Sunday, May 25, 2008

Andy the Innocent

Andy, mu dream teen gay stayed in the bath for a few more minutes to calm down. He looked content and had a broad smile on his face when he continued talking to me. "Hold out the towel for me, please," he asked. I got the towel and held it open in my hands. He stepped out of the tub and slowly took the few paces up to me, completely unashamed. He turned and backed into the towel and my arms. I closed the towel around him and just kept my arms around him. "Dry me," he asked softly. I stroked my hands over his body, circling his chet and nipples and over his pubic area down his cock. He giggled as if he was ticklish. Maybe it was the towel. It was lovely. At last I was allowed to touch him. "Enough," Andy suddenly said. "Why don't you take a shower while I make the dinner? It's been a hot day. "I did as I was told.

When I came down in the kitchen he was well on the way with the dinner. It smelled good. He had also laid the table in the dining room and put candles on the table. His looks and smells very good," I said. "It deserves wine. Will you join me? "No," he said, "I can't. I have to drive home. "Can't you stay over," I asked. "There are plenty of room.Well yes, thank you," he said, " I was afraid you would never ask. "We had an excellent dinner and good wine. We were sitting a long time at the table talking about our lives. Eventually he raised and we cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. "Time for bed," Andy said. "Will you do me a favor and get my bag from the car, please. And can I use your bathroom? "I went out for his bag. Had he planned to stay over night? Had he planned anything else? He hadn't given me any hint, none I was aware of anyway, only been very pleasant the whole evening. I went upstairs with his bag and stood in the hall for a while, not sure what to do. Then I went into my bedroom and heard him in the bathroom. Then I saw the door open and the light went out in the bathroom. "You can take the bedroom next door," I started to say. Then Andy emerged from the dark. "Silly," he said giggling, "Isn't there room enough here?" And he moved past me and took the bedcover off my bed and lay down in a seductive pose. And he was naked and adorable and was going to be mine, after all. "Hurry up and get ready for bed." Andy giggled. "I want you. "I had to go to the bathroom but made it quick.

Perhaps I was afraid he would change his mind and go away. I now saw why he had told me to get a shower. I went back into the bedroom, a little shy and had put my bathrobe on. But I had no reason to be afraid. When I approached the bed he smiled his broad, warm smile and held out his arms for me. And when I got close he sat up and opened my bathrobe and had it fell down from my shoulders. "Silly," he said again. "I want you naked. I have longed to see and feel your cock. I have teased you all week and seen it outlined in your pants and it looked promising. And now I can see I was right. "And he took my cock in his hand and dragged me towards his mouth. I stopped at the side of the bed and he opened his mouth and took my cock in as long as it would go. He sucked and licked at it helping with his hand at the base. He looked up at me now and then. He moved my cock in and out and I felt that I was near to come. "Hold on, be careful or I will come instantly," I said. Andy stopped sucking my cock. "I want you to come," he said simply and started to suck again. And I came. I spurted in his mouth and he swallowed it all without hesitation. It felt as heaven.

Andy sucked me dry and then lay back in the bed urging me to come down to him. "I wanted you to come quickly. I guess it's been a long time since you have had your dick inside a real teen gay, " he said. " I want to have a long, good fuck later. And I am able to have your dick stand at attention for me again in a while. But now it's your turn to please me." And he rolled on his front spreading his legs. I started to kiss and lick his body from his mouth, over his nipples down his ribs, over his belly. I tested hi belly button and my thumb fit nicely. I put my cheek against his pubic hair and felt it's silky softness. I let my fingers sift through the hair and took a firm grip of his cock and balls and rocking it back and forth. He moaned and seemed to like it. I shifted position and put my mouth at his cock as well inhaling his scent. Slowly I started licking his, probing deep into his balls. He pressed his thighs around my head and they were as strong and smooth as I had guessed. He started to squirm and moan and soon he became violent in his movements. His hips bucked and it was hard for me to hold my position sucking his cock and balls.

Suddenly he pushed my head back and bucked wildly and then became stiff. An orgasm rippled his body in several spasms. He cried out in ecstasy. After a while he pulled me up between his legs, on top of him. "How do my hips feel to lie on," he giggled, "are you comfortable? "Very much, " I said, "and your nipples feel incredible against my chest. "We embraced and kissed for a long time, me on top of him. Then I rolled off him and asked him to turn over. He looked inquiringly at me but made it. I started to kiss him from his neck down again but this time over his strong backside. I could feel his muscles contract and relax as I kissed him. I came down to him buttocks and massaged them with my hands. Slowly I parted his cheeks and started licking down his crack. He was aroused and squirmed. He spread his legs to give me better access. He stiffened when I reamed his buttonhole with my tongue. "I can't remember giving you permission to do that," he said giggling, "but it feels good so do go on.

But wait, let's reposition so you can do me better." Andy sat up on his knees and pushed me down on my back. He put a pillow under my head and positioned himself on his hands and knees with his backside within easy reach for my tongue. I started to lick his slit from the cock to his buttonhole and put my tongue deep in his cock. "Now wait," he said laughing throatily, "you were supposed to ream my buttonhole, remember. I want it there NOW."I obliged and made my tongue arrow-like and pressed into his rose bud as far as I could. I licked and probed his asshole and now and then also his cock and balls. He liked it and bucked up and down nearly breaking my nose. I reached up and caressed his lovely nipples. He started to cry out and pressed down on my tongue keeping it inside his asshole. He also rubbed his cock fast. And then he came in a violent orgasm, sitting upright on my face. His nipples stiffened in my hands before he slumped down over my legs. I slowly stroked his hips, outer thighs and over his belly. "Wow," he said when he finally turned around and lay at my side. "That was good. You certainly know what pleases a teen gay like me. I didn't really expect that. "Andy laughed happily and cuddled up to me and kissed me. After a while I started to stroke over his back and down over his buttocks.

He adjusted his legs giving me access to his inner thighs and his pussy from behind. I caressed him and he started to respond. "Hey, wait," he said. "Time for that good long fuck, don't you think. I promised I would get your dick back up again, didn't I." And he went for my dick. I had felt it harden a little for a while and was certain I would be able to perform on my own but I was curious to see what he had in mind so I held back. He took me in his mouth and gently started to lick and suck. It got a little hard. He withdrew and got something from the bedside table. I became aware that he had put a few things there. It have come from his bag. Andy repositioned himself and took my dick back in his mouth. He did something I could not see but suddenly I felt his finger against my anus starting to press. And he had the finger smeared with some jelly. It was obvious he was going to probe into my hole. I tried to relax my sphincter muscle and he suddenly slipped inside. He moved his finger in and out a few times to make it comfortable and grease up the channel. He started on my cock again with his mouth and one hand at the base. His other hand was busy in my anus, his finger probing deep. He searched for something and suddenly I jerked. He had found my prostate gland and started to massage it gently. My cook immediately started to harden. When I was semi erect he took his finger out of my anus and my cook out of his mouth ."Come," he said, "put your dick in me from behind." And he repositioned himself.

He lay on his sidee leg bent up towards his chest and the other raised. I lay at an angle behind him y legs between his He put down hiupper leg and pushed at my bottom. He dragged my dick towards his asshole and it felt as if I was sucked into him. He lay still for a moment and when I started to buck into him he stopped me. "Wait," he said, "I want you real hard first." And he started to use his inner muscles to massage my dick. And he was good at it. The squeezing started at the base and went up to the tip. Several times after another. He was milking my cook with his muscles. I lay still enjoying the sensation, feeling my cook grew hard. When he felt I was at full attention he pushed me out and went up on his hands and knees. "Fuck me long and hard," he commanded. I positioned myself behind him and pushed forward. His hand met my cook and guided it into his asshole. He was wet and I slid inside without problem. I began fucking him deep and slow to start with and then with more rapid strokes. He met my movements with his own and we found a rhythm. I reached down and carressed his nipples breasts, fondling them. Then I put one hand over his cock and balls played with it. He started to writhe and moan and suddenly he cried out and was still.

We held the position while his first orgasm ebbed out. Andy looked back over his shoulder, a big smile on his face. "That was good," he said, "but you are not finished yet, are you." He looked a bit anxious. He pushed me out of him and lay down on his back, opening up his legs ."Come to me, I want more," he said as he dragged me down over him. Again I could feel the surge from his asshole as I entered him. I just lay on top of him adjusting to his body, my dick deep inside. "Are you comfortable up there" he giggled and put his legs around my bottom pressing me deeper into him. And he had strong muscles in his asshole. I couldn't move. Andy loosened his grip on my bottom and started bucking. "Come on, fuck," he giggled. He used his legs to press and hammer on my backside guiding me to the rhythm he liked. And he wanted it varied. Slow, then faster and back to slow again. And he wanted my cook to go deep inside his asshole. Suddenly he had another orgasm. It just came rippling through him body and he hold me tight to him with his legs back around my waist. "Wonderful, I liked that," he said. "Now I want you to come together with me. I think you are ready for it." Andy started to meet my thrusts but this time he also used his asshole's muscles making himself narrower inside and gripping my shaft. The sensation was incredible and I felt I was near to come. I told him so. "Yes, come, come" he cried, "I want you to and I am ready" I thrust into him fast and hard and he cried out. And I came, standing over him on my arms, my dick buried in his asshole.

We slept together holding each other's body. The next morning, we had a very good breakfast. Andy promised me that he will be back again this weekend for a more sexcapade.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Math Sex Class

"Dammit, Carlo, are you going to help me study for this test? You know I suck at Calculus!"

Carlo just rolled his eyes. "Fine, Sam, I'll help you again. But what are you going to do in college when I'm not there to help you in math?"

I pecked Carlo on the cheek, my personal life saver. "I'm more of a liberal arts teen gay anyway, Carlo. Just help me out on this and I'll owe you forever."

He just laughed as he packed his backpack and we both headed out of English. The final bell had rung, and school was out. We both walked out the doors into the balmy spring weather. "So, just come over whenever you want, my parents are at a conference this weekend, so they won't bother us about anything." Carlo wanted to experience having sex with a teen gay like me.

A sudden thought flicked into my mind, and I said it before I was even aware of it, "Actually, just come over to my house," I offered.

Carlo stared at me for a second. "What?" he said.

I hit him on the shoulder. "Oh come on, Carlo, it wouldn't kill you to walk a block to my house every once in a while. Besides, those math books are heavy. It shouldn't take that long, anyway."

"Fine, but we'll have to hurry, I have a track meet at six, and then I have the entire weekend," he said.

"Come over at four or so," I offered, and he agreed. We walked home talking about how much we hated Ms. Telser, our AP Filipino Studies teacher, and laughing about how our friend Tim had missed an easy three pointer at the Pep Rally. We both took our separate ways at PCU. Carlo lives only eight houses down from my house, so it's not that long a trip.

