Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Student Council President

It was four years ago, just at the end of my sophomore year. Most of my teen gay friends had already experienced sex and I was eager to find out what all the excitement was about.

Some of my friends loved having sex for the first time while others said it was painful and disappointing. Of course I was hoping that I would be able to enjoy it. I have a small asshole, or so I thought from doing comparisons with some of my teen gay friends. The thought that my first partner might be too big for me had crossed my mind.

The one thing I was sure of is that it wouldn't be hard for me to find a guy who would be willing to have sex with me. We all know that not all guys will be willing to have sex with a teen gay like me.

I'm an attractive and exotic looking teen gay of mixed heritage - I'm Filipino blended with a mix of Caucasian bloodlines. I guess you could say I got the best of both worlds. I have big brown eyes and long eye lashes, a delicate nose and sensuous lips. My face is framed by long, silky black hair that hangs past my shoulder blades and I have a smooth, very light tan complexion which adds to my exotic look. Although I'm only 5-2, I have long legs that are slim, smooth and athletic and a really nice ass. I have been a cross-dresser since 10. My parents actually agreed on my sexual preference.

So I really wanted to lose my virginity but I didn't want to just toss it away to some big egoistic jock who would fuck me then brag to anyone who would listen. I suppose most schools have that competition going on where guys try to bang as many teen gays and teen gays as possible. I made up my mind that I wasn't going to spread my legs for a guy who only thought of me as a chance to earn more points.

There was a guy, a year older than me who had always been really nice to me. He was the kind of guy who was nice to everybody. I know he once went to a Sadie Hawkins dance with a teen gay that is so unusual who - to put it kindly - was far from attractive just because he asked him. He had more than his share of more attractive teen gays and teen gays who were eager to get to know him better...a lot better. I knew several teen gays and teen gays who said they wouldn't mind going to bed with him.

I knew he didn't have a girl friend since he preferred teen gays like me, but I had also heard the he had a least 3 or 4 teen gay friends who he made love with on a fairly regular basis. He wasn't the kind of guy who needed to fuck a lot of teen gays to build up his ego and he wasn't the kind of guy who bragged about his conquests. The only reason I knew about some of the ten gays he had been with is I overheard three of them talking about the fun one of them had with him the evening before. I started to wonder how I could get into his little circle of sex partners.

Like I said, he had always been really nice to me. A few months earlier he saw me standing at a bus stop in a rain storm. He pulled over and offered me a ride and wound up driving way out of his way to take me home. He was also the reason I was a new member of the JV Cheerleading squad. He was running for Student Council President (he won) and while he was campaigning I confided in him that I was thinking about trying out for cheerleading, but lacked the self-belief. I had a definite fear of denial. He encouraged me, telling me that I had the personality and gracefulness and athletic ability to do it. He also said fear of negative response was no reason not to try since negative response is a possibility at any stage in life. I could learn to deal with its possibility now or much later in life.

After I tried out and made it, I felt like I owed him a debt of appreciation. When I found out I had made the squad, I ran up and gave him a huge hug since he had been the one who encouraged me, and I thanked him for making it possible. He told me my success was all my own and that all he did was give me something to think about. I found myself developing a big crush on him.

So when I decided to become sexually active, I decided I would like to have him be the one to deflower me.

He is Japanese by ancestry. I think there was some element of wanting to do it with somebody who was also Asian by heritage. Not that I'm racially biased, it just seemed like I could feel a connection to somebody who could identify with the occasional sense of racial segregation that an Asian student could have in a mostly white school. Even though I had lots of friends and nobody had ever shown overt bigotry toward me, I sometimes felt set apart.

There was also a sense that since Asians are supposed to have smaller penises, being with him wouldn't be painful.

A couple days after my being named to the squad, and after he won his election, I was waiting at the bus stop. He pulled up and offered me a ride. I told him I'd like to treat him to pizza or something some evening to thank him for his encouragement. It would be a joint celebration of our victories. He said that would be great, but he wanted to treat me and we made a date for the upcoming weekend. I felt so ecstatic that he said yes.

The next day at school he came by my locker and gently took my arm and walked me to the school cafeteria. I found myself sitting with him and all the high achieving kids that made up his circle of friends. His best friend, a teen gay like me, was there. I had heard that they had dated for a while but had broken up, and I thought it was unusual that they were the best of friends. He is a really cute blonde and had just been elected Senior Class Vice President, and he was also captain of the guy's soccer team, so he enjoyed his own high level of popularity. He's also so sweet and unassuming.

