Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank God its Friday

Jun was 15-years-old when we met in the mid-90s. He was a petite and handsome teen-gay Native American with light brown skin. His 120 pound body was topped off with silky brown hair that nearly reached his narrow waist. His chest was small but very firm. His nipples made a definite impression on his blouse, and me. Jun was a cross-dresser.

I met Jun and his 25-year-old gay boyfriend, Mike, while they were attending a CB (Citizen Band Radio) get together in Las Vegas. Those gatherings were known as Breaks and were meant to allow CBers from a large geographical area to get to know each other and see the latest radio gear. The larger Breaks had numerous radio equipment venders. Some of the larger clubs would set up displays to attract new members.

Mike and Jun were attending their first Break. They had gotten an inexpensive radio a few weeks earlier and were just beginning to meet other CBers. They were with some old friends of mine, so I joined them. We were soon joined by other friends as we walked along the display area.

As evening approached, we were all tired and hungry. The group agreed to meet at a local diner when I noticed Mike and Jun were acting uncomfortable. I pulled them off to the side as we walked to our cars and asked what was bothering them. They were reluctant to say anything at first, but Jun finally admitted they couldn't afford to go to dinner. Only Mike was working, and his job as a night clerk at a convenience store only paid a little over minimum wage.

It hadn't been that long since I had worked at the minimum wage jobs, I was by no means rich, but I had a decent job, a late model car, my own place, and a few dollars to spend. Having been nearly broke myself; I insisted they join the group of friends for diner as my guest. It was Jun who convinced Mike to accept.

Mike and Jun seemed like a very friendly couple, especially Jun; I can see that Mike is very engrossed with his teen-gay boyfriend though. At that point in time, nothing other than being friendly had crossed my mind. We had a great time at dinner. So, I suggested we do dinner again soon. We exchanged numbers and parted with hand-shakes all around.

The following Friday night, a date canceled on short notice due to illness. On the spur of the moment, I called Mike and Jun. Jun answered. I asked if they would like to go out for dinner and a drink with me. He quickly accepted, and I told him I'd be there in about an hour.

I had barely gotten into their drive, when Jun came bounding out and practically jumped into my front seat. He was dressed in a short black skirt that hugged his hips and a pale pink V-neck blouse that showed off his pert chest. His nipples were already beginning to harden. Pantyhose and low heels finished his attire. He looked and smelled delicious. What a knockout! I am always fascinated with ten gays ever since High School and Jun is no exception for that.

"Where's Mike" I asked.

"Working!" he replied.

"Do we need to pick him up""No! He doesn't get off until 5:00 AM." A broad grin spread across his face as he spoke. "So, where are we going" he asked.

I told him I thought we might grab a burger and go to a nightclub I knew. They had a great all girl country band.

He said, "Good. I like country music." As we pulled out of his drive, he slid over next to me and kissed my cheek. Since I had never dated a teen-gay though I fantasize them, that sort of startled me, but not for long. My arm soon found its way around his shoulders, and I began rubbing his arm. I had decided that I would let him make all the initial moves since he was the one who was attached.

By the time we had reached the burger joint, Jun had turned slightly to his right, leaned his head on my shoulder, and pulled my hand to his right chest. I gently rubbed his chest through his dress. His chest was about the size of a ripe orange and a nice hand full. His nipples were soon very hard. They were sticking out like little pencil erasers. They seemed to be trying to punch holes in his dress. During dinner, Jun told me Mike had been his first and only lover, and they had not been getting along for some time. He said he hadn't touched him in over two months. He had told him he was too tired from working to make love to him. He suspected he had a new teen gay boyfriend.

I decided Mike must have been some kind of idiot to ignore such a gorgeous creature like Jun, and I told him so.

We got to the nightclub just as the band was beginning to play. I ordered my typical CC and Coke and he ordered a Sloe Gin Fizz.

Jun really liked to dance. During the slow numbers, he cuddled closely and firmly ground his ass into my crotch. He soon had my cock straining to be free. He seemed to melt as I grabbed his hard-on cock and squeezed hard. It was getting more and more difficult to remember he was already attached.When he had consumed half of only his second drink, I found myself practically dragging him around the dance floor. Only then did I find out he didn't drink. I told him we needed to get him home. He only smiled.

