had told about me was the fact that I was hung like a horse; but being a bit inexperienced was frightened by my size. Don said unlike his cousin, he was in a position to appreciate the gift God had given to me and be generous if I was willing to cooperate. Don said he would be willing to reduce the mortgage I owed by 2500 pesos for each time I had sex with either himself or Steve. When I paused and tried to understand what Don was offering me, Don barked in and said it wasn't something I could think about as he wanted an answer immediately. I quickly nodded and accepted Don's offer before asking Don when we could begin. Don smiled as he unzipped the side of his pants and allowed it to slide off his. Underneath, Don had on a black satin garter belt,black shoes and no briefs or boxers as he knewI was going to accept his offer.

Don walked over to the loveseat and sat down before spreading his legs to reveal a shaved cock. I knew what Don wanted and didn't disappoint him as I knelt between Don's splayed legs and began licking at his cock. I could tell by how hard Don's cock was that he was already highly aroused. Don let out a soft moan in response to the sensation of my tongue making contact with the hard on cock; then, as my tongue made contact with his balls, Don's entire body quivered. This was just the beginning as Don experienced his first orgasm a couple of minutes later. And unlike how some gays that I had been with simply moaned that they were coming which Don did also, but there's no faking the ejaculation of love honey which Don sprayed on my face.

It would be the first of many orgasms that Don would experience as he would have one every couple of minutes as I continued to lick and hand job Don for over a half-hour. Don pleaded for me to stop and I did, as I got undressed and replaced my tongue in Don's ashole with my erect penis. Don was a very attractive gay and he was so young and fresh for he is a teenage gay for his age is only 16 years old.; thus, I had no problem with making love to him and could hardly wait for the opportunity to fuck Steve also. I quickly got my opportunity about 20 minutes later when Steve stepped into the library while I was fucking Don's asshole. Don told his teenage gay cousin to quickly close and lock the door, as well as for Steve to strip off his clothes and join us. Don said he had enough after I had reached climax, spewing a load of sperm into Don and resting beside him. I stretched back on the carpeted floor and rested as I watched Steve smile before undressing.

Steve actually had thought of riding my semi-erect cock, but I motioned for him to sit on my face to get his cock prepared and suggested to Steve that he suck my cock clean. Steve was a bit hesitant, as it took Don saying don't be stupid cousin, as he has a wonderful and talented tongue. Steve finally got on top of me as he lowered his hair covered cock onto my mouth and gripped the base of my penis. Steve began to moan and gasp like his cousin had done nearly an hour earlier, but made no effort to lick or suck on my penis. Don buzzed his homeboy to come into the library, William , stepped in and immediately locked the door. Don asked his 18-year old pleasingly hot homeboy if he wanted to have sex with me and show how it's done to his stupid cousin.

William smiled as he said of not having had intercourse eversince he became their homeboy, as the lad who turned out to be a teenage gay also tore off his clothes if they were on fire William pushed Steve off me and quickly straddled my face and took hold of my penis. Steve looked shocked as William started sucking on my manhood as if he needed my sperm to sustain his life. Don wiped himself with baby-wipes before getting dressed and walking over to Steve and told his cousin to watch. I did the same to William as I had done to Don, as I licked and tongue fucked the gay's hard on cock before engaging my tongue on his balls while slipping a finger in hir asshole. William's experienced one orgasm after another, as there were times when the lad sounded as if he was about to choke with my erect penis still in his mouth.

I didn't lick and finger-fucked William for as long of a period of time as I did with Don, as William took command of the situation and when he had enough of me eating out his hard on cock; William got off my face and impaled himself on my erect penis. William took a wicked ride on my cock as it was obvious from the intensity of his lovemaking that he was sex starved for man-meat. And when he had exhausted himself, I gave William's asshole a couple of quick licks before fucking his super wide asshole. After I had climaxed in William's asshole, it was nearly 5:00 PM as I had been making love to two gays while a third watched for about two hours. Don handed William and me a box of baby-wipes to clean up a bit before we got dressed. William kissed me on the lips and thanked me for letting him feel like a true gay again.

Don said he would deduct 7500 pesos from my family's mortgage and then slipped me 5000 pesos as a tip for a job well done. Don then asked his cousin, Steve, if he knew what to do with a man. Don took out his cell phone and called my mother, saying he had bumped into me and I said of being interested in a job at the bank in which his mom is the manager to help with the mortgage payments. Don told my mother that I was a wonderful boy and would drive me home after dinner. The only thing that I ate was more cock, as Don drove Steve and me to their home where the three of us spent nearly two hours fucking and sucking. And so that my mother wouldn't be suspicious, Don shared a shower with me before driving me home. On the way, Don said of reducing another 5000 pesos from the mortgage and commenting on how he couldn't wait for me to be old enough in a couple of years and marry Steve.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bus Stop

I was having an affair with a teenage gay as so to speak because I'm also a teenage gay for I am only 17 years old. at the time and I didn't hve a car or know how to drive so me and JC my boyfriend was taking the city bus well we had become friends with the drivers because we had riden the bus alot but this certain man was cute he was a gay also and has a relationship with a teenage gay also and still is well he changed from driving the city buses to driving the counrty bus and me and JC. had moved to a place where only the country bus would go and at this time we knew the bus driver Tom. I'll call him taht way for about 10 years, I started thinking he was cute and sexy I started riding the bus alone just so I could flirt with him I loved his smile. oh yeah by the way I have been cheating on JC for 10 years with different teenage gay since we were together. Any how so me and Tom started talking and I told him my clean date (I used to be on drugs but I quit) was coming up and I want a reward for staying clean and sober. so he asked well what do you want and I told him I want a kiss from you he said ok.

So on that day I got on the bus and as he was driving he told me he was going to give me 3 different kisses and he said 1. a friendly kiss 2.the lover kiss 3. the passionate kiss. well everyone was off the bus and at every stop when no one was watching he got up from his seat and I got up and he grabed me and gave me a nice juicy kiss and of course I was very turned on and wanting to play with me because kissing is the most thing that turns me on alot. well on our next stop he grabs me again and kisses me a little faster and gives me more tounge and by now I want him even more then at the next stop he grabs me and kisses me more wildly and I want to fuck him now but he says no.

so the next time I got on the bus I told him I really enjoyed his kisses and told him what it did to me. He asked if I wanted more so I said yes. So he stopped and kissed me more and asked me if I would suck his cock. So I did when he pulled it out of his shorts I was amazed it was big and round and look so good to see. I love sucking cock and I've been told that I do it very well. So every day I get on the bus and suck him and I get turned on and he puts his hands on mine and do some handjob on me until I cum all over his hand.

One day I thought of an idea. I told him to drive and take his cock out of his shorts and I would suck him while he was driving so he does and he had one hand on the wheel and one hand playing with my hard on cock while I was sucking on him and until I came it felt so good with his finger going wild with his handjob on my hard on cock. Well eventualy I moved back to the city and did't take the bus any more but he got a cell phone and we text each other and call each other and talk dirty to each other. Oh yeah I left my teenage gay boyfriend and is having an affair with a new teenage gay and the sex is terrific.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Horny Animalistic Vin

Vin wanted to fuck. He is a totally horny tennage gay. He didn't care who or where just as long as he got some hot male

sausage to stuff into his aching asshole. "A gay can only go so long without riding the big shaft," he thought, "and I've

gone about as far as I want to go."

It had not been all that long. Only yesterday he had screwed the mailboy down in the basement of the building he worked in,

and last night Ralph had jacked his cock full of cum before he had to hurry off and catch the basketball game in Araneta.