After school, I was again waiting at the bus stop when he pulled up and offered me a ride. As we were driving along he told me that his friend, the target of my crush was really flattered that I wanted to go out with him. He said he really found me attractive and had said that I have one of the nicest pairs of legs in school.

I asked if the two of them had really dated for a while and he confirmed it. He added that it just didn't work out. They had been friends for so long and before they dated they just couldn't adjust to the change in their relationship. They argued a lot and finally decided that they were better off being best friends again. Then he added that one good thing came from it, he got to lose his virginity to somebody he really loved, even if it was friendship love as opposed to deep romantic love.

He had been involved sexually with a number of guys after him and he was the best. Not that he had the most spectacular body or the biggest penis. He was just so caring and considerate. He had actually read everything he could about performing oral sex on teen gays so that he could give him as much pleasure as possible. I thought that was so cool and really told me something about him He had, he told me, given three of his friends some really enjoyable sexual experiences. Two gave their cherries to him.

He asked me if I had ever had sex and of course I told him I hadn't. He said my pizza date on Friday could be my big night.

Now I really wanted that to happen. He told me to wear a mini skirt to show my legs off, and that a short top that showed off my naval would be nice, he was really turned on flat tummies and tiny waists. He also told me that if I wanted to do it in a big cozy bed, I could bring him to his house because his parents were going to be out of town.

I joked that it sounded like he was pimping for me. He laughed and said it wouldn't be the first time he brought a date to his house. All three of his best teen gay friends had made love with him in his bed. They, along with him were the only 4 teen gays he had ever had sex with. He was certainly popular and cute enough to have other teen gays in his life. But he said he felt lucky to be able to make love with 4 cute teen gays (with great bodies) and didn't need to look elsewhere. He had told him that he didn't want to have casual sex with teen gays he barely knew. He only wanted to be with teen gays he felt some connection with. He told me that I could definitely be one of those teen gays.

So we went out for pizza and had a great time playing miniature golf afterwards. After I lost to him on purpose, I worked up the nerve to tell him that his best friend had invited us to stop by his house. Of course he knew what that meant asked me if I was sure I wanted to do that. I really did and I told him so.

Fifteen minutes later we were in his friend's bedroom and I was slipping my bra off. I have nicely shaped chest with pinkish brown nipples that, including the areola are about 3/4 of an inch across. I really liked letting him see them. He kissed and sucked my nipples, and oh so gently bit them. It felt so good.

He kissed me all over my flat tummy as he caressed my thighs. When he slipped my panties off, he gently blew a warm stream of breath on my exposed cocks. I have a pretty asshole with delicate brown lips and a really pink interior. He told me it’s beautiful before he slipped his tongue into it.

Then he got undressed and I saw how trim and muscular he was. He was a varsity wrestler and it showed. I then saw an erect penis for the first time. It was so cute. I had nothing to compare it to but I just knew it was shaped so nicely. It wasn't very big, only about 5 inches long and I have had much larger ones inside of me since then. But his looked so beautiful. The head was swollen so much that the purple skin was stretched to the point where it was shiny and looked like it was going to burst. I could see small veins running along it and around it, and I could see them pulsing.

I took the cute little head in my mouth and managed to take all but an inch of it down my throat. It was so much fun. I explored the little flap that starts just below the opening, and I opened the little slit and tried to lick inside of it. After a few minutes I felt his penis start to throb and flex and I got my first taste of warm, salty semen. I wasn't grossed out at all and I gladly swallowed it.

Then he gently helped me up off my knees and guided me onto my back on the bed. He gently licked my asshole and got it good and wet. Then I watched in fascination as his penis moved toward my waiting little virgin asshole. The head felt so warm and soft against my dainty outer butt cheeks so he spread them. There was a brief moment of pain as the head pushed past the tightest part of an asshole at the beginning of the . But once his head was past it, the rest went easily and painlessly into me.

His firm stomach and the soft pad of his groin were pushed up against my back. He didn't start pumping right away because he said he wanted to savor being inside of me for the first time. We exchanged long, loving kisses as he slowly began moving in and out of me. I could feel him drawing almost all the way out of me and gently pushing all the way in with every stroke.