With Jun nearly passed out in my lap, the ride home wasn't nearly as much fun as it had promised to be. In order to get him into his door, I had to prop him against the wall, hold him there with my shoulder between his chest with still hard-on nipples, an arm around his waist, and fish his keys from his purse with my free hand. As we got in his door, his legs decided they had gone as far as they were going to go. I carried him to his bed, undressed him, covered him, and gave him a soft goodnight kiss. As I exited his bedroom, he asked, "Aren't you going to stay?"

I told him I'd love to, but he was in no condition to make such a decision. I told him I'd call in a few days and left.

Monday evening, Jun called me. He apologized for not telling me he didn't drink, and said he didn't remember too much of the ride home. He said he wanted to go out again. I agreed. Only this time there would be no drinking.

The following Saturday evening, I picked Jun up at about 7:00 PM. He was wearing another short skirt and snug V-neck blouse. This time there were no pantyhose, only ankle socks and tennis shoes. His hair was pulled into a ponytail. What a sight! My cock started to respond almost immediately.

We had a nice dinner at a local steakhouse, caught a movie, and ended at my home for popcorn and TV. The popcorn never got made.

As soon as we entered my door, he kicked off his shoes and socks and began removing his blouse. This little gay was hot and wanted to fuck now! He said he wanted to make up for our last date.

I asked if he had ever stripped to music. He said, "No, but it sounds like fun."

While I put on the music, Jun fastened his blouse.

When the music started, he told me to sit on the couch and not touch him until he said it was OK. He began swaying to the music and slowly unbuttoned his blouse again. Jun was a natural stripper. As his blouse fell away, he squeezed his chest that looks like a girl’s breast together and pinched and pulled his nipples. They were almost as hard as my cock. The short skirt was the next to go. He thrust out his chest as he reached behind his waist to release the skirt's button and zipper. He was then swaying in front of me in nothing but the smallest of silky bikini panties. His panties almost explode with hi bulging hard-on cock. A few brief strokes to his hard-on cock with his flattened hand, and the panties were quickly removed.

Jun was absolutely handsome teen-gay. His hard-on cock was covered with very fine hair, and it almost seemed hairless. He had tested my patience by not letting me touch him until he was completely naked. I had nearly gone nuts wanting to reach out and grab him. He slowly turned, came to stand in front of me, and said, "I'm yours! Do whatever you want with me."

It was my turn to drive him crazy. From my seated position, I reached out and softly held him by his slender hips. His whole body was so soft and smooth. Pulling him to me, I gently planted a kiss his hard-on cock. He spread his legs, held the back of my head, and pulled my mouth to his hard-on cock. A single long lick of his cock brought a sharp gasp from Jun. He breathlessly said Mike had never kissed him there. I told him, "Baby, you're in for the best night of your life, if you'll let me do what I want to do to you."

"Do anything you want!" he gasped.
With that I scooped him into my arms, and carried him to my bedroom. I gently laid him on my bed. I undressed and joined him on the bed. I began by gently kissing his mouth and stroking his nipples. His nipples, already erect, became even harder. I moved down to suck it slowly but passionately. As Jun began to make low moans, I started lightly nipping and pinching his nipples. As his moans got more pronounced, I pinched and pulled harder and rolled his nipples between my thumb and fingers. In further response, he raised his chest toward my hands. As I lie next to him sucking his left chest, my left hand stroked the flat belly on its way to his hard-on cock.

Another sharp gasp came from him as I stroked up and down his hot hard-on cock. Just as I came in contact with his cock for the first time, he had an orgasm. Jun seemed to be a quiet cumer. He stiffened, pulled his legs together, thrust his hard-on cock up to my hand, and hugged me tightly as a long moan came from deep within him. As he relaxed a minute, I told him it was OK to let his feelings
out and make noise if he felt like it. My hand was still at his hard-on cock and resumed stroking up and down. Soon, I let a finger, then two, slide inside his asshole. He was very tight. Maybe he had been ignored too much lately. As my fingers worked their way into his tight hole, my thumb found his asshole and began massaging it. Jun started tensing again, and I rubbed his asshole a little harder. His second climax hit much harder than the first. He began bucking like a rodeo horse, and cried out for more. I again let him relax for a minute. He said he had never cum twice in one night and never so hard. A large smile crossed his face when I told him the night had only just begun.

I then moved down and began kissing and licking his soaking hard-on cock. I cupped both ass cheeks and lifted him to give me a better angle for my tongue to penetrate his hard-on cock. My tongue worked in and out of his asshole until his third orgasm began to build. When my mouth moved to licking and sucking his hard-on cock, my fingers reentered his asshole. Just as he began bucking wildly, I pulled my fingers out of his asshole and found it. He went wild when I shoved it in only to the first knuckle. A second knuckle entered his ass.

