Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quicky Ass Story

He kissed me passionately for a few moments before pressing a condom into the palm of my hand. He shocked me by knelling in front of me, putting his moist lips against my growing erection. I could feel his breath on my cock through the thin layer of cloth of my Speedos. The warmth of his breath made my cock throb and jerk as I felt a drop of pre-cum forming and begins to slide from the eye of the head of my cock down my shaft…

With his firm but gentle hands Allan removed my blue Speedos making my cock slap back against my stomach when it was finally released from its holdings. Allan took my cock in his hand and gently applied the condom to my rigid tool. He immediately closed his mouth over my cock, his tongue teasing me and he succeeded in making my balls tingle from the sensational pleasures. I looked down admiring his succulent features as he nuzzled my gonads and sucked on my throbbing knob like a true professional.

With my heart racing and my cock throbbing I wanted to return the favor, but with his mouth suctioned over my private regions, I knew Allan was in a hurry, but I was persistent finally managing to drag him off my body. I had him stand before me... It took but only a second to slide his swimming trunks down over his hips to his ankles allowing me to look closely at the manhood I was about to enjoy.

Wow, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I came face to face with a monster cock. His cock was huge, his balls hung down between his legs. When I took his cock in my hands it was longer than two hands. With it in my hands I wondered what I had got myself into, but it was too late to back out. I was horny as hell and my cock was tingling in anticipation of what I was about to do. I licked my lips and began concentrating on sliding as much of the rubber protection as I could manage down over his cock. I looked at it admiring the beauty of such a fine organ before closing my mouth over the massive head.

I licked and licked as I lowered my hand down the shaft, my mouth followed taking as much of Allan's organ down my throat as possible. I surprised myself when I buried my nose in his short and curly pubic hairs. I felt I was living in a dream for a moment, my mouth found his hairy balls suckling them with a deep passion.

Allan pulled me up off his cock and led me over to the bed, not a word was said as he pushed me back so I was comfortable, my cock standing tall and erect ready for the attention I was about to receive. Allan knelt over me, his legs straddling my head and as he leant forward his cock slipped into my mouth. His warm moist mouth sucked my cock deep down his throat at the same time. I found swallowing his thick shaft right down to the end of the condom was easier this way, my mouth was open and relaxed with this hot cock sucking session, but even with me taking as much as I could, there was still a few inches unattended so I wrapped my hand around his cock stroking him in order to give Allan's massive cock full stimulation in our heated session.

We sucked for what seemed like an eternity giving each other thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable blowjobs along with cock pumping and some very nice ass play action. Allan stopped sucking long enough to ask me if I wanted to be fucked….

Now how could I turn down such an offer? My ideal position, I'm a natural bottom and I needed to feel Allan's massive cock in my ass. I took my mouth from Allan's cock and whispered… "Yeah Allan, I want you to fuck my ass!"

"Are you sure you can take my prick? Not many have allowed my thick cock anywhere near their puckered holes," he said.

"Let's try!! Come on I want to feel your big fucker in my tight hole and then we'll find out, ok?"

Allan moved off the bed and grabbed the tube of lube. I rose to my hands and knees and really pleased with myself, I presented him with my tight puckered asshole. Not a word was spoken again as he lubed up my rectum, pushing one and then two slippery fingers deep inside me. The sensations were wonderful, shooting from my anus through to my balls, I couldn't help moaning as my pleasure centers were throbbing with excitement… I wanted his cock now!!!

"Damn Allan, I need to feel your cock now… Fuck my ass now!" I demanded softly.

I could feel Allan move behind me, he pushed the massive rubbery head of his massive slick organ against my slightly open anus. I pushed back against the head, I could feely my ass being stretched wide, but I didn't care, I wanted to be fucked so bad by Allan…

I took a couple of second's breather, before pushing back against him again sinking several thick inches of his shaft on that first thrust. He held ever so still until I caught my breath and overcame the pain momentarily… the pain was incredible and it took me a few moments to overcome the few seconds of that pain knowing that the pleasure will follow… I talked myself into relaxing my muscles and the thought went through my mind… Hot damn he's so BIG!!!