"But, fuck, yesterday was then and today is now and I need some dick bad." he moaned.

The tall, slender gay stretched languorously and swung her long, shapely legs off the bed. he momentarily eyed the vibrating

dildo lying on the nightstand and was tempted to give himself a quickie-fix with the fake cock. "Fuck, no." he muttered. "I

need more than a big rubber to satisfy me right now. No need trying that thing; I'd be horny again in ten minutes."

He stood up and paced across the bedroom to the closet. Before sliding back the mirrored door, though, he paused to look at

his image. His high-cheekboned face framed a pair of smoldering sexy dark eyes, a finely chiseled nose, and a pair of

voluptuously pouty lips. His black hair cascaded across his handsome face, perfectly accented long perpetually erect nipples.

"Fucking bitch!" he snarled at the glass image as he opened the closet door. "You'd think someone with a hot bod like yours

would be surrounded by hard dicked studs just dieting to slam some good hard meat to you."

He selected a thin black muscle shirt to put on and, raising his arms over his head, felt the sensuous fabric ripple down

across his otherwise naked body. With a few tugs and pulls, he straightened the garment out, stepped into a pair of matching

tight pants that totally show his cock and a boots, and turned to cross the bedroom and go into the living room of his small


He walked over to the bar and was about to turn the telephone bell back on when he noticed that the message lamp was glowing

on his answering machine. "Goddamit, you better be a hot and ready hunk." he threatened the machine as he punched the

playback button.

"Hi, sweety!" the mechanically reproduced voice chirped. "It's me. I need a big, big favor from you. My ever-lovin' brother

left his dog with me to dog-sit over the weekend, and I got this invite to a beach party this afternoon and, well, would you

really, really mind too awfully much taking care of the lame dog for a few hours?"

Vin pushed the erase button and pouted. "Why couldn't you leave me your brother instead of his flea-bitten dog?" he asked the

now silent machine.

Just as he turned away from the machine and started into the kitchen to get some juice, the doorbell rang. "Hi, sweety. I

hope you got my message and I hope it's all right." his friend Noel said as he blustered into the room, followed by a large

light colored Golden Retriever.

"Too late to say no now, I'm sure." Vin grinned at his teen gay friend. "Just kidding. No, I don't mind. Not doing a fucking

thing this afternoon, anyway." he sighed before continuing "Because, I don't have a thing to fuck."

"What's the matter, friend? Oh, that's right. Lover-boy Ralphy is in his mom's house. Poor bay-bee. Anyway, this is Bobo.

Bobo, I want you to meet Vin. He's going to take care of you this afternoon. Now you mind your manners and don't get in his

way, you hear? Or I'll bop your ears off when I get back." Noel knelt on the floor and roughed the dog's head and neck for a

second, then turned to Vin. "He's already been fed, so don't let him tell you otherwise. Well, I better run. Thanks again,


The apartment door slammed shut behind Noel, and Vin was left alone with the dog. "He-it, Bobo. Look's like it's just you and

me." He flopped down on the sofa, picked up an old magazine, and started leafing through it.

Bobo trotted over to where he was seated and rested his head on the cushion next to him, looking up with big, sad eyes. "So,

you are as lonesome as me, huh, boy?" he scratched the dog's head. "Maybe we ought to go out and find you a girlfriend and me

a boyfriend. That would take our minds off our woes, now wouldn't it?"

Continuing to pet the dog, he thumbed through the magazine, hardly noticing the articles and pictures as he impatiently

flipped the pages. Bobo responded to this attention by putting his front paws up on the sofa while standing on his back legs.

"Moving in, huh, boy?" he chuckled as she scruffed his furry neck.

Turning back to the magazine, he kept petting the dog. Unconsciously, he moved his hand down to his side and under his belly

where his fingers instinctively started probing at the fur covered cock-pouch hanging between his rear haunches.

This went on for several minutes when, to his surprise, he felt the unmistakable feel of stiff cockmeat. Bobo's cock, growing

hard under his inadvertent manipulation, was rapidly sliding out of its protective pocket. "Ho, boy! Sorry about that!" he

exclaimed as he yanked her hand away.

Brought out of his day-dreaming state, Vin tossed the magazine aside, got up, and walked into the bedroom. "Don't know why

I'm wearing this." he muttered as he glanced in the mirror. "No need getting it all mussed up loafing around the apartment."

Crossing his arms around his waist, he lifted the muscle shirt up over his head and dropped it onto the bed.

Just as he was about to step out of his pants and boot, Vin heard a commotion outside his bedroom window. Curious as to what

might be happening, he walked over to peek out. At the last moment he realized that he was stark naked, so he dropped to his

hands and knees so he could look out without being seen.

It was just some kids playing in the alley, and he was about to get up and find some jeans to put on when Bobo pranced into

the room looking for him. His long dog cock, aroused by his manipulation, was almost dragging the floor. Spotting the gay

crouched on the floor, he bounded over to him, mounted his back side, and started humping, vainly trying to find a hole that

would give his hard prick some relief.

Surprised, Vin tried to push the dog away, but his front legs had clamped around his waist and he was too strong to be easily

moved. As he twisted to try to get more leverage, he felt his heated meat bang against his thigh, and his cock stated

trembling with a sudden urgency. "Oh, fuck, he's turning me on!" he cried as he felt the first drops of his lubricating

fuck-juices oozing from his cock.

For a few more frantic moments, he tried to get the dog off of him, but the more he struggled, the more firmly he clamped his

front legs around him, and the more turned on he became. Giving up, or rather giving in, to his stirred up lust, Vin reached

down between his legs and groped for the flailing dog cock. "Well, boy. Looks like you and I both need a hot fuck, so why


Finding the throbbing, slippery piece of dog meat, he wrapped her long fingers around it and tried to guide the thrusting

shaft up to his asshole. "Hold on, boy. Hold on, will you? Be still a minute and you can have all the hole you want."

Finally, after several futile attempts, he was able to push the hot cockhead between his ashole. Either Bobo reacted

instinctively, or he had been well trained by someone. No matter which one, once he found his cockhead inside him the big

Golden Retriever knew what to do next. Thrusting his rear haunches forward, he drove the long, wet, pink doggy dick into the

gay's sex tunnel. Once it was firmly implanted in him, he started hammering his asshole hard and furious.

For a short time, Vin felt pangs of reluctance at being subjected to such an unnatural act, but as he heard the spongy

squishing of his asshole as the dogmeat repeatedly penetrated him, and as he felt the stimulating friction his prick was

creating, he totally succumbed to the animal's fucking motions.

"Oh, yeah! Shove it to me, big boy. Fuck that dick to me!" he gasped. Almost immediately he stated cumming, and the explosive

climaxes continued one after the other, causing his whole body to shake under the dog's unyielding onslaught. "Fuck me fuck

me fuck meeeee more... more... harder... harder" he cried as if the dog could understand him.

Just as he thought he was going to collapse from his consuming orgasms, it happened; first he felt the almost violent spewing

of dogcum into his ravished asshole, then he felt the big knot swelling up right behind Bobo's cockhead.

The knot grew larger and larger until it exceeded the size of his hole. They were locked together. The dog, his energy spent,

dropped his front legs to the floor, but his long cock was still firmly embedded in his assshole. He tried to push him out,

but the Golden Retriever growled furiously. "Whooooo there, boy. You leave that dick in me just as long as you want to." he

said, trying to calm the dog.

As if things weren't bad enough already, he heard a noise at the front door, a key being jiggled in the door lock, followed

by the chirping voice of his gay friend. "Hey, sweetie. You here? Anybody home?"