Jun was screaming, "Oh shit, fuck, suck me, more, more!"

As Jun came and thrust his hard-on cock up to me, the whole finger slipped into his ass. I didn't use more because I had other plans for that handsome teen-gay’s ass.

As he came down, Jun said he needed to rest just a bit. As we cuddled and talked, he admitted he liked my finger up his ass, but wanted me to be careful. He told me Mike had never sucked his hard-on cock. All he ever did was finger his asshole until he was wet, climb on, hump until he came, and roll off. He seldom had an orgasm.

I moved up beside him and held him tightly. He began stroking my rock hard cock. At six and a half inches, I'm not the biggest dick in the gym, but Jun said I was a little bigger than Mike. He was amazed he had cum three times, and I hadn't even put it in him yet.

As Jun continued to stroke me, I started feeling that familiar stirring in my balls. I told him he needed to stop or I'd cum in his hand. I reached for his hard-on cock but he said he still needed a little time.

"Have you ever given head?" I asked.

This handsome teen-gay, said, "No, but I'll try. Tell me what to do."

I had him slide down my belly to where he was laying with his lips nearly touching the swollen head of my cock. I very gently pushed him down and told him to kiss and lick the top of cock. He did. He lick up the drop of pre--cum that was there and softly kissed me. I told him to open his mouth and take a little of it in and suck. Without hesitation he took about two inches of me into his mouth and started sucking. Jun was the perfect student. He did everything I told him without question. As I continued to instruct him, he began bobbing up and down on my raging hard-on. He was licking the shaft and head with every up-stroke, and was soon hitting the entrance to his throat on the down-stroke.

I had him reposition so he was lying on top of me in the classic 69 position. With my dick in his mouth and his hard-on cock at my head, I resumed sucking him still tight hard-on cock.

When I warned him I was about to cum, he didn't say a word. He just took me in as far as he could and sucked harder. He was holding my dick at the entrance of his throat. I was too busy eating his sweet hard-on cock to give any more warnings.

As I shot my first spurt, he jerked up about an inch, but went right back down and sucked even harder. He held right there for the second spurt. In my lust, I told him, "Take it down your throat baby." He gamely tried but just couldn't do it. He held me deep in his mouth until he sucked out every bit of my cum and swallowed it all.

I had continued sucking him, and with my tongue as deep in his hard-on cock as I could get it, he quickly had his fourth orgasm. This one was a little quieter that the last one. He merely ground his hard-on cock into my face and grunted with each thrust of my tongue. Of course, it is difficult to scream when there's a cock in deep your mouth. It was my turn to rest.

After a bit of rest, I again began petting Jun's hard-on cock. He soon spread his legs wide. I crawled between them and resumed sucking him. My licks became longer and lower. I pushed his legs up to where his knees were next to his chest and turgid nipples. He grabbed the backs of his knees and held them there.

While sucking his hard-on cock, I lubed up a finger with his hard-on cock juices. As he built toward another orgasm, I slipped a finger all the way into his asshole. Without warning, I removed my finger and moved my tongue from her his virgin asshole. A couple of licks and I drove my tongue into his asshole. Jun was near cumming again.

Jun's asshole was too tight to fuck with just his own juices. I keep a tube of lubricant next to my bed. I don't think Jun noticed when I reached for the lube. A generous glob of lube was put in and around Jun's tight asshole. I carefully massaged his sphincter to help it relax. All the while, I was sucking his hard-on cock. By that time, he was thrashing around and bucking up and down as he rapidly approached his next orgasm.

I then lowered his legs a bit and lined up to invade his asshole with my cock. One long slow thrust buried my shaft to the hilt. I held there for a bit enjoying a very tight hard-on cock. As I began stroking in and out, Jun began humping back. Soon, he brought his legs down and wrapped them around my waist. He was cumming again. I held tight into his depths as he thrashed beneath me. I was trying not to cum.

As his orgasm subsided, I resumed stroking his asshole. Damn he was still tight. I pulled his legs back up and stuck a finger back into his asshole. Jun's eyes were somewhat glazed and nearly closed. A wide smile covered his face. Slowly I pulled out of his asshole and aimed my cock again at his asshole. Thanks to the lube and his own juices, it took just a little pressure and the swollen head of my cock popped into his virgin asshole. Jun's eyes sprung wide open. He tensed with the initial entry, but he soon relaxed as I held still.