I unlocked the doors to my house and walked in. My parents were sitting in the living room, and stood up when I entered. "Oh, I'm glad your back, Sam, me and your father just got called to leave for our worker's conference," my mom said. "We were waiting for you to come back; I know you forgot your key. There's plenty in the fridge to eat, don't order out."

They ran out to the car. I had entirely forgotten that their employee's seminar was this weekend. "When will you be back?" I called after them.

"Late Sunday," my dad called as they hopped in the car and sped off.

I closed the door and headed to the kitchen to grab a snack. By pure accident, I spilled a whole glass of water all over my blouse. I headed upstairs to my room to change.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror as I pulled off the drenched wet shirt. I'm 5' 8'', naturally dirty blond with large but firm chest, a tight ass, and a well toned body thanks to lacrosse and field hockey. Unconsciously, I changed into a low-cut shirt with a miniskirt. I’ve been a cross-dresser since 14 when my parents finally accepted the fact that I am a teen gay. I looked at the clock. It was already three-fifty five! I got my math books ready on the kitchen table. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and there was Carlo. He had apparently taken advantage of the weather as well, as he was wearing a tight tee that accented his built frame. His blue eyes seemed to glitter for a moment as he took in my appearance, then the look was gone. I must have imagined it, I thought. "Come on in," I said.

Carlo looked around my house, eyes lingering on the crucifix balanced over the mantle. "Haven't been here in a while," he commented lazily. We both sat down by the coffee table on the sofa. He looked around for a second. "Where are your parents?" he asked discourteously. "Off at some conference for the weekend," I replied. I rubbed my neck for a second. "So... inverse polynomials..." I started. I massaged my neck again. Carlo looked at me, concerned. "You've been rubbing your neck a lot today. Something wrong?" he asked. I shrugged. "Tight muscle, must've slept on it wrong," I replied. He inched closer to me on the sofa. "Well no wonder you don't pay attention in math," he said ironically. "Here, let me give it a rub." He reached out his hands for my neck.

I stood up for a second in pure reflex, and then relaxed. "OK," I said. Carlo stood up and I turned my back to him. His soft hands massaged my neck. It felt wonderful. I closed my eyes. It was if I was at some exotic spa, and a handsome man was massaging my neck, caressing my hair, feeling my curves, moving his hands towards my-

My eyes snapped open. One of Carlo's hands was inching down to my waist. "Carlo, what are you doing-" I tried to yank away, but Carlo held me as he kissed me on the neck.

"I just want to fuck you."

I let out a gasp as his warm hands moved down my pants, caressing me. He kissed me on the neck again. He chuckled as he looped the crucifix I wore around my neck on his wrist, and then ripped it off. I unconvincingly tried to push his hands away, to resist, be he persisted. "Just let me," he breathed into my ear and his hand reaching into my pants. His inquisitive fingers found my panties, and he began massaging my increasingly hard cock. I moaned out loud. He pulled down my pants and underwear as his other hand reached up my shirt and squeezed my hard nipples. I was breathing heavily, realizing what was happening in a faint corner of my mind even as I helped him take out my shirt. He leaned in closer, and I could feel his bulging cock rub against my back. My rational mind screamed. I had known Carlo since sixth grade, he helped me with math, he was my friend- his soft mutterings shut down the logical part of my brain. I obeyed my impulses and reach back, feeling for his pant zipper. I pulled it down in one pull, and his erect penis, seven inches of thick meat, tumbled into my hand. I began rubbing it slowly, and he let out a low moan while he continued feeling me up, I pleasuring him, he pleasuring me.

Suddenly I whipped around, a shimmer in my eye. It was as if someone else was speaking and moving my body, and I was simply observing. I bent down, pushing Carlo onto the couch, took his cock in my mouth, and began to suck, as with my other hands I removed the rest of my clothing and ripped off his shirt. I could feel his manhood throb in my mouth as I passionately wrapped my tongue around his rod. He groaned in pleasure as I enjoyed the strange and exciting sensation. Suddenly his cock convulsed, and Carlo grabbed my hair and pulled me off him as he exploded, spraying hot cum all over my face and breasts. He lay there, heaving and immensely satisfied. "That was great," he said. I looked at the hot semen on me, and began wiping it up, and, surprising myself, licking it off my fingers. It was salty, but defiantly pleasurable.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and then it opened. It was Ken, my best teen gay friend. I then realized with a shock that we had scheduled a sleep over tonight. "Sam? Where are-" he turned in me and Jon's direction and stopped there, dumbstruck. Here was me, a good teen gay, lying naked over Carlo, dripping cum. Ken closed the door slowly, still staring at us. Then he strode into the room. "What's going on?" he demanded softly. I muttered a couple of unintelligible things, but I think the only coherent words that made it out of my mouth were

"Please don't tell my parents..."

Ken looked at us both for a moment, then spoke. "I have a deal," he said decisively. "I won't tell your parents... if Carlo fucks me too." He took off his shirt, leaving his dark nipples exposed. Carlo looked at me, and I shrugged, licking the rest of Carlo's cum off of my body. Ken didn't wait another second. He dove at Carlo's cock, turning it hard and erect with a few seconds of dynamic rubbing, the he practically impaled himself on Carlo, letting out a high moan.

From there Carlo took over, thrusting in and out. I felt myself becoming wet again watching the two doing the vertical tango. After a few minutes Ken came with a melting sigh, and pulled himself off Carlo, dripping cum from his asshole as Carlo came as well. Ken caught the semen on his asshole, and he turned to me, eyes smiling wickedly. “After I had cleaned Ken, I turned back to Carlo, who was sweating as he watched us. "Now do me," I commanded, and Carlo bent over me and thrust his cock into my virginal asshole. The orgasmic feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced, and I groaned in pleasure as Carlo had his way with me. I came right before Carlo, and he pulled away as I lay out of breath. I wanted more, but Carlo shook his head. "I need some down time," he said. Ken turned to me. "That doesn't mean we can't play a little ourselves," he offered. We began massaging each other’s hard cock rubbing our bodies together. We did this for what seemed like dreamy hours, and I had several orgasms. Finally, we collapsed on each other, exhausted. I sat, meditating the events of the last few hours. Outside darkness was beginning to fall. Carlo said quietly, "I'm hungry." I was thinking on other lines. "Carlo, your parents are away tonight?" I said. "Yeah," Carlo replied. "Why?"

I smiled to myself. "We're going to have a little sleep-over."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Deep Sex Desires

"Jimm? Whise are you?" Gary cautiously entered the dark room. He had flipped on the light switch, but it didn't turn on. Maybe it was burnt out, he thought to himself. Carefully he felt his way around the furniture. When he felt the light switch in the hall, he flipped it on; still nothing. "Jimm! What's going on! This isn't funny! You're scaring me!"

Suddenly he felt an arm grab his from behind and cover his mouth. He jumped, but then relaxed when he heard Jimm's voice softly whisper in his ear. "Did I scare you?"

He turned and playfully smacked his arm. "Don't ever do that to me again! You scared me half to demise!"

"I'm sorry babyboo! I've got a surprise for you though and I didn't want you to spoil it with the lights. Now close your eyes." Gary gave him a questioning look, but then sighed and closed his eyes. It was then that he felt Jimm place a soft piece of material over his eyes. "This is just to be sure you can't see your surprise", He whispered into his ear, "Do you trust me babyboo?"

"You know I trust you Jimm!"

"Good!" He felt his lips gently brush his. He savored the moment. He loved his kisses. The soft gentle ones that made his faint away and the deep passionate ones that made his burn with craving. This kiss caused him to melt into his arms. He was putty in his hands and he knew it! Jimm led his slowly down the hallway. He felt sudden warmth when they entered the room at the end of the hall. Jimm stood his in the middle of the room and kissed him again, more fervently than before. He was hungry with desire for him. He felt his hands wander over his body, unzipping his dress for Gary is one of the teen-gay cros-dresser and letting it slide freely to the floor. His hands moved along his hips and ran along the waistband of his panties before sliding them down his legs. He stepped out of them as he moved back up, all the while his hands roamed over his body, feeling every curve, placing gentle kisses every few inches. Gary moaned softly as he let one hand linger at the delicate balls of his hard cock. His other hand reached around behind him to unfasten the snaps on his bra for Gary always wear bra for him to feel like a girl. He felt him slide the straps down his shoulders and then the bra was gone. His turgid nipples fell free and he wasted no time at all in cupping one of his turgid nipples, bringing it to his mouth and gently kissing the sensitive bud. He sighed softly. When he felt his tongue flick across it he let out a moan.

"Follow me!" He instructed, taking him by the hand and moving him to the bed. He kissed him gently, laying his back on the bed. He felt his body short of firmly against his, felt his hard cock pressed against his thigh as he deepened the kiss. He parted his lips and hungrily took his tongue inside his mouth, meeting it with his own. Their tongues danced in circles.

Gary was so lost in the moment that he hadn't even noticed him move his arms up over his head, at least, not until he felt the soft cloths wrap firmly around his wrists. "What are you doing?" he asked. There was just a hint of panic in his voice. "Sssssshhhhhhhhhhh! It's alright babyboo! You trust me, right?"

"Yes. I trust you baby!" he felt himself relax completely. He did trust him. He trusted him more than he had ever trusted any man. He tied the soft material around his wrists and reached each arm up to a corner of the bed, tying his firmly to each bedpost. Then he moved downward, letting his hands wander once again over his body, placing gentle kisses along the way. He kissed down his chest and belly, along his thighs down to his ankles. He felt him slowly slide the delicate material under his ankles and wrap it around, stretching his legs wide open and tying his feet to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. He lay there, completely exposed, unable to move, unable to see. He felt something brush his face, along his cheek, across his lips. He smelled it then, the soft petals of a rose. He felt the petals slide down his chin, his neck, along his chest, brushing lightly over his nipples.

"You are so beautiful babyboo. Just like a rose." He whispered to him. He felt his lips gently kiss each of his turgid nipples and a soft sigh escaped his lips. He longed to see him, to feel him, to touch him, to kiss him, and to taste him. His hands roamed over his body then, and he moaned softly when he felt his fingers brush over the delicate folds of his most intimate place. His lips bruhed over his as he felt the head of his cock at the entrance to his warm, wet hole. He slid himself inside of his, slowly, gently. He had never before known this kind of intimacy and it was driving his wild with passion. A hunger was growing inside of his like he had never felt before. It was as though he was awakening something in his for the very first time. He continued pumping in and out of his asshole, with slow delicate movements. He moaned softly as his lips again met his, his tongue slithering inside of his welcoming asshole. He felt as though he were on fire now. His body tightened and he tried his best to push his hips forward, despite the restrains holding his down. He reached up and released the restraints on his wrists and he threw his arms around him, holding him tight as his speed quickened. He was falling over the edge now, past the point of all reason. He loved this man and tonight they loving each other as though tomorrow would never come.