The voice grew louder as Noel walked through the living room. "Where are you? Are you... Oh, my gosh!"

Vin turned his head and saw the gay standing in the doorway, his eyes wide as saucers and his mouth open wide in stunned

shock. Finally able to speak again, Noel gasped "Oh my gosh. I don't believe... What on Earth are you... What is going on

here? Oh, my gosh, I've never..."

In total panic, Vin shrilled, "Shut up and help me. Please! Can't you see I have a problem here?"

For a long minute Noel just stared at his friend, finding it hard to comprehend what he was seeing. "Well," he finally

managed to say, a note of panic in his voice. "I can't believe what I am seeing. What on Earth?... What ever possessed

you?...." Tears started streaming from his eyes, and he turned to run to the front door.

"He-it! I can't let him leave like that." Vin thought. "If he starts gossiping this to someone else..." With one last effort,

he tried to free himself from the fuck-knot. Fortunately, the dog's swollen knob had started to shrink, and he was finally

able to pull the long pink shaft out of his ashole. He dashed to the door, getting there before the hysterical Noel.

Flattening his back against it, he begged "Wait, Wait. Let me explain!"

"Explain what?" Noel shrieked. "Explain how I found my best friend fuck, fucking a, a dog?"

"Noel, I can explain. It's not... Just give me a chance." Vin pleaded. His mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do

next; how to control the damage.

Noel started sobbing, and Vin instinctively reached out to hug and comfort him. "There, there, baby. Just settle down a


As upset as he was, Noel had a very strong reaction as his friend embraced him. He had long had a deep but secret lust for

the handsome gay, and had on occasion jacked himself off while fantasizing a gay affair between the two. He was himself a

gay, and he was certain that Vin was either but thinks that Vin doesn't want to fuck him, so he had never dared reveal these

fantasies. Now, with Vin's sultry, naked body pressed against his, Noel felt his knees growing weak.

Vin saw the fleeting gleam of lust in Noel's eyes, and it was the clue he needed. "Damn, might as well go for it," he

thought. "Can't make matters any worse than they are." He pulled the shorter gay more tightly to him.

Noel, still sobbing, his breath coming in gasping heaves, rested his head on Vin's shoulder. He was totally confused. One

part of him was still repulsed by what he had witnessed, but another, stronger part was feeling strangely warm. He was only

vaguely aware of it when Vin's hand started unbuttoning his pants, and of the garment falling away from his body.

Vin lead his friend back into the bedroom. Standing next to the bed, he found Noel's mouth with his, and pushed his tongue

between the other gay's trembling lips, tasting the saltiness of the tears that had run down across his cheeks. He had never

been in a bisexual or gay scene before, but as his own cock started to moisten, he realized it was not at all unpleasant.

He continued to explore Noel's mouth with his inquisitive tongue as he is tryimg to take off his friend's shirt and tossed it

aside, then hooked his fingers in the waistband of the boxer he was wearing and pulled them down. Finally stripping him

naked, he lowered the dazed gay to the bed and stretched out beside him.

Noel was responding to the hot French kiss with some tongue of his own and soon both gay's tongues were twisting and tangling

with each other. Vin's finger had tickled one of Noel's erect nipple, and he was softly but firmly kneading the sensuous


Having forgotten all about the dog, but Bobo, raising his head, sniffed the musky aroma of cock juices. He saw the two gays

entwined on the bed and bounded across the room, anxious for more of the treatment he had so recently had. Leaping up on the

bed, he spotted Noel's wet, naked asshole and dived for it, pushing his wet nuzzle and long tongue right into the hairy patch

between his legs. Shocked by the sudden attack, Noel tried to raise up, but was pinned to the bed by his unwitting partner

who was not yet fully aware of what the Golden Retriever was doing. This delay was all Bobo needed. He crawled up on the

helpless gay's body and stabbed his still hard dog prick at the exposed asshole just as Vin was sliding his hand down toward


He was momentarily caught off guard when his hands found the long, pink, slippery shaft, but he quickly recovered and took

advantage of Bobo's timely intrusion. He pried Noel's asshole's apart and then guided the hard pole to its target. The dog

knew what to do next, and in an instant had rammed the full length of his big dog dick into his hot wet asshole.

Just as Vin had discovered earlier, Noel found himself totally enjoying the doggy fuck. Protesting no longer, he allowed the

animal to take his yearning asshole while his friend continued to fondle his hot, squirming body and cock.

Later, after the Golden Retriever had shot a load of sticky dog cum into Noel, and after the gay had screamed his way through

climax after climax, Vin got up and pushed the reluctant dog out of the bedroom. Shutting the door on him, he turned back to

the waiting gay on the bed. "You and I have some business to finish, sweetheart," he said huskily as he climbed onto a

willing Noel.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Secret Room

Dion wore an unusually revealing black tuxedo that evening. It was more revealing than anything Brad had ever seen him wear in public. Being that this was a formal dinner and dance with potential professional contacts, he was reluctant to have him wear it at first. But Dion who is only 16 years old, who had a shapely but very gorgeous 160-pound body, seemed to be very comfortable and confident in the tight tuxedo

In fact, seeing his gay boyfriend in the tuxedo stirred some reoccurring fantasies in Brad who is already 30 years old as they shared a bottle of sparkling wine in their room before heading to the banquet. Throughout their five-year relationship, Brad had toyed with the idea of directly asking Dion to seduce another man.

But instead, he just made what he thought were vague references to his fantasies. Dion, however, being a handsome smart cookie, saw a pattern in Brad's comments and knew that one day, given the right mood and opportunity, he might fulfill his gay boyfriend's deepest wishes.

As Dion and Brad sat at a table with two other couples, Brad noticed that his gay boyfriends's nipples were erect and visible through the shear material. he had small but firm nipples and sometimes would go without noticing that it is erect. With the type of tuxedo he was wearing, he thought he'd be more conscious about it but later found out he wasn't. Not even brief; just his tight pants.

As this somewhat stuffy occasion wore on, Dion got a little tipsy. This dull event was quickly transforming into a stage for Dion's playfulness, all under the watchful eye of Brad who wasn't sure where his gay boyfriend was taking them. Dion danced with several of Brad's colleagues who certainly got more than they had hoped for.

When he returned to his table after one particularly hot dance he appeared slightly breathless. "You're friends have roaming hands," he told Brad as he brushed back his hair with his hand. "Hope you don't mind."

"Think they could tell you have nothing on underneath?" he asked as his heart pounded.

"Yeah, probably," he said with a seductive smile.

About an hour later, after a slow dance with one of the single men whom Brad told spilled that was a gay who appeared to be in his late 30s, Dion signaled from across the room to Brad back at the table. He pointed to a back exit and strolled from the room with a tall, dark, handsome man whom Brad did not know but who had captured Dion's attention throughout the night. Brad looked around, then got up and made his way through the crowd and out the door. There was a small storage room down a short dark hallway where he heard voices. When he walked in, he saw his gay boyfriend with the man. No one said anything at first, then Dion closed the door. "I think this is what you want; maybe not where you wanted it," he said to Brad with a nervous laugh.

"No, no, this is fine. Spontaneous," he said with his voice cracking with excitement like a teenager.

With Brad's approval, the stranger lifted Dion onto a table and began kissing him. He stood between his muscular legs which were dangling from the edge of the table. His hands swept down the sides of his body and onto his thighs. Then he slid the hem of his tuxedo just slightly below his knees, placed his right hand under the material and felt him immediately wrap his inner thighs around his hand now positioned on his cleanly-shaven cock.

