Saturday, September 29, 2007

Teen Gay Ask Night Out

�Well I think he�s cute,� Miko said defensively, �just because he�s not the captain of the football team doesn�t mean he wouldn�t be fun to go out with!!!� Ako rolled her eyes in exasperation and replied, �Good grief, Miko, he looks like a wimp, do want to go out with a guy you could probably beat up with one arm tied behind your back!?!� �Hrrrumph,� Miko shot back, �I don�t plan on wrestling with him, after all, we�re going to a dance, not a professionally wrestling match!!!� �Just the same,� Ako said, �don�t come running to me when your date turns out to be a disaster!!!� Miko shook her head a couple of time, picked up the phone, dialed a number, and waited for and answer, �Hello, is this Jose, good, hi, this is Miko, Miko Baltemor, I�m in your fifth period civics class, I was just wondering if you had a date yet for the Gays Ask dance on Saturday night???� �Well, would you like to go with me, it should be a lot of fun!?!� �Good,� he replied after he accepted his invitation, �I�ll pick you up at six and we can grab a couple of burgers before we go, how does that sound!?!� �Okay then, I�ll see you then, bye!!!� Miko then put the phone down and after turning to face Ako offered, �Well miss smarty pants, at least I�ve got a date, and that�s more than I can say for you!!!�

�Last song, people,� the lead singer of the band said into the microphone as the strains of �Me and Mrs. Jones�, could be heard in the back ground!!! Jose took Miko into his arms as the two eighteen year olds swayed back and forth to the lilting sounds of the six piece combo that had entertained them for the past three hours!!! Miko rested her head on Jose�s shoulder and whispered softly into his ear, �I had a really nice time tonight, Jose!� Although up to now he hadn�t said much, he replied shyly, �I-I did to, Miko, I really did!!! I never imagine gays like you are so fun to be with.� Miko took a deep breath and rested his head back on his shoulder and thought to himself, �I don�t care what that idiot Ako says, Jose is just so sweet and the kind of guy a gay just likes to baby!!!� The song came to an end much too quickly, and forty couples picked up their jackets and headed out the gym doors to their cars!!! Once behind the wheel Miko said casually, �What do you say we drive out to the lake and watch the moon over the water, I hear it�s really beautiful!?!� �Uh, sure,� he stammered, �that sounds nice, why not!!!� The drove in silence, with only the music on the car radio keeping them company, except when Miko would initiate the conversation!!! �So, how do you like Pasay High,� he asked, �it must be tough starting your senior year in a new school!?!� �It�s fine,� he replied, �it�s little rough, but my dad got this new job, and you know how it goes������.!!!� �I hear you,� Miko replied as he swung the car onto the lane leading down to the lake, �we�re almost there!!!�

Miko nosed the car as close to the water as was safe, and after he shut off the motor the two of them sat there in without saying a word, until Miko finally offered, �What do you say we get out and skip a few rocks!?!� Both of them hopped out of the car and as the moon light bounced off of the shimmering water, the sound of rocks skimming over the surface filled the quiet night air!!! After about ten minutes or so, Miko reached into the back seat of the car and pulled out a blanket which he quickly lay down on the soft grass and said, �Let�s lie down and count the stars!!!� Side by side the two of them stared up into the sky pointing out strange star formations while looking for constellations!!! Miko was growing more and more frustrated at Jose�s shyness, so throwing caution to the winds, he leaned over and gave him a soft kiss right on the mouth!!! Even though he was a little stunned by his overt show of affection, he quickly pulled him closer, returning a kiss in kind!!! They finally broke apart, and while staring into each other�s eyes Miko whispered, �That was really nice, let�s try that again,� as he lowered his mouth to his, this time gently forcing open his lips and letting his tongue roam free inside of his mouth!!!�

Even though he was incredibly shy, his eighteen year old hormones slowly began to take over, and of course he also loves having sex with gays in secret and a few minutes later, he rolled him over onto his back, taking the superior position for himself as their kiss continued!!! �You�re very beautiful,� he whispered between kisses, �I-I noticed you the first time I saw you in class!!!� He was about to reply, when his heart skipped a beat as his hand slowly slid up his torso until it came to rest on his large chest, causing the air to whistle out of him as he began to gently caress him through his sweater!!! �Mmmmmm, that feels so nice,� he said with a contented sigh, �you have very gentle hands!!!� �Thank you,� he replied barely above a whisper, �this is the first time I�ve ever touched a gay like this!!!� �My god,� he thought to himself, �this guy doesn�t realize it, but he knows how to push just the right buttons!!!� �Would you like to suck them,� he asked almost casually!?!� �Y-you�re kidding,� he stammered, �do you really mean it!?!� �Of course, you silly boy,� he replied softly, �pull up my sweater for me!!!� He had to suppress a chuckle as he watched his hands shaking like a leaf while attempting in vain to pull up his sweater!!! Finally, as his frustration grew, he lifted his back off the blanket and in a quick motion pulled it over his head and off, leaving his nipples inches from his bulging eyes!!!

