Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heavenly Hole

Glen who was only 17 years old was in a hurry as he walked up Third Street in Mendiola Consortium on his way to his dorm after his workout. It was cold and the December wind cut through his skin making his whole body shiver, but not only was he cold, he was also uncomfortable because of the big hard on that was straining against his jeans. "Shit, " he thought, "haven't cum yet today!" Glen, it seemed like, was always hard! His whole family was highly sexed, from his older brother, Paul, who had just about fucked every girl in the their province which is in Cebu, to his own father who fucked his mom at least three nights a week even after twenty five years of marriage, so for Glen who was a closet teen gay it was either have sex with a partner or jerk his big cock off at least once a day!
As he approached Seventh Street., he noticed that a new adult bookstore had just opened for business, and with nothing else pressing to do, he decided to check it out. There was a sign inside that pointed to a back room that said "LIVE DANCERS" so Glen walked into the back room and entered a booth and closed the door behind him. He put five five peso coin worth into the slot and the screen covering the glass slid up out of the way revealing two young men dancing to the beat of the music that was coming from two big speakers in the corners. Both looked to be about 16 years old, and were entirely naked and shimmering with sweat! They obviously were workout fanatics as they both had perfectly muscled bodies and both sported large thick erections! Moving from booth to booth, they encouraged the men behind the glass screens to slide tips through slots that led to the dance floor where the boys could dig up their money. As one of the boys stopped in front of Glen's booth he slid one hundred pesos through the opening to the waiting young stud, and for this, Glen was treated to a private little show that included some masturbation. By this time Glen had pulled out his own harden cock and was giving it some nice even strokes as he watched the show.

While Glen jerk his dick with more passion, he suddenly heard a tap on the left side wall of his booth, and after looking down, to his utter amazement was a hard cock sticking in through a hole that had been cut about crotch high! Now caught up in a high sexual tension, Glen dropped to his knees and took the erect member into his mouth and began sucking like a baby on a nipple. The head was smooth and slick with his saliva and Glen licked the gorgeous shaft from top to bottom, until several minutes later Glen heard a groan coming from the next stall that was quickly followed by his mouth being jetted with thick spurts of hot cum! Swallowing every drop, Glen licked and sucked the head clean and gave it one last loving suck before it was pulled from his mouth and disappeared into the hole in the wall.

In its place Glen could just make out part of the face of another person on the other side the hole, so after jumping to his feet, he stuck his own pecker through the small opening, and within a second, the head of his dick was being licked and sucked by a total stranger! Who ever was doing the sucking sure knew how to do it, because Glen couldn't remember ever having such a good suck off! He felt his nut sack tighten as he raced towards his orgasm and while looking out the window of his booth and saw the two boys who had been dancing a few minutes ago, now down of the floor doing 69! It was too much for Glen to take and he blew his load deep into the throat of his anonymous cocksucker, while the two boys putting on the show were also in the process of Cumming all over each others faces. There was hot gay cum everywhere! Glen's cocksucker was now gently licking his meat clean with soft velvety kisses, but unwillingly he pulled his dick back and stuck back into his pants. As he left the booth he bumped into another man as they left the back room making Glen wonder if he was his unknown suck mate!!! He gave the older man a little longer look than he normally would have, and as a small smile spread across the man's face and Glen immediately knew that this was the man who had just made his pecker explode in ecstasy! Taking a chance, Glen extended his hand and introduced himself; the stranger grasped it firmly and said, "My name is Mark, what can I do for you?" Josh looked around the dark room and found a little cubby hole off behind the change machine and ordered, "Follow me, I have a plan!!!"

Mark followed Glen to the back of the room and slipped around the corner and out of sight while Glen dropped to his knees and unbuckled the man's pants and pulled out his penis. It already smelled of fresh cum, and Glen hungrily put it into his warm mouth, eager to receive another load of cum from the big dick stranger! Mark hadn't said much up until then, but as he was being sucked he said, "That's right little boy, suck my big pecker, make it shoot its goo into your slutty little mouth!" Hearing that kind of rude talk made Glen work even harder on the thick member and in a few more minutes he was rewarded with a violent flow of hot cum down his eager throat! Mark pulled him to his feet and kissed him hard on the mouth and told him to pull out his own harden cock. Mark took his own cum covered dick and Glen's into his hand and began jerking them together, both heads slipping and sliding together, their velvety smoothness combined with the saliva and cum on Mark's cock, bringing both men to the edge of ejaculation! Glen just stood there, his erection rubbing back and forth against Mark's, his orgasm now fast approaching. Glen couldn't hold back any longer, and stammered, "Oh my, god, I'm going to blow!!!" Both peckers convulsed at the same instant, sending spurts of cum into Mark's fast moving fist, their cum merge together as their cock heads rubbed side by side.

Mark pulled out his handkerchief and cleaned off both peckers and his cum wet hand, and as they walked out into the afternoon sunshine, they nodded to each other, and then were both on their way in opposite directions. But glen told himself to go back to the little place every now and the.