Dion moaned with pleasure as the stranger massaged his hard-on cock with his hand, then dropped to his knees. Brad could now see right between his boyfriend's legs as the man began eating Dion's hard-on cock. He placed his hands behind him and leaned back, seemingly lost in the act, not even noticing his boyfriend seated just 10 feet away.

What Brad didn't know was that a friend of the stranger, who had to first take his wife back to their room, was about to join the party.

When the friend arrived, the stranger was now standing against the wall as Dion was on the floor giving him a blowjob. "C'mon on in, man," the stranger said. "This gay is hot."

As if Brad was not turned-on enough, this was putting him over the edge. The new guest had an open bottle of wine which he shared with Dion who was already pretty far gone by that point. He drank straight from the bottle as the two men removed his clothing and positioned him on his hands and knees.

Brad knew he was about to get fucked. His tight little ass was perched high in the air as he arched his back waiting for the tall stranger to enter him. He kept licking his cock.

It seemed like an eternity for Brad as he watched his boyfriend waiting to be mounted, wearing nothing. His cock was hard as a rock and wet as the stranger pulled on his own cock in his mouth. "Hey man,' he said to Brad.

"Does he take it in the ass?"

Before Brad could get out the word no, Dion yelled out "Yes, please!"

"OK then, maybe we'll do you baby," said the other man kneeling in front of him.

Brad watched the stranger spread his boyfriend's cheeks and plunge into his asshole which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust. From the sides of his asshole as his swollen cock plunged deep, seeped his own creamy juices.

The other guy slipped his dick into his mouth with equal ease as Dion's large lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. For at least five minutes they pounded him from both ends. His ass cheeks rippled with each inward thrust. Every time his cock in his mouth struck the back of his throat, he'd throw his head back further as to take it in as far as he could.

The two men began changing positions. The tall stranger lifted Dion's back onto the table and pushed him onto his back. With his legs pressed back as far as they would go, the other man began licking his asshole, then penetrating him with his tongue until he began to relax his muscles again.

With little more warning, and with his ass now right there for the taking, the tall man pressed his cock up against his dark hole and pushed the head in easily. Brad sat in amazement, never knowing that his boyfriend was capable of such things.

It didn't take long for the man to cum. When he did, he pulled out and shot his load all over his face, hair and neck. The other guy then finished off inside his mouth with Dion sitting at the edge of the table, and the guy standing there humping him, making him bounce his bottom on the table top each time he thrust into him.

Dion still had enough energy to work him hard as he dug his nails into his back and squeezed his sides with his legs as he pumped the last bit of cum into him.

Afterwards, the two men quickly and nervously left. Brad just sat there and watched his boyfriend struggle to sit up. His sexy tuxedo lay crumbled on the floor. His hair matted in cum was a mess. He was still a little blurry-eyed but managed to focus on his boyfriend who was speechless and hard as a rock.

"Now it's your turn, dear," he said as he walked slowly across the dirty little room.

Sore but still willing and able to finish off his husband, Dion proceeded to suck Brad's cock as he played with his hickey-covered nipples. Though he wanted to fuck him, he exploded quickly in his mouth as he gagged to try and swallow it all.

"Every gay needs to have that kind of sex at least once in his life," he said.

And just like that, the whole encounter was over in about an hour. Brad helped his boyfriend clean up and they went back to the banquet hall like nothing had happen.

"Where have you guys been?" asked one of the folks at the table. "This is the last song of the night."

Dion and Brad smiled. "Just had to get some fresh air," said Brad. "You know, a little too much indulgence."

A few seconds later, Dion leaned over to Brad and whispered in his ear, "The indulgence is now dripping out of me. Better go to the mens room."

As he left the table one of the men sitting next to Brad said: "I hope you don't mind me saying that your boyfriend is one hot gay."

"You don't know how hot," Brad answered.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Smile in Heaven

I first met Luke at a PTA meeting, he attended his brother's PTA because his parent are out of the country. I'm a teacher at a Montessori School and he was the brother of a bright little kid that all the teachers liked. I don't know why it happened, but I do remember that I was really shocked and excited by our first encounter.
We were talking about his brother's grades, Sean was 11 then and he was doing A+ work in school, so it was a pleasure to discuss his future with his brother. Then our talk was interrupted by another teacher who wanted to put his two cents in about his kid's abilities.
I was sitting across from Luke and the new teacher had perched in a chair beside him and was talking enthusiastically about his young brother Sean. That's when I felt something under the table between my legs suddenly resting against my crotch.
I have to admit that I was startled; I had been listing to the other teacher with nothing particular on my mind when this happened and I jumped a little in surprise. Looking down below the edge of the table I could see toes wiggling against the material of my trousers, pressing against me.
I looked up and into Luke's eyes. His hooded unfocused look made my heart beat faster, I could tell that breathing was shallow and that he is excited. Then all of a sudden his eyes focused and became normal looking and he pulled his foot away and just smiled at me like nothing had happened.
I couldn't believe that this handsome guy with the peaches and crème complexion had something like that to a complete stranger.
That's all that happened at our first meeting, he'd just massaged me into a hard-on and then he'd stopped, he knows hpw to satisfy a gay being only 18 years-old. A minute later another teacher came over and pulled him away to meet the principal and that was the end of it. Luke looked over his shoulder at me as he was being led away and he smiled at me. That was the last I saw of him that evening.
It wasn't the last I thought of him though. After that one encounter Luke became part of my night time dreams. Being single and a teacher without a lot of freshmens, I don't get all that much dating action. Luke's foot massage had affected me more than I wanted to admit; it wasn't everyday that a handsome man did something like that to a closet gay in a public place.
Soon Luke became my exclusive masturbation nymph, I'd think about his cute little red lips and those hooded eyes and I'd cum almost too fast. Intellectually I knew that he had just been teasing me, and he probably hadn't given me another thought. But that didn't matter, all that did, was that he'd excited me more than any woman had ever done before.
So before the month was out, I made up an excuse to request a parent/teacher meeting about Luke's brother Sean. Outwardly it was a meeting about an opportunity for his brother to attend classes for gifted students, but in reality it was for no other reason than I wanted to see Luke again. I needed to be near him again and I wanted to see if anything else might happen between us.
I finessed a meeting at their home. Luke had called to say that his brother had a cold and that he didn't want to leave him home alone because hi parents are still out of town. I quickly agreed to come to them rather than wait until a convenient time for him to make the trip to school. Actually, it couldn't have worked out better.
That evening he opened the door to my knock and smiled that smile at me. As I looked into his eyes my mind was numb, I remembered our last meeting and the sensations I'd experiences when he'd smiled at me like that before.
He invited me into the living room and offered me an Ice Tea, then he sat down beside me on the couch. I was told that Sean was asleep and that we would have to discuss the school program between ourselves and that he would fill his brother in on things later.
Looking into Luke's eyes was making me dizzy; I was having a hard time marshalling my thoughts. All I wanted to do was lean over and kiss him. At that moment I could care less about his brother, I just wanted to take Luke on the rug and make him scream in ecstasy.
I was brought back to reality when Luke asked if I was okay. I must have looked startled because he reached out and touched my arm in a gesture of concern, but to me it was only one more provocation to declare my feelings for him.
As Luke looked into my eyes just then, I saw that same look that had been there when we were at the school meeting. I sat there unable to move as he leaned into me, placing his hand on my thigh. Then he was kissing me softly, fully on the lips. He held himself there, waiting for... something.
I reached out and grasped his upper arms and pulled him into my urgent kiss. As I smashed my lips against his I moaned urgently, my need so overpowering that I could barely stand it.
I must have been in some kind of daze, because suddenly Luke was leading me into his bed room. As we passed down the hallway I looked through a slightly open door and saw his brother sleeping peacefully in the bed room next to his older brother's.
I was momentarily uncomfortable knowing that his brother might wake up at any moment and see what was happening, I even tried to say something about it, but Luke placed a slender finger to my lips and shushed me. He didn't seem to care and all I could think of at that moment was that I was about to get very, very lucky.
Luke sat on the bed and pulled me close to him. I stood looking down at him as his nimble fingers went to work on the zipper of my pants. I watched in mounting excitement as he open the fly and tugged at my pants. It was hard for him to pull them down over my erection, the material kept hanging up on me. I finally had to help him and I pushed my underwear and pants down in one motion, letting them fall down below my knees.
My throbbing erection popped out into the open and Luke's eyes widened as he immediately grabbed it and began stroking and pulling me closer to him. Soon I felt my hot flesh touching his cheek as he cradled me and began to jack me off, while rubbing me against his face and lips.
With this kind of attention, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to take much of this without making quite a mess of his handsome face. So before I lost complete control I pulled away from him and reached down to bring him to his feet.
I began to boldly kiss him, holding him close. We both fumbled with his buttons and it wasn't more than a moment or two before I felt the heat of his naked body against mine. Then I was pushing him down toward the mattress and climbing on his back, all the while our mouths were locked together in a passionate kiss.
I gasped and pulled my mouth away as I had slipped into his wet wonderful place all the way to the hilt. I'd never had anything like that happen before. There was no effort, no fumbling just a smooth sinking into a warm wet tight place, a feeling as if slipping home. I was in heaven.
Yes, I was in blissful heaven as Luke began to move his ass under me, building an exciting friction between us that quickly made my heart pound in my throat. Then I was the one doing the trusting, I hugged his perfect body to me and madly thrust - deeply in and out - grunting in pleasure as I ploughed him with only one thing in mind now.
During that whole time I never even thought about Luke's brother sleeping just on the other side of the wall, nor did I give a thought about whether or not we needed any lubricant. The moment was the moment and we had totally surrendered ourselves to the wonder natural sensations brought on by our perfect union.
I'd only had sex occasionally before, but never anything so perfect as this. Our bodies seemed to meet in all the right places and we moved as if we were one person. I don't know how I did it but I held out for the longest moment in my life, we glided in and out of each other like perfect beings until...
Then it was too late, I was gasping for breath as I came in bucket loads, my body bucked uncontrollably on top of his as I thrust deeply emptying myself totally into Luke's wonder pleasure asshole. He weakly held on to me as his orgasm flashed like lightning through his body and he groaned loudly.
And then there were the most blissful few moments when we both reached our inevitable peak and began to freefall downward. We breathed through each other's mouths gasping for breath. Finally, totally spent, I slumped in exhaustion, my dead weight pushing his smaller body into the mattress.
I was totally in ectasy that i shouted " I Love You Luke"