Gary's finger's combed through Jimm's hair as he lovingly kissed and caressed his turgid nipples, rolling his nipples in his mouth as he sucked on each juicy cock. He arched his back, meeting his every thrust with one of his own. The feeling of him sliding in and out of his was more than he could bear and he felt himself once again tightening as wave after wave of an intense orgasm hit his. His pace quickened again. He could feel him burying himself deeper and deeper inside of his with each powerful thrust. He was now crying out, begging him to spill his seed inside of his, longing to feel him spray that seed deep inside of his for the first time. His body again stiffened as another intense orgasm hit his. Just then Jimm's body also became stiff and his movements became slower as he thrust himself deep inside of his, spilling his seed deep inside of his longing asshole.

Jimm untied his feet and they collapsed onto each other. Curled up in each other’s arms, they slept the whole night. Gary awoke the next morning with the most amazing feeling he had ever known. He opened his eyes to find that Jimm was gone. Had it all been a dream he wondered to himself. Then rolling over he found the rose in a small vase with a note on the nightstand beside his. The note read, "To my beautiful rose. I loved loving you. Last night was only the beginning of a long lifetime of love making. Here's something to help you reflect and have sweet thoughts of the night and lifetime ahead!" Gary pulled the rose from the vase and brought it to his nose, smelling it. Last night was incredible, and it was only the start! Who knew what the future would hold for them! Gary certainly didn't, but he was more than willing to find out!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Remarkable Trip

I had just moved into the neighborhood not too long ago. Four days to be exact, but I had made friends very quickly at the High School that I was attending. There were four kids that I met, all about the same age to me, and we along very well. I guess I should tell you who my friends are, Well first there is Eric, he had black hair and a cute face. Next there is Steven, now Steven, so I was told by Eric, was the guy who was always looking for away to relief himself of sexual frustrations and would often talk about sex, and how he would go about relieving himself. Now there was Alvin, a kid who was on the quiet side, as if he had something to hide all the time. He didn’t say much, but everyone liked him. Now there was the leader of the group that would be Jayson, whatever Jayson said is what the group would do. He was the one that kept us together actually I was very thankful of that cause I was one not to make friends very easily. Well now me, the fifth member of the clan, my name is Marc, I was the kid who just made himself a part of the group. Made some good strong friends with these guys, and it made the summer the most memorable. It was Jayson’s plan to go on a fielding trip near Badgers Hill, it was a state park that was very close to us, and it was a place where you could field, hike, fish and do whatever, so we all planned to get our hiking gear together and meet this coming friday for a two night stay near the lake in the park. We all agreed, and looked forward to the fielding trip. We had all met that morning to the entrance of the park, and without wasting anytime we started our towards our place we would call home for the next few days. we had walked for three hours and finally came upon the lake, it was the most beautiful sight that I had ever seen, and before I had realized what had happened everyone had stripped down and gone swimming in the lake. It was finally Steve who had asked if I was going to join them, now I thought to myself, yea why not, so I shed all the clothing that I had on and headed toward the lake, and plunged into the water. We had swam for about five hours and we all had started to get cold, so we decided to sun ourselves on the lake shore. Now the sun was warm, and Alvin and Jayson had drifted off to sleep, that left Eric me in the middle and Steve on my right, all lying on the shoreline with our bodies exposed to the elements, that was when the most surprising thing had happened in my life time and it is what made my friendship grow stronger between my new found friends. We arranged our selves so it was Jayson, Alvin, Eric me and Steve. Jayson and Alvin had fallen asleep and it was Eric that started to talk. He talked about how he was unsure he and the rest of the gang was about me striping down and swimming nude. I assured him that I didn’t have a problem with it, he said well. It was then that I felt a strange warmth on my abdomen, and found that Eric had laid his hand down near my belly button, I looked at him strange and he said, ” You don’t mind do you?” I didn’t know what to say cause just then Steve and moved closer to me and I could feel a strange throbbing against my side. As what seconds seemed like hours I decided to say, “No I don’t mind.”, as a matter of fact my own member had started to stand to attention as well. That was when Eric had moved his hand towards my raging hardon, I gasped as he massaged my rod, it was the first time anyone besides me had been touched down there. I was surprised that it felt so good. Steve whispered in my ear that he had dream of me and him, and that he could not wait to do certain things to me. I had asked him what kind of things, and he would not answer as he wanted it to be a surprised. Steve had started to nibble on my ear, sending great vibes down the length of my body, his lips had found mine, and we had made a lip lock that would of been such a tight seal that even NASA would be proud of, nothing was going in or coming out, the seal was tight.

Eric had continued to stroke my raging hardon and cup my balls in his hand, and it was making me move my hips towards and into his hand. Steve had continued to explore my mouth with his tongue. Our gasp had gotten more labored as we explored each other, Steve had manage to get my hand to rest on his hard cock, when I had finally grasped his essence in my hand I was amazed as to how hard and proportionate sized it was for him. I had enjoyed fondling him, and continued to explore his mouth with my tongue and to move my hand up and down on his shaft, and over the head of his manhood. Eric had continued his work on my raging hardon and finally without warning, I felt that fire burning in my loins, the same type of fire that I felt when I would bring myself off at night, but this time it was more intense, a fire that just swept over my body and finally I could not stand it any longer, Eric’s hand continued to pump on my cock, then shot after shot of my honey spurted from me, landing on my stomach and Eric’s hand. It was then that Steve had positioned himself on top of me and I could feel his hardon next to my still sensitive cock. He continued to explore my mouth while pushing his pulsating cock against my own. He moan as I caressed his ass, kneading the hot flesh between my hands. Eric himself could not take much more and he had joined in by placing his cock in front of my mouth so that I could lick and suck the large head. Steve continued to grind up against me and then it happened, a low moan emerged from between his lips, then I could feel the flood of hot love juice splash upon my body, Steve continued to grind both our hips together until he had experienced all that joy he was going to get out of his cock. As Steve had rolled of me, he had placed his hand in the cum he had left behind on my body and started to rub into my skin and massage my balls. Eric could not take anymore and wanted to get off as well. He positioned himself so that his 6″ cock could slide in and out of my mouth with ease. I myself could not stand it and more and sucked so hard on his cock that he could no longer slide it in and out of my orifice. In seconds hot gobs of his juice was sliding down my throat, Eric collapsed on top of me and I continued to suck and nibble on his cock. With Steve still massaging my manly hood and eric lying next to me we had once again drifted off to sleep. Alvin and Jayson had finally awakened and had waken Steve, Eric and myself as well. It was funny, we had all went to the edge of the woods to relieve ourselves. By this time it was close to 5pm, so we had gotten some shorts and shoes on and we had all went to gather stones for the fire pit, raised our tents and made field. It was quite a cozy little place, and I kept taking sneak peeks at Eric and Steve, knowing what was hidden under their shorts just made my mind go crazy, and how was I ever going to get a hold of their manhood again? Well I wouldn’t have to worry about that cause what was happened after dinner made me extremely happy. Well after we had toasted our marshmallows in the fieldfire and had a full meal, we found that it was getting late, and we wanted to climb to the top of Badgers Mound tomorrow and decided to turn in for the night. After about an hour of tossing and turning in my sleeping bag I heard a whisper at the door.

“Hey, let me in, these mosquitoes are nipping me!” Well I did not hesitate, and unzipped the door to find Steve at my tent door, he scooted in and I had rezipped the door. I turned around to find Steve in nothing but his underwear, no socks, no tshirt, just his white fruit of the looms, and a looming bulge that I just could not ignore. I finally looked at Steven’s face to find that he had a smile on it. “So Marc, you couldn’t sleep either eh?” “No, It’s going to take me a couple of hours more to get some shut eye, which seems a bit impossible now that your here.” There was a small silence period between us, then Steve broke the silence with his voice, ” I couldn’t help noticing you getting sneak peeks at me all night long as we sat around the field fire.”, a grin came across his face and moved in such away that allowed his balls to just hang out a bit from his jockeys. I looked away and a grin came across my face, “I said yea, sorry, I just hope that no one else noticed that I was getting glimpses of them too.” Before I had realized I had started getting a boner in my shorts. The sight of Steven there with his balls hanging out just kept making me wish he invited me to go to town on his manhood. “Marc, why don you come closer to me?” Whoa, I couldn’t believe he was once again initiating another encounter. I obeyed and moved closer. As I did I could feel the heat rising from his body, and more importantly had noticed that the bulge had grown larger. We sat close to each other for a while. Time passed and we just looked at each other, then Steve had moved his hand to my crotch, and started to massage my male glands. I spread my legs further apart, as far as the tent would allow, and encouraged him to continue what it was he was doing. I moved my hands so that they could grasp the waist band, I moved my hands in a downward movement removing the cloth that covered my friends cock, and got the cloth totally off with out a problem. Steven was able to do the same with me, and at the same time had removed my jockeys as well exposing myself and all my manly hood. Steven could not wait to start to massage it and got to work immediately. Before long Steven’s rod was hard and pulsating in my hand, I continued to move my hand up and down the length of his shaft. The hot flesh was just driving me crazy, I leaned down and started to encircle the the head with my tongue, and graze my lips across it as well. Steven let out a moan, like the one earlier in the day as he started to squirt his juice across my body. I continued to tease him with my lips, first engulfing an inch or two, and the backed off, this was driving him crazy cause he had stopped massaging my man meat and placed his hand on my neck and was forcing me to go down further on him.