But on the other hand he was so gentle and waited until I gave him the ok to begin fucking me. Slowly he began feeding his cock in before withdrawing a little and then pushing it in further and further. Finally the full length of his massive cock slid slowly into me and his balls were banging against my ass.

Allan put his hands on my hips with his thumbs just touching my ass cheeks. He pulled me to him sinking the last few inched of his whopper with one quick thrust of his hips. He only paused for a moment and half lay over me kissing my back and neck. I could tell he was enjoying the feeling of my tight ass wrapped around his huge cock when he reach under me, his hand stroking my cock, the feeling was exquisite.

Ever so softly and slowly he gently pulled his hips back a little at a time, his thickness rubbed against my tightly stretched ass, the pleasure and pain was incredible. I was living in ecstasy and then I felt him slide back into me, fully, faster and harder. Without warning he withdrew quicker before sliding his cock in with force this time, the pleasure was mind-boggling. His hands gripped my ass slamming into my horny hot ass time and time again. The pleasure was too much.

It felt like his cock was buried deep inside me and my ass was on fire. I went crazy then, I needed to come… My balls were throbbing from the intense pleasure and I could feel Allan's cock pulsating deep within my hot ass…I pushed back meeting his thrusts, my tight ass squeezing his thick piece of meat as he fucked me harder and harder. It was incredible two men grunting as one hot hunk sunk his cock into the asshole of the other over and over again, it worked, and his thrusting sent me over the top…

I felt my cream flood my condom adding to the sensations with my body throbbing as Allan buried his long thick prick deep in my bowels, hitting against my prostrate. I knew he was shooting his load with every thrust. His cock pulsated deep inside my rectum. Allan held my hips pulling me back roughly against his pelvis… every time his cock throbbed I felt another jolt of pleasure and the great satisfaction knowing he had a mind blowing orgasm because of me…

We lay together for a few moments enjoying the afterglow… Allan's limp cock slipped out of my ass, he rolled off me… I turned and faced him, Allan pulled me to him and we kissed tenderly as we stroked each other's slick bodies….

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Discovering Each Gay Attitude

"Do you want to look at some porn," I asked Renan, my friend from uni who was visiting for a few days.

"Yeah, ok," he replied, "What have you got?"

"Loads of stuff come down and have a look."

So we went downstairs to the computer and began browsing through my folders. After about ten minutes I needed the look, so I left Renan to browse on his own. But when I came back he had a big smile on his Afro-Caribbean face.

"Are you bi, then?" he asked me. He had obviously found my small collection of gay porn, there was no point in denying it. Then I began to wonder about his smile.

"Yes," I admitted slowly, "Why, are you?"

"I am, yes," he said and paused, and then in a lower voice: "Can I watch you masturbate?"

"Ok," I replied, excited at this prospect of finally exploring another male body, especially one as sexy as Renan'. "Although I suppose you should know beforehand that I, er, well I fancy you."

"Really? Brilliant, because I fancy you! We could become lovers for a while if you like."

"Sounds fun," I replied, and began drawing all the curtains, then we both went up to the bathroom, drawing curtains as we went. Once in the bathroom we stripped off and stood naked before each other. I gave Renan a good look over, particularly at his dick which like mine was already becoming erect. We returned to the computer (me behind him so I got a good view of his muscular butt) and I selected an extra long anal sex movie of some bloke and a really sexy brunette.

By now both our penises were fully erect and I could see that his was a bit bigger than mine, which already was a little above average, and waited in anticipation of taking that in my mouth or up my anus. We both spat a good dollop of spittle into our palms and began stroking ourselves. As stimulation, we occasionally looked at the screen, but the movie mainly helped by the sounds, as we were mostly looking at what the other was doing.

He was stroking his long shaft with his right hand slowly and firmly, while circling the head with his left hand. I was holding my foreskin back with one hand and alternately making a ring with my finger and thumb and turning that around beneath the head and stroking the front glands. We continued like this for the whole movie, slowing down and speeding up, occasionally changing technique, and sometimes stopping if we neared orgasm.