College Night Out

The campus at University of the Philippines was so big, and Arnold couldn't get over that fact as he walked across the Quad on this first day of class. As a freshman and a teenager at the age of 17 he had so much to learn about life at a big college like UP. Worries about new classes, being away from home for the first time, and of course tonight the initiation into the fraternity he was pledged to last week. He was a little worried about that, because he had heard horror stories about frat hazing that had turned out tragically, and while he had been assured by current members that nothing dangerous would happen and that the entire initiation was actually quite pleasant. Well, he hoped so!
At ten o'clock sharp all ten new members of TGM fraternity were lead into a dark room where each pledge was instructed to remove all of their clothing and sit down and be quiet. In 15 minutes or so each pledge was blindfolded and led into another room where he was instructed to stand at attention. After all the pledges were standing in a circle naked, they were instructed to remain motionless no matter what happened to them. Arnold was starting to get that fearful feeling when he felt something touching his balls, and next he felt a mouth suck his now stiffening cock! Throughout the room he heard other gasps as he assumed other dicks were being sucked as well! Before he could cum, the mouth pulled away from his dick and he was left standing with a monster harden shaking in the wind!
A voice then instructed the pledges to sit down on chairs being placed behind them, and in no time flat, hands were forcing their heads forward and an order to "open your mouth" was spoken. Before he knew what had happened a soft cock was shoved into his mouth! The order to "suck it!!" was then given, and Arnold , while confused and bewildered, began sucking on the now hardening dick. He could hear the sounds of cock sucking going on all around the room and wondered if he was going to have to take a load of cum in his mouth. After about five minutes of sucking the cock was pulled from his mouth and his blindfold was removed. Pete could then see that they were in a room lit only by candles, but even in this dim light, however, he could see that everyone was naked and erect, and the older brothers were standing outside the ring of pledges slowly jerking their dicks. The president of the frat then laid down the rule to the new members, " If an older brother ever needs a suck off, you will suck him then and there on his request, if an older brother asks you to jerk off for any reason you will do it then and there, if an older brother asks you to suck anyone else, you will do it then and there, do you all understand these rules, if so answer yes." "If you agree to abide by the rules laid down here tonight you are all now probationary members."

Now as official members, the pledges dropped to their knees and sucked their older brothers to completion. They also were allowed to bring themselves to orgasm by sucking each other off, and Pete got his jab sucked by a kid named Larry which is younger than he is at the age of 16 from Muntinlupa who obviously had sucked a lot of dick before tonight! Within minutes he was unloading his nuts down the throat of the little cocksucker! Arnold was surprised to find what a big cock the little guy had as he took his turn on his knees. He sucked the big head and licked its shaft until his face was soon covered by spurting cum! He looked around the room to see most of his pledge mates on their knees with large dicks in their mouths. The smell of fresh cum permeated the air, and its overpowering aroma seemed to be an aphrodisiac to the young pledges, because no one was having any trouble keeping and maintaining full erections! Whenever someone needed to ejaculate, there was always an eager mouth ready to take a full load of hot cum and swallow it down! The rest of the evening was spent satisfying the upperclassmen, who were also caught up in the sexual synergy of the evening!
As they were heading off to bed an older brother pulled Arnold aside and asked him to come to his room right away. When they got inside Arnold was told to strip and play with his cock while the older boy named Danny which is only 18 years old kissed his nipples. Arnold had very sensitive nipples and loved having them licked and sucked on, and after maybe ten minutes of foreplay, Danny, the older boy, told Arnold to lay face down on the bed so he could fuck his ass. Arnold quickly took his place on the bed as Danny rubbed his now harden cock up and down Arnold 's ass crack, until he finally found Arnold 's hole and pushed his dick in slowly. Arnold relaxed his ass and soon Danny was using Arnold like his personal "fuck doll"! Danny was now out of breath and increasing the speed of pumps, while Arnold 's own harden dick was now hard as a rock and was nearing its own explosion, when all at once Danny shuddered and let go his load deep in Arnold 's ass. After Danny had removed his dick, Arnold rolled over and begged Danny to suck him off, and without any hesitation, he dropped his mouth onto Arnold 's straining member and in only seconds Arnold shot his cum into Danny’s hot mouth! Both boys kissed deeply letting Arnold 's cum fill both of their mouths and Danny told Arnold that he expected to have him in his room the next morning by seven o'clock to give him a wake up blowjob.
As Arnold entered his own room he smiled at how well school was starting out! He better get a letter off to home to let his mom know that he had already made a lot of new friends!!! No use having her worrying!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Honeysuckle Cum