Jose continued to staring, perhaps not believing what he was seeing, until Miko softly asked, �Are you just gonna look, or do you wanna a taste!?!� �Uh, yeah, of course I do,� he mumbled, �ready or not, here I come!!!� He thought he might actually have a heart attack as they popped into view, so he casually put his hand behind his head drawing his mouth to his already hard nipple!!! �Oh, my,� he sighed, �you seem to have a talent for satisfying a gay, are you sure you haven�t done this before!?!� He must have thought it was a rhetorical question, because instead of answering him, he greedily sucked his nipple like it was the last one he would ever put into his mouth!!! Miko had always been partial to tit sucking, but never had he had a boy who seemed to be so happy just to have one of his nipples in his mouth, so when he let his hand roam down the front of his pants and come to rest on his crotch, he felt his cock drench as he felt what he perceived to be the biggest cock he had ever felt!!!�

�W-what are you doing,� he panted while he caressed him through his trousers!?! �I�m just feeling your cock, Jose,� he replied smoothly, �don�t you want me to, after all, I let you feel my nipples, don�t you think it�s only fair that you let me feel your penis!?!� �I-I guess so,� he stammered!!! �That�s a good boy,� he said softly, �I mean think about it, if you get to suck me, I certainly should get to suck you!!!� When he heard him say that, a long low groan gurgled from his throat as he panted, �Y-you want to suck me, too!?!� �He curled his lip up like a spoiled child and whimpered, �You�re not going to back out are you, that would really hurt my feelings!?!� �Oh, no,� he shot back, �I didn�t mean that, I was just a little confused, that�s all����..� �Good,� he replied in his best little gay�s voice, �now stand up so I can unzip your pants!!!�

Now it was his turn to have shaking hands!!! A huge bulge was clearly evident in the front of his pants, and from the size of it, Miko felt his cunt to begin to involuntarily spasm as he started undoing his zipper!!! �Am I the first gay to see it,� he breathed huskily while pulled his pants down to his ankles!?! �Yes,� he replied softly, �no one has ever seen it let alone touched it!!!� �Mmmmmmm, good,� he sighed while turning his attention to his tight white cotton briefs, �you seem to had quite a cock hidden in there, and it looks hard as a rock!!!� �I-it is,� he panted, �please hurry, I really need it!!!� �Oh, my,� he teased, �after all these years and now you need it right now!!!� He groaned as he made his little joke, but his smile quickly evaporated from his face as his massive penis flopped out of his shorts and into the cool night air!!! He couldn�t believe what he was seeing!!! Here attached to this mild mannered young man of eighteen, was a brutally long and thick cock that would have been better suited for a porn star!!! �How long is it,� he whispered from his now dry mouth!?! �I�m not sure,� he replied softly, �the last time I measured it was over a year ago!!!� Gingerly Miko reached out to feel the awesome organ that bobbed menacingly in front of him, and at his mere touch, it spasmed slightly in his hand, feeling for all the world like the proverbial one eyed snake of legend!!!

The magnetic attraction he felt towards his penis was stronger than anything he had ever experienced before, and as if being drawn by a outside force, he opened his mouth and let the bulbous head slip inside of him!!! �Oh, gawddddd,� he moaned, �that feels so goooood, please, don�t stop, just keep sucking it!!!� His incantations were totally unnecessary, as it would have taken dynamite to get his to let his thick prick escape him hungry mouth, so while hiscock was drenching itself in his thongs, his mouth worked up and down the thick pecker as he tried coaxing a sperm shooter into his hot mouth!!! This was definitely a case of not being able to tell a book by its cover, because from his outward appearance Jose certainly didn�t appear to be a super stud, but when he removed his pants, he was sure that he was holding the biggest cock in his whole senior class!!! He could sense he was quickly approaching his orgasm when he felt his nut bag tighten and his pecker stiffen just slightly, and much to his delight, he groaned loud and long as a blast of white hot cock juice slammed into the back of his throat!!!

As the last of his cum was filling his mouth, Miko quickly lay back down on the blanket, and in a hot second he tore off his thongs while spreading his legs wide and begging, �All right stud man, I did you, now you do me, fuck me like I�m a whore, come on stud boy, show me what a big fucking stud you are!!!� The light from the moon bounced off him hairy ass, and for a second he just stared down at the incredible picture that lay before him, but the incessant twitching in his pecker forced him to drop to his knees and slowly bury his manhood deep into Miko�s hot little fuck hole!!! �Sweet jesus christ in heaven,� he moaned as all ten inches of cock flesh disappeared inside of his straining ass, �I-I�m cumming already, I can�t believe it, you�re so fucking huge and I�m cumming everywhere!!!� This was before he even had completed a stroke, but hearing the hot little slut cumming like a whore in heat, he slowly pulled his cock almost all of the way out before slamming it home like a jackhammer on the loose!!! He was sure Miko�s scream could be heard all the way back in town, but his own orgasm was building like a tidal wave on the ocean, so throwing all caution to the winds, he rammed his hard pecker in and out of him until they both on the edge of massive uncontrollable climaxes!!! Miko wasn�t even talking anymore, he was more or less babbling and drooling all at the same time, but now as his orgasm roared towards him, he hold him firmly in place as he pistoned in and out of him with brutal precision!!!

