Monday, July 30, 2007

Teen Gay Reveal

Hi, my name is Benjie. I'm 18, I am what you call as a luscious teen gay and I found out that I was attracted to both men and women when I was
very young. I was five, and I can still remember this vividly. My older brother was pointing to a large billboard in NY city.
It had a woman on it who was almost naked. He said that he loved it, and I told him that I sort of did. But I
wouldn't mind it being a guy either. I have had many crushes on male friends.
When I hit adolescence at 12 I realized that I would always enjoy looking at both men and women. So I didn't
really want anyone to know I was that way. So I just kept dating girls even if I didn't like most of them. But
when I was with them they would notice that I would stare at other people, and not girls either. Men.
It was around 13 turning 14 when I met my teen friend Alex. He was this very solitary boy who lived down the street
from me and went to an on-line school because his parents didn't want him going to any school saying it
was different here, as to where he moved from. He was originally born in Italy, but both his parents were
half Japanese half white. So they moved to Japan and he lived there until he was 12. And then moved all
around America until he moved down the road from me.
We would always hang out and he would make fun of me for being smaller than him. Now at the age of 18
I am only 5'7'' and he is a tall 6'3''. We still talk about how it started between us. It was around Halloween.
And his younger brother, mother, and father had gone out to trick or treat. I stayed over his house
because my family did the same.
We were in his room watching the random horror movies that were on tv. And he asked me if I liked
anyone. I didn't tell him I liked men, I just said "no not right now why?" he then looked at me and just
kinda smiled. It was rare when he smiled. That was when he told me that he was a teen gay. And I had to come
out to him. From then on we would always hug each other or kiss one another just because we wanted to.
When we were 15, we started to masturbate with one another, which then lead to oral sex. We have never
never gone farther than that saying that its not right because we don't love one another. Until this day we still
hang out and hug each other. But we call one another a sleeping buddy. Because he'll stay over my house
and instead of sleeping on my pull out couch bed, he will sleep in my bed with me.
I have relationships like this with lots of my friends. And to all of you who are worried about coming out,
don't be. At first people will be a little disturbed, but later on they will accept it and some people will then
come out to you. And even though I have done this with men, I still have a healthy relationship with a girl,
who I have been with for two years now. And to top that off, I also have a crush on another girl and boy.
I know that I don't love the other boy and girl. But I still know that I am bisexual and it was hard at first
thinking that I wanted to touch other boys.
Just work your way through it and you'll all be okay. Its not as bad as you think. So more power to all of you.

My Upstairs

We had been friends with the upstairs neighbors for quite a few years. They had a son and two daughters. The oldest daughter, Lisa, was an early bloomer. In her early days of feeling her body blossom, she would stand out on their back porch in a mini-skirt without panties. She would lean over the rail exposing her ass, then part her legs to show a lightly covered pussy. I was somewhat excited, but never took it seriously.

As she got into her teens, she started to act out like may teenagers, we could hear screaming matches with her parents, slamming doors, etc.

My wife had picked her up twice from stores where Lisa had been caught shoplifting. Since Lisa's parents hadn't been home, "Aunt Linda" had been called.

One day I was home alone when the phone rang and I was asked if Aunt Linda was there. When I said no, I was asked if I was Lisa's Uncle Joe. I replied in the affirmative and was asked to come pick up my "niece" at another store where Lisa had been caught stealing make-up.

I showed up and Lisa was looking scared and chagrined. I signed the necessary papers and assured the owners that I would let the parents know about the stealing.

By the time we got out to the apartment building, Lisa's attitude had changed. She was strutting a bit and acting a little saucy. She didn't have keys to upstairs so we went into my apartment.

I asked her why she wasn't worried about her parents, and she said that they wouldn't do anything and to mind my own fucking business. I told her that she needed a good spanking because she was such a brat.

Lisa knelt on the couch and pulled down her tight jeans and asked me if I could handle it. I started to tell her to pull her pants up, but she started to wiggle her ass around. I stared at her pink anus winking at me and could see a little moisture around her pussy as she pushed her ass toward me. My breath caught as I looked longingly.

I was so mad at myself for being excited that I smacked her ass with my bare hand causing her ass to vibrate. Lisa cried out and pushed her ass toward me again. I knelt beside her and smacked her again causing her to bite her lip. Lisa looked at me and I couldn't believe the lust in those teenage eyes.

I reached out and ran my hands lightly around the red marks from my slaps, then pushed her shirt up further to get an unimpeded view. Lisa grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and off over her head causing her large bare breasts to bounce in front of me. She looked over her bare shoulder and wiggled her ass again.