It was a holiday weekend that just seemed to creep up on me. I hadn't made plans and was kinda blaming myself for it. It was early evening and since I didn't have to go to work the next day I decided to go to a local watering hole. At least I always knew someone there and wouldn't be alone for the rest of the night. Sure enough as I walked in and headed for the bar I heard someone call my name. It was Blake, an old buddy from high school.
"Hey Blake why are you here? Are you visiting some relatives?" I said. "Nope, I just move back to town" he said. He narrated to me every little thing that happened to him, including how his mother had been ill and it was just too much traveling back and forth to take care of her. His old boss had told him when he left that he could always have his old job back and so he took him up on the offer.
We sat and had a couple of beers before I had really noticed just how hot it was getting in that bar. I asked the bartender if the owner was trying to save on the electricity. He laughed and said that the air conditioner was just too old to keep up on really hot days and nights. I asked Blake if he would like to go to my house to talk where the air conditioner actually works better than in the bar. Since there wasn't any decent girl in there anyway we decided to go.
When we got home, we had another drink and I asked if he wanted to go for a quick swim. He nodded but once we got outside I realized I didn't have a suit to fit him. You see Blake is a rather big guy. Much bigger than me. He was always into weights for as long as I've known him. And although he had put on a little weight around the mid section he still has the great body every girls and gays in town would rave for. He was always a little brawny but clean and neat at the same time.
I told him of my problem and said we can always go in the buff. "We've both seen each other before in the gym locker room" I said. "I do it all the time and it's much less confining." He looked around to see just how private my back yard was. I spent a lot of time and bucks on a privacy fence and trees to make it that way. There was only one window barely visible on a neighboring house and there never seemed to be anyone who lived there. I've been in the back yard a few times with women before with no clothes at all but never with a guy. He finally said "Why not?"
I put our liquor bottles and mixers along with an ice bucket on a little table at the pools edge. We both stripped and dove in. I just love skinny dipping. The feel of my dick and balls floating along with no hindrance just feels so good. Blake told me he had never skinny dip before and said it was kind of liberating. We swam around a little and then sat on the pools edge and chat some more. I was getting a nice buzz as I'm sure
Blake was.
I jumped back in but Blake stayed seated on the edge. He was sitting right at the corner of the thin side of the pool with his legs slightly parted. I leaned against the side only a few feet away and noticed the pool lights gave me a perfect view of his thick cock. It was only a little larger than average but very thick with big balls. He was also a very furry man. I found myself sneaking peaks at his dick whenever I thought he wasn't looking. I had entertained thoughts of having sex with another guy, even dreamed of it, fantasize about it but never acted on it before. Soon I couldn't help but think of what it would be like to suck and lick his big cock. I tried not to think about it but couldn't and before I knew it my cock was as hard as it could be. And I mean it was as hard as a rock. I was in about four feet of water and hoped that he didn't notice it.
I tried to just keep chatting with him in hopes that it would go down and I would be able to climb out of the pool and get dressed without my hard-on cock brings any attention. Jake was a very timid guy and you almost had to pull the words out of him. I asked why he never wed and he told me he just didn't have much luck with the ladies. By now I couldn't take my eyes off his huge dick but he still didn't seem to notice. I found myself going a little closer to him. I asked if he had a girlfriend but he said he hasn�t. I asked him when was the last time he had been with one and he told me it had been a couple of years now. You could have knocked me over with a feather. He leaned back a little. I guess he was a little ashamed to look me in the eye while narrating me this. This gave me an even better and less risky view of his huge package.
I told him there's no way I could go that long and asked him how he managed. He said "It wasn�t easy!" "All it would take is a good puff of air blowing by right now to get me hard." It was at this point that I can't explain my actions. Maybe it was the booze or the fact that my cock was still painfully hard but I put my face a few inches from his big dick and blew on it. Simulating a "good puff of air. " I saw his huge cock jerk and he leaned back some more and let out a pale whine. I looked back down and watched it slowly start to rise. "Man he wasn't kidding" I thought to myself. I just couldn't help but blow on it again. He whine a little louder and his huge cock grew even more.
I wasn't thinking straight and remember thinking that I need to help out my old friend. My mouth started towards his huge dick. I didn't seem to be able to stop it. The next thing I knew I had my hot mouth on his big dick head with my tongue slowly licking it. He was moaning like crazy now so I knew he didn't object. With my wet lips wrapped around his big cock, I ran my tongue around as if I were French kissing his cock. Then I lowered my mouth down on his shaft. I just loved the feel of his thick huge dick in my hot mouth. It was at this moment that I knew this wasn't going to be my last dick.
I bobbed up and down on his cock and played with his balls lightly. I thought about this being the perfect time to act out my dreams and fantasies because Blake wasn't about to object. And he couldn't exactly tell anyone because he was such a willing victim. I licked up and down the underside of his dick. I licked all around his big spongy dickhead and on down to his balls, even dipping my tongue down along the crack of his hairy ass. I tried everything that I knew I love to do with myself.
I went down and licked his balls for a while and he really started whining loudly. Women never seemed to pay enough attention to a guy's balls and I was determined not to be guilty of the same. I tongued his hairy sac lightly with the tip of my tongue as I felt them contracting up nicely for me. Then I used my whole tongue to lap them like a dog, covering more of his furry nuts with each lap. He seemed to be really loving every minute of it. And I loved the fact that I could get him so excited and nervous at the same time. I asked him if he liked what I was doing to his balls and he just moaned "Yeah."
I felt bad that he was lying back on hard material so I climbed out and led him by his dick to a soft recline chair by the side of the pool. He didn't put up a fight but willingly took his place in the soft chair. I was excited to see pre-cum emitting from the tip of his hard cock. I lowered my tongue and licked it off. I loved its sweet, delicious taste. It reminded me of honeysuckles back when I was a kid. I stroked his cock softly and slowly with my hand as I lightly sucked on his nuts, taking them one at a time delicately into my warm mouth, being very cautious not to hurt those fragile morsels. I felt him getting even harder so I returned my hungry mouth to his thick horny cock.
As I sucked him he started to move his hips. I felt a great sense of achievement as I knew he was now participating in this sex escapade with me by fucking my mouth. I kept my mouth still as he was doing all the work now. I was glad he didn't smash my mouth with his hard cock as I guess some guys would. Instead he slowly and precisely fucked my lips. I couldn't wait to taste his sweet juices and I didn't have to wait further. His body started to tremble and shake and he began pumping my mouth full of his warm sticky cum. I had a hard time swallowing fast enough but I was strong-mindedly wanted to swallow his cum without wasting a valuable drop. He then backed up but I didn't mind. I continued doing the sucking and nibbling and he kept pumping cum. I so like the tang and I knew I was now addicted. Blake had made a cocksucker out of me and I loved it.
When he was finally done he fell right to a nap. I played with his dick and balls for a while as he took a nap. The air finally cooled a bit so I sheltered him with an oversize beach towel. I sat there and reflected on my new found leisure for a while. I stroked myself and thought about how I can't wait to suck my next big dick and taste my next delicious thick creamy cum.
I�m so grateful to Blake!

Virginal Sensation

Virginal Sensation
I just came to the conclusion of my homosexuality. I'm fine with it now and all my friends got over it. However, before people knew I was gay, I took advantage of my straight opportunities....

I am 19 years old and I have a bunch of great buddies. Two of the
best were Luke and John. They did not know each other very well,
but both knew me very well. So John and I would have great sleepovers at each
others cribs from time to time. We explored the greatness of each other�s sexuality.
We would give each other hand jobs, blow jobs, and a lot more! We
were both straight men, well he was and he didn't know I was secretly gay. So
Luke and I would have also have good sleepovers and not do anything but I know
that he liked streaking. So I thought, what if I offered him streaking I could
convince him to get completely naked and jack off.