He didn't say anything then, he just rolled me over on my back and began to fuck me all over again.

Monday, October 15, 2007


He continued to look in my eyes as he ravished my asshole with his cock. Each stroke was now more deliberate. Each stroke was deeper than the one before it. He started groaning and moaning. He pushed into me with one final thrust burying his cock deep into my asshole. My asshole contracted around his cock like a vise, gripping him and pulling his cock deep into my core.
He graned like a wild animal as his entire body shaked inside me. He looked deep into my eyes and fired a blast of cum into my asshole. I could feel the force and the heat of his liquid showering the walls of my ass. I looked deep into the eyes of the man that was raping me and cumming inside me. It was what I saw in his eyes that scared me the most. It was like looking into a mirror. In his eyes I saw a stranger. I witnessed what I thought was impossible. I've read about it but I've never believed it. First a wave of anger, Then a wave of guilt, and then finally a wave of pleasure punished my body as my cock also exploded into orgasmic paradise. I came hard and almost animalistic in the arms of a man that was raping me. I could still see the reflection of myself in his eyes. My mouth wide opened as I gasped for air but couldn't take a breath.
He smiled as he looked into my eyes. He knew my state. He knew I was cumming and he enjoyed it. He just smiled while he filled my asshole with his seed. With each consecutive blast my body reacted. With each spurt, my mind exploded and my ass gushed. With each twitch of our body's, waves of ecstasy washed over me. He fell below, grunting loudly.
That's all I wanted, He said.
You didn't have to make it so difficult.
I narrowed my eyes at him as He got up. He looked into my eyes then looked between my legs. I knew what he was looking at. I could feel his cum oozing out of my asshole and running down the ball of my cock. He smiled as he started stroking his cum coated cock. The look in his eyes only confirmed that my ordeal wasn't over yet. Within few seconds his cock was rock hard and glistening. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I wanted to get up and run but my legs didn't respond. He grabbed his pants and shoved his hand in his pocket. I started trembling like crazy. I didn't know what to do. Could he be reaching for a knife? Did he have a gun? Was he going to kill me?
My rapist didn't pull out a gun or a knife. He pulled out a small plastic bottle. A part of me was relieved and another part of me was confused. He looked at me and smiled. Then he grabbed me by my hair and lifted me to my feet. And once again we were face to face. He stared into my eyes and again I saw my reflection. But this time I saw the portrait of a terrified teenage gay.
What's your name little devil.?
I didn't say a thing. I was to scared. Why does he want to know my name?
I said. What's your name little devil.?
I told him my name was Jareed. I could feel his cock pressing into my stomach. I could feel the stickiness of his juices on my stomach as he move slightly from side to side. At that point I didn't have a clue of what he was planning. That was when he told me what he had planned. The look in his eyes got more serious as he spoke.
Jareed.. I'm sorry it has to be this way .I'm sorry but. I need you .I need your ass once more baby..
It took me a moment to realize what he said. I had tried to be tough during the entire ordeal. This man has broken into my home. This man ripped my cloths off my body and raped me. The same man that has done all those things to me was now informing me that he was going to suck my hard-on cock.
My eyes welled up and the tears began to flow and this time there was no stopping them.
Please.Im begging.. Please don't do that to me again please. you're too big.. Please you'll rip me apart this time. Please sir .I've cooperated with you.
Now .Jareed.. don't cry baby .I'll be gentle .You're right. You have cooperated .you've done everything Ive asked .Thats why I'm not going to kill you .Thats right baby .I'm not going to kill you.. But. I am going to fuck you the Ass again before I leave.
The tone in his voice and the look in his eyes was that of a possessed man. My tears had blurred my vision. I bent my head down in shame and asked God, What have I done to deserve this. Then he placed his finger under my chin and slowly raised my head. He pushed my hair away bent down and kissed me on my forehead.
Don't worry baby. your ass is half as sweet as your cock. this will be over real soon.
He stepped back and told me to stick out my hands. He grabbed my hands and turned them upward. He told me to put my hands together. I thought for a moment that he was planning to tie me up or something.
This will ease the pain baby. He said as he popped open the little plastic bottle and poured the contents of it into my palm.
I didn't need to see what the substance was. I knew what it was as soon as I felt it filling up in my palms.
Rub this on my cock Jareed .Rub it on there nice and thick baby .Lube it up.
He placed his hands on my wrist and brought it down to his cock. Then he placed his cock in my hands and smiled.
Please. don't fuck my ass again .Please Mister. I.. I. Before I could complete my sentence. He smacked across my face.
Shut up .You better shut up and do as you are told little devil .I'm not fucking with you Jareed .You can beg, cry and moan if you like. Its not going to change a thing .with or without lube, I'm gonna stick my dick in your ass. I suggest you lube up my dick it make no difference to me .Ill fuck your asshole raw .I like you Jareed. That's the only reason you're getting lube.. Now Shut the fuck Up!!!!. And Lube up my cock.
He looked angry and I knew that he wouldn't leave no matter what I said or did. I knew that getting my ass fucked again was my only chance for survival. I quickly wrapped my slimy lube covered hands around his cock and started stroking it. His cock looked bigger and harder than it was before. I felt queasy inside. My stomach churning in disgust as I was forced to prepare his cock to rape my asshole again. I stared at his glistening manhood, knowing that soon he was going to bury it in my anal passage.
Yeah thats it baby .that feels good.. Turn around and bend over. He commanded.
I looked into his eyes and search for maybe a sign of hope. Just maybe I hoped, maybe he might look into my crying eyes and feel some compassion. In his eyes there was no compassion. There was a demon like look on his face and fire in his eyes. I could see the Fire in his eyes and feel his power piercing through my soul.
Its time baby .Bend over.
I slowly turned around. He placed his hand on my back and pushed me onto the couch. Then he pushed me onto the couch on to my knees. My ass was hovering up in the air and sticking straight out. The tears started flowing as soon as I felt his hand on my ass. A second later I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my asshole.
I clenched my teeth and prepared myself for the massive pain that I was sure to come. I held my breath as I felt the head of his cock pushing into my ass once again.
No. No.. I cried as I felt the head of his cock pushing into my ass.