"All right?" I asked.

He said, "Yes! Don't stop!"

With that, I ever so slowly sank my dick into his no longer virgin asshole. A couple of quivers and a grimace or two were the only adverse reactions Jun had. When I was fully in his ass, I held still while he relaxed. The stroking began slowly at first. As I sped up, Jun started grunting and moaning every time I drove into him. He pulled his legs up further allowing me deeper penetration into his asshole.

After a few strokes, I was hammering into Jun's ass as hard as I could. Thank God I had gotten off earlier. I never would have lasted past the first strokes into his hot tight ass. It seemed to be sucking me in, every time I pulled back.

He then reached down, grabbed his ass cheeks, spread them wide, and yelled, "Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! Oh God! I'm cumming again!"

As Jun came, so did me. I must have given him the biggest load of cum I'd ever had. I seemed to cum and cum.

When we settled down, I pulled out of his ass and gave him a few more strokes in his hard-on cock. He just laid there holding his legs up and panting. Slowly, he lowered his legs and wrapped his arms around me.

As I pulled out, I noticed his asshole was still slightly open with a little cum dribbling out.

After resting, talking, and cuddling a while, we shared a shower and dressed. Jun told me he didn't know it was possible to cum so hard, so many times, in so many ways.

I told him having the right partner makes it easy. I got Jun home about an hour before Mike was due. I never saw Jun, or Mike, again. When I called a couple of weeks later, their phone had been disconnected. Mike had quit his job a week earlier, and no one knew where they had gone. I wondered how long it was before Jun insisted someone eat his hard-on cock or fuck him in the ass again. I wish him the best.

To Mike, and all the other men who ignore their partner: If you don't take care of them, someone else will. It doesn't matter if they're young and gorgeous like Jun, or just another average, middle-aged, teen gay. He is appealing to someone. Maybe me!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Institute’s Gay Finder

Sweeping the floors at the Institute had never been very rewarding, but it was virtually stress-free, and provided a fantasy land for Mark, the teen gay finder. In the various labs he could explore the intricacies of the universe and the mysteries of life from behind his mop bucket. Every evening, new adventure would unfold, making the work shift speed by and his lonely trip back to the center a pleasant one. Mark had been psychologically challenged since birth, his addicted Mother insensitive to the forming life in her womb. At birth, he had been condemned to life of therapy; but with raw determination, and a caring counselor, Mark broke the bonds of mental restrictions, and progressed much further than ever thought possible and then afterwards becoming a gay. He now worked independently, and remained at the center only for observation. He was well-loved by his associates at the Institute, and was often included in late night discussions when the scientists were on the verge of a breakthrough even though they all know he is a gay. Although he could not understand the discussion, he was always a positive influence, and would often supply coffee and pastries when they were most needed.

It was during one particularly stormy night when a young guy appeared to him. He had been studying the scribbles on a blackboard easily identified as Prof. Steins’ work by their graceful symmetry, when the power failed, and he stood alone in the dark. Occasionally, the room was briefly illuminated by a flash of lightning to reveal Mark still in the same position, impervious to the storms’ anger or the brilliant beam of light that heralded his arrival. Mark knew he was not alone, but knew it was best to remain in place until the power was restored. Unimpaired by the darkened room, he strolled over to blackboard and changed some of the equations, using the same writing style as the originator. After reviewing the entire formula, he returned to the position from whence he had arrived. It was then he first spotted Mark, clinging to the mop knob while unmoving at the reports of the tempest. He stopped fingering the small box attached to his waistband, and slowly approached his firm form.

He followed his approach with his eyes, but dared not move for fear the lightning might see him and strike him outright. Sensing his fears, he gently reached out to touch his arm, but he cringed and withdrew. Analyzing his reactions quickly, he once again reached out and touched his arm gently, yet firmly. He did not remove this time, and between the flashes of lightning, he let his eyes meet his. He was radiant; his dark brown eyes were pools of endless compassion, his shiny black hair was so delicate that it would stir at a whisper, and his thin immaculate face set off his small upturned nose and thick full lips with an angelic eminence. His long thin neck accented his slight frame much as his long slender legs emphasized his slim hips bringing his entire figure into a perfect blend of poise and beauty. His olive complexion, tiny hands and feet, and small upturned chest were partially concealed by the seamless elastic material that shimmered around his form when the lightning flashed.