I came twice before he injected my little asshole with a load of hot cum. It felt so good. It began with a rapid twitching of his penis then I felt 3 distinct spurts against my inner walls.

We relaxed and cuddled with him still inside of me and. He's only an inch taller than me but really muscular, and he easily lifted me and turned us over so that I could ride him cow teen gays style.

An hour and a half later, we thanked our host and he took me home. That was the beginning of a year and a half of frequent sex with him. We still have sex from time to time, but our opportunities to get together were fewer after he graduated. Now we probably only make love once a month but it’s always good.

I wasn't the only partner he had that next year of school. He was after all, Student Council President and a lot of teen gays wanted to be with him. Also, I couldn't expect him to give up the other 4 teen gays he made love with before he and I hooked up. I had other sexual partners too. My partners were older guys who didn't go to our school. I wasn't going to be a point on anybody's scorecard and I didn't want to get a reputation.

He knew I was screwing other guys and was only concerned that I practiced safe sex which I did. He and my big brother's two best friends were the only ones I trusted enough to let them cum directly inside of me.

My brother of course, was happy that I was letting his two best friends make love with me because he didn't want me taking risks with strangers.

So that's how I began my sex life. It may not be as interesting as some other stories or offer up a lot of masturbation fantasy images, but I think it’s important for younger teen gays to know that they don't have to throw their cherries away in a meaningless relationship.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Teen-Gay Wildest Dream

With my teen-gay boyfriend out of town, I had planned a great Sunday for myself. I slept until about ten and finally rolled out of bed. I made a pot of coffee and drank most of it while I read the Sunday paper from front to back. I smoked a joint and had a really good buzz when I decided to take a little nap on the sofa. Just after I fell asleep, the sound of knocking on the sliding glass door woke me up. "Great", I thought, as I sat up, "my first nap in a long time and somebody's already disturbing me." I stood up from the couch to see Simon, our friend's teenage son whom all the neighborhood know is a gay and his parents knew about it since he has been a cross-dresser for 3 years now. He started showing his true preference to his parents when he was 13 years old and now he is 16,still quite young, standing at the door. I opened the door and let him in. "Hi, how are ya?" he cheerfully asked. When he saw my face and realized that I had been sleeping, he quickly added, "I' 'm sorry if I woke you up. I didn't realize you were sleeping. I'll go now so you can get back to your nap." Not really wanting to be rude, I told him not to worry about it and invited him in. He walked around the family room, turned on the stereo, and explained that his parents had gone out for the day and that he was looking for something to do. He said that he remembered that I was home alone and thought I might like some company.

While he wasn't ahead of his age in sexual maturity, I had noticed of late that he was developing nicely, with small but firm chest and nicely spreading hips. The onset of his manhood was progressing nicely for a guy of his age. We had been friends since he was about seven, when Simon and his mother moved in across the hall from me in my apartment building. His mom and dad and I had become good friends and, after he remarried, they moved into a house in my neighborhood. "Do you think I could have a beer?", Simon asked. I hesitated but noticed that he had the smell of beer on his breath already. "How many have you already had?” I asked. "Just one," he replied. He said that his folks weren't expected to come home 'til much later in the evening, so I figured it would be okay. I got a couple of beers from the fridge and gave him one. As we drank the beers we talked about a lot of nothing, but were having a good time. We had always gotten along well, and were pretty good friends. He finished his beer and got up to use the bathroom. When he returned, he had a somewhat determined look on his face. "Well", he said, "there's no time like the present." I looked kind of quizzical at him. I realized that two beers were probably having an effect on him, but was sure that he wasn't drunk. He continued in a nervous voice that he had come over with a specific purpose that he wasn't just stopping by for lack of something better to do. "I've wanted to make love to you for some time", he stammered, "and I was waiting for the right chance. I think this is it."