I put one hand on her hip to steady myself while I spanked her again, harder this time. Her body leaped forward causing her tits to shake and bounce and my hand to slip off her hip. I moved my lower hand to her pussy as I slapped her ass again, causing my fingers to hit her clit as she bounced again. I started spanking her with regular motions, her tits were in constant tantalizing movement as her body rocked. My fingers would hit her clit and bury in between her lips and they started getting very wet as she approached an orgasm. She came with a cry, shuddering against my hand, her pussy spasming around my finger tips.

As she stopped shaking I bent forward to kiss the red marks, admiring the softness and firmness of her young ass. I started to lick around the edges of her cheeks, running the tip of my tongue toward her hole, lightly touching the hairs but not touching her ring. She started to moan and push back toward my tongue so I gave her a rim job. She was gasping as she thrust her ass back, fucking my tongue. She reached back to pull at my pants, saying that she wanted it. I kept up the rim job as I undid my pants and slid them down to my ankles. I stood up and grabbed her cheeks, pushing them out to the side as I opened her ass for my seeping cock. She was looking over her shoulder when she saw the size of my cock. She smiled nastily as I pushed against her asshole, pushing back to help me gain entrance. I grabbed her waist and pulled back and entered her hot smooth tunnel. Lisa moaned and wiggled her ass for me, pulling tightly against my cock. I pulled back and shoved harder causing her tits to shake. She was gnawing on her shoulder and arm as she stared back at me as I picked up the tempo pounding in to her butt. I was heaving against her, burying my cock to the hilt on each stroke, my balls were swinging free and easy, as I plunged time after time into the sweet restriction. Lisa was moaning loudly, her head was between her arms that were braced against my assault. I could feel my orgasm start at the back of my neck as if cum were flowing down my spine as I shot into her ass with a cry.

I fell forward, crushing her to the back of the couch as she shuddered through a long orgasm, her ass spasming and pulling at my still spurting cock.

I cupped her firm tits as we rested. I started to nuzzle at her neck, marveling at how wicked I felt, and how truly great Lisa felt. I pushed Lisa onto her back and straddled her chest. I told her that she needed to pay homage to her master. She opened her mouth and started to lick me clean. I got hard and pulled back telling her that I was going to fuck her tits. She grinned and smashed them around my cock, raising her head to lick my cock as it emerged from between her mounds. I came, shooting across her tits and across her face as she opened her mouth to try to catch my jism on her tongue.

I licked her clean, telling her that she was a very bad girl as her legs wrapped around my waist. She started to push her pussy against me, leaving a hot wet feeling around my groin. Her pressure against me started to get me hard again. I hadn't responded like this since I was a teen. I entered her, causing her to sigh and suck on my tongue. I used long slow strokes, burying myself and pushing against her clit with my pelvis, then withdrawing until just the head was in her cunt lips. Soon she was meeting my down strokes, raising her hips to get me as far in to her as possible. I started sucking on her tits, sucking as much into my mouth as I could, tonguing her nipples.

She cried out at the pain and pleasure, bucking her hips in a frenzy as she came. I kept on exchanging tits as I continued fucking her slowly. Her body motions subsided, then started to build again as she shrieked to another orgasm. I moved my hands down to her ass to gain control over her movement. Her ass was slick with her juices. I lubed a couple of fingers as I picked up the tempo. As I started to plow into her cunt I pushed my fingers into her ass setting off another set of orgasms for Lisa. She just kept on shouting fuck, fuck, fuck, as she came. She leaned forward and started to lick my nipples, as I fucked her. I grabbed the back of her head as I could feel myself coming, and she sucked on my nipple as I burst into her with a yell.

Her body was so hot and sweaty. I kissed her on the mouth as my cock finished twitching inside her velvet cunt.

We showered off together and I soaped her down, lovingly running my hands around her tits and ass. I knelt down in front of her and licked her pussy. Lisa grabbed the back of my head as she leaned back against the shower wall, grinding her hips as she started to cum again. I probed her ass with a couple of fingers as I tongued and sucked on her hard clit. She screamed out as she spasmed to another orgasm.

After she went home I was getting some stuff from the garage when another neighbor, Bruce, smiled at me and mentioned that he could keep secrets, if it was worth his while. I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about. He grinned and showed me a couple of polaroids he had taken from the upstairs porch. The quality wasn't very good but it was obviously me fucking someone, and that someone had blonder hair.

I asked Bruce what he expected. Bruce shut the door to the garage with us inside. He knelt down in front of me as he reached for my waist. I couldn't believe what was happening as his warm mouth wrapped around my cock. I was shocked enough that I didn't get hard for a while. Finally, of course, the difference between a man's tongue and a woman's tongue are of no consequence to my dick. So with a mind of its own my dick started to get hard in Bruce's mouth. I leaned back against my car, feeling the cool metal against my ass as Bruce's hands massaged my balls, gently caressing my scrotum and tickling around my anus. I started to rock my hips fucking his mouth as he kept on licking me. His mouth was fabulous, much better than my wife's. I felt my consciousness completely focus on my cock and balls and ass as his fingers entered into me. He was fucking my ass with his fingers as my hips started to plunge forward shoving my cock into his throat. My legs were shaking as I came with a cry, pulling his head to my groin with both hands. Bruce just kept on sucking me until I was dry.