My body jumped and as I tried to fight of the invasion with my ass cheeks. I was holding my breath but I couldn't hold it anymore. The moment I took a breath the head his cock popped into my ass. My entire body was a blaze. The pain was incredible. I put my head down and cried into the back sofa.
Ohhhhhh.. God .Your Ass is fucking tight Jareed. .Don't cry baby.. breathe .breathe baby.. relax.. relax baby.
He didn't move. He held the tip of his cock inside my asshole as he spoke. The fire that was burning in my ass was like the fire I saw burning in his eyes. My ass put up a fight but slowly started to give way. My sphincter muscle seemed to relax and as soon as it did. He grunted and plunged his cock deep into my asshole.
Aghhhh..FUUUCK..YEAH..Mmmmmm..thats fucking good. He moaned
It happened so fast and before I knew it my head was banging against the back of the couch as he started pounding my asshole. He fucked my ass hard and fast with deep long strokes.
He called me names while he fucked my ass. He told me that I was a little devil, he told me I was a good gay and that I should be fucked in my ass daily. It seemed like my asshole was stretching with every stroke. I could her him grunting and moaning each time his balls slapped against my cock. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would all be over soon. The harder he fucked me the less pain I felt as my asshole began to go numb.
Oh.. GOD..GOD DAMN GAY!!!!!.. Your fucking ass is incredible.
He spoke between moans of pleasure as he commended me on the inner workings of my anal cavity. My asshole was wide open to him. The combination of lube and his large cock stretched my ass to the limits. His thick cock plowed in and out of my ass unobstructed.
Oh. Shit .I'm gonna cum baby..I.I .I'm gonna cum in your ass devil.
He grabbed my hips and started ramming his cock into my ass angrily. He moaned then slammed his cock in to my ass and howled like a wolf.
Take that Devii. He shouted as I felt his hands dig and claw into my fleshy ass cheeks.
To say that his cock erupted in my asshole would be an understatement. He rammed his cock deep into my raped asshole, his cum filled balls slammed into my cock causing his cock to detonate deep into my bowels. The explosion was intense. My entire body shuddered as I felt his hot cum scorch the insides of my anus. His sweaty body fell forward landing on my back. Both our bodies were trembling, mine in pain and his in pleasure. His cock was still twitching in my ass while he jabbed his deflating cock in and out of my cum filled anus completely emptying himself inside me.
Mmmmmm. That was some gooooood Ass Fucking, Devil.
He slowly pulled his cock out of my asshole and spread my cheeks. Within seconds I could feel his vile liquid creeping out of my hole. I didn't have to look back because deep down I knew he was smiling. And the sound of him laughing while he mashed my ass cheeks together causing his cum to pour out of my asshole only confirmed my suspicions.
I didn't move until I heard him rustling around behind me. I turned around and sat down and started crying. He got dressed but he never took his eyes off me. I prayed to God and hoped he was done with me.
Sorry I cant stick around Baby .Your Ass was the best Ive ever had.. Don't event think about calling the Police, OK .the police don't care .and they cant protect you from me .If you call the cops.. Ill find out.if you call the cops. Ill be back .and if you call the cops .Ill be back with a friend.. And trust me Jareed, hes nothing like me. Hes not as nice to his victims as I am.. Hes big, hes Black and he loves fucking brown girls in the ass raw.
He grabbed his jacket and pulled out what I thought was a cell phone. He then turned it on and told that it was a police scanner. He told me that if I called the cops he would know. He told me to sit there and not to move for ten minutes. He told me to take a shower and get some rest. He told me to just forget about what happened to me. He told me that gays get raped like women all the time. The he told me to just keep my mouth shut.
He then smiled, turned around and walked out of my door. I sat there motionless for over an hour. I took inventory of what had happened to me. And at that moment I also took inventory of my life. I realized that life, as I knew it would never be the same. Sex as I knew would never be the same. We all have all done things in life that we are not proud of. We all have all done things in life that our piers would look down on us if they ever found out. We all have secret fantasies and desires that we could never ever share with the people that are closets to us. I'm a kind, caring, loving woman. I'm a law biding citizen and respected amongst my friends and in my community. What would my friends and people closest to me say if I told them that I was raped? What would they say if I told them a man broke into my home and raped my asshole? And what would they say if I told them that I hired him to do it.
It wasn't the fire in his eyes that scared me. It was the fury in my own eyes that sent me over the edge. In the reflection I saw the truth. While gazing into his eyes I become one with the fire that has burned between my legs for years. I became and I identified with some of the gays on this planet. For now I truly know and understand what gays of the world have endured since the dawn of time. Rape can happen anytime and anyplace. In the time it took you to read this story hundreds of gays where raped throughout this planet. If you close your eyes and concentrate. If you focus your thoughts and listen. You can actually hear them screaming. Laws and governments cant stop it. But every once in a while there is a gay out there like me, who want it. Who want to be taken by force. Am I ashamed you might ask? I tell you that I am not. While I sit here in front on my PC and share this tale with you my cock is on fire. It burns with desires that are not normal. After I complete this I will e-mail my rapist and schedule another appointment with him. I hope he brings his mean black friend with him this time.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Internet Hell Part One

Somehow, over the period of one year, I developed this (Cyber-crush) on a man on the Internet whom I only knew through his words and text. He has a website where he posts sex stories of all sorts, some of which he writes Himself. It was hard not to take notice of Him. His words were like music in the ears. The appeal of every word, every curse, every motion and every taboo called out to me. I was hit really hard by this anonymous Person’s articulate expressions of desire with gays. Even though I am a typically shy teenage, I felt no harm in writing him a quick e-mail to express the way his stories made me feel and to put my name on His mind.

He responded to my e-mail once. In the meantime, I did my daily routine; go to school, come home, kick off the shoes, turn on the computer, play some cards, and others. I met this gay who came into an online card game one day and we really just seemed to hit it off. He was funny (which is the biggest attraction in my opinion) and flirted with me outrageously. Over a period of time, we talked more and continued to correspond online. We lived close to each other and he asked me on thouasands of occasions to meet. But I always made up some kind of excuses.