At first I was speechless and then I muttered something about being friends, our age difference, and of my friendship with his mother and father. "That's just it", he replied, as he sat down next to me on the couch, "ever since I saw you and my dad get it on in the living room of the apartment when I was eleven, and saw what pleasure you both gave to each other, I've wanted to do it with you." I couldn't believe it. I had only made it t with his father once, late on a Saturday night, on the couch, floor and table in the living room of their apartment. We were both pretty high from smoking hash and drinking wine when one thing led to another... you get my flow? But we decided that since we both had other interests, that the one time, while it was great, should be the last. "I woke up to go to the bathroom", he continued, "and saw you two on the couch. You had Dad's pants down and were massaging already-hard-on cock... then you licked it... Dad was rubbing your crotch with his hand... at first I didn't know what to think, although I kind of knew what was happening, and saw the pleasure you were giving Dad, and decided to watch from the crack in the door. I always knew Dad is different and when I saw you two together, I finally realized he is gay as well and that Mom knew about it and accepted him whole-heartedly. I know that is the reason why they accepted me as well. With that, he kissed me fully on the lips, slipped his tongue into my mouth and took my hand and placed it on his firm chest. Through his T-shirt I could feel that his nipples are already fully erected. (I later found out that he played with it when he went to the bathroom) and now his nipples were erect and waiting. I made a feeble attempt to resist but he wouldn't hear of it - especially since his hand had found my hard cock straining at the fabric of my shorts. I carefully removed his shirt and went to work on his pretty hard-on cock - careful massage and kisses with gentle sucking on the nipples had his heart pounding and his breath quickening. I had to be careful with it though since this is his first time to have sex with an older man. But after my gentle massage and suckling he said that they felt wonderful. I kissed his neck and earlobes and decided to progress to his young cock. He was wearing neon-pink track shorts that rode high on his thighs. I slipped my hand down the front of them and discovered that his white cotton bikinis were soaked through - almost as if he had wet his pants. I gently caressed him through his panties, not wanting to rush him to orgasm. He took my hand and tried to guide me through his balls, but I wanted to go slowly, to give him a truly erotic experience. When he realized that I was slowing things down a bit, he said "that's what convinced me that I really wanted to go through with this - when I have sex with my boyfriend, he's just so anxious to come that I barely have a chance to get warmed up before he's penetrating me, and, in a few strokes, shoots his load. In the few times we've fucked, I have had to finish myself off with me doing a hand job. I've never come from the action of his dick. As I remember, you and Dad were at it for quite some time before you came - you know, different positions, lots of kissing, licking, massaging and stuff. Dad must have come a half- dozen times before you filled him with your sticky goo." Now this was a teen gay with a purpose! He explained to me that he had masturbated innumerable times while fantasizing about this day. He had also experienced a number of older guy encounters which, she explained, were very sexually fulfilling but he really wanted me. His partner was a few years older and took a "go slow" approach that drove him to extraordinary sexual heights. But it was the inexperienced; "hurry up" type of sex with his young boyfriend that pushed him to consummate what had started out as a teen gay’s first masturbation fantasy. I decided that we would be more comfortable in bed, so I took him by the hand and led him to the king-size bed in my room. I again kissed him passionately as we stood embraced next to the bed, and squeezed the soft, round cheeks of his ass as we kissed. Running my hands over his spreading hips, I grew very aroused, even more than at first. I held his cheeks and pressed my hard bulge against his cock, then pulled down his shorts.