(First of all let me describe these two great men in my life. John is tall, about 6 foot and five inches tall. He is tan and muscular in all the right places. He has the softest skin I
have ever felt. His cock is huge and thick. It feels good to have in my hand, or even my mouth! And he�s a great partner in bed. Luke is kinda short. He is extremely well
built. Not too muscular but just perfect. His pecks are smaller than John's and so is his hard cock. But he probably has the best ass I have ever seen!)

So I decided to have both of them stay in my house for a great sleepover. We
hung out and played video games till it was dark out. Once it was around
11:30 I asked them if they wanted to jump on the trampoline we had in the
yard. The replied was a big 'YES' so we did. As we were out there we shared
stories of hot girls that I would just randomly share just to hide my real sexuality. Then I
offered them something. EROTIC FRICTION! I said we should jump on the tramp
naked! Before I knew it Luke was naked and jumping around, then John was not too far behind. I kept boxers on because I was getting a hard on.
Then we got tired and I asked them if they would like to run into the
house and into my room naked. Kind of childish I know, but it's working! It�s really working for me!
So we ran inside, clothes in hand, and ran into my room and shut the
door real tight. I left my shirt off but kept on boxer briefs and athletic shorts.
Luke was wearing just his boxers. Sitting there on my computer chair
looking like a Greek god, John also stayed in his boxers. Then I mentioned I had a
movie with some boob flashing in it. "Gross" I thought to myself. But it
would get them horny and that would be great after all. So we popped in the movie and began watching.

We got to the part with the boobies and John paused it and zoomed in. We
sat there on my bed, in front of the tube, watching this T.V. and gently caressing our hard dicks through our pants. It was awhile before I said I was fed up!
"That's it! I'm getting naked and will do hand job on myself!" I said standing up
and pulling off all my clothes.

"Okay! Yes!" cheered John as he got up and followed me.

"Go get some tissue. I don't want any stains on my bed." I said
to John.

"Oooohhh.. I guess I am too." Luke groaned in dissatisfaction. He got naked and before he could sit back down, John and I were back in our old spots, tissue in one hand, hard cock in the other.

He was sitting on the side of the bed in front of us. We could only see his extremely gorgeous ass and his hand motioning jacking off.

"Come on Luke sit back. We won't eat your cock!" I said. But of course, in the back of my mind I know I love too.

So he slid back and we were all sitting there naked, man-handling our hard
dicks. I looked at Joe and he winked at me.

"Damn! This is so boring! Luke, will you jack me off?" asked John. We had him out numbered.

"I'm not gay." Luke replied.

"Neither are we but it feels much better and it will really stimulates better." I said as I replaced my hand with Luke's around his cock. This is my chance I thought to myself so I slowly started to stroke and he leaned back. He could not resist that kind of pleasure, poor virgin I said to myself. Then John started to caress his hot chest and legs. Rubbing his hands all over Luke's body as Luke got closer to ejaculating. I kept doing the hand job slowly, then speed up because I knew he was already coming. Luke groaned and moaned as he came closer and closer. His body arched and he exploded a massive amount
of cum all over his chest, face, and my hand. He laid there motionless breathing deeply.

"Oh, your not yet done!" I said.

John and I started fondling over Luke�s body and Luke started doing the hand job on our hard dick without even being told. I got up and John followed. He bent over Luke and started licking the cum off his chest. I came up behind him and put my hard cock deep into John's virgin ass. He let out a loud moan and then continued. I started pumping. I was ready to explode.

"Move John. This one is for Luke." I said.

I pulled my cock out of his ass and went straight to Luke. I shot my cum
all over his face and he lick it all up. Then I sat next to him and Luke jacked off John and then John came all over my face and I licked it up. We sat there motionless and cum covered.

"Guys, I'm gay." I said.

"Me too." John added.

"Sure, why not!" Luke replied as he sat down in front of the bed . "Let's do that again!"

Friday, August 17, 2007

I Swallow Paul's(Secret)

I would really love to meet Jake again. We always had
a blast together when I was in love with his sister,
Joan. Jake last called me about several years ago but
I was living with Jenny by then. He wanted to meet at
a casino in Louisiana. I would love to get him drunk
and then come on to him. I have fantasized for years
about going down on my knees, opening his fly, pulling
out his cock, and sucking on it lovingly. I don't know
why I am so attracted to him. Maybe he reminds me of
myself. We used to laugh all the time together and
with his family. They all loved me. I could make all
of them laugh. I loved being able to make Jake laugh.
We make each other laugh. Being able to laugh from
your heart with someone is so wonderful.

It would be so beautiful to be able to suck on Jake's
cock all day and all night. His fleshy meat sticks out
of his mini forest of nice dark brown pubes like a
tower to be worshipped. I would love to slide my
tongue all over his balls and kiss the sides of his
hard cock shaft. I would love to put my mouth on his
cockhead and slowly lick it all over. I would tease
him until his cockhead started to twitch in my lips. I
would savor his delicious precum. I would say "Oh Jake
you taste so wonderful. Every drop of your delicious
nectur drives me further and further into a lustful
hypnotic trance. Your cock controls my every thought,
my every motion. I know that my entire being is only
here to bring your cock pleasure, to bring you

I would slowly lower my head onto his cock letting his
cockhead slide deeper and deeper into my mouth. My
tongue would bathe the underside of his cock and my
tongue tip would dart all around trying to bring him
as much pleasure possible. I would love to hear him
moaning as I was igniting all of his senses him with
my mouth and tongue. If he were only here right now.