I was red from embarrassment and excitement as he stood up and kissed me on the mouth while holding my hands in his. He pulled my hands to his cock as he leaned into me. I felt how hard he was and could feel the dampness of his excitement. His tongue had somehow gotten past my lips and I was alarmed at my quickness of breath as my tongue sought his. He turned me around, leaning me over the hood of the car. I heard his zipper as he undid his pants. I glanced over my shoulder to see his bouncing cock approach my ass. Bruce parted my cheeks and pushed in. I couldn't believe what was happening as my hips rocked back, shoving more of him into me. I got on to my toes to give him a better angle as he started to pound into me. My face was pressed against the hood as pummeled my ass.

Bruce started to groan and his hips were moving in a blur as his orgasm approached. He cried out and spurted into me.

Every time I smell grease I remember the time with Lisa and the bonus in the garage.

Luscious Teen Guy Admired by a Gay Doctor

Denny, my young 18-year old neighbor, who still lived home with his widowed mother, was, I discovered, a hustler. I had enjoyed watching Denny during his growing-up years, watching him develop, his muscular lean body gleaming with perspiration when he would run around in cut-offs and nothing else -- even barefoot -- in his backyard.
As he matured, he sensed my interest in watching him -- admiring him -- and I have to admit he became a bit of a show off, flexing his muscles, taking provocative poses, enjoying watching my reactions to his teasing behavior. Like most young boys, he had the natural ability to sense how to pose and preen to have the best advantage to attract the attention of adults.
I read somewhere once that all men have this natural attraction to members of both sexes, but society forces us to suppress homo erotic tendencies and emphatically deny any interest in members of the same sex.
I read a lot about such things -- being a doctor and all. I really no longer legally had the title of doctor any more, having lost my license due to what happened when I was giving the son of a prominent citizen a physical check-up, and I ....
But that incident was behind me. I had resisted all temptations posed by underage youths since then.
But I kept up on my interest in male anatomy, perusing illustrations of the male in scientific tomes and also, I must admit, illustrations of the male in periodicals that showed the male nude in poses deliberately designed to be provocative for a homosexual audience -- but which served me well given my scientific interest in the male form.
Instead of making a living as a doctor of medicine I had become a researcher and earned a modest living writing on the subject of male sexuality and marketing my writings to various periodicals which specialized in the subject.
It seemed to me a terrible shame that a doctor of medicine could not freely --legally -- conduct research into the sexual development of the male -- the young male in particular.
I read somewhere once that adults are naturally attracted by children and youth -- that is why they are so cute -- as in the animal world where puppies are cute -- kittens are cute -- even little wolves and tiger kittens are cute. It is sort of a natural survival tactic nature uses to protect little ones by making them attractive to potential predators and thus enhancing their chances of survival.
So, I will admit it, I was attracted to Denny while he was growing up. I was, in fact, extremely attracted. But I never did anything about it. He was a kid. He was not, as they say, "street legal." No matter how intense the teasing or how provocative his approaches, I resisted temptation.
Denny was glad to mow my lawn for me and do odd jobs I scraped up for the benefit of having him come over and hang around in often scanty attire. I paid him big for the work he performed, and would offer him a cola in the centralized interior of my home when he was getting hot physically and I was getting hot emotionally watching him outside the window as he did different yard chores. He would drink his cola and I would sit across from him, sipping a beer, in awe, I admit, at the sight before me, and, obligingly, he would remove his shirt if he was even wearing one, and give me more to stare at.I always kept in mind that he was not of legal age and resisted all temptation.