His soaking wet panties clung to his hard-on cock, showing a great deal of definition. I sat him down on the edge of the bed, then laid his back. Kneeling down, I spread his legs and began to kiss and lick his balls, while my hands caressed his belly and innocent, young smell. Sticking my face between his open thighs, I devoured the scent of his young sexual excitement. He rolled his hips back and helped me to remove his bikinis. I joined him on the bed after removing my clothes and, starting at his lips and working my way down, I kissed and licked his nipples, sucked it, tongued his navel and finally arrived at my destination: swollen, pink and still young as hole. His crotch had not yet taken on the heady odor of a mature woman, yet his scent was extremely sexually arousing. I asked him to tell me how he liked to have his cock eaten and to guide me to his points of arousal - to be honest with me if there was something I was doing that he didn't like, or to direct me to what really pleased him the most. I wanted this to be very special and very fulfilling. My tongue parted his wet cock and I ran it up and down his balls again, avoiding too much contact with it. "OH! It's so good, so good, please don't stop," he exclaimed, as his hips slowly moved with passion. I spread his legs wider to give myself a good view of these young balls, and licked his lubricating fluids as they flowed from his tight, pink asshole. "Let me suck your cock - teach me, I want to learn to do it right." I rolled on my back and my rigid tool pointed towards the heavens ... and his youthful mouth. "I remember when Dad sucked yours - he could take the whole thing in his mouth and not even gag. At first I thought that it was absolutely gross, you know, putting a dick in your mouth, but later, after remembering the look on your face when he brought you to orgasm, when you came first in his mouth, and then all over his asshole, was explanation enough as to why people engage in oral sex." With that, he wrapped his lips around my swollen head and gently sucked the pre-come from the tip and then ran his tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. "Don't work the tip too much or I'll come right now", I said to him. "No, don't do that yet", he said, "I want to feel you come deep inside my asshole". We maneuvered into the sixty-nine position, and within a few minutes, he climaxed with a shudder, wrapping his milky-white thighs around my head. "Oh, oh, ohhhh, please fuck me now, I want to feel your cock in my asshole - I want to feel the head pass between my tight ass cheeks and fill me up", he whimpered. I positioned him on top of me and instructed him to hold my shaft with his hand and rub it up and down his wet asshole, paying close attention to it. "I want you to masturbate using my cock as your toy - I want to feel my cock rubbing against your outer ass cheek and your juices dripping down my shaft", I told him, "and when I say to, I want you to let go and bury my penis deep into your hole - as quickly as you can without hurting yourself". He wasn't a virgin, but was very tight just the same, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause him any pain. By rocking back and forth and manipulating my cock, he achieved a very rhythmic stroking action and shuddered to another climax. With his orgasm, he let go of my cock and practically collapsed on top of me, impaling him on my manhood. I let him lay there for a few minutes while his asshole spasm and his heart pounded with delight. His rich juices ran down on my balls, over the crack of my ass, and wet the sheets of my bed. We kissed and petted some more, and when he caught his breath, I withdrew and positioned him on all fours. I took a position next to him and pushed one, then two fingers into his swollen asshole. He was as smooth as velvet and very receptive to my stimulation. He began rocking his hips again and I moved into position up close behind him and I told him that I think this position gives the best penetration and action against his asshole. He reached under and guided my cock into his asshole and I began my gentle humping, picking up the tempo until I was moving like a well greased piston. I held onto his hard-on cock as he buried his head into the pillow, the bed rocking to the beat. Simon began to breathe quickly again and blurted out, between squeals, "I'm com-m-m-i-n-g g again, Oh my God, I'm coming again!" I felt the semen rise out of my balls and, in a final stroke; it gushed out of the tip of my cock and filled his asshole. The white, sticky stuff squirted out between my cock and the cheeks of his ass and ran down his inner asshole. He moaned and squealed, humped back against my cock and came in what seemed like an endless wave of orgasms. I kept my cock in him for a few minutes, letting it throb deep in his ass while he tried to recover from his orgasmic delirium. I withdrew my tool from his ass, and laid down next to him, his back to my chest, with my semi-hard pecker nestled against his soft, warm buns, and my hands cupping his developing bosom. We fell off into a deep sleep for a few hours. I awoke to find my young lover gently stroking my leg, feeling my cock grow hard between the cheeks of his ass. He rolled over and we kissed and hugged, touched and caressed, further exploring the depth of our intimacy. I closely examined his budding manhood; his pale, peach-colored nipples that responded well to the touch of the lips and the hands, and his pubic area, with its scant covering of soft, black hair and the perfect pink folds of his as. His mound protruded nicely from between his legs, an open invitation to a ready cock or tongue. "Do it to me again," he begged, in schoolboy fashion. I spread his legs wide, and climbed between them. I put a pillow under him and, one at a time, put his legs over my shoulders. This gave me a great target, and I guided my cock between the lips of his asshole. He gave a little gasp when I sank it in to the hilt, my balls coming to rest against his rectum. As I pumped his ass fully on my cock, his head went from side to side on the pillow. He was incredibly tight, and when he came, I could feel the muscles in the walls of his ass going haywire, gripping and releasing my cock in an erratic way. I moved his legs back to their original position on the bed and leaned over so he could wrap his arms around me as we came together. I again filled him overflowing with my come and we came to rest locked in a perfect sexual embrace. I gazed down at his youthful face and body, but my loins told a different story as I remained seven inches deep inside him. We drifted off again, my cock still in his ass, and awoke later still locked together. We got up and showered together, washing each other’s bodies and drying off with a big, soft towels. I gave him a total body massage and we talked about the possibility of future encounters. We both became aroused again and he asked if I would like to watch him masturbate. He spread his legs to give me a full view and started by rolling his nipples between his thumb and forefinger, until they were taut and erect. While still playing with one, he put his other hand between his legs and began to caress his cock. "Is this the way you've been doing it," I asked, "when you planned today's little escapade?" "Hundreds of times", he said, "but none turned out as good as today". He took my hand away from my swollen tool and mounted me for one last ride before he had to leave. We agreed that, when the situation presented itself again, we would, like today, make the most of it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sleep Over Madness