Well the precum had started to ooze from the tip and I licked it up and then went down on the total length of the pulsating organ. Moving my head back and forth in a slow and deliberate motion. Holding his nuts in my other hand had made him open his legs further and allowed me to crawl in closer to get to my target. I continued to engulf the entire length of him into my throat, his cock pulsated more as it he went deeper into my mouth, and the suction that I applied with each thrust of his cock become stronger and stronger till it was too much, he let out a moan that would of scared off any bear in the woods near us, and flooded my mouth with hot sweet cum, gush after gush continued to spurt from him and into the back of my mouth, I lost a little, I continued to suck him dry till he could not with stand it any longer. I moved down to his balls and started to lick them and take them one by one into my mouth, gently moving them in my mouth. After awhile, I released his family jewels and moved up to suck on and nipple on his small nipples. Steven was just relaxing and taking in everything that was being done to him. Some time had passed and he moved his head towards me and grabbed my lips with his, and started to explore each other mouths. His hand moved down to my stiff pulsating meat, his hand just wrapped around it, the touch of his hand had forced me due to my exited nature to push it towards him, slowly back and forth. He moved down and started to lick my nipples and just got my whole body into a level of ecstasy that I had not experienced before, and my horniness just got me so overwhelmed that I could not contain my self anymore and urged Steven to lay on his back and lift his legs up over my shoulders. Steven had a look on his face that was perplexing, “What are you going to do Marc?” I looked at him, “I want to try to get my hardon up your ass.” “Marc, damn, thats gonna hurt, come one let me just suck you off.” “Nope, I am going to do this.”, I took my cock and forced the head in a bit, careful not to make it painful, I could feel Steven relaxing a bit, and saw that his cock was once again getting hard, I encouraged its growth by taking my free hand and working it his rod between my fingers. Inch by inch I slowly, I managed to force my cock up his ass, and just let it stay still for awhile so that Steven could get use to the feeling of a pulsing rod where none had been before. I could feel him tighten his muscles around my cock, which only made me want to start pumping him with my meat. Instead however I pumped his meat with my hand and when i saw that look on his face, the tell tale sign that he was going to explode, thats when I starting working my self in and out, not fast just a nice pace. Steven moaned as I pumped not only his ass but his organ too, and before I could get my mouth down around his raging hardon to suck down the honey that was about to be released he exploded up into the air and it landed on his chest and my hand. As fast as I could, I covered his meat with my mouth and moved my throat muscles in the same way that he was moving his muscles that were surrounding my cock. He came again, another fat gob of juice.

I started to work up my pace, in then out then in, back and forth, Stevens hips had matched my rhythm and soon I could feel my balls boil with the ecstasy of what was truly manhood at its best. One more hard push, a loud moan from Steven, a last squeeze of his muscles around my rod and I shot my hot load into this silky soft place that I had not experienced before. I shot my cum for all that it was worth. Tired I collapsed on top of Steven where we started to once again lock lips. My cock fell limp and plopped out of stevens forbidden, once virgin hole. We fell asleep in each others arms and slept very well that night. That night as I slept in the arms of my new found friend, and sex partner I dreamed of what might happen on the top of Badgers Mound tomorrow. I imagined how Jayson and Alvin and the rest of us might have an adventure up on that mountain that has never been known before. The morning sun had risen, has it had done for millennia, and so did I. It was steven who woke up and noticed that not only was I awake but my fleshy appendage was too..He could not resist, and lowered his lips onto my cock and just sucked me of till I came, he continued to nurse on me until my rod had could not stand up on its own accord anymore. He licked me clean and even put on my jockeys as well, we both got dressed and we were the first to get up. We had decided to make a fire to cook our breakfast. The others had gotten up one at a time and were glad to see that breakfast was already waiting. We had eaten breakfast quickly and packed our stuff for our trip to the top of Badgers Mound. Jayson lead the way, which was good cause he had been there before. Alvin took the second place, which worked out great cause this allowed me to get a view of Jayson and Alvins rear ends, now it was a hot day, but looking at my two friends just made me even more hot. My cock was just itching to be released at times. I had to rearrange my body parts to keep from getting pinched from the pressure of my cock against my shorts. We had walked up the trail to the top of Badgers hill for about two hours. Once there however the view was spectacular, I had lowered myself on a rock formation that made a circle. Jayson and Alvin were sitting as well and sat themselves opposite me, Steve and sat right next to me, I could feel his body heat just pour off of him, as if he wanted to take part in a sexual encounter again. As I looked over to Jayson, I could see that his balls and a bit of his cock was hanging out from his underwear and could be seen dangling between his thighs. My mouth began to water and that’s when Jayson said, “LUNCH” at the top of his lungs.

That was when Steven could not stand it anymore, he was hungry okay but it wasn’t lunch meat he was after, it was me. His hand grabbed at my cock and he started to squeeze, I could see Jayson and Alvin stripping out of their clothes as well as Eric. Once they had all stripped they forced me down on the ground on my back and stripped my clothes off, that was when Steven had removed his as well. Jayson stood on the rock above me, and I could see his rod hanging down towards me, but the blood that ran through his body had begun to make it rise towards the heavens, he spoke.. “Now is the time of all to explore not only the wonder of nature, but of our new friend as well. May the taste of him and us bond us to become one and loyal to all of us.” I

could not believe what was happening, but I was now the center of attention. Eric, Steven, Alvin and Jayson and grabbed onto my now stiffing rod and moved their hands up and down. The sensation of having all these people holding my cock was great, I moved in time to their move and in less than a few seconds I shot my wad into the air, my cock softened and they all moved down to lick my cum up off my chest, all those tongues moving on my stomach and around my rod, just made my cock become stiff once again. I could tell that it was Jayson who was in charge here. He instructed everyone as to which position they were going to have with me. It was clear that Jayson was going to get my love hole, Alvin was going to get my cock, Eric was going to place his cock in my mouth and Steven was going to fuck Jayson. They all took their spots, and i could feel Jayson forcing his rod into my hole, it pulsated as it drove deeper into my love cannel, but before I could moan with the building pressure that Jayson was forcing in me, Eric filled my mouth with his raging hardon, and I suckled on it like a baby., I could then feel Alvin engulfing my hard pulsating cock, and then I could feel and tell that it was Steve who was now forcing his cock up the love cannel of Jayson. Jayson started to pump right away, my muscles grasped and released on his cock with each thrust that he pounded me with. It did not take long for Alvin to make me cum with an orgasm that almost split me apart, then I could see the look on Jayson’s face as he came closer and closer to coming, I moved my hand down to touch his stomach, with one final thrust he shot wad after wad of white hot cum into me then leaned over took my withered cock into his mouth and allowed Steven to pump his cock into him for all he was worth.

My cock had gotten hard once again, and squirted another hot shot of honey down Jayson’s throat it was just then that Steven shot his love juice into Jayson’s ass… Eric was now building up a load, I could see his balls move up and get ready to shoot his cum into and down my throat, and in seconds he pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my face and chest. Everyone had cum, except for Alvin, He too was one of the lucky ones to be able to force his ragging hardon into my ass, this time it was easier, it had been lubricated with Jayson’s hot juice, when Alvin and come around and lined himself to come home I could see that he had the largest cock of all, and that it was going to take some doing to get him inside of me. He got closer and moved his cock head up and down on my ass opening, and the then started to push his cock into me. He pushed and pushed and suddenly the entire length of him was in me, and too keeps me from screaming either in pain or in joy, Steven had filled my mouth with his cock, and started to pump himself into me. Alvin, pumped harder and faster and moaned as he himself approached orgasm, he growled and then stopped, it was then I could feel the pulsating of his organ has it pumped shot after shot of creamy white juice up my ass. We were all exhausted from your love making, and fell into a pile of flesh and sex and slept. The afternoon had gone by like that, and we had returned to our field site latter that same day, and continued our hot sex throughout the night. This was one field trip I was not going to forget, and was looking forward to the next one.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Journey to Sex Fulfillment

Since 9 years old Shawn always knew that he is different. He knew he was not a he but a she. When he reached 13 he became one those teen gay who became a cross-dresser. Here are some of his sexcapades.

At the age of 15, he was different now; his figure was slim and beautiful, and he found that with a mere thought, he could change his features and assets. His sexuality was alive and responded to any stimulation including the slightest touch and he became obsessed with it. With a mere thought, he could move from one place to another; moving through walls and past jet aircraft with the speed of thought. He could hear the thoughts of those nearby, and felt alive throughout his entire being, no longer limited by senses and intuition. He was exhilarated, yet driven at the same time, for he knew his purpose was to secure as much extract as he could for his friends above. He would mate with every man he could, secure his semen, and deliver it immediately to the receptacle that was always waiting in a nearby dimension. With newly learned muscular techniques along with the retractable probe implanted in his ass, he could drain his reproductive resources; then completely void the precious extract while it was at its' most strong stage in a matter of seconds.. With his ability to change shapes and personalities at will, his donors could be as varied as nature itself

His first donor was a middle-aged businessman. He came to him while he studied the Journal in a private area of the park. He was blond and sexy, and he couldn't believe his good fortune. Jumping behind a growth of bushes, they ravaged each other’s bodies. He tore at his nipples as his throbbing organ smashed into his furry mound. At the height of his passion, the probe automatically extended its flexible tube and plunged deep into his asshole, sucking every drop of liquid into his pulsing entrance hall. He screamed, grabbed his balls, and rolled off into the dense underbrush in a fetal position. The receptacle appeared from its resident dimension, and placing it between the flower of his asshole, he forced the milky fluid out of his ass. With a sigh, he quickly restored his appearance, and wandered back towards the ball field.

"He's had a vasectomy, my dear." The soothing voice returned, chiding his failed first attempt.

"Damn!" He thought; "I just can't keep doing this!" He winced at its observation, and decided to pursue younger, less experienced and more virile material. He found his playing center field, and with a mere twitch of his finger, he trotted towards his with his eyes glowing in anticipation.

"Hi, I'm M. . . .!" and before he could finish; his lips locked onto his and his hand reached for the hard cock between his legs. Before he could catch his breath, he had his jersey ripped open and his pants were being pulled down to his knees. He was a short-haired blond with a jogging outfit, and a juicy tan. Roughly messaging his manhood through his jockeys, he pulled the T-shirt off with a smooth motion and planted his hands on his smooth tight nipples. His tan-lines were all the way to his nipples, and his belly had the composure of a refined athlete. Stripping his shorts off with his free hand, he continued to message his manhood, concentrating on the glands to stimulate his pre-cum. When the first drops oozed on to his soft hands, he quickly forced his down on his back, inserted his manhood, and began pumping fitfully as his hands messaged his balls. Within just a few moments, he felt his abs tighten, and knowing he would soon release, he forced his all the way into his depths, to allow the probe easy access. His muscles began to rhythmically draw him deeper into his ass, and just as the first ejaculate surged from his prostrate, the probe dutifully found his opening buried within the glands, and forced itself down the length of his surging organ. He screamed, and grabbed his balls, now being unmercifully drained of their juices. He continued to rock his hips up and down on his surging manhood until he collapsed; his testes the size of two shriveled peas. Again the receptacle appeared, and he pumped frothy extract into its chamber while feeling his own orgasm building. As the last threads of his essence fell away from his swollen pussy, he fell back and frantically stroked his engorged butt cheeks. He muffled his screams with the back of his hand as a multiple orgasms shook his body in quick succession. Again with a sigh, he reconfigured his appearance, and looked over at his exhausted form lying in the tall grass, his deflated manhood laying to one side in total exhaustion. He smiled and turned towards the playground across the street.