Once it ended, neither of us had come, so we sat on the floor facing each other, and continued for another couple of minutes. Then, at the end of one of the little rests, I reached out and began stroking his big black cock, and he did the same. It was wonderful, having someone else’s hot dick in my hand and being able to explore it, rubbing the front glands until his breathing changed, and then slowing, and then stroking his whole penis, while his hands were stroking my dick, rubbing the foreskin over the head, and rubbing the glands.

After about four minutes of this ecstasy, it was obvious that we were both bursting to ejaculate. We both brought our eyes up so they met, and then hesitantly our mouths met and we kissed, our tongues intertwining. I made both my hands form tubes, and then slowly ran first one and then the other down around his cock, bringing the first one back to the top when it reached the bottom, and he did the same, so it felt to both of us as if our dicks were growing to an infinite length penetrating through an infinitely deep vagina. As we neared climax our kiss became stronger and more passionate, until finally we both came, shooting semen all over each other.

We collapsed on the floor next to each other, and hugged for a while, spreading the semen over ourselves. Then we finally got up and went upstairs for a shower.


"Are we alone Renan?" I asked as I followed him to his room.

"Yeah, my dad's at work and my mum's visiting her sister today," he replied, "And Laura my sister has gone to a friend's house for the day, so we have the house to ourselves.

"Good," I said, as he closed the door. "Shall we...shall we try something together again?"

"What would you like to do?" he asked grinning at me and taking off his top.

"How about giving each other blowjobs?" I say while unbuttoning my shirt.

"Sounds good. Who'll go first?" He removed his t-shirt revealing his sexily muscled torso and began undoing his fly.

"I'll suck yours first if you like," I offered, pulling my trousers down as he took of his briefs to free his hardening dark brown penis. "But I'm not letting you come before you suck mine a bit. I know what guys are like, I am one! Once we've come we can't really be bothered anymore..."

"That's fine," he replied, massaging his dick to get it fully hard while I finished undressing, "I like it nice and drawn out. I'm ready when you are." He sat down on the bed and spread his black legs.

I knelt down between his legs and smelt the sweet smell of his balls. I licked slowly up the shaft and then held it while I licked around the edge of the head before running my tongue all over it, tasting his sweat. Then I carefully put my lips around the hot black thickness of his cock and moved forward so it went to the back of my mouth. I felt its shape and warmth in with my tongue exploring the crevices, and then started to gently suck on it. Gradually I moved my head back so his skin was caressed by my wet lips.

When only the tip of his penis was between my lips I sucked again, pulling myself forward to take his dick in my mouth again. I repeat this for a minute or so, and Renan was making some pleasure induced groans. Then I twisted my head round again and continued but sucking harder and moving his cock in and out faster. Every thirty seconds I stopped and licked hard on the part of his penis where the foreskin met the head and circling it with my tongue before resuming my sucking. After another couple of minutes Renan was breathing pretty heavily and moaning loudly, when a large amount of thick, sweet tasting precum shot into my mouth.

"I'm not sucking any more for now," I tell him after swilling the liquid around my mouth and swallowing it.

"OK, get up on the bed then," Renan replied, getting down on his knees ready.

I sat on the bed as Renan had done, my dick pretty hard from the turn on of having his long thick cock in my mouth, and spread my legs ready. He knelt between them and began to slowly masturbate me with his brown hands. After a few seconds I lay back and felt his hot lips wrap around the head of my cock, sending a tingling sensation down it unlike any wank I'd had. Then I felt his tongue lap at it while he continued taking in the shaft.

A fantastic feeling in my penis came as soon as he started a gentle teasing suck, before sucking hard and at the same time pulling my dick in and out of his mouth as if it were the cunt of a girl on top of me. Every minute or so he stopped and masturbated it while licking the tip, so after five minutes I started spilling precum into his mouth, which made him stop.

Before he could get up again I pushed him down on the floor and sat on his chest. Then I leaned over and took his hot black penis in my mouth so that this time the smooth flat top of its head lay on my tongue so I could caress it properly. I sucked hard and fast on his cock for a minute in this position, then I gradually moved around to the position between his legs again while he dragged himself up on the bed.