Mark couldn’t help but stare at his flawless handsomeness, and when the power was restored moments later to allow him a complete appraisal, he sank to his knees in awe. He helped him back up to his feet where he kept his eyes fixed. With a gentle touch he raised his face to meet his, and an eternity passed as their eyes revealed everything one could ever hope to learn. Without a sound, he unfastened his shirt and jeans, and gently guided the attire from his muscular frame leaving him naked and trembling. His eyes slowly followed the contours of his frame, from his gentle eyes to his manly chest to his stately legs. He extended his delicate hands and touched his trembling face with one hand, and grasped his other hand and placed it upon his firm chest with erect nipples. At first he froze, never having touched a young guy in this manner before only to find out that he is indeed the young teen gay he had been looking for, but the desire in his eyes encouraged him to gamble further into his treasures and soon he was caressing the firm globes with the hands of an experienced lover. His eyes closed as his free hand touched the small box on his waistband and his suit immediately vanished.

They both stepped back and savored each others’ attributes. His mouth was dry, and Mark was sweating as they met in their first embrace. Their touch was thrilling and their connection immediate as they held each another in a blind and sensual embrace. They couldn’t feel enough of one another, as their barriers collapsed and their bodies responded. As his erection grew, it inched between his delicious asshole and, as if by instinct, surged to touch his moist ass now alive with anticipation. His delicate fingers slid through his hair, and unconsciously pulled his face to his small raised nipple, where his lips automatically began to draw the dark flesh towards his tongue. His free hand explored the curve of his spine and the firm rounds of his subsequent, while his hands moved freely over his soft flawless skin, awakening every stoma.

Now fully aroused they separated from one another, and he gently pulled him to him as he lay with his back on the hardwood floor. Mark gently raised himself on his strong arms, and let his manhood seek his masculine unaided. Once the erect glands passed the slight tuft of hair and the tiny trembling hard-on cock, he rolled his hips upward and poised his moist opening over his throbbing glands. With their eyes fixed on each other, he slowly eased his manhood into the warm moist folds of his most intimate being, savoring his size and spontaneous muscle contractions. He knew that he was in virgin territory, when he halted his forward progress by applying gently pressure to his abdomen with his soft fingertips and released several short breaths. His asshole muscles began to constrict rhythmically, and he soon found his organ drawn fully into his deepest recess, pressed against his quivering hard-on cock. Their pubic bones met, and amidst the tangles of pubic hair, his swollen bud received the type of pressure it had hungered for. Maintaining full contact with his ass, he began a gentle rocking motion, and his tiny feet locked behind the small of his back, while his arms pulled his muscular chest to crush his silky smooth chest and rosy nipples.

Still savoring the intense sensations for the first time, he felt his muscle constrict violently as his hips raised to push his cock forcefully into his pubic bone. He released a tiny squeal and pulled his body so tightly to his that his breath became a struggle. He continued his passionate embrace; his hips continuing to grind against his pubic and the muscles of his teen gay manhood constricting so tightly that Mark was experiencing pain. Just as his muscles began to relax, his back would arch and his legs would tighten with another orgasm. The scenario repeated itself until, with one desperate embrace that brought stars to Marks vision, he squealed and collapsed with Marks manhood locked in a tight embrace. The feel of Mark’s hard-on cock on his asshole feels so great. And in just a matter of seconds, Mark’s exploded his full cum into the unknown teen-gay asshole.

He awoke a short time later with a start and Marks organ was instantly released. He ran his fingers through his feather fine hair and gazed lovingly into his eyes but he pushed him away in disgust and fingered the box. A brilliant light filled the room for an instant, and he was gone. He lay on his back, naked, and stared at the ceiling for hours, until the first rays of the morning sun entered the room. When he stood up and began to dress himself, he studied the formula. After slipping on his boots, he walked over to the blackboard, and changed the punctuation on two of the phrases, then grabbed the handle of the bucket and carried it down the hall to the janitor’s room. As he emptied the dirty water, he thought to himself that it was time for a change, and deliberately walked past the center on his way to the unemployment office. Later that afternoon, Prof. Stein informed the NSA that he had formulated time travel.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Hotel Experience

After the tiring office routine, which was now a daily situation and the meeting with my staff for the next day’s engagements, I left the office. I was all-alone and this had been the first time that my teen gay boyfriend had left alone for the States to have a vacation. An order for home delivery as daily I had been doing for the past week. Then to settle down to after dinner to any good TV and off to sleep. A routine since the past week.