Three young boys were shooting hoops, dodging and darting to gain possession of the weathered, and partially deflated ball. Within just a few moments, Shawn became a substantially younger redhead, and ran across the court snaring the ball with one swift motion. As his victims tried to regain their plaything, he quickly lifted his dress to reveal nothing underneath. They froze and their interests immediately shifted to his bouncing balls and hard cock as he skipped back across the court and into the equipment room next to the showers. Within moments they were all naked, and he was carefully giving them a "crash-course" in human sexuality; he had one of the hairless organs in his mouth, one in his hand and one stroking away frantically at his tight little ass. Their youth was reflected in their lack of control as they all climaxed within moments of one another, and ran into the shower room shrieking with their first conquest. He sat up, with the probe starting to emerge from his tiny lips, and wondered what had just come and gone. The depository appeared but he had precious little to offer, for despite their youthful vigor, their extract was just barely adequate in development to be of any use. He changed his form into that of the local janitor, went below the showers, and secured the cold water to exact his revenge. Within seconds, the boys ran screaming into the locker room amidst the embrace of their soft towels. He smiled to himself as he again changed his form and headed out for his next conquest.

The local police were mystified at the two men they had found; one cowering in the woods, and the other under the bleaches at the local ball field. Both had told similar stories, but the attacker was so different in each case that there was no apparent suspect. He overheard Sgt. Laski’s concerns for the community’s safety; and touched by sincerity, he waited until he was alone in the squad car on his way back to the precinct before he appeared in the back seat. He slammed on the brakes, staring in the rear view mirror at his pristine oriental face. He started to speak, but he pressed his lips to his, learning its effectiveness from the center-fielder. He only squirmed in his seat for a few moments, and then relaxed to allow Shawn full access to his. He caressed his slightly over-weight figure through his clothes, and was able to arouse his quickly by applying gentle pressure to his prostrate. Removing his trousers completely, he began oral administrations on his engorged member and hastily removed his clothing. As his face, his body was pristine, with clear pale features and tiny buds on the tips of his small firm nipples. His manhood surged, and he took advantage of his compromised position to thrust his into his moist warm asshole. They held other’s tightly, slowing building on each others' arousal until he began to peak. Feeling his spasms increase along the length of his manhood, he grunted as the first surge of knotted, milky substance screamed into his asshole on its way into his gay-hood. The first geyser shot past the probe and splashed against his ass with such fury that most of it rebounded back out of his teen gay opening. His eyes went wide with surprise, as did his when the probe sped down the length of his organ and into his tight ball sack. The both shrieked in a wondrous mutual orgasm, and he continued to rub his swollen asshole against his bone as several more orgasms shattered his perfect body. His eyes were glazed and his body limp as the last of his masculine juices was drawn into his throbbing asshole. He continued to rub against him long after he was totally drained and unconscious, savoring the feel of his limp, expended organ in gay hood. Finally, with a pang of regret, he drained his essence, and changed his form for the journey ahead - he was getting too well known around this town.

"Hi, I'm Shawn, and I need you!" He exclaimed.

Shaken but not stirred, he escorted him over to a secluded grassy mole with his arm around his waist. As soon as he felt hidden from the view of any onlookers, he tore at his clothing with fury. He was sexually starved for his extract, and he buried his face into his groin as soon as his clothes were clear. Sucking frantically, he drew his entire member within his mouth and rolled his tongue around his expanding glands as he moaned with excitement. Within moments he was erect, and with one quick motion, he pulled down his underwear, and mounted his manhood. Humping up and down as much as he dared without losing his erection, he panted and ground his dripping asshole into his crotch until his orgasm shattered his body with marvelous spasms. As his juices began to pour from the glands deep within his asshole, two small probes emerged from the tip of his manhood, and shot through his ass on the way to his ass. And Shawn was satisfied for the first time. And the journey lives on.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Varsity Player

Mike Dern and Gene Saylor had both reached their goal, they were both chosen to be on Harbor High School's varsity football team. But when Mike saw that Gene's name was also on the list, he experienced a twinge of anxiety. The relationship between them went way back into childhood. They lived in the same neighborhood, their parents played bridge together, and all during elementary school, Mike and Gene were inseparable - in fact some of the other kids thought they were brothers. This was not an unlikely conclusion to reach. Although Gene was blond and Mike had brown hair, they looked very much alike and dressed very much alike. They were best buddies. In junior high, though, something happened that caused them to see less and less of each other. Their parents and friends were mystified, but neither of the boys would talk about it. What happened was that Mike had stolen a Playboy magazine from a liquor store and asked Gene to come over and look at it. Both boys of course got very hard, and Mike talked Gene into the idea of taking their cocks out and masturbating. They did, but afterwards felt very guilty. Their guilt eventually drove them apart, until they were only the most casual of friends. Now Mike realized that he and Gene would be on the same team, which had not been the case in previous years. (Mike had started in the football program earlier than Gene and played junior varsity while Gene was still in Frosh/Soph football.) He wondered if, after all this time, their relationship could be mended. At their first practice, Gene and Mike found themselves sitting next to one another on the bench. They started by discussing some new plays the coach had given them, then the imminent arrival of their varsity jackets, then the conversation turned to their girlfriends. Their eyes met, and an awkward silence ensued. It was Gene who finally spoke up. "I've been thinking..." Another pause. "We were just little kids when...that....thing...happened..." Mike looked around nervously. Gene continued his eyes on the ground. "What do you say we just pretend it never happened?" Mike's heart swelled. He had been hoping for this for years. He tried to contain his emotion, but his voice cracked, "Yeah..." He cleared his throat. "Sounds O.K." They looked at each other and smiled. A great weight had been lifted from them both. In the coming weeks, they began hanging around together more and more. Some observant classmates noticed that Mike would occasionally show up in some of Gene's clothes and vice-versa. They began to look like brothers again. Both of them had very solid builds for high school students, they were the same height, and they wore exclusively Levi's corduroy jeans or 501's. They wore the same brand of T-shirt (J.C. Penney "polo" tees), sometimes alone, sometimes underneath button down shirts.

They wore their hair the same, somewhat shorter than most of their classmates, but longer than most of the jocks. They were desired by every girl on campus (and some of the guys, too.) Gene was going out with Denise Shaw, a very pretty brunette, whose look suggested innocence, but whose reputation did not. Mike was seeing Bonnie Hansen, a blond, who was attractive but not striking, a good student, and member of the marching band. It was Bonnie who first brought up the idea of a double date. It was decided that they would all go to the Warner Drive-in on Saturday. Mike convinced Gene to borrow his dad's big Buick so there would be room to maneuver. The Warner was showing a double feature - a 007-type spy movie and a B-grade sci-fi creature movie. Gene planned their arrival so he could watch the spy movie first, and then turn his attention to Denise during the second movie. When he got there, Gene realized that, although taking the Buick was a good move, he would have to take the front seat and be in view of Mike and his date. He hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself by cumming in his pants the way Denise usually made him do in the drive-in. During the first movie, both couples cuddled and kissed. The kissing became more intense during the movie's love scenes. At intermission, the girls were clamoring for some popcorn and something to drink. Mike and Gene headed for the snack bar, both with their hands stuffed deep in their pockets as they tried to conceal their hard-on bulges. Once in the snack bar, Gene looked down at Mike's puffed fly and grinned. "You too, huh?" he asked. Mike saw what he was looking at, noticed Gene's pose and grinned back. "Does Denise ever let you have any?" he asked quietly. Gene didn't want to admit that their activity had never gotten past his ejaculating in his pants, so he said, "Yeah, sometimes. How about you and Bonnie?" "Naw, she's too much of a goody-good." Their popcorn and Cokes were delivered, and now they had to remove their hands from their pockets. The two football players walked back to the car with big, obvious, unyielding bulges in their Levis cords. While the guys were gone, their dates were talking. "Mike's a real hunk, huh?" Denise asked Bonnie. "Yeah, I think so. But Gene's a real dreamboat... you're so lucky!" "Have you ever done anything with Mike?" "No, I'm saving myself," Bonnie said. Her eyes widened as she wondered aloud, "You've done it with Gene?" "No, he never gets it out of his pants," Denise replied. "What do you mean?" "Well, usually he cums in his pants while we're making out." Seeing Bonnie's incredulous look, she continued, "Sometimes I...`help' him do it." Denise smiled a wicked grin and both girls began giggling. The guys returned to their laughing dates. "What's so funny?" Mike asked. "Oh, nothing. Just girl-talk," Bonnie responded. "But you should try that, Bonnie," Denise hinted.

Bonnie just smiled. The couples polished off their snacks quickly, and soon the making out began in earnest. Mike was trying to figure out what was going on in the front seat. He kept hearing Gene whisper things like, "Not tonight, O.K.?" and "Slow down!" and "Cut it out!" He figured out that Denise was giving Gene a hand-job in the front seat, but didn't fully understand why Gene was trying to stop her. Still, knowing that his buddy was "getting some" emboldened Mike. He didn't want to seem less of a stud than his friend. He leaned over Bonnie and moved his body on top of hers. It was very awkward until he got Bonnie to stretch out on the seat. Then he laid on top of her, and for the first time, Bonnie felt Mike's hardness rubbing against her. Gene glanced back to see what all the commotion was and saw Mike laying on top of his date. He could see Mike's ass muscles through the fabric of his pants, working in a steady rhythm. He wondered if Mike had his cock out and was actually `doing it' in the back seat. Gene had to bring his concentration back to what Denise was trying to do. Despite his repeated pleas, she kept playfully teasing and rubbing his trapped cock, making him leak globs of pre- cum into his shorts and pants. He prayed he would be able to hold his cum, and not have to embarrass himself in front of Mike. But Denise was very good at this, since she had made him cum enough times to know just how and where to rub his throbbing cock. "Stop it!" Gene hissed through clenched teeth. "Oh, you can't mean that. This is fun!" Denise whispered. "Well then at least take it out." It was when he heard that, Mike realized what was going on in the front seat. Gene was getting a hand job all right, but it was still in his pants. Mike's own cock leaked a big glob of juice in his shorts as he continued making out with Bonnie. "No! Wait!" Gene's whispers were frantic, and his breathing was heavy. Mike realized that Gene was getting ready to shoot off in his jeans. He looked up just in time to see it all. Gene clutched Denise tightly. Mike saw Gene's face straining, almost in pain as he fought to hold back his load. Suddenly Gene let out a half-groan, half-sob, and his breaths took on the rhythm of the spurts of semen which began filling his shorts and pants. `He's really doing it!' Mike thought. `Gene's creaming his jeans!' Mike had kept up the steady humping of his trapped hard-on against his date all through this, but was taken by surprize when he felt his own cock releasing big globs of hot, wet goo into his shorts! He immediately tried to stop the flow, but it was too late. He resigned himself to the feeling, but managed to keep his breathing under control while his cock continued to squirt. Now both boys were caught up in orgasmic contractions. Wet, sticky semen filled the inside of their shorts, soaking through to make shiny, wet stains on the outsides of their pants. Gene was mortified. He knew he had made so much noise while cumming that Mike had to know what happened. He was unaware that Mike had shared his orgasm in the back seat. He looked at the car's clock. "Uh... (ahem)... Uh, I told Dad I'd have the car back at 11:00. Mike?" Mike pulled himself off his date. "Yeah, that's cool," he said. Everyone began rearranging clothing as Gene started the car. Once the girls had been taken home, Gene felt as though he should say something about his "accident," especially since the car reeked of cum, but he couldn't think of what to say. After a long silence he said, "Well, I guess you know what happened..." "Huh? Oh, yeah," Mike replied. He had been off in his own world, worrying about his own wet underwear. "Man, I just couldn't help it, you know? I'm sorry if it ruined things for you and Bonnie." Mike realized then that Gene didn't know that he had done the same thing. He decided to put his friend out of his misery.