I would love to rub my nose between his balls and his
thigh getting intoxicated by his aroma, the scent of
his manhood, the essence of Jake. Ummm. Licking and
savoring Jake's maleness from his crotch. I long to
lap up every bead of sweat from his balls,
occasionally taking one of his balls into my mouth,
knowing that is what makes the cum I crave to taste,
to play with, and to swallow. I want all of Jake. I
want to pleasure him more than he has ever been

I would love to be laying on my back and have Jake put
his legs on both sides of my chest, straddling me, and
presenting my mouth with his cock. I would love to
look up and watch his face as I kissed his cock and
swirled my tongue around its beautiful head. Ummmm.
Oh, to be able to feel his hot, throbbing cockhead
between my lips. Feeling Jake slowly start to shove
his cock in and out of my mouth as I lovingly licked
and sucked. Lapping and sucking. I would cover his
cock with my mouth juice. My drool would spill out of
my mouth all over his cock and drop onto my chest like
cum. It would look like cum flowing from my mouth. As
Jake watched he would get so turned on imagining cum
flowing from my mouth and spilling all over my face,
chin and cheeks.

I would love to hold his balls in one hand as my other
hand was sliding up and down on his cock shaft. I
could feel his balls tighten up and then I would know
I would soon have him completely. I know I will soon
taste Jake. I would speed up my sucking until he was
almost going to explode and then slow down. I would
remove my mouth from his cock and look at it twitching
and pulsating. "Oh god Jake, your cock is so magical.
So wonderful. So delicious. I have to have all of it,
and all of you inside of me."

After watching Jake's cock filling with uncontrolled
pleasure I would put my mouth back on the cockhead and
start lightly sucking him again. I would love to feel
him put his hands on the back of my head, gently run
his fingers through my hair, and then pull my face
onto his cock, pushing it deeper and deeper into my
mouth. I want to feel him lost in lust only thinking
of the pleasure he is feeling.

I would love to feel him thrusting his hips forward
driving his cock into my mouth. Thrusting, thrusting,
while I am sucking, sucking. I could hear Jake moan
and moan and then cry out, "ohhhhh, oh god... ohhh...
Please eat me... please, please... take it...
ohhh...." I would moan while my mouth is moving faster
and faster over his cock. My lips tightly wrapped
around his shaft. I am sucking his cock and he is
fucking my mouth. We are one. Faster and faster.
Faster and faster. His cock moving in and out like a
red hot piston of love. I want him. I want his cum. I
need his cum. I have to have his cum.

I take my mouth off of his cock long enough to cry out
"Please shoot your love into my mouth, Please!'" I
would reach behind him and hold his ass in my hands
feeling the muscles in his ass as he thrust forward
into my willing mouth. I would massage his ass cheeks
as I sucked his cock. I would move one of my hands to
his ass and put a finger into his hidden hole of love.
I would probe deeper and deeper. I would touch his
prostate, that wonderful container deep within Jake's
soul. It is filled with his delicious cum. I know as I
massaged his container of love juice I would soon be
able to taste it. I can't wait. I can't wait Jake.
Please give it to me.

As I sucked faster and faster Jake's cock would
explode, spilling and shooting his cum, spurt after
spurt after spurt into my hungry mouth. My tongue
would be sliding all over his cockhead and shaft
getting coated with his thick, hot, white cum.
"Ahhhh,... Ummmm. Ohhhhh". Jake's cock continues to
shoot is liquid paradise into my willing mouth. I
would moan as I sucked his spasming cock causing my
mouth to vibrate giving him even more and more
pleasure. Sucking, suckling. My only thoughts would be
of being an instrument of pleasure for my man. "Thrust
into my mouth Jake! Fuck my pussy mouth. Slide in.
Slide out. Fuck in. Fuck out. Just Fuck it. Fuck it!
Fuck my mouth! Give me all of your cum."

I would hold Jake's love meat in my mouth long after
his cock stopped shooting its precious load of love. I
would hold all of his cum in my mouth and then with
his cock soft in my mouth I would let him pull it out.
I would then open my mouth wide to show him his
heavenly prize of cum all over my tongue, my lips, my
cheeks, my nose, my chin, my throat, and on my chest.
That heart melting aroma of cum would consume my every
sense. Its delicious scent fills the air. My face is
covered with his cum. I would gargle his cum making it
bubble over my lips, out of my mouth, and down to my
chin. I would play with his cum in my mouth showing
him how much I accepted him, how much I treasured his
precious male juice, the very essence of his being,
his soul, the center of his universe of pleasure. Then
I would look him directly in his eyes and move my
tongue all around my cum-covered lips to get all of
the cum into my mouth that I could. I would use my
fingers to scoop up the cum that was on my face and
chin. I would suck the cum off of my fingers and into
my mouth. Then I would close my mouth, look up into
his eyes , and swallow every delicious drop of his
cock juice. "Ummmmmmmm. Ummmmm. Oh Jake. You are so

After making love to his cock I would love to have
Jake lay next to me in our bed so he could drift off
to blissful sleep, with only thoughts of his wonderful
orgasm to fill his mind. I lay next to him cuddling
and holding him to let him rest and recover from his
explosions into my mouth. Later in the dark of our
bedroom I would move my head down to where it was only
inches from his dark pubic hair and beautiful cock. I
would lay there admiring Jake's cock, knowing that
even though it is so soft and peaceful, just one flick
of my tongue on its head would wake up his sleeping

I could not just watch his cock without touching it,
without tasting it again. I would lean over his cock
and kiss his cockhead until it came back to life. I
would lay my head on his stomach suckling his cock
like a baby. I would suck on his cock until Jake came
into my mouth again. I would eat his cum like a kitten
laps at milk. Swallowing, Swallowing. I would be
purring. I would do that over and over and over and
over again. All day, all night, and then the next
morning. And then all day and all night. I would want
only to please his wonderful cock. I want Jake to feel
like the most wonderful person in the world. I want to
taste his cum in my mouth every moment of every day. I
want to do that with Jake so much. I want to please
you Jake because I love you ...

