Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Prince and Kate

First Chapter

Its been a while that I am accessing popular gay app, it startedAugust last year. I used it and it greatly contributed to my experience as a lonely gay to taste a foreigner.

Feb 16.2016 , tuesday at ten in the morning, I just ate dinner (I am in graveyard shift) at this time.

While trying to get some sleep, i used my cellphone and I opened the gay app, there were many users nearby, a lot were also sending me messages like "Hi". I often message those app user whose profile picture is their beautiful bodies, others excluding face (discreet).

After twenty minutes, one sent me a message with the Alias ​​-PRINCE, one with beautiful body on display in the profile picture, and obviously he was working out, his brown in color, no clothes and were wearing only boxer. And of course because of his attractive profile pic, I decided to message him. I said "wow, your body looks great. " with smiley. He then replied: "thank you", and because he replied, I immediately shoot him a message saying "Hope I could taste a body like that."

Later he answered back which drifted my muscles, he said: "Let's go! Place ?" and because nobody was in the appartment since they are all in the morning shift I messaged back, " nobody's here in the appartment, I am all alone here then Isimultaneously sent the location.

There are things that you would asked yourself whether what you are reading is true especially when you are using a gay app.

"Where specifically? I'm going there" when I read his message.

And because I didn't expect him to come, suddenly I headed to my room to clean it . "I will go and wait for you outside," I replied.

Few minutes went by and I noticed a man approaching my street wearing a sando and you would noticed the guy's bulging muscle pbviously from working out, no stomach and his face was so gorgeous, he looked like a ramp model, serious type face that perfectly fits the shape of the body. "So handsome," I said to myself while watching him walking. After a few more minutes, I was so shocked that he was the one I am waiting for, my body was shaking  and I was speechless. He looked at me as he approached the landmark I gave him.

Since I am the only one standing in front of the gate of the landmark I gave him, he looked up and raised his phone as if saying "Are you the one I am looking for? My gut didn't fail me though since he suddenly turned and approached me.

I opened the gate and went in, went to shake his while saying "you are too  handsome." once I climbed into the bedroom he followed.

I opened the bedroom, "come in, I said then added it's just a small room because I am living alone." I asked him to sit in my bed that was laid on the floor (Japanese style bed).

Still restless, I asked myself if this is for real, then I looked at him saying "Are you really sure?" He looked at me and smiled then suddenly laid his body on the bed. I bend and sit, I was super cold while his body is so hot, and because I felt his warm body I told myself that maybe the reason why he agreed is due to LUST.

I turned the lights off and closed the door. I approached him on his feett and I held his legs I gradually use my hand to glide his throbbing cock, I was shocked at the hardness of it, I slowly but teasingly touched his cock to get a feel of it and then  I inserted my hand in his boxer,8 inches, I estimated, clean and well-trimmed.

I stroked it and gradually I removed his boxer as well as his shirt. I kissed his little breasts while my hand was still touching his big throbbing cock. His hand was on my face and I look up . Then after a minute or two went down to suck his cock. He shouted and moaned "ahhhh, ahhhh" while I'm savoring his cock. Your mouth is so hot, it feeeellllss gooodddd.... "ahhhh, ahhhh" I then went on to lick his balls while pinching his nipples. After sometime, I felt his hand touching my butt like he was trying to remove my clothes. I don't do anal because I know it hurts and I am afraid of blood.

I said before that I will just give it to my dear crush or so but it seems like the day I was waiting for is now.

I said " All right, but please enter it slowly. He replied: "Ye, don't worry. I will take care of you.
I took off my shorts and once he stood,
"Here's some lotion" I offered him, opened it and he put some on his cock.

He lifted my stomach to come to him and he applied some lotion to my hole. He was having a hard time entering my hole and for I still didn't know how to relax.

"Just relax, he said. I'm going to enter you now"

" Ooouuuch, oooowww it hurts" once he entered my hole, though he kept his promise that he will take me slowly. While he was devirginizing my glory, he was whispering sweet nothings. "You are so delicious. It feels good. Your hole is too tight. I feel like its sucking my cock. Fuck. While he was saying it, I can feel that its no longer painful but rather it feels fucking good. I touched his butt guiding him to fuck me more.

I want more. Please. Harder... Fuck you... It feels fucking good, I said.

I feel the pounding faster and he later  whispered, " I am cumming baby... " aaaahh , aahhhh aaaahhh, you are different from the rest ..." and then he soften his blow and embrace me tightly.

I gave him a towel and he then proceeded to the shower room , I took a tissue and wiped my glory I suddenly saw the blood in the tissue. Goodbye Virgin Hole. I have no regrets because I wanted to and I like my partner . After a few minutes he went out of the showerand looked at me.I told him , you know I bled, " but sooner or later I will get used to this" He said Thank you.

He then put on his clothes and then we went out. I asked him to ride a tricycle and I said Thank you.

He went home without me having the opportunity to asked his name.

I opened the app again wsent him a message. I left my number there and I said , "just text me if you still want me." with smiley emoji.

Will Kate see his prince again? We will all find out on the next chapter.