"Hey man, don't worry about it. I did it too." "Naw man, you don't understand. I...I...shot off in my pants, man," Gene admitted. "Yeah, I know. So did I" Gene whipped his head around. "Huh?" he said. He looked down at Mike's pants. Mike was wearing dark blue corduroys, and the stain was not apparent, especially in the dark. "You're bullshitting, dude!" Gene challanged. "No, really! Here...feel it...right there." Mike pointed to where his load had soaked through. Tentatively, Gene reached down and touched his buddy's pants, something he hadn't done since junior high. His fingers landed on cold wetness. He kind of pinched the material and felt a sloshing, gooey mass underneath the fabric. Mike smiled. "Well, I'll be damned," Gene said. "Now I don't feel so bad." Mike glanced at Gene's pants. He was in faded tan corduroys, and the stain by his fly was very obvious - and very large. "Looks like you really did it," he commented. "Yeah, Denise really knows how to get me hot," Gene admitted sheepishly. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with creaming in your jeans. Lots of guys do it," Mike said. "Yeah seems like I can't hold back anymore. Every time I go out with a chick I come home with wet shorts." "Well at least you get your nut. Just think about those nerds who can't even get a date." "Yeah, I guess you're right," Gene said as they pulled up to Mike's house. "See you Monday." "Yeah, thanks for driving!" Mike called as he walked to his door. The following Saturday found both boys without a date. Since the movie at the Warner was one that both of them really wanted to see, they decided to go together in Mike's little sports car. Partway through the movie there was a love scene. Mike noticed Gene moving and squirming in the passenger's seat and looked over just in time to see him adjusting a big lump in his faded 501's. "Enjoying the movie?" Mike teased. Gene looked over and saw Mike looking at his crotch. "Shutup," was all he could say, and he punched Mike in the arm. Mike laughed. He could feel his own cock starting to throb and swell in his jeans. "Yeah, I wish Bonnie didn't have that band concert tonight." "Yeah, I'd sure like to have Denise here, too." "She'd only make you cream in your jeans," Mike taunted. Gene retorted, "That's cool...lots of guys do it that way, DON'T THEY MIKE!?" Both boys laughed. The love scene was getting steamier, and both guys had full erections straining against their jeans. "Has Bonnie made you cum in your pants a lot, Bri?" Gene wondered aloud. "No, that was the first time with her. But other chicks have." "How many times?" "Hey, if I had a dollar for every time I've come home with jizz- soaked underpants, I'd be rich," Mike replied. Gene chuckled. After a short silence, he continued, "It's really not such a bad feeling, you know?" "No, it sure beats going home with blue balls."

"Have you it to yourself?" Gene asked tentatively. "You mean have I ever jacked off? You KNOW about that." "No, I mean...have you ever jacked off in your pants?" "Yeah," Mike admitted. "A couple of times." Inside, Gene breathed a sigh of relief. "Me too," he said. "I even did it in class a couple of times." "Wow," his buddy breathed. "I kinda like feeling my cock shoot off into my shorts, especially since I've been going out with Denise." Gene said. "Yeah, I gotta admit, it felt pretty good last night when I was humping Bonnie." Both boys were rock hard and leaking in their Levis. "Hey man, we gotta either stop talking about this, or do something about it. Otherwise I'm gonna go home with blue balls tonight!" Mike said. " around a little?" Gene asked quietly. "You mean, like, pretend we're with our dates or something?" "Yeah. I'll rub you in your pants and you rub mine," Gene suggested. Without another word, each guy put his hand in his buddy's lap and began massaging. This went on for several minutes. Mike broke the silence. "Hey, this feels pretty good." "Yeah," Gene croaked. "It's not the same as being with Bonnie though," Mike said. "You wanna try...well, you wanna like...kiss and stuff?" Gene looked at Mike for the first time since they started their sex play. "I don't know, man. Isn't that kinda like...queer?" "Well, hey. I know you're not queer and, you know I'm not. We're just pretending we're with our dates," Mike rationalized. Gene thought about it for a while. Mike kept up a steady rhythm on his concealed hard-on, hoping Gene would get so aroused he'd agree. Finally, Gene whispered, "O.K." Slowly, the guys brought their faces together, their eyes open. Mike sensed the hand on his crotch was trembling. Gene closed his eyes and Mike moved the last few inches until their lips met. He felt Gene's cock throb HARD under the confines of his jeans. The first kiss was tentative, followed by another, and another, each increasing in intensity. The two high school varsity football players began passionately kissing, each rubbing the other's cock, right in the drive-in! The tempo of their crotch rubbing increased. Both guys were drenching their shorts with pre-cum juice. Mike could feel the wetness soaking through the soft denim of Gene's pants. Their tongues intertwined as they got closer and closer to their now inevitable orgasms. Gene pulled away. Eyes tightly shut, he clutched Mike to him and began murmuring, "No Denise, don't make me do it. Stop! I can't hold it!" He was deep in his fantasy. The sound of Mike's deep groan brought him back. "Mike... Ooooohhh, Mike.... yeah, make me do it...make me cream in my pants!" Both guys went over the edge. The first spurts of hot semen sloshed into their shorts at the same moment. Clutching each other tightly, the two hunky teammates frantically rubbed each other's crotches as wad after wad of milky white liquid soaked their Levis. Wet, shiny stains spread quickly over the ends of their cock-bulges. Mike's orgasm lasted a little longer than Gene's, and Gene considerately milked his buddy's boner until he finished shooting in his pants. Finally it was over. The guys were sweaty and exhausted. The windows of the small car were completely steamed over. Their 501 jeans were drenched with the results of their huge orgasms. Mike wiped the inside of the windshield only to see the movie credits rolling up the screen. He turned to Gene. "You want to go?" he asked. "Yeah, O.K." They rode in silence back to Gene's house. As they pulled up, Gene looked into Mike's eyes and said, "I don't know if we should do this anymore." After a second or two, Mike replied, "Yeah, you're right. We probably shouldn't." (They did.)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Airplane Sex Trip

Airplane flights always seemed to raise his libido. Maybe it was the freedom of going away alone, escaping humanity. Maybe it was the sound of the engines, or the buffeting of the air against the wings and fuselage, or the fact that attractive young teen gay walked up and down the aisle, bumping his shoulders with their hips. He didn't know, but he knew how aroused he became, thankful for the tray table which he could lower and hide the conspicuous bulging of his hardness. The flight to Manila was exactly that way. But now, on the flight back home, a delicious memory caused it to happen more intensely. His pleasurable engorgement brought with it a delicious soreness, telling of extended, loving use. He thought back to this morning, after having taken the red-eye from Davao to Manila, to meet his friend

His hand rested on his leg as he drove and his heart beat like a drum. He could feel the warmth and anticipation in his hand as it touched his, resting on his knee. The feeling of exhilaration and adventure permeated his body, feeling a bit boyish driving with a full erection. He began sliding his hand up and down his thigh. When it bumped into the end of his fullness he hesitated, moved his hand downward, then back up again, brushing the large bullet shape of his head. Curiously, he used his forefinger and thumb like calipers, testing what was there. He winced in pleasure, both the pleasure of his sensual touch, and the knowledge that he was feeling something very substantial. As he turned into the motel, his fingers, through the material of his trousers, were gently caressing up and down his full length.

he'd fantasized just such a meeting from the first time they talked online, when he realized that there was something very special about this teen gay, wanting to send pictures that he'd taken in secret, and let his know what an exhibitionist he was. But he withheld, giving in to his urges in the end. He was amazed that he made the trip, just for lunch. Such was the allure of this exciting teen gay. The time at the restaurant sped by; hours seemed like minutes. But they seemed to know each other so well so quickly. Of course, the time spent online had opened a kind of communication that made such a meeting easy.

He was seated next to him in the booth, flirting and laughing. He slapped at his leg in his laughter, and his hand touched his knee. He looked into his soft eyes and he blushed. At the same time he felt his leg loosen and move toward him. His hand slipped Brad his skirt, and moved deliberately up his inner thigh. The feel of smooth nylon on his firm legs was like catnip to him, and he eagerly walked his fingers to the warmth of his crotch. As he felt the humid warmth emanating from between his legs, he heard his breath quicken, and noticed his nostrils flaring. His middle finger felt for the verge of his two puffy lips, and moved toward the delicious swelling sandwiched between them.

The time in the restaurant was deliciously provocative. He couldn't believe that he could ejaculate by just touching, and felt cheated that he'd so foolishly made the trip just to say hi. It was interrupts from the word go, and he hated the fact that his plane would be leaving so soon.

He walked him from the car to his gate at the airport. They kissed hungrily. Reluctantly he turned to leave when he grabbed his hand; the way he ended up in his arms was like a sensuous dance step. Their lips kneaded eagerly, and their hips ground together in a primitive fertility rate. Oblivious of the curious stares from passers-by, primal moans came from deep within them. He looked up at the screen of the departure schedule and saw another plane due to leave in 6 hours.

He unlocked the door to the motel, smiling at how the female clerk, while handing him the key, had given him a knowing wink, which caused him to think; would be nice if he could join us. As the door closed they locked in a passionate embrace, lips moving, tongues exploring, hungry fingers fumbling with buttons and zippers. Completely naked in a trice, their kiss having never broken, they, like starving children, smacked their lips. But like passionate adults their tongues explored wildly, saliva running down their chins.