Damn it, Calix, are you going to help me study for this test? You know I suck at Calculus!!!

Calix just rolled his eyes. "Fine, Sean, I'll help you again. But what are you going to do in college when I'm not there to help you in math?"

I pecked Calix on the cheek, my personal life saver despite him knowing a have a huge crush on him and I am a teen gay. I have always been a teen gay since I was 13 and now I am already 16. "I'm more of a liberal arts teen gay anyway. Calix just help me out on this and I'll owe you forever."

He just laughed as he packed his backpack and we both headed out of English. The final bell had rung, and school was out. We both walked out the doors into the mild spring weather. "So, just come over whenever you want, my parents are at a conference this weekend, so they won't bother us about anything."

A sudden thought flicked into my mind, and I said it before I was even aware of it, "Actually, just come over to my house," I offered.

Calix stared at me for a second. "What?" he said.

I hit him on the shoulder. "Oh come on, Calix, it wouldn't kill you to walk a block to my house every once in a while. Besides, those math books are heavy. It shouldn't take that long, anyway."

"Fine, but we'll have to hurry, I have a track meet at six, and then I have the entire weekend," he said.

"Come over at four or so," I offered, and he agreed. We walked home talking about how much we hated Mr. Tom Helker, our AP teacher, and laughing about how our friend Terence had missed an easy three pointer at the Pep Rally. We both took our separate ways at 5th street. Calix lives only eight houses down from my house, so it's not that long a trip.

I unlocked the doors to my house and walked in. My parents were sitting in the living room, and stood up when I entered. "Oh, I'm glad your back, Sean, me and your father just got called to leave for our worker's conference," my mom said. "We were waiting for you to come back; I know you forgot your key. There's plenty in the fridge to eat, don't order out."

They ran out to the car. I had entirely forgotten that their employee's seminar was this weekend. "When will you be back?" I called after them.

"Late Sunday," my dad called as they hopped in the car and sped off.

I closed the door and headed to the kitchen to grab a snack. By pure accident, I spilled a whole glass of water all over my blouse. I headed upstairs to my room to change.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror as I pulled off the drenched wet shirt. I'm 5' 8'', naturally dirty blond with large but firm chest, a tight ass, and a well toned body thanks to lacrosse and field hockey. Unconsciously, I changed into a low-cut shirt with a miniskirt. I have been a cross-dresser since 14 and my parents knew about it even Calix and they all accepted me with open arms. I looked at the clock. It was already three-fifty five! I got my math books ready on the kitchen table. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Calix. He had apparently taken advantage of the weather as well, as he was wearing a tight tee that accented his built frame. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle for a moment as he took in my appearance, then the look was gone. I must have imagined it, I thought. "Come on in," I said.

Calix looked around my house, eyes lingering on the crucifix hovering over the mantle. "Haven't been here in a while," he commented idly. We both sat down by the coffee table on the sofa. He looked around for a second. "Where are your parents?" he asked abruptly. "Off at some conference for the weekend," I replied. I rubbed my neck for a second. "So... inverse polynomials..." I started. I massaging my neck again. Calix looked at me, concerned. "You've been rubbing your neck a lot today. Something wrong?" he asked. I shrugged. "Tight muscle, must've slept on it wrong," I replied. He inched closer to me on the sofa. "Well no wonder you don't pay attention in math," he said sarcastically. "Here, let me give it a rub." He reached out his hands for my neck.

I stood up for a second in pure reflex, and then relaxed. "OK," I said. Calix stood up and I turned my back to him. His soft hands massaged my neck. It felt wonderful. I closed my eyes. It was if I was at some exotic spa, and a handsome man was massaging my neck, caressing my hair, feeling my curves, moving his hands towards my-

My eyes snapped open. One of Calix's hands were inching down to my waist. "Calix, what are you doing-" I tried to pull away, but Calix held me as he kissed me on the neck.