I would greatly appreciate all feedback for my story.
This is the first story I have written and would like
to know what you think.
Thanks, your friend Ronnie...


Renan anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as he checked his watch for the
third time in the last ten minutes. "Where was that man," he thought to herself,
"I wish for once he'd be on time!!!" Ten seconds later the apartment air was split
by the loud resonance of the bell and Renan quickly buzzed his friend in. Opening
the door he listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly,
he swore there was more than just Ernie's steps he was hearing! A second or two late
r she was proven right, as Ernie and a young man of perhaps twenty or so turned up
the last flight to Renan's apartment. Renan looked at the young visitor and asked
Ernie, "Who's your friend, or is it a secret!?!" Before he answered, Ernie gave
Renan’s crotch a squeeze and replied, "I found him down at the bus station and for
two hundred dollars he'll do us both!!!"
Both Ernie and Andy, the young man’s name, entered the apartment and sat down on the
sofa while Renan went to the kitchen for some refreshments. After everyone had their
drinks Renan asked Andy, "Do you know why you're here, son?" Andy took a sip of
his drink and answered softly, "To service you and Ernie, sir!" Renan by now had had
a chance to give the young stud a going over, and his pecker had begun to erect itself
at the prospect of having such a young man sucking his big cock!!! Renan and Ernie were both single gays in their early sixties who had met several years earlier and now got together once a week for some recreational sex. Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Ernie had scored big!!! In this game of suck the cock, younger was always better as they had the firm delectable bodies seniors could only dream about!!!
Renan continued with his questioning of Andy with, "Are you bi or gay?" "Bi," Andy
quickly replied, "but I prefer males !!!" Renan stood up, walked over to Andy, opened
his fly, and asked, "Could you please suck me, dear?!?" As usual, Renan had forsaken
his shorts, and now his thick rod bobbed gently just inches from his face!!! Andy
merely had to lean forward to take the hard pecker into his warm wet mouth!!! Renan
groaned as the talented cocksucker did his erection, and moaned to Ernie, "God, he's
sucking me just the way I like it, mostly my head, but he does my shaft too!!!” Renan’s
cock was reaching a crescendo, and he rolled his eyes towards Ernie and ordered,
"Take off your pants and let me see your big pecker!!!" Ernie didn't need another
invitation, and as Renan was a little on the butch side, he immediately obeyed his
command as he usually did!!! The incessant sucking on his prick, coupled with the sight
of Ernie's huge dick threw Renan over the edge as his cock was wrenched by a climax
that seemed to twist his groin into a knot over an over again!!! When he was totally
sated, Renan fell back in his chair panting like a dog, while trying to regain his
lost breath!!!
Ernie played idly with his pecker while he waited to see what Renan wanted to do next,
while Andy sat quietly watching the two older men, while also waiting for further
instructions. Renan began idly playing with his now soft cock, and after a moment’s
hesitation ordered, “Okay, stud boy, fuck him in the ass!!!” Ernie literally moaned out
loud in anticipation of his fucking, and without even being told he leaned over the
back of a large easy chair with his legs spread wide and his asshole open and
available!!! Andy slid easily behind the old man, and after rubbing his head against
the tight opening, he gently moved his hips forward, forcing his hardness into his
hot bottom!!! “Oh fuck,” Ernie moaned loudly, “he’s hard as a fucking rock, and so
thick, oh god it this good!!! Renan’s eyes had glazed over as he stared at his friend
being impaled by the young stud, and as they roared out in unison as their cocks gave
way in a shower of cum, Ernie’s all over the chair and Andy’s deep in his ass, Renan’s
own pecker spasmed hard in his hand and spewed another load of jism high onto his
Andy pulled on his things and kissed both men softly on the lips and replied, “Anytime
you boys need a good suck or fuck, just give me a call!!!” The two men, still naked
and shaken, just smiled knowing that in another month they’d have him again!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Disney Vacation

Disney Vacation Follow-up

If man to man sex is not your thing. THEN DON'T READ THIS!

Wow! I couldn't believe my eyes were reading what they were! Could this be
true or just a very vivid dream? Had four years really elapsed? I mean the
memory of those events were still fresh in my memory. But here it was an
e-mail that totally blew me away.

`Hi Grant -- Hope all is well with you. It has been a while hasn't it. Just
thought I'd let you know that I would be vacationing in the Bay Area of
Northern California this year. Would like it very much of we could get
together for lunch one day. I'll be keeping an eye open for your reply. --
Always yours -- Reggie.'

Yet there it was, staring out at me from my e-mail box. The South African
young man that had totally taken a piece of my heart four years ago at
Disney World, and he was coming to Northern California for a visit. (See
Disney Vacation -- Adult/Youth -- Feb 2003) I had gotten an e-mail from
time to time from Reggie, just like staying in touch. Telling what he was
doing and then I'd reply what was going on in my life. But never thought in
a million years he would make it to the West Coast! I pecked out an e-mail
asking if this was for real and that I had hoped it was. I hit send and
waited impatiently for a response.

A couple days went by, then a week, week and a half...two weeks...two and a
half weeks. Then FINALLY I get a response. Do I dare open it? Hell yeah I'm
gonna open it! And yes he was headed this way. He would arrive in May at
the San Francisco International Airport. I immediately replied wanting more
details. Being it was January there was plenty of time to plan. And now
that I was a single guy my life was just a bit simpler.