Hunger demanded satisfaction. He began stroking his inflamed cock, while he moved his finger in and out of his hard cock. The words came from deep within as he moaned, "I want you inside me Ted. Fuck me, Fuck me!" He fell on the bed, his legs spread and raised. He positioned the shiny head of his swollen cock against the sponge of his cunt and slid deeply inside the soft pocket. There was no holding back as they began to undulate and pump, his hardness sliding in his laborious hard cock like a piston, their stomachs slapping together in sensual applause. Moaning and grunting, they moved together like wild animals in rut. He screamed "Oh baby!" as he plunged deep one more time, and spurted his warm semen inside his. His legs wrapped around his body and he moaned, "Oh my god, this is good!"

Spent, they lay together, semi blacked out. Coming down to earth their pent up lust had been released, but implored satiation. Their heads rested close together, sharing one pillow. He stroked his hair, combing it with his fingers as he caressed his cheek with the backs of his long red fingernails, their feet moving up and down each other's legs.

Just before their lips pressed softly together they gazed intently, looking beyond their eyes. They both smiled, suckled gently on each other's lips, pulling sensually at the other's soft lobes, which extended and parted with tiny clicks of vacuumed wetness. His fingers stroked his thigh ever so gently; neither he nor he could feel the touch, but sensed it. His sensual fingerprints glided over his skin, sending a chill down his spine, which raised goose bumps on his arms.

He smoothed his fingertips over his shoulders and down his biceps that caused a tiny tingle at the base of his scrotum causing his shaft to fill with blood again. As he fondled his petite, soft nipples, rolling his nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he felt a tiny throb, his blood rushing too.

Pulling his on his side he scotched closer, feeling his warmth, as if his nipples were sending out rays of pent-up energy. He wiggled ever so slightly, touching his nipples against the eager flesh of his chest. He walked his fingers down his waist to his hip, then across his bottom and down to the crack and then to the confluence of his legs. Back and forth his fingers smoothed. "Sssssssss", emanated from his lips, and he felt his nipples firming harder against his chest.

He threw his leg over his as a tiny click indicated the parting of his saturated labia. His fingers pressed on the base of his spine and followed it down the crevice of his bottom, opening it slightly. Gathering saliva in his mouth, he dripped it on his fingertips and then sent them back to continue their purposeful search, journeying through his crevice, until they felt the wrinkled surface of his anus. Then, in leisurely circles, he coated the puckered orifice with his spittle slicked fingers, which circled and pressed. Undulating forward and back he reached down, grasped his growing penis, still slick from the combination of his semen and his wetness from their previous coupling.

His legs pressed together, flinching from his sensual touch, while his continued their journey through his glossy lips, made more slippery by the silky semen left from his copious ejaculations. When they reached their destination he found it swollen, feeling huge to his sensitive fingertips, which skimmed so gently and easily over the slippery surface of his clitoris. The tip of his little finger tickled it ever so gently, and he winced. Then, when his forefinger and thumb closed gently around his hood, he moved it up and down on his clitoris, stroking it like a miniature cock. When he pushed his fingers to one side of his clitoris and circled faster and faster he undulated and moaned quietly, biting his lower lip until he could hold back no longer and shouted, "Ooooo, oooooo, oooooo, ooooo, OOH, OHHHHH!" His body relaxed and air escaped in a long soft stream which flowed through his nose. "Mmmmmmmmm" he purred and squeezed his thighs together, holding his fingers firmly between them as he continued pressing and circling. "Thank you", he sighed.

Amazed at how quickly he became fully erect again, he straddled his, and then turned, reversing position, and looked down at his thatched mound. Averting his eyes backwards he viewed the nakedness of their bodies, his nipples like, pink grapefruits, with hard points, the vie between his asshole centering on his erection sticking up from his patch of curly hair, stiff as a tent pole. He winced as he felt the tip of his tongue licking the clear balm of his pre-cum around his head until it was coated, then felt his licking up and down the bottom of his shaft. His tongue tasted the amalgamated ooze of his juices and his cum, and glided through the semen coated groove. Just as he sucked his cock into his mouth his tongue reached his puckered anus, and, as he probed his tangy ring, he heard "mmmm mmmm", his moans muffled by a mouthful of cock.

As he raised and lowered his legs letting his tongue traveling from his asshole and back he sucked and moved his mouth quickly in matching movements to his. Slurping sounds came from his lips while muffled grunts and moans came from hiss. Fearing that he was going to cum in his mouth he pulled his cock out making a sharp pop, bounced off of his, and pulled his legs, straitening his body across the bed. Then he turned his over and pulled up on his hips to bring his to his knees, positioning his face to lie on his arms on the bed. Climbing back on the bed on his knees, he parted his cheeks and probed his anus with his tongue, then placed his lips like a trumpet player against his labia. His compressed lips blew hard, filling the pouch of his hard cock with his pressured breath, ballooning his until he could expand no more. He sucked out, causing his spongy insides to close tightly upon themselves, expelling into his mouth the load left by his first penetration.

Placing his lips against his anus he injected the warm mixture from his mouth inside his. Then, holding his rigid cock in his hand he placed it against the sphincter of his hard cock, formed a socket, and slid deep inside. Holding his hips he pumped slowly, 10 strokes pulled back and paused. He pulled back, paused, and then, thrust deep inside. At the same time he bucked back and their bodies came together with a loud slap, and he yelled out, "Do it Ted, fuck me!" With a steady slap, slap, slap, he moved in earnest, as he continued to push back to meet his thrusts. He was up on all fours and his head was wagging wildly back and forth, his long hair flopping back and forth like a rag mop. Both he and he were wet with perspiration. Almost to the point of exhaustion they fucked one another, both rising to a point of no return. Holding, holding, he waited for signs of his release, until he felt a rumbling from deep inside, and then an outcry "ooooooooh". His balls exploded, sending a warm white stream flowing through the length of his shaft, filling his with his squirting essence. As he collapsed on top of his, he whispered in a moaning breath, "I love you sweet lady."

He awakened from his momentary siesta. His body was pressed warmly against his, his nipples flattened against his back. His breath was the shallow movement of light sleep. He looked at the clock. Wonderful he thought we still have two more hours

the cold Colorado winter wind gusted outside. What a luxury to be living in California, he thought. But the room was warm and their two naked bodies nestled together in heated ambience. His body, pressed against his, stirred slightly and he sighed, then curled his knees a little and tightened his arm over his shoulder, still seeming to be asleep. He thought of the first time they met on-line and his thoughts caused a swelling between his legs. It was still wet from the combination of his semen and his natural juices that flowed so freely; the air was redolent with their combined scents. Soon the swelling became a full erection, which strained against the backs of his closed legs. Gently tracing lines up and down Karlo's bare arms caused a sigh and he kissed his shoulder. They had used words so many times to express their loving on the screen. Now, they were just soaking up the closeness, enjoining the moment; there was no need for words.

He moved his hips and slid his left leg over Ted's, massaging his calf up and down his hairy leg. The space created by the movement of his leg allowed his hard cock to spring free from its confinement and rise between them. He moved his hand over his smoothly contoured hip, down his leg, and then crossed to his inner thigh. He purred like a kitten as his fingers tiptoed up his soft thigh, feeling the heat and wetness that he both left and created between his legs just moments ago. Looking up demurely he chuckled and whispered, "I'm still pretty wet down there darling." His fingers parted his warm lips with a tiny click, touching what felt like warm aloe. "Two fingers please" he said with a devilish giggle, as if ordering a glass of scotch, and bucked his hips, backing away when he probed his fingers deep inside, then slammed forward when he pulled back. His fingers worked inside his spongy wet hard cock, making delicious slurpy "futching" sounds and he visualized the imagery of his fingers being surrounded by his slippery pink walls. Brought back to reality by the sensation of his fingers wrapping themselves around his cock he whispered, "Oh baby, stroke it." He moved the loose skin over his rigid shaft, and his heart fluttered when he said "I want to taste you Ted."

Feeling devilish he took his sopping fingers out of his hard cock and began to gloss his lips. He puckered and pecked his fingertips, then opened his lips and sucked them deep inside his mouth, squeeeezing, and the exotic white residue with his lips. He pulled his fingers out with a "pop" and slid them back inside his hard cock, at the same time melting his lips into hiss, sliding them back and forth through the glossy, redolent coating.

Their passion was fully aroused as they kissed, tongues playing wildly, now breathing as one. Saliva leaked from their mouths and down their chins, the delicious musky odor of their co-mixed fluids enhancing their excitement. He felt the rough area inside his hard cock and began pressing to locate his g-spot. He lay still in anticipation, and then wiggled when he found it, bucking as his fingertip found the slight bulge which grew with his repeated pressings and releases. He worked his hand up and down his cock as his legs spread and came together, wanting to give him pleasure as his dripping hard cock bucked against his hand.

When they came up for air he brushed his long hair back, holding it out of the way of his face, and covered his rigidity with his mouth, plunging until the head cock touched his soft palate. He gagged slightly and then pulled back, grasping the base of his cock, moving his skin down, stretching it as his lips pressed his shaft. He felt the skin on his bullet shaped helmet stretch tight as he pulled downward. The slit opened and his tongue probed and licked the precum clean. His fingers milked him, filling the slit again, and cleaning it out. Finally, with gulps and moans, he worked his mouth up and down his shaft while his tongue spread the sweet balm of his precum and his saliva over the tight skin of his head.

He thought that he wouldn't be so sensitive; having taken the edge off his excitement in their initial fuckings, but the urgency between his legs built for another release, and cramped the muscles around his anus to forestall a premature explosion. He appeared to love pleasuring a man in this way, tantalizing each erogenous spot of his electric maleness.

Karlo made use of all his oral assets: lips, tongue, teeth, ridged roof, and soft pallet; even tickling his head with his uvula. His lips and mouth moved elegantly up and down his shaft, leaving it with his copious saliva, while making satisfied, yet muffled sighs, breathing loudly through his flaring nostrils, while, at the same time, fondling his balls, and even giving them a devilish squeeze. His head moved wildly up and down, his hair getting in the way, wrapping itself around his wet shaft. Moving faster and faster he pushed it back again with his hand. He was in control of this phase of their love making. His hand moved off his balls, and his finger pressed in as it found the soft spot toward his anus.

Ted experienced the deepest orgasm he had ever achieved, yet didn't spurt his semen. The dam held, and every nerve in his body shuddered in ecstasy. He couldn't believe the spasms that started in his balls, moved to his asshole, contracted his toes, and caused him to gulp in air and release a, "holy shit! Oh baby, baby!" His usual high when he ejaculated was not the same. This time he stayed high, not experiencing lassitude, which would use up precious minutes. The sensation in the head of his cock increased, instead of diminishing, and his eyes widened like saucers as Karlo's mouth continued to devour him, his own excitement being expressed in high pitched, but muffled screams. God, he really loves this, he thought.