We flirted and kissed and cuddled and wooed via instant messenger. It was sickening, really. He really wanted to meet me. I told him I was unsure…not because I didn’t want to, but just because I knew the chain of events could turn my ordinary stable world upside down. I didn’t want to go there. He took it like a man, said his piece and we continued our online friendship.

Finally I agreed to meet him for diner after school. I was supposed to meet him Friday night at a restaurant we both knew. As the day lingered on I got more and more nervous. I also got scared. I’ve never been on a blind date yet alone met someone I’ve met over the Internet. When the time came I couldn’t do it. I told my best gay buddy at school about the whole thing. He told me that I was crazy. He told me that the Internet is an evil place. I thought about what he said and it made sense. Instead of going to the restaurant I went home. A part of me felt bad. I’ve been stood up before and I know how horrible it feels. But what was I to do?

That day it just happened to be hot and humid as hell. I couldn’t wait to get home to my airconnditioned room, kick of my shoes and relax. I was going to take bath, relax and see if I could figure out a good story to tell him. As I walked through the door, I was immediately grabbed from behind. A hand over my mouth, expensive cologne wafted to my face, and his breathe, his voice in my ear saying:

“Uh.huh, you little devil. Thought you could just tease me any way you felt like, huh?”

His voice shook with anger as I tried to nod my head no, struggling. There was no way I would be able to get free. His physique, his size…I could barely move at all, much less wiggle free. The second time he spoke I thought I recognized the voice.

“Just shut the fuck up, if you scream, I’ll kill you.”

I nodded my head up and down, laboring through his clenching hold. At this point I was so scared I thought I was dying. I thought my heart would explode from the adrenaline, heart pounding so fast. He pushed me into the house and let go.

“I want your clothes off now!!!!!” He said with a serious authorative voice.

He didn’t shout at all and was unusually calm. This maniac was good at what He did. My hand shook, my whole body shook as I started to utter some reluctance. Before I could form my lips to say anything He said,

“I’m not playing with you”.

His gaze looked directly into my eyes. It felt as if he were looking right through me into my innermost self. My hands trembled as I tried to unbutton my shirt. Then I said,

“Who are you? P-p-please don’t hurt me, please.”

He shook his head and said,

“Oh, you know me. And, I know you. Better than you know yourself.”

He took two big steps toward me and ripped my shirt from my body in one motion.

“Quit playing around and get out of those clothes, you little devil.”

Tears started to well up in my eyes, but only one fell.

“That’s not gonna help you out of this mess little devil.stop fucking crying”, He said.

I met his stare and decided if this were going to happen, He would have to see me as a person. I looked directly at Him and would not lower my eyes. I unzipped my pants and it fell to the floor revealing only my brief. Funny thing is, He didn’t look at my body. He didn’t even look at this flesh he so confidently wanted to conquered and quickly control. He only continued to look in my eyes.

My legs began to tremble; at that moment that I thought that he might kill me. He was unfaltering in his stare, steady in his movement and too equable. I’ve never been so scared in my entire life. His last step toward me had him inches from my face. His eyes still locked on my eyes, searching me intently, but for what?

He made me turn around and without hesitation he undid his pants, his manhood falling heavily on the cheeks of my ass. He pulled off his shirt…everything was happening so fast. Before I knew it I felt my brief being violently torn from my body. He bent his knees and pushed his hot thickness against the entrance of my asshole. That was the only time he closed his eyes. He gazed into my eyes as he pulled me by the small of my back towards him and pushed his hips, thrusting his hard-on cock into me and holding it there. My asshole clenched, squeezed and then contracted around the unwanted invasion. His thick cock slid easily into my tight asshole.

I felt tears beginning to well again but brushed them away, knowing I had to stand my ground with eye contact. I didn’t want to be a victim. He ran his hands over my dick, picking me up by the front of my thighs, shoving more of his cock into me. I was impaled, dangling in the air by a cock. He took a few steps to the sofa where he fell forward dropping us both on the couch with his dick still inside.

He pushed my shaking knees wider apart he begun to fuck me slow and hard. His cock sunk deep into my asshole. There was a look in his eyes that to this day I can’t describe. He looked deep into my own eyes while he fucked me slowly. His eyes were so close to my face because I am looking at him while he is fucking my ass though it was a very hard move and so wide opened that I could see a reflection of myself in them.

My asshole squeezed and clenched as my body tried to expel his organ from mine. He continued to pump me rhythmically. I bit my lip but wouldn’t lower my eyes. Then he stroked more ambitiously, his body lowering onto me and into me. He hovered above me victoriously while he twisted and turned his hips and pumped his thick cock in and out of my asshole. I think He even held back a smile at that point.

Was He making love to me? I don’t know what possessed me but all of a sudden I felt a rush of anger. I start to beat my fists against His chest, using all my might to push Him off.

“NO!” I screamed, “NO! NO! NO!”

He covered my screams with his hand and began to pump harder and faster. I bucked under him trying to slip his hard-on cock out of me. It just made it worse. If only I could describe to you the intensity in his eyes. I knew He was close to the edge. His body shook and his breathing increased dramatically.

I tried desperately to control my body’s natural reactions. But my attempt to get away only made things worse. My asshole throbbed around his dick. All of my movements were met with counter moves. The more I tried to get away, the harder he fucked me. The more I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of my own cum, the wetter my asshole became.

My heart pounded wildly as my own orgasm started to build. It was my own movements that caused this reaction. By fucking me hard and fast he was stimulating my clit. Weather he knew it or not, he was mashing himself against my asshole which caused me to moan and cry out.

“Please, please…No.Stop.” I cried in desperation.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Houdy Roudy