I was on my way home and passed the Clifton pizza hut. I thought of slightly changing my program, I parked my car and entered. The restaurant was almost empty as it was a weekday. I sat myself on one of the corner tables. This place has got one of its own tastes and I have even eaten in the States but in no comparison to the spicy pizza offered here. I placed my order.

A few people were present. One of them I remember most as he was a very irritated man. Probably frustrated. A few boys were on the other table. All these people were at the other end of the room.

In walked a young girl about 16 years old with well supported boobs. Her walks swinging and attracted a lot of attention from all of us. Her smooth hair moved with her sway along with her boobs and butts.

She walked over to the other side and seated on the other far end. She was facing the irritated man and the young boys. She was now not much in my sight.

The boys started to pass remarks and laugh and the irritated man was just staring at him and not for a second had his eyes off him. I think all would do this as of his beautiful figure.

A few minutes and she called the waiter and mentioned something to him.
He came directly to me and asked me if the lady sitting in the other corner could join me. I replied in the affirmative.

I saw him walk out to the waiting area probably to the loo. She had gone a long time and I thought she had left, when she suddenly appeared and coming towards me she said in a loud voice where have you been, I have been searching for you. This made all the people in the restaurant think that she had sat himself on the wrong table before and I was him whatever relative. All settled down once again with buzzing voices and music mixed together, as few more people came in.
We settled down and she was a stranger to me. I asked him what she would order and she did. The waiting for food made us ask each other a few things. First the good weather of Karachi, turning slightly warm to hot during the day and a bit cool in the nights. .She was a business head as I was. We had never met before. His joining me was of the sole reason the teasing boys and the starring man. All this time I have noticed that she is not a she but indeed a young teen gay cross-dresser and the act of being a head of the company is just a show to catch my attention.

We settled down to dinner and what a dinner it was. When he lost his father, he came for his final rites to Pakistan.

We finished dinner and came out. The air was cool. He walked along side me. I could feel his heated body and could see his pointing nipples. He suddenly suggested that could we not go for a long drive as he had never spoken to anyone so easily and he was feeling good. I agreed. We decided to leave his car for he has a student license at his home and he could sit in my car. I would drop him off after the drive. We reached her big bungalow. The gate was opened, and he parked his car in the driveway. While he was sitting in my car, the gateman came running saying that he had an emergency call from his home about his wife or someone and he was to leave immediately. He handed over the gate keys to him. He got into his seat and further said that now there is no one at home. What about your mother. He answered that mother had left for Lahore for a week to visit an ailing sister. While driving I asked about any other member of his family. He said that he lived alone with his mother. He was the only child.

The hotel we went into was empty and we got down from the car and walked along the lobby. The cool breeze of the air-conditioning set brushed against us. We started to now talk about me. I mentioned that my teen gay-boyfriend had gone to have a vacation in the U.S. and he would be gone for a month. We stopped at the ice-cream shop and to our surprise we both ordered the same flavor.

We then agreed to take one room at the not so luxury hotel we went into. The living room was large for the room was a suit. He asked me to sit down and be comfortable. He then asked me if he could go to the washroom while we are waiting for the coffee that we ordered. I nodded for the yes.

He came back after about ten minutes walking down and my eyes could not get off him as he was wearing a see-through dress. I could almost see all his private parts. My erection started.

As this was happening, the door bell rang signaling that our coffee was ready. He then get through the door and took the order. He laid them on the table and came and sat down next to me so that his body nearly touched me. We drank coffee and I was now ready to leave. This was the first time in the whole evening that he held my hand. He said that he enjoyed my company and wished I would stay longer. He was a bit afraid. My thoughts became a bit naughty. I agreed to stay for a bit longer.

We settled down to talk this time he said that her old man never spoke to her to know her wants sexually. He would sometimes just erect it and put it in. as soon as he was finished he would turn in bed and go to sleep having him aroused and not satisfied. He would get headaches. Then he asked me if I had ever had an affair with anyone apart from my teen-gay boyfriend. I answered in the negative.

He came closer to me and I could feel his warm body parts and his aroma. He came closer to my lips and kissed me. Oh my, this is something. His warm tongue moved in my mouth and I started to twist and play with it, with my tongue. This started me to get harder in my pants. He moved his hands slowly to my pant zip and started to open it. My hands moved to the back of his dress and opened it. It was a soft outfit it slid to the floor. There he was stark naked in front of me a stranger. My hands immediately moved to his pointing nipples. They were warming rounded and hard. I pinched his nipples and he moaned. Then we stopped kissing. He asked me to come along with him. We went up into the bedroom.