He released the pressure on his spot, knowing that he would stay hard now, but allowed his to taste a modicum of his sperm that had oozed the length of his shaft. He raised his head and smiled at him, licking his white essence, appearing like a model in a milk ad. The look in his eyes told him that he was not yet finished with him, and he positioned himself between his legs, coaxing him to raise them. He lifted his balls out of the way, spread his cheeks and coated the balm of his manhood over his wrinkled anus, his tongue tip circling, which caused him to shout, "sssss, ooooh, Jesus!"

Having satisfying his oral fetish for the time being he thought, I want that throbbing cock inside me again, and lowered his legs to the bed, his veined cock standing upright. Straddling him he walked on his knees to his erection, taking it in his hand, then raised to position himself above it. Lowering slightly, he wiggled his cock along his slippery groove, found the entrance to his love tunnel, and wiggled again forming the socket, and then let his self sink slowly down, impaled on his rigid manhood. As he went down his spongy walls felt his bulk filling his, exciting the nerves of his tingling cunt. His lids closed and his eyeballs rolled up as his lips formed a small oval, which whistled "oooooooh."

Ted gasped, "Oh fuck!" as he felt his cock being covered and embraced inside his. He bucked up to meet his, watching his eyes close and his lips whisper ecstatic pleasure. Their bodies slapped together and then settled on the bed. He hooked his legs over his calves and opened his arms as he laid his body on his, his nipples flattening on his chest. Their eyes met and lips smiled.

"Do you know how many times I've dreamed of this Katy?" he said. He smiled and nodded, as if he knew. "I've looked at your picture" he said, "read and reread our chat's, both those where we made love, and not."

He kissed both of his eyelids.

"I've thought of you so many times, while stroking my hard cock, imagining my hand was you..." he said.

He kissed his lips, pushed up on his knees, his tight and luscious pocket gliding up his engorged shaft, until his hard cock sphincter held the knob of his head and then dropped. "Aaaah," he moaned, and continued through clenched teeth, "I've spurted my cum, covering my hand, imagining my cum shooting inside you so many times..." Again Karlo recoiled, dropped hard, impaling himself on him "Aaaah...Oh baby to feel you on me like this, to know that I'm inside you...Jesus!"

"Ooooooooh" he said all the way down until his bottom slapped on Ted's legs, just barely feeling his balls rising in the cleft of his cheeks; his nipples's sagging down with gravity and then rising up and settling at their usual level.

"You have very sexy nipples," he said, holding up his hands, fondling them as he continued his slow bucking ride.

He continued moving up and down, "ssssing" with each retraction and "oooohing" with each penetration, loving the feel of his hands pressing on his nipples, circling them and increasing his excitement as he rode the delicious carousel. He felt his fingers testing the softness of his nipples, his mind full of his cock moving in and out of his like a piston, turning the engine of his libido. He hadn't realized that he had begun rolling his nipples like a radio dial, searching for the right program. With eyes closed he felt his fullness massaging his hard cock tunnel, almost touching his cervix each time he returned to the saddle.

He couldn't believe how long he stayed hard, realizing it was Karlo's expertise that was shutting off his valve when he was sucking his cock, and was responsible for this long and lovely copulation. With his eyes closed he felt his soft, slickness embrace and stroke him. It was as if, when he covered him with his tallness, his balls surged, his tongue, toes and finger tips were totally enervated. Looking up he couldn't stop his words, "I love you Karlo," and his fingers began squeezing his nipples, knowing it would hurt, but, at the same time, knowing that it would fill his with ecstasy. He squeezed harder still.

Karlo felt the fire of pain in his nipples. He breathed deeply as Ted's fingers squeezed hard, raising on his knees, the head of his cock almost popping out of his hard cock. The pain in his nipples intensified. Then he felt a numbness, which excited his. He sat down hard, closed his eyes and threw his head back, his nostrils flaring with his torrid breath. Raising up again he felt the head of his cock brushing his g-spot, and moved his hips back a little, working his distended glands against his bulging sac. As his hardness rubbed against the front of his Yoni he worked his head against his g-spot, feeling it become more sensitive and swollen. His orgasm was building. He wanted him to cum with his, so he wrapped the fingers of his right hand around his lingam and, as he moved up and down in sharp jabs, he masturbated his exposed shaft, commanding, "Cum for me baby, Cum. Let's do it together."

He felt the rumbling begin deep inside his, knowing that he was going to squirt from his g-spot, and sat down hard, burying him deep inside his. His legs and butt tightened and he raised up trying to fuck his, grunting. In full slide, moving up and down, gritting his teeth, making "sss, sss,sss" sounds he anticipated his release, felt it coming, and fucked with wild abandon. "Oh God, Ted!" he screamed as his tantric spurge released and he gushed.

At Karlo's invitation he came with intense pulsations: once, twice, three times. And then his balls, spacing one more time, leaked the last remains of his reservoir into his sloppy cunt. He kept fucking him up and down now running on the remains of his passion.

Both felt the surge of each other's ejaculations; He the initial warmth of his essence, just before his seminal surges; He the release of his sac, and then the pulsation of his cock. The separate juices flowed and then mixed, his urine-like ejaculate mixing and thinning his thicker semen. The result was silky. Their repeated strokes forced liquid through his tight ring, sending a fetching, bubbly flow down his shaft, seeping into his pubic hair and sagging down his scrotum.

Exhausted, he fell upon his body, at first kissing passionately, then drifting off into darkness. He luxuriated in the warm, soft weight of his body, smelling the copious musk, now leaking past his receding cock, his sopping soft walls lovingly embracing his limpness. As he drifted to join Karlo in satisfied slumber, he remembered his breathing slowing, becoming weightless, nonexistent, but for his satisfied sighs.

Flight Delay 3

He heard his screaming his name, "Ted! Yes, yes!" then awoke with a start, feeling a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at the beautiful flight attendant, with the dark hair and dimpled cheek, who was shaking him.

"We'll be landing at LAX in just fifteen minutes sir."

His dream was so real. it seemed that their loving would go on forever, and he hoped that he'd not been talking in his sleep. The aching hardness between his legs seemed to have a memory of its own. His skin was stretched tight, and there was a burning sensation, both inside his urethra and at the underside of his purplish helmet. He shook his head, lifted his tray table and brought his seat back to its upright position.

"Nice dream, huh?" he said, stole a lightning glance at his crotch, winked, and moved down the aisle.

As the plane began its descent his mind went back to the motel in Manila, and he remembered waking from his orgasm induced slumber. He was lying on his stomach, his balls beginning to ache with more activity than they'd known since his honeymoon. He seemed pinned to the bed, and could feel his legs straddling his back, the warm wetness of his soaking hard cock vibrating in a small circle just above his butt. He could feel his hand moving, touching his back. He heard his labored breathing, and he began to move.

"Stay still Ted", he said, as if talking through clenched teeth. "I'm almost there", he gasped urgently, stifling muffled uh, uh, uhs, his hips shaking him from side to side. He felt his hand stop, realizing he had two fingers inside his, pressing against his swollen g-spot. He knew what he was doing, having discussed this fantasy of his on line so many times.

"Ohhhh Godddd Ted" he exploded. His body froze, then quivered and raised.

He couldn't remember whether he heard the muted sound of the rushing liquid first, or the feel of his back being sprayed with warm water, but knew that he had ejaculated on his back, gushing a flow which existed in but few teen gay. His soft ass settled on the small of his back and he began moving the liquid up and down. He could feel his flaccid, wet labia, on the back of his neck, on his left shoulder, then his right, spreading the exotic mixture of his female lubrication and the delicate urine-like aroma from his tantric sponge.

"I want to smell like you", He had told his that night, three months before, "I want you to wash my entire body with your hard cock."

"Is this as good as you thought it would be?" He asked as he turned him over, lowered his pinkness to his forehead, then, cadging backward, washed down his nose, across his lips, chin, neck and chest. He could hear the soft sibilant noise of his delicate lips as they slathered their sensuous surfactant. As if floating in an ethereal amniotic sac he lay there, feeling a soft buzzing in his ears, with the sensation of tiny Lilliputian fingers tickling his body. It was more than titillation; it was a complete massage, the kind that few mortals would ever experience. He continued downward, sliding over his right thigh, the wetness making a squishy abrading sound on his plentiful leg hair. When he got to the arch of his foot he raised slightly, held his big toe and lowered his self on it, his toe feeling the warm sponge. Then he repeated on the left leg, fucked his toe with three slow plunges, and then moved backward on his elbows and knees.

He could see the redly chafed clam between his legs, seeping with the wetness of his passion. Still on his knees he straightened his back, and then walked awkwardly backward, Brad at the waist. His hands took his partially swollen cock, and he began sucking the softies head between his lips. He hardened further, and he sucked him in an exquisite motion. At the same time he Brad this legs spreading his cheeks and ass. He saw his lips part, hearing the liquid click, stretching a gossamer string between them and breaking it. His hard cock and anus were works of erotic art: reddened large lips with pink ginger-like petals in between, spreading to show the fuck opened hole, glistening pink insides showing it's marvelous contents. His wondrous gash was topped by the pinkish brown moue of his asshole, spooked by with delicate wrinkles. And, it seemed to be pulsing, bulging out, and gently sucking back in. The other end of the sensual slit was decorated with his fleshy node, covered partially by a soft protective heath, his glistening pink head peaking out. He watched his soft bottom lower to his forehead, until the redolent clam pressed against his lips, and the spooked anus touching the tip of his nose. Together they licked and sucked, wiggled and bucked, until his bottom vibrated, and he tensed, as his body went ridged, and his semen flowed from aching balls into his covering mouth. His body fell limp on his.

It was as if they were one organism. Their breathing matched, as did their heartbeats. They were melted together, he lying on top of him, weightless, almost buoyant. He could only see his legs, the contour of his ass, his reddened, puffy lips with the tiny bit of clitoris peeking out. He wanted to spoon with his, to caress his, to fondle his soft nipples and did.

As they lay together neither drifted off. They were alone in their thoughts but together in the rest of their tallness. They were afraid to talk, knowing that talk might be futile. This liaison was never supposed to have taken place, but karma demanded it. And as they lay in silence, both dwelled on the karma that might allow it to happen again.

He dropped him off at the airport, with a smile on his lips, and tears in his eyes. He got out of the car and started to talk. "Shhh", he said placing his index finger on his lips. With a lump in his throat he waited for his to say something. His eyes welled as he whispered, "I know", and the car started moving forward. He nodded and closed the door.

He opened the door to his house and heard, "Hi honey, did you get any new business?"

"Nothing immediate", he said, "this is going to require a couple more trips I think."

He walked to him with a smile, and hugged him tightly. "Welcome home sweetie." Placing his head on his chest he paused.