As May grew closer our plans were getting more detailed. I asked him why
the vacation to the West Coast. He said since he had always wanted to see
San Francisco, he might as well come and check it out. Told him I would be
glad to be his "tour guide' for not only SF but Northern California as
well. When I asked how much time he had, two weeks was the answer, and that
he had already booked a hotel for the first week. I told him that we could
use that as a base and make a few day trips to the surrounding areas. Now
my mind was racing with thoughts. I wanted to spend every waking moment
with him. I had already scheduled the time off from my job. So my plate was

I was nervous and anxious. I began to hit the gym an extra day during the
week, trying to shed a few extra pounds and tone up my "love handles". I
wanted to make a good first impression as he came off the airplane. I even
picked up some "Just for Men" to tone down my graying hair. I know sounds a
bit vain don't it! But hey, I wanted to be the best I could. Got me some
new clothes sunbathed by the pool at my apartment more and was getting more
and more excited as his day of arrival drew near. Didn't want to scare him
off on our first meeting!

About a week before the purposed arrival date, I get an e-mail saying that
he will be arriving a day earlier. Since his stay at the St. Francis didn't
begin until the next day, he would have to get a motel for the night. Told
him not to worry that I would get that all taken care of. I booked a room
at the Crowne Plaza in Burlingame for the evening. It's very nice place to
say the least but not near the plushness of the historical and legendary
St. Francis Hotel at Union Square. Reggie said the stay was a gift from his
grandparents because they wanted to make sure he had a good time. Lucky
young man eh? Anyway since the company I work for gets a discount at the
Crowne Plaze, I decided to get to San Francisco the day before. Not that I
was excited or anything, yeah right!

The time had come to leave for SF. I packed my bags, fueled up the Diamante
and headed West on 80 out of Sacramento. My mind was racing with thoughts.
Too many what if's, why's and how come's was clogging my brainwaves. The
more I thought the faster I went. When I realized how fast I was going, I
had to make it an effort to stay with the flow of traffic. Dang, I was just
cruising and flowing in and out of cars as if I were on a racetrack! I was
lucky that the CHP hadn't pulled me over a few times! But once I came back
to reality, I was doing just fine.

I pulled in the reception area of the Crowne Plaze and walked to the
registration desk. An attractive middle aged lady checked me out as I
walked past and then gave a big smile and said "Hello". I smiled and
returned the greeting keeping my destination in focus. Once at the desk I
turned back to the lady and she was looking at me as well. We both smiled
and then went to our business. `Hmmm' I questioned myself, `Do I still have
IT!' Got my room key for the 7th floor room and then I was on my way to
park my car.

As I unpacked, I looked at myself in the full length mirror. It did appear
that those extra days in the gym and the poolside basking did help. Heck, I
check me out if I wasn't me! No wonder that lady was giving me the once
over. `Maybe I should mosey down to the lounge to see if she is there' I
thought. `No you idiot!' my inner self answered, `You have a special person
coming tomorrow, WAIT!' And there was my answer. Just chill out for the
evening with room service and a movie, and then if I could get any sleep.

Somehow and someway I managed to fall asleep. With Reggie's flight arriving
at 12:40 p.m. I had set my alarm for 9:00 a.m. And the alarm did wake me
up. I was sleeping so soundly that at first I didn't realize where I
was. But then the soft and comfortable king sized bed reminded me I was at
the Crowne Plaza. And that today was THE day. I hopped out of bed, started
the morning coffee and then turned on the hot water. After a visit with
Mother Nature is was time to get clean and awake. Well one part of me was
awake that's for sure. It seemed he was just as excited to see Reggie as I
was. I didn't even dare to get over zealous in washing him. Didn't want him
to go off to soon, if you know what I mean. A quick shave, down a cup of
coffee, scrub the teeth and floss and then a blow dry of the hair, a few
pumps of hair spray along with a few squirts of Beckham cologne, throw on
my new clothes and I was looking sharp. If you would've touched me I bet I
would have cut you I was so sharp! I fired up my laptop to check the
arrival time. His flight was going to be right on-time in SFO and the
International terminals. God I was getting butterflies already! I could
hardly wait to see him. I headed down stairs with plenty of time to
spare. There was a Continental Breakfast being served, so I took the time
to partake. I poured a cup of coffee, grab a Danish and scooped up some
fresh melon and berries into a bowl and topped it with some raspberry
Dannon yogurt. As I sat down I heard, `That's an appetizing bowl of fruit.'
Looking to my right I see the lady that had given me once over last
night. `Shall I make you a bowl as well?' I questioned. `Oh no, but do you
mind if I join you.' she replied. I shook my head no and pulled the seat
out for her. We sat there making idle chatter, the weather, cost of gas,
how nice the Crowne Plaza was until I had finished my breakfast. Looking at
my watch I said that I must say good bye saying that a friend was arriving
very shortly at the airport. We both said our good byes telling each other
how much we had enjoyed our morning coffee. But then she continued to talk
and almost followed me out of the hotel telling me `See you later!' I just
smiled and waved good bye as I almost ran for my car.

Now here I am standing in the baggage claim area at SFO, San Francisco
International Airport. The flight data board said the Reggie's flight was
on-time and should be landing anytime. God! I have got to tell you that I
was as nervous as a bank teller looking down the barrel of a robber's .44
magnum and my mind still is racing with thoughts. I was keeping an eye on
all of the baggage claim carousels when I noticed that the flight data
board was now showing `AT GATE' next to Reggie's flight. If I had opened my
mouth the butterflies would have surely escaped! Then three bag carousels
down I see Reggie's flight number being displayed. Hmm...Do I hang back and
be Mr. Incognito? Nah, I'll just head over to that carousel and wait there.
So I stroll nonchalantly over to carousel number 6 as I discretely scan the