The lights were dim and the room was cool. He walked over to the bed and lay down on his back. I removed my clothes and walked over and put my tongue on his hard-on cock. I closed my mouth on one of them and with my tongue started to encircle his nipples. With the other hand caressing the other. He was moaning.
He in turn caught hold of my penis and started to stroke it. It started to get harder and erect. My hands slowly moved to caress his abdomen sides and on to his thighs inner sides. He opened his legs wider, pushing my hand to reach his balls. I moved my hand away. But with me kissing his body and liking it moved down and down till I reached his hard-on cock and balls. He was all wet and flowing. My tongue engaged onto his cock. He shouted oh oh , and I moved both my hands on his hard-on cock caressing them.

After teasing him a bit and he begging me to work on his balls I moved in and started to make circular movements then reach its point. It got swollen and hard. I licked harder and he arched back and screamed saying this was too good. Now I put one of my fingers inside his ass and moved slowly licking his balls and the fingers bent a bit on to his upper side just behind the ass. This was the spot. He had started to squeeze his muscles and he came squinting out, wetting the bed below and a part of my face. My erection was still hard as he had been working on it with his hand. Now he got up and took it in his mouth and my god I came in his mouth, after him sucking me fully to the hilt. I then instructed him to turn around and he did. I began entering his asshole and to my surprise I realize he was still a virgin. I then began to fuck his virginal asshole. He went mad and began to moan real hard. After a few minutes of thrusting I fully exploded my hot cum into his asshole.

We both rested panting. He got up and disappeared. After a few minutes he lay down beside me and mentioned that he had never had such a time in her life.

We got into the bath and washed up. We went to sleep tired and satisfied. He kissed me saying I had done too much for him.

I got up next morning happy and was the first to do so. I saw him lying naked on the bed. I went over to him and kissed her on the forehead. I always enjoy his company as he is really hot and tempting. After a month, my teen-gay boyfriend came back from the states but we never stop seeing each other. Me and my hot and tempting other teen-gay fucking friend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handsome Mate in Speedos

Jon, at 19, was the picture of a strapping rugby lad. Broad shouldered,thick muscled thighs, big muscled butt, tall (6') and laddish in nature,tending to raise his Leeds accent over the sound of everyone else in a room. He had fair curly hair, and strong chiselled features that made him somuch hornier than some of the other lads who play rugby who can be more fatthan muscle.Jon was one of the lads I was at Universiy with, and one of the fiveflatmates in our house. We were all good mates, but Jon and I tended to geton particularly well because we were also on the same course. We would doall the usual student stuff, drinking competitions, messing around, skivingoff seminars to go to the pub. All of this was great except for one thing,I fancied the pants of the guy. It is a shame he was straight. I had nevereven managed to see him in the nude, only in rugby shorts when I watched himplay, which was enough to see those strong, fit legs. There was the oddtime he came out of the shower with a towel around him, and I saw thatsmooth chest with pecs I really wanted to get my hands on. Playing out myfantasy started when he was out and the house was empty, I got into hisrugby kit bag, and discovered that Jon wore a jock. I would wear it andwank with it on, but always taking care not to cum in it.All this changed when we went on holiday. Five of us travelled toCalifornia for a week in the sun, Jon, myself, his girlfriend and 2 otherguys. The twist of fate started when we arrived and Jon's luggage failed toturn up. The airline gave him $100 to buy some stuff until it was due toarrive on the next flight. We checked into a motel. After the first night,Jon said he would meet us at the beach while he went to buy some clothes. Iwent with him to pick up a newspaper. In the beach store Jon was gutted tofind that they had no swimshorts, only speedos! I tried not to laugh when Isaw his discomfort - it just wasn't what real men wore according to Jon. Icouldn't wait to see him in them - I had never seen him wear anything tightfitting. He went off looking for an alternative while I returned to thebeach.I met the other guys at the beach where I, like the other guys was wearingsome knee length shorts.