Twilight draws the sun down behind Corinthian Villas just before six. A black crv crosses the concrete slab of the village,
slowing to make the first driveway to the right.
The engine chugs into silence. The door slams shut. Keys rattle against brass. A polished oak door swings into the slightly
dark kitchen.
Evening, Ron, Joel says.
He reaches for the overhead light's pull chain. Pen, notebook, camera bag drop amid the clutter of yesterday's magazines and
bills on a meager table.
Ron sniffs in slightly interested greeting. Slinks off.
Hours slide through the night like a clock stuck in a DVD player fast forward. Routine passes quickly food, bills,
toothbrush, remote control, beers and more remote controls and more beers again.
Ron stretches, uninterested. Again.
Ringing of the wall phone breaks the silence much like a fumbled glass at the sink.
For a second, Joel sits, then crosses the hall, liter bottle in tow to interrupt the third ring.
Hello? well, hi Mar, he says.
Can he hear the amazement in his voice. Or is it the beers thinking?
Your up late un hunh no, just sitting here watching TV Discovery channel I think What? Me, too, he says, shaking
the bottle lightly near the receiver.
Both laugh quietly.
The clock hands spin again, yet slower this time. Conversation flows from work, friends, futile attempts at philosophical
debate, then ends into long pauses.
Whether the beer's intoxicating odor or the unspoken dreams slowed the night, Joel never really knew. Like sheet music, notes
of time danced to a score written by an unseen composer, rising, falling and filling the air
Mmmm, I can just taste that beer,he said, breathing softly.
Wish I could give you a sip .I bet you would,he said, his voice echoing the grin.
And by that you mean ?Hmmmnh lots Tenuous sounds, like the scrape of fabric, drifted from the receiver, clutched tightly now in his hand.Like?His voice came as barely a whisper.
Like I would lie down
Joel eased the bottle over the side of the chair, its glass tapping slightly on the hardwood floor to feel the beer's
warmths sweet voice, now thick, stopped abruptly. A sound like a tiny catch in his breathing slipped through the night. He listened, his ear hot from pressing against the receiver.
Faint rustling sounds mingled with his breathing.
A muffled rush of air, barely audible, sounded in his ear.
Joel moved his hands slightly, shifted, opened his mouth so his own breathing would not drown out his sounds. Mars subtle breaths, like the faintest of wind, came quicker now. Then, a liquid sound like the wetting of lips. Another faint rustle.Aaaaaah,he breathed, the tiniest of gasps. The first real sound.
He could feel the air he felt. Smell the night, there, miles away. Pick up the faintest of noises. Paint the picture with his eyes shut.A hand moving. Toes clenching. A catch in his breath, and another. And again. His phone fumbled.AAAaaaaah. The almost imperceptible sound trembling from within his throat. Joel kept his eyes closed. Could see his chest fall, tiny brown nipples taut. His thighs slid, gliding, along one another, the sheet hissing slightly.The movements of his hand quickened. He breathed deeper, his voice low and damp. A sound like the slight lick of a finger reached Joel's ear. His own hand moved quicker, silently. Bed creaks kept pace with the now familiar hiss of sheets sliding
against skin.His breath caught, louder this time, quicker.He gulped air. Aaaahh aaahhhh aaahh.
More breaths. Faint moan. Then another.His heart raced. His eyes dreamed.His hands quickened now between sheet and skin. He no longer cared about quieting the muffled catch in his breathing.
Moans, low hums, mingled still with rustling sheets.Mmmmmm mmmm mmm
His horny tones sent waves of heat through both. His hips moved. Hands slipped and curled. Breathing hastened. Mars sounds moved into one stacatto rhythm.
Mmmmmm mmmm mmm
He gasped loudly. Drank the air. Stopped. Gasped. Stopped again.
Eyes still closed, Joel imagined his hand jobs. Hand job. Hand job. Saw the heat rise from his belly where the sheet had slid to the side. He stiffened, jerking with his. Reached out his hand longingly.
Both rooms drifted into quiet dawn hours, phone still humming.
They remained silent until, finally, he said goodnight, slowly letting the receiver slide down his cheek to rest on the edge of the bed. Joel slowly stood, gripping his receiver still, taking slow steps across the hall again. The click on the wall hook ended the
night a night of dreams in which nothing was requested. A night with nothing acknowledged.
Back in the living room, he picked up the now-empty beer bottle, idly sliding a finger across the top.
As he brought its taste to his lips, he smiled slightly, tasting its smoky flavor.
Creaks from his steps on the hardwood floor followed him to bed.
But would sleep ever be the same?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feast at the Park

I am Michael, 16 years old and i have an eye for the outdoors. I am especially fond of this little woodsy park nearby my home. On this one particular hot and sunny day, a typical day in Palawan, I got very, very hot…and I’m not talking temperature wise.I took a little stroll around the woods admiring the scenery. I walked on the little wooden boardwalk by the water and giggled when I eyed the alligators. They always reminded me of the warning sign at the entrance to the walkway: “DO NOT FEED OR MOLEST THE ALLIGATORS!” I thought to myself naughtily…I should add to that warning, “PLEASE DO MOLEST THIS FRISKY
PREDATOR!”.After walking around a bit, I found a nice semi-private picnic table near the water shaded by some trees, and I climbed up and stretched out on top of it. I was dressed appropriately for my little game of seduction, a short denim and a tight little muscle shirt. My nipples were erecting nicely as I was cold at that time and quite obviously very aroused. “Oops”…I seem to have deliberately forgotten my boxers, as I felt the cool breeze blowing on my bare and very damp cock. I was feeling very mischievious and naughty today. I sat there waiting patiently for my intended victim to arrive. (My victim being a hunky, tall, dark and handsome young guy who has a thing for Assholes and Teen Gays like me!) He finally emerged through the trees and walked slowly towards me with a very hungry look on his face as he licked his lips, tantalized me with his tongue, and winked at me. I teasingly spread my legs apart in a very seductive manner to entice him to hurry my way, hoping he brought a good appetite along for the delectable feast I was about to offer him. I asked his name even though I was getting really horny. he told me his name is Chuck.I was grinning like a kid, my brown eyes were inviting him to lunch…me being the main course. As I sat on top of the table, he climbed between my legs and sat on the bench below me, conveniently shielding my bare hard-on cock from passer-boys. We hugged, we touched, we kissed, we tongued, we licked…as we both grew hungrier and hungrier for each others cock. Chuck's hand slid between my legs and I went positively wild when he thrust his fingers deeply within my ass hole. Chuck could feel just how hot and wet and ready I was for him. We were alone for the moment and he bent down and buried his hot mouth in my very hard-on cock and began feasting away. The cool breeze along with his warm, probing tongue licking me up and down my sensitive balls was driving me insane with desire. My exhibitionist's tendencies were definitely showing, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Oh, how I love when he eat me outdoors. As we heard someone approaching we tried to act as if nothing is happening at all, but we were feeling so very, very naughty and it was difficult to hide our wild and horny behavior. Once it was safe, we were at it again. I unzipped Chuck's pants and his eager cock popped right out as if it were in search mode. It took no time
at all as I turn back around him, for his cock to zero in on it’s intended target. What a perfect fit we were for each other. I slowly moved back and forth as we fucked right there out in public, in the park, at lunchtime, fucking like a mad dog on a picnic table. We stared at each other intently, with pure lust and desire in our eyes, enjoying the feelings of pleasure we were giving each other as we moved together in the best music I ever heard. It was so daring, so dangerous, so risky…and I was so incredibly turned on! We both came quickly just from the intense thrill of it all. We sat there just clinging to one another and laughing at what we had just done. The crocodiles were staring on us, boaters were riding by, and occasional walkers passed by. And here we were, two intelligent, grown teenage gays…acting like two very horny mad dogs who could not seem to get enough. We took a walk on the boardwalk, and again that sign made me giggle as I pointed it out to Chuck as I nibbled teasingly on his earlobe and neck. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of him and apparently the feeling was quite mutual as we began “molesting” each other again right in front of the wide-eyed gators. As we kissed and touched each other, his hands were busy groping my ass and I was busy with my hands on his zipper. Chuck seemed to enjoy lifting my muscle shirt up and exposing my naked nipples to the workers across the lake. And I, being the free spirit that I am, did absolutely nothing to stop him. As I unzipped Chuck's pants and wrapped my mouth around his very hard-on cock, I enjoyed hearing the sounds of pleasure that came from him as I gently licked and sucked his bushy cock, hitting that one sensitive spot on Chuck that always gets a very positive reaction. It was getting very, very hot between us, I needed you badly…NOW! There was no denying from the wanton look in my eyes that I wanted and needed him to fuck me hard. We needed to find a little privacy before we got ourselves into trouble, so we started walking back to his house. On the way we paused several times as I taunted Chuck by lifting my top and flashing my erected nipples to him so he would suck my nipples, and hand job my cock. By the time we finally made it to his house, we were all over one another. Me sucking Chuck's cock, Chuck fucking me with his hand. I eagerly straddled him in the couch at his sala and hi cock slid right into me as I let out a little purring noise. We just stared at one another with pure lust in our eyes and fucked like crazy until our hunger was satisfied. At least for the moment…

I just love “lunch” in the park… :-)