The Massage

Working as an account executive for a Wall St. investment banking company was a very lucrative but draining way to make a living, so as Gary walked to his car after a long day at the office, he needed something to relax his tense muscles. Driving away from the parking lot a familiar need was also spreading across his groin that needed relief and in a hurry, so he headed for his favorite bath house in a unobtrusive brownstone in the east fifties. When he entered the front door he was greeted by the Tom, the day shift host. After telling Tom he wanted the "works" he was ushered to the changing room where he stripped off all of his clothes and headed to the private sauna so he could quietly work the tenseness out of his neck and shoulders. After about a half hour Gary headed for the shower and a quick rinse off, but as he was toweling off, Mike, a fellow banker came into the room. Gary by now had a huge erection and was slowly jerking his meat in front of his friend who quickly slipped out of his clothing and proudly displayed his nine inch organ for Gary's feasting eyes. Moving closer they kissed and began fisting each other's dick, but before they could cum, Mike suggested they go into the massage room where well hung eighteen year old boys gave rub downs of every conceivable kind!!! Lying down on padded tables the two men were quickly joined be two blond hunks asking what would their pleasure be? Gary needed a good sucking so he had his boy go down on his uncircumcised manhood, and in seconds he was hard as a rock as the young cocksucker went to work sucking and licking his joint. Gary sighed with contentment as he felt the start of a huge cum build in his nuts while looking over to see Mike with seven inches of hard dick moving in and out of his asshole. Just the sight of seeing that big cock in Mike's butt made him shoot a tremendous load into his boy's mouth!!! Mike also erupted when his boy shot his load deep into his bowels, and just to finish off the session, Gary and Mike played with each other as the two blonde's 69'd each other to orgasm. As they were dressing, Gary leaned down and gave Mike one more good by suck off. God he loved dick!!! Feeling fully refreshed, Gary drove home in total fulfillment, but when he got home, he discovered his roommate Frank was just getting out of the shower while sporting a raging hadron!

Gary went over to his lover and gave him a long hard kiss on the mouth, their tongues probing each other while Gary let his hand caress Frank's big pecker. No matter how many outside trysts Gary had, he always came back to Frank's open arms, and hard erection! Frank had a beautiful cock, and it seemed to always be in a state of constant arousal, a fact that made Gary feel very submissive around this magnificent organ! It was long and thick, about eight inches by six inches, with a large round head that was velvety smooth to the touch, and taste! Frank pulled his mouth away and asked softly, "Want some of this, baby, daddy wants to feed his baby his bottle!" Gary kissed his lover one more time and whispered back, "Mmmmmm, yes, let me have some of your "milk", daddy!" Frank stood in the middle of the room with his gigantic hardon and Gary on his knees quietly sucking it like a baby does a fresh bottle. Gary was in seventh heaven, there was nothing in the world like Frank's erection filling his mouth, and from the feeling of his nut sack, soon Frank would be feeding him a full load of his hot sweet nectar! Frank rubbed his own chest and lightly flicked at his nipples while his room mate hoovered his very hard penis, and in almost a whisper, Frank let Gary know he was cumming when he said, "Now baby, let daddy fill your mouth with his hot cum!" Gary moaned loudly, anxious to receive the gift that was soon to shoot from his lover's thick erection, and as usual, he could always tell when Frank was about to cum because his pecker would pulsate hard in his mouth, and then spasm quickly before letting loose a torrent of sperm into his mouth. Gary felt so lucky that Frank had chosen him to be the receptacle for all of his cum shots, and now here he was, getting ready to accept another one of Frank's big gushers! The first load blasted against the back of Gary's throat, and was quickly followed up with volley after volley of subsequent ejaculations that filled his mouth to over flowing! Gary greedily scarfed down all of it, savoring every last drop, as it passed over his hot tongue!

When he stood up, Gary had his head down, and he told Frank he had a confession to make, that on the way home he had stopped of for a little extracurricular enjoyment. Frank listened as his lover confessed to having had been a very bad boy, and that if he though that he should be punished, well, he understood completely! Frank nodded, and then ordered Gary to remove all of his clothing. When Gary turned around, Frank was standing there with a huge butt plug, one that Frank only used when he had to discipline Gary. Gary made an involuntary shudder, because he knew from past experience that while some pleasure could be divined from the big latex sex toy, a lot more pain and discomfort were going to be the order of the day! Thankfully Frank was applying a light coating of KY jelly to the plug, because without it, it was like driving a rail road spike up your ass! "Bend over, Gary," Frank ordered, "until you decide not to have any more of these, shall we say, out side meetings, we'll have to punish you like the little boy you act like!" The plug pressed hard against Gary's rectum, but Frank showed now mercy, and roughly jammed the conical object hard into Gary's butt hole! Gary tried to suppress a scream, but the plug was just too large for him, and he let out a long low yell as the plug tore into his delicate ass flesh. When it finally came to rest, Gary was stretched to the limit of his ability to take it, and he tried desperately to relax his muscles but the toy was just too big and fat to allow it. To show that he wasn't totally inured to his plight, Frank reached under Gary and slowly massaged he still limp penis, gradually bringing it to full erection. With a little KY still on his hand, Frank worked over the soft head of Gary's straining cock, making the young man begin to feel the mixture of pleasure and pain. With his asshole burning like crazy, and his cock on the edge of a huge ejaculation, Gary's head was spinning out of control. Drool ran out of the corner of his mouth and he begged Frank to please let him have some relief! "Will you be a good little boy if I do," asked Frank doubtfully??? "Oh, yes, Frank, I promise, anything, just please let me cum," begged an almost incoherent Gary! Frank thought about it for a second or two, and then in one swift motion jerked the butt plug from Gary's ass, and with the other hand, jerked furiously on Gary's hard pecker! Feeling his asshole free of it's invader, and the hard masturbating of his pecker, Gary unleashed a hot load of cum all over the living room carpet.

"Thank you, Frank, thank you so much, I promise not to be bad again," babbled a very satisfied Gary!!! Frank just chuckled and told Gary to clean up his mess. They both knew that in the near future this little game would be played out again and again, because Gary was always going to be a "bad" little boy!!!