Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hex the Famous

It was a warm summer day, the trees swaying slightly in the breeze as Hex who is one of the famous teen gay in town walked out onto the deck. Hex'd been cleaning all day and was ready for a well deserved break. Setting his glass of tea down on the table, Hex settled into his chair and opened his book. Out of the corner of his eye Hex caught a glimpse of him, mowing his lawn. "This must be the new neighbor", Hex thought to himself as Hex allowed his gaze to travel across his handsome face. Dark hair, curling just at the nape of his neck...
His eyes moved down his body, clad in blue jeans tight enough to accent his hard muscular ass and thighs. His t-shirt also tight, revealing a strong chest and flat stomach. Hex found himself watching him, over his book, trying to be inconspicuous about it. Watched the way he moved the mower purposefully across his lawn... the way his body moved... imagining it moving over his... He saw his glancing over at him, though Hex was quite adept at hiding his movements. Sun felt his eyes on him, watching as the sinews of all his ripped muscles flexed and bulged while he calmly mowed his lawn. He purposefully wore his tight jeans, aware that all those squats and leg lifts had sculpted his ass. He liked to show it off. And so he strategize how to mow his lawn to give Hex the best view as he know that Hex is one of the best teen gay in town.
Sun felt his cock bulging from within, thinking about him, imagining what Hex was thinking, thinking of what he too, wanted to do to him, with his. His "innocent" smile concealed his sinister intentions as he glanced in his direction, waving to him as he passed the mower easily over his lawn. He slowed the pace, catching an eyeful of his body. Sun was so anxious on what will happen next for he long for the moment of making love with Hex. He wanted to feel what was it like to savor the taste of the most famous and desirable teen gay in town. And that moment has finally arrived.
Hex was in a red halter top, tied loosely around his neck, and it accentuated his swelling chest beautifully. Since the day the townsmen notice that Hex is a teen gay he became a cros-dresser. He felt a small dribble of spittle ease down his chin as Sun thought of his erect nipples calling to him, beckoning his touch, and he gasped. Sun was so aroused, his pants did little to hide his bulging crotch swelling beneath the denim. Never wearing underwear was the quickest way to arousal, and he was throbbing for him.
Sun looked down at himself, and quickly glanced at him, surprising him as Hex caught him catching him looking at that very same bulging crotch. He thought he noticed him licking his lips and smiling mischievously, but he wasn't sure. That's when Hex distracted him. Hex reached over his chair, stopping for a moment as his halter top slipped forward, revealing his glorious and beautiful chest and swelling nipples, and lifted a gaze to catch him staring straight at his tits. Hex watched him through lowered lashes... knowing full well he was staring at his chest, his erect nipples, marveling at the valley between them. A small bead of perspiration began at the base of his throat and traveled slowly down his body, into his cleavage for Hex has been drinking pills to get himself a breast. Seductively Hex moved his finger to scoop it up, then brought it to his lips... tasting the salty wetness as he watched. Hex curled his fingers around the glass of iced tea before sitting down again, offering him a small smile as his eyes met his. Sun smiled back, continuing to move his mower slowly across his lawn. It seemed to be getting even hotter outside, Hex thought... or maybe it was the desire sparked between the two of them. Half lying in his lounge chair, Hex allowed his legs to part slowly... just slightly... knowing his tight cut-off shorts would show him just what Hex wanted him to see. Hex could feel himself becoming damp with wanting... needing to feel him next to his, all around him, inside him............ Sun gasped as he saw him part his legs. The small tight gap between then clearly showed the flesh underneath his shorts as Hex was without panties. A woman after my own heart, he thought to himself.
Hex writhed a little in his chair as she slid one way and then the other, giving him strategic views of his glistening wetness. He started suddenly, aware that he had been staring at his crotch for too long, and hadn't realized that he was now mowing the hedges, or trying to.
He licked his lips, then wiped the beads of sweat cascading down his glistening chest, and slowly walked his mower around the yard, giving his moments to catch him. Standing up and adjusting his halter top slightly, Hex made his way across his lawn... he saw him approach and turned off the mower.
Hex introduced himself with a smile, and he returned the gesture. Sun grinned and followed him to his deck, where Hex poured him a fresh glass of iced tea and waved his hand towards an empty chair.
He sat next to him after taking the glass from his hands... his fingers brushing his for just a moment, but enough to send a spark of electricity between them. Looking up into his eyes, his breath caught... Hex had to say something, do something... Hex couldn't let this moment go. Smiling shyly at him, Hex commented that he must really take care of himself, his body lean and sculpted... and inquired as to whether he worked out... "I work out daily," he answered with just a hint of pride. "I love going to the gym, too. But I have a machine in my basement that I use. If you ever want to stop by for a brief workout, I would love to show you," he added. The hope self-evident by the sheepish look on his face. 'OH man!' would I love to show you a workout, he said to himself.
He was squirming in his chair, not at all like himself. He was confident, but Hex was reducing him to a blithering idiot. A blithering idiot with a stiff erection and a body that could last through countless hours of wonderful sex, he silently added. "Mmmmm," he really wanted to get a close up of his body, a real close up. So silently, deliberately, he got up from his chair, and walked with a stride filled once again with confidence and determination to kneel beside him. Once there, he rested his chin on the armrest, looked up at his gleaming smile, and waited. The twinkling in his eyes matched his own as Hex brought his hand gently to his face... brushing his fingers over his cheekbone, smiling at his expression... his eyes closed... his lips parted and emitted a soft moan from the touch of his fingertips. His face was clean shaven, soft, and warm. Bringing his hands to either side of his face, Hex bent down to him... gently teasing his lips open with his tongue... drinking from him... consuming him, the softness of his lips on his driving his desire for him.
Hex felt his arms snake around his waist and pull him up out of the chair... and gasped as he swung him up into his arms and started for the house. Sun gazed down into his eyes and Hex became lost in those endless pools of blue... and his smile, so warm yet seductive... made him want him madly. Hex could barely speak to direct him to his bedroom... Hex felt like a true woman... breathless and so ready to have him... He stride quickly to his house, opening the front door with his hand as his other pressed his breasts firmly to his chest, and kicked the door as it swung open. He then turned and took his lips into his, kissing him deeply as his surroundings closed in on him and he focused on his seductive lips, his beautiful eyes, and his soft but firm cheeks.
Sun immediately undress Hex for he wanted to finish sexing him fast. He then gave Hex a blowjob fit for a king. He then instructed HE to turn around so he could finally enter the ass hole of the famous teen gay in town. Hex obeyed immediately. Sun started thrusting Hex, every time Sun thrust it became harder and harder and harder that made Hex moaned for more. Aaahhhhhhhhh!!! Thrust me more Sun, mooooooooorrrrrreeee!!! Sun became more aroused as Hex moaned even louder. In no time Sun reached the climax and began filling Hex asshole with his cum. This made Hex even more delighted. He engulped Sun's cum. It was the most delicious cum Hex has ever tasted. Hex then kiss Sun hungrily. Sun was so happy that his long time dream has come true. Hex gave Sun a peek. Until tomorrow Sun. Hex said. Sun just nodded.