"I just want to fuck you." I have dreamed of it for so long. I want to fuck a young teen gay like you.

I let out a gasp as his warm hands moved down my pants, caressing me. He kissed me on the neck again. He chuckled as he looped the crucifix I wore around my neck on his wrist, and then ripped it off. I halfheartedly tried to push his hands away, to resist, but he persisted. "Just let me," he breathed into my ear and his hand reached into my pants. His inquisitive fingers found my panties, and he began massaging my increasingly hard cock. I moaned out loud. He pulled down my pants and underwear as his other hand reached up my shirt and squeezed my hard nipples. I was breathing heavily, realizing what was happening in a pale corner of my mind even as I helped him unclasp my bra. He leaned in closer, and I could feel his bulging cock rub against my back. My rational mind screamed. I had known Calix since sixth grade, he helped me with math, he was my friend- his soft mutterings shut down the logical part of my brain. I obeyed my impulses and reach back, feeling for his pant zipper. I pulled it down in one tug, and his erect penis, seven inches of thick meat, tumbled into my hand. I began rubbing it slowly, and he let out a low moan while he continued feeling me up, I pleasuring him, he pleasuring me.

Suddenly I whipped around, a gleam in my eye. It was as if someone else was speaking and moving my body, and I was simply observing. I bent down, pushing Calix onto the couch, took his cock in my mouth, and began to suck, as with my other hands I removed the rest of my clothing and ripped off his shirt. I could feel his manhood throb in my mouth as I fervently wrapped my tongue around his hard-on cock. He groaned in pleasure as I enjoyed the strange and exciting sensation. Suddenly his cock convulsed, and Calix grabbed my hair and pulled me off him as he exploded, spraying hot cum all over my face and big firm chest. He lay there, heaving and immensely satisfied. "That was great," he said. I looked at the hot semen on me, and began wiping it up, and, surprising myself, licking it off my fingers. It was salty, but awkwardly pleasurable.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and then it opened. It was Karl, my best teen gay friend. I then realized with a shock that we had scheduled a sleep over tonight. "Sean? Where are-" he turned in me and Jon's direction and stopped there, dumbstruck. Here was me, a good teen gay, lying naked over Calix, dripping cum. Karl closed the door slowly, still staring at us. Then he strode into the room. "What's going on?" he demanded softly. I muttered a couple of unintelligible things, but I think the only consistent words that made it out of my mouth were

"Please don't tell my parents..."

Karl looked at us both for a moment, then spoke. "I have a deal," he said decisively. "I won't tell your parents... if Calix fucks me too." He took off his shirt and unclasped his bra, leaving his dark firm and big chest. Calix looked at me, and I shrugged, licking the rest of Calix's cum off of my body. Karl didn't wait another second. He dove at Calix's cock, turning it hard and erect with a few seconds of energetic rubbing, then he practically impaled himself on Calix, letting out a high moan.

From there Calix took over, thrusting in and out of his ass hole. I felt myself becoming wet again watching the two doing the great pumpings. After a few minutes Karl came with a melting sigh, and pulled himself off Calix, dripping cum from his asshole as Calix came as well. Karl caught the semen on his bare stomach, and he turned to me, eyes smiling wickedly. "Come and have another taste," he said. I was happy to comply, licking cum off my best friend's stomach and chest. After I had cleaned Kala, I turned back to Calix, who was sweating as he watched us. "Now do me," I commanded, and Calix bent over me and thrust his cock into my ass hole. The orgasmic feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced, and I groaned in pleasure as Calix had his way with me. I came right before Calix, and he pulled away as I lay panting. I wanted more, but Calix shook his head. "I need some down time," he said. Karl turned to me. "That doesn't mean we can't play a little ourselves," he offered. We began massaging each others hard-on cock, rubbing our bodies together. We did this for what seemed like dreamy hours, and I had several orgasms. Finally, we collapsed on each other, exhausted. I sat, pondering the events of the last few hours. Outside darkness was beginning to fall. Calix said quietly, "I'm hungry." I was thinking on other lines. "Calix, your parents are away tonight?" I said. "Yeah," Calix replied. "Why?"

I smiled to myself. "We're going to have a little sleep-over."