Renan put his hands on my head and began running his fingers through my hair, pushing my head back and forward as I lip-fucked his dick. His grip on my hair got stronger and his knees tightened around my head, his feet lifting off the floor, his breathing became harder, and his moans and groans of pleasure got louder as he neared orgasm.

My sucking intensified and I circled the head in my mouth with my tongue for added sensation, and then all of a sudden his penis started pulsing violently, and hot cum shot into my mouth in six bursts, filling it with warm, sweet semen so that it dribbled out through the gap between my lips and his cock and down my chin. I removed his dick from my mouth and he squirted another two shots of cum in my face, its thick warmness running down my cheeks. I swilled the sweetness around in my mouth enjoying the taste and texture, before swallowing it, feeling the thick gelatinous cum slide down my throat, then licked up the remaining drops of semen on his cock..

"My turn," I say getting up on the bed. Renan nodded, still recovering from his ejaculation, and knelt down between my spread legs, slowly licking my shaft to harden me up. Next I felt his hot wet tongue tease my head by circling it, and then slowly his wet lips closing around it. Slowly the suction increased from his mouth, his tongue licking over the tip.

Then he began sucking harder and licking the tip more firmly, and my abdomen began to warm as the delayed orgasm came to the surface again. After two minutes the build up was becoming unbearable and I moaned and cried out with frustrated pleasure. I moved one hand down to grab his hair, and with the other one I gently squeezed my balls.

Renan was sucking as hard as he could now, caressing hard with his tongue. I could bear it no longer so I felt my cock throb and then the hot cum spurt up through the tube as I ejaculated in his mouth. He took my penis out and as I looked up I squirted another three shots in his face, and watched it dribble down his cheeks and out of his mouth and let him lap up the remaining semen on my dick, before he climbed up on the bed and we hugged our thanks, then fell asleep in a post-orgasm slumber.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bump in Hotel Room

When I first came out I was nineteen and a bit. I had known that I was gay before that, and had fooled around with guys before, but I never really declared myself. I started from that point to consciously go out and seek having sex with men, though I didn't know very much about how to go about getting what I wanted, or even the finer points of doing it. I had been fucked up the ass a couple of times by pimply, uncertain boys, but I wanted more than that.

I knew that there was a cruise park in town, and it was there one spring evening that I was sitting in my car when another car pulled up beside me. It had an older guy in it, I would say about forty or so. He was bald on top, and had a little moustache. It was a big 60's car he was driving, and he told me his name was Ken. We talked for a bit, but then it was kind of hard to hear what he said, so he asked me if I wanted to get in his car. I did, my heart thumping so loud in my chest it must have shaken windows for miles.

We talked about nothing for a few minutes, and then he started to ask me what I liked to do. I wanted to try getting fucked, and after I worked up some nerve I told him that. He was right into it. He had something to do with a local hotel, and was staying in one of the suites at the moment. It was only a few minutes away by car and so he took us there pretty quick once he saw there was a chance of giving it to me up the ass. He reached over and put his hand under my ass as we drove there.

We walked up to the room, which was small and rather dismal, with red and white vertical striped wallpaper. There was a bed in the middle, the kind they used to have quite commonly in old hotels, with a brass frame that curved at the top. The mattress was high in the middle. I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt under my jacket, since that made me horny. Ken just reached over and pulled them down, and then stood there looking at my ass for a minute or two.

He told me to take the rest of my clothes off, and I did so while he stood there and watched. He wanted to feel my body for a while, and so I stood there and let him do it. My cock was pretty hard at all of this attention, and stood straight out from my body. Ken didn't seem too interested in it though, and only touched it briefly. My ass he couldn't bring himself to leave alone.

He took off his own clothes, and then told me to suck his penis. I got on my knees in front of him, and he guided his cock into my mouth with his hand. I didn't really like sucking cock, but this situation was turning me on, and he seemed to expect that if I were to get fucked then I would suck him, and who was I to argue with that? I was getting into it after a few minutes, and even worked up the nerve to look up into his face, swaying up there above his pendulous belly.