When the work was done, I would go down into the basement and relieve my tensions by perusing my collection of magazines illustrating the male form -- studying the images carefully and wishing it could only be possible for me to follow my interests by having real, living specimens. If only, for example, Denny was of legal age. And willing.
But Denny was all grown up now, a fine specimen of young manhood, and, to me, at least, every bit as tempting in his more adult state as he had been as a child.
That's when I spotted him down on Main Street. It was hot and humid and late evening and I needed more research material so I had driven downtown in my old car to "Peek 'n Meat" a bookstore that marketed periodicals to an adult market and where I went quite often to purchase periodicals for my study of male anatomy down in my basement. I had spent a wad of twenties for the purchase of this new research material and I was on my way back home with the magazines in their black plastic bag beside me on the front seat.
Like I say, that's when I spotted him down on Main Street, in his skin-tight thinly-worn Levi's with holes in all the right places, I couldn't believe my eyes. He was hanging around Main Street in front of the gay bar I had frequented often in my younger years. He was leaning up against a power pole, one leg drawn up behind him and planted on the pole, his package bulging provocatively, a tight T-shirt clinging to his beautiful body.
I slowed to a stop and stared. How I wanted that boy.
And Denny was legal now. Legally, I could have him without breaking the law. And he was so beautiful.
My problem now was that I had always resisted Denny through the years, maintaining a proper front, even though the boy would smilingly watch me as I practically drooled when he was present. I had maintained a respectable relationship with him in spite of goggling him whenever I got the chance -- even going so far as to openly admiring each piercing or tattoo he imposed on his handsome body and willingly showed me, and showed me often, especially when he would raise up his shirt and rub his belly around his navel where he had had a little circle of barbed wire tattooed around his navel.
Did I mention how much I wanted this lad?
It just couldn't be true that he was here on Main Street in front of a gay bar on a hot, muggy night -- hustling -- proposing the prostitution of his fine young body. Could it? I knew he didn't have a job and was still living at home with his mother -- yet, now that I thought about it, with his mother's meager-paying job as a part-time maid for an employment service, it seemed logical that there had to be some sort of additional money coming into the household to allow for the survival of his mother and Denny himself. Was Denny bringing in money to help out his mother by selling his youthful -- but now legal -- body on the streets?
I couldn't help it. I actually licked my lips as I paused there in the car, staring at the boy, and then my car stalled. In almost the same instant the driver in the car behind me began blowing his horn to make me move forward.
The blowing of the horn drew Denny's attention directly toward me. Red-faced, I watched the boy approach, a knowing smile curling up the edges of his lips.
"Having trouble, Doc?" he asked, leaning in toward me at the open window on the passenger side of the car. The smell of him wafted in tantalizingly.
I loved it when Denny called me Doc. And he knew I loved it.
"The c-car stalled," I stuttered, my blush growing an even deeper red.
"A ride home, Doc?" Denny asked.
Denny opened the car door on the passenger side and went inside onto the front seat at my side and I managed to get the car started just as the driver behind me blew his horn a third time -- this time loud and threatening.
The car jolted forward, almost stalling again, but the engine held, and I moved on forward, signaling for a right turn at the traffic light on the corner and turning North toward home.
"Hi, Denny," I managed, my blush ebbing a little perhaps by now. I could actually "feel" the presence of this youth in the car beside me. "I saw you...and...."
"Yeah, I was hoping someone would come along and pick me up," Denny said, neither admitting or denying any reason I might have been considering for his provocative presence in front of a gay bar. "I'm glad it was you, Doc," he added, and I could sense he was looking at me and smiling. And I knew he meant it. He really was glad it was me who had come along. "I was in the bar but things are pretty slow tonight."
"You were in the b-bar?"
"Yeah," Denny said, his voice low and full of as much meaning as one could squeeze into a single word. It was almost a whispered "yeah". "What about you, Doc? What are you up to tonight?"
And then he spotted my black plastic sack containing the magazines full of pictures of the male body that I used in my research. The black plastic bag was a dead giveaway as to where its contents had been purchases.
"Peek 'n Meat, huh?" Denny said. "What'd ya get, Doc?"
He was opening the sack before I could say anything, and he saw the magazines all containing images of the male body.
There was a long, awkward moment ... and then Denny said softly, "Coo--ool, Doc." He pointed out through one of the magazines as I continued driving up the street, then he slid the magazines back into the black plastic bag.
"Man, it sure is hot," he said, and he pulled his T-shirt up exposing his belly and ran his index finger around the barbed-wire circle tattooed around his navel.
"I'm glad you came along to give me a lift home," Denny said.
I slowed and then turned down the side street toward our homes.
"It is just so hot," Denny said. "Ya got any beer, Doc?"
"Y-yes," I stammered.
"I am so thirsty."
"W-would you like to come in for a beer?" I asked him. "I mean...."
"Yeah, Doc. I'm legal now, Doc."
I managed a side glance and saw he was staring right at me.
"Ya know what I mean, Doc?"
I slowed again and pulled into my driveway -- on the left side was his house and his driveway. I opened the car garage with my remote garage-door opener and eased the car inside to a halt, then hit the remote again and the door slid down shut behind us.
He had often been in the garage before, tinkering around with the odd jobs I gave him, getting the lawn mower out, and so forth.
"I've been over here so many times before that this almost seems like home, too," Denny said. He grabbed the black plastic bag of magazines to carry it for me.
We both got out of the car and moved through the side door two where once set of stairs led down to the basement, and another short set of stair led up to the kitchen. We climbed up into the kitchen and I retrieved a full six pack of beer from the fridge, and Denny beamed me a smile and nodded his approval.
And then, with me carrying the six pack of beer and with 18-year-old Denny following me with the black plastic bag, I led him down to my laboratory in the basement.