I was reading when Jon turned up at the beach and,knowing what he had to show, I couldn't wait for him to remove his baggycargo shorts. He bent over by his towel and undid his shorts to reveal asight that instantly made me so hard I had to cover my dick with my book.His beefy rump really pushed out the back of the black speedos, and heclearly revealed his full package out the front. I couldn't take my eyesoff him, thank god for my shades which hid what I was looking at. Jon tooka lot of ribbing from the group (including his girlfriend). We all wentinto the water and Jon's mate Mark really started ribbing him, includingswimming underwater and trying to pull down the speedos, but they were tootight fitting to just be pulled down.When Jon came out of the water it was even better, the trunks glistened inthe sun and had shrunk in the water to fit his tidy package and squeezethose butt cheeks. I could tell he was embarrassed as he lay face down formost of the time outside.The weather clouded over in the morning and, as we weren't used to the heat,we mistakenly stopped applying sun tan lotion. We also had a few beers froma nearby bar. Mid-afternoon, I was feeling pretty rough so I headed back tothe hotel.I had only just taken my t-shirt off and, as soon as I sat back on the sofain my shorts, I started to shiver and felt I was going to throw up. Irushed to the sink in the kitchen/sitting room thinking I was going to besick. At this time, Jon walked in, still in just his speedos, and came overbehind me, asking if I was all right and putting his hand on my back. Iwasn't feeling good enough to be horny, instead I started to go even palerso much so that Jon came up behind me on my right side and started rubbingmy back.He got pretty close, and I was starting to get my bearings I decided to makethe most of the moment. I moved to my right slightly so Jon was pressingcloser against me. He passed me some water, and as lifted up to drink it Imade out that I was losing my step and fell back slightly into him. Hegrabbed me with his arms (as I knew he would) and held me steady, asking meif I was all right. I held onto him and by now we were in a hug. I madesure I was pressed up against the front of his speedos, and put my armsaround his waist and pulled him in a kind of team mate bear hug. I thoughtI could tell his package growing but it might have been because his dick wasbulging in those speedos.I decided this was an opportunity to take advantage of, so whilst hugging Islapped him on the butt and thanked him.

The thing was, I didn't move myhand from his butt after the slap. It felt fantastic, I had never held itbefore and here I was grabbing his butt filled speedos. It was then that Ifelt his dick grow hard and I pulled him tighter still to make it harder forhim to concentrate, even starting to squeeze his butt cheeks through histrunks.Neither of us said anything but this was my chance to go for it. I shovedmy hand down the back of Jon's speedos. I could have creamed there andthen. I got a handful of naked butt, and cupped it in my hands. That wasit. I looked up at him and our lips locked, we were sharing the mostpassionate of kisses. As Jon was `straight', I needed to do the leadingbefore he got a chance to pull away. If I wanted his dick, I knew I had totake control before he got any second thoughts.I pushed Jon through to the bedroom and we fell onto the bed, rolling aroundstill with my hands down the back of his speedos. I knew he liked blow jobsbecause he always talked about those his girlfriend gave, so I bent down andstarted sucking his dick through the speedos. Jon was clearly gettingturned on by this, writhing around on the bed, so I pulled his trunks offand increased the sucking on his dick. After a good 10 minutes of this, Imoved back up to his face, where we kissed each other wildly, and I rubbedmy naked butt cheeks on his rock hard cock. He had a look of bewildermentand unabated lust on his face - he couldn't control it now, we had gone toofar.I carried on kissing him whilst I reached behind me and grabbed his cock,pointing it at my butt. I leant down and kissed Jon to distract him fromwhat he was about to do. Whilst in a tongue-lock, I pushed my butt-holeback onto Jon's cock and eased it inside me. Jon let out a groan that Ithought would bring the whole resort into the bedroom.At this point Jon decided to take some control of the situation.

Turning meover, with my legs in the air, he wrapped his arms around me and with ourlips still locked, he started pounding my butt. At the same time, I grabbedhis smooth butt cheeks and squeezed them hard. With no care in the worldabout who might find us, we were fucking like crazy until it was clear wewere getting close to shooting our loads. As Jon was reaching his climax Ishoved a finger up his butt, he let out a faint scream in shock, looked atme in the eye and shot his load so far up my butt I could feel it. At thesame time I creamed all over his chest.He lay on top of me, both of us out of breath, and laid his face on mychest. We held each other for what seemed like only seconds. Jon got up,and I feared he was about to run out of the room as fast as he could.Instead, he leant over the bed and gave me a long hard kiss, and evengrabbed my cock whilst doing so. He then winked and left the room. I wasleft hoping it would not be long before we got a second go.