My mouth made slurping sounds in the quiet of the room, and his breathing was the only other thing to be heard. He stood pretty still for a while, and then started to fuck my face. I could tell he was liking this, and every now and then he would reach down and finger my ass to remind of what was to come.

His hand on my shoulder stopped me, and I stood up. He moved me over to the bed, and made me kneel on the edge of it. He opened a drawer at a bed stand and took out a tube of K-Y. He put some on my ass, and then slid his wet cock into my ass with no more ceremony than that. It hurt like hell at first, and I gasped at it. He only laughed softly, and told me to relax my ass or it might hurt more. I wanted to get fucked, and so tried to do as he asked. It still felt like it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be, but then after he had fucked me for a while, I realized that I should jerk myself off.

I glanced down and saw a line of precum drooling out of my rock hard cock. This turned me on, and once I started to stroke my cock the sensation of getting fucked changed totally. It felt warm and welcome, and then I started to get into it. I pushed my ass back against Ken's cock, and this made him fucks me harder, giving a grunt of satisfaction as he did so.

It was appealing hot, what was happening. Here at last I was experiencing what it was like to take a man's cock up my ass. The fact that I didn't know this guy made it all that much hotter. I was humiliated in a good kind of way by what was happening, and I could see beyond the physical sensation and for the first time in my life realized that sex was more about what was going on inside my head than it was anything else.

He want to come, and he had absolutely no cares about how I was feeling, or whether I enjoyed what was happening. I came, and it felt so hot. Right at that moment it had all been worth it, it was all I had hoped it would be. Then after another minute or so it was back to being a bit uncomfortable. Ken couldn't have cared less really. He had a good grip on my ass and I wasn't going to get away from him if he could help it.

I tried to relax my ass, but he was fucking me too fast. He tightened his grip on my ass and told me to hold still. He fucked me faster, and I stopped moving, just knelt there on the edge of the bed, with my anus being penetrated by this man who was trying so hard to come. It seemed to go on forever, but after some time he grunted a couple of times and came right there inside my ass. I had been grinding my teeth together, all hotness forgotten and only concentrating on willing him to come so it would be over.

He pulled out pretty quick, and then stood there, running a finger over my ass in satisfaction. He pushed it in and out of me a couple of times, and still I knelt there taking it. It didn't really feel good, and I started to stand up. Ken made no effort to stop me. I pulled my pants up and he told me to sit down. He grabbed a smoke from his pack, and then offered me one as an afterthought. I took it, and we sat smoking in silence.

When we had done, he told me to take my pants down again. I did so , and he fucked me again with them down around my ankles, bent over the bed. I gripped the other side of the mattress with my hands, and then jerked myself off, being careful not to come before he did this time. It took him a while, but then he came again, after a bit more effort. I was pretty sore in the asshole by this point, but again he played with my ass using his fingers afterwards, just as he had before.

I pulled my pants up, and asked him to drive me back to the park. He nodded and smiled, then lit another cigarette. He didn't offer me one this time. As we walked down the hallway I heard him chuckling behind me. When we got to his car I felt my ass and my sweatpants were wet just there with lube and cum. He thought that was pretty entertaining I guess. It wasn't for years afterward that I saw the hotness of that.

As we entered the park there was a police car sitting there having pulled someone over. It had quite an effect on Ken, who told me that he knew lots of cops, and that if these ones stopped him for any reason he had only to mention a couple of names and he would be fine if he were drunk or sober. I wasn't really getting the point of why he told me all of that. I had agreed to get into his car, and as if I was going to tell the cops that his guy fucked me up the ass or something. We were all adults here, even if I was inexperienced and a little humiliated at the moment.

I got out of his car when we finally got to mine, and heard myself thanking him as I got out. I laughed at myself as I started my engine and headed home, lighting one of my own cigarettes on the way. I had got what I wanted, I had been fucked up the ass, and more than that, I had learned something about taking cock up the ass. My cock started to get hard again at this, and when I got home I jerked off a couple of times about what had happened, once with my sweatpants draped over my face where the wet spot was. I knew that I was on to something that I had wanted for a long time, and now I was ready for more of it.