Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Web

A very good friend of mine, Sean, who I have known for years, called me up one Saturday to come over to his house sayin "he just had to show me his latest toy". Sean, I'll have you know, is one of these gadget guys who always seems to have the latest in "high tech" kind of stuff and, I have always been impressed with his abundance of devices, so I headed over to his place.

"Go check out the shower," he said, as I walked through the front door. Now, I need to explain that Sean has what I refer to as the ultimate party shower in that it is in the basement and it is huge, easily capable of handling 25 people. So I walk down the stairs, into the shower and see this net, more like a cargo net, hanging from a hook in the ceiling. "So, ah, what's this about," I asked him? He kind of chuckled saying something about me needing to try it out as he turned on this shower head which splashed water on the area of the net like a soft, gentle rain. Sean and I go back a long way, hell we've done the "high school gym shower thing" but this seemed kind of different. After all, we're not kids anymore and I felt awfully strange as Sean started to peel off his clothes. But then, seeing him strip, I said, "what the hell" and undid my jeans and anything else.

Climbing into this net, well it felt rather comfortable with the warm water gently raining over me, but my feet simingly had no where to go but on the cold, ceramic floor. Sean told me, "no, no, your feet go in these stirrups, right here" he said, as he helped me, further, to climb into this device and I began to think that there was no way I could climb back out without his assistance. Then he started to swing me and I'm swaying back and forth, the warm water toying with me, and damed if it doesn't feel really good. Sean makes a few adjustments to the ropes attached to this net and I realize that I'm captive in this contraption, my legs up kind of high, my ass hanging about where his groin is. And Sean, my buddy Sean, my straight pal Sean, is hard as a rock; not so much thick as incredibly long and I do mean long!

Now, I have to admit, this whole thing was sort of turnin me on, I mean me being "tied up" this way, my friends trim, nude body, his magnificant boner, and suspecting what was gonna happen,but, at the same time, wanting to escape, though I knew that wasn't an option. I suppose that, if I said "no", he would have released me, but I didn't, for I was getting hot thinking about what was going to happen. Matter of fact, I wanted this!! As he continued to swing me, his beautiful, hard penis occasionally poked through the webbing, rubbing against my stiffening cock.

After dripping some sort of lube on my ass, as well as himself, he began to press his swollen cock to my rectum, rubbing against me, teasing me. He just stood there, his hands by his side, and pushed against me which caused me to swing away slightly and then swing back. And, each time I swung back, I felt him slid into me a tiny bit further. And he would push out again, and I would swing back, push out one more time, and then back. It wasn't too long before half of his long, long cock was in me and I was still swinging back and forth, in total extasy! I felt so very good, the warm water and his delicious penis in me; further and further and further and further. I was in heaven and I didn't want this to stop.

Well, all good things must come to an end, and, cum he did. It was so neat, so perfect, and I felt like I was floating in the air, weightless, as Sean wildly fucked me, now grasping the net, moaning with passion. I guess I heard some sort of gutteral sound about the same time I felt his lengthy cock start to twitch inside me, his warm cum shooting into my body. Again and again, he plowed into me!!!!!

After awhile, though I was inclined to stay, with that warm water still splashing on me, he helped me out of the net. As I watched him towel off his fine body, a very fine body, I couldn't contain myself. I dropped to my knees and took him completely inside me, one more time!!