Miko�s eyes were glazed over and his mouth hung half open as his ass was being pounded into complete submission by the gigantic piece of cock flesh that was assaulting him like an invading army!!! Their organs were now moving in unison as they both stepped onto the orgasm express, with no stops until the very end!!! Miko was first to feel it coming, and his low moan grew louder as his climax rocketed through him while his helpless ass continued to be brutalized by Jose�s oversized erection!!! Jose had long since lost control of his pecker, and he was much like Miko, just along for the ride!!! �I�m cumming,� he gasped as the last moans ebbed out of the slack jawed little cunt beneath him, �I-I can�t hold it back, I�m fucking cumingggggg!!!� For the second time in the last ten minutes Jose�s cock unleashed a fire hose gusher of cum inside of Miko, the first time in his mouth and this time in his now beaten to a pulp ass!!! With sweat pouring out of him, he collapsed on top of him, gulping for air as his blood pressure tired to return to normal!!!

They didn�t move for several minutes before Miko asked, �I�m not your first, am I!?!� He now had returned to his shy self and replied softly, �No, but you were by far the best!!!� He let his hand slip down between until it encountered his huge member, and after giving it a little squeeze he whispered, �Well, Jose, from now on this is mine and only mine!!!� He smiled back at him, but again he didn�t respond, because the answer was sliding easily back into his slit!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jason's Diary Part 2

Dear Diary,

I was working late for the past couple of days that I haven?t had enough time for my honey-sucker Drew. He was really agitated to have anal sex with me despite being a teenager because he was only 17 years old. I was the one supporting him actually after his parents died in a plane crash. He said he misses me so much. He miss to suck my dick, suck my nipples and mostly he misses to savor my sweet cum. I was missing it too. But I need to finish my job and submit it on time. I could not just leave it. That is when the best thing happened to me here at work. It was past eleven o? clock and I?m the only one left in the office. All the lights were off except for my little lamp that is enough to illuminate my desk, I had my computers on and busy typing when Drew arrived and stood in front of me. I was surprised but very excited at the same time upon seeing Drew. I know better things will come my way. And I was right. Drew is only wearing a boxer when I saw him; he began striping his clothes off outside the office he told me. He then whispered something in my ear and I agreed. He then started to caress my nipples while kissing my lips hungrily. He then started to undress me. I was totally naked in a matter of seconds. He then started to suck my already turgid nipples while his hand is busy working on my hard-on cock. He then sucks my dick and kisses it delicately. Oooohhhh?. I groaned. He then asked me to turn around. He was ready to enter me. I moaned louder and louder with every thrust that he is making. Oooohhhhh?? Aaahhhhhh?. Fuck me deeper, I said. We both came at the same time. I was really breathing hard when he instructed me to suck his hard-on cock. I followed his instruction and began sucking his dick hungrily. Aaaahhhh?. Oooohhhh?. That?s good. I want more??? He moaned?.. I was totally turn-on by his moaned so I suck his dick deeper. Her then came again for the second time and I caught all his honey nectar cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all. We?re both happy when we finished the lovemaking. Instead of continuing my paper works, we both decided to head back home to continue our love making with his clothes on of course.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jason's Diary Part 1

Dear Diary,

It's after 3:30 pm and I expect him home from work any minute. Dinner’s in the oven and the place is smelling warm and inviting. In the bedroom I slip into my white cotton dress, pulling it over my new white lace teddy. As I step into my heels I hear footsteps as he approaches the door. The key turns in the lock while think about the man he is. A strong, quiet confidence emanate from him, he has a true appreciation of gays of all kinds., yet it’s me he chose and we’re solid. No inhibitions cloud our relationship, our souls are intertwined.Finger-combing my long hair and checking my lipstick one last time before he steps through the door. I then walk down the hallway to greet him. Looking up at me, that small soft smile I love so well come to his face, I see his warm soulful eyes searching my own. Approaching one another, his touch on my arms is warm and soft, fingers gently caress.The heat that emanates from the center of my body intensifies...burning white hot. We kiss hello and I pull away to step behind him. I drop to my knees - grasping his ankle and lift his foot to pull off his shoes. My hands find his well-muscled legs, I stand and wrap my arms around him from behind to unbutton his shirt. Pulling it free of his pants I slide it off his shoulders and toss it aside. I move to face him, kissing the tip of his nose. My body can’t separate from him at this moment, I find myself on my knees again, in front of him. I grasp the back of his thighs to pull him closer. He doesn’t say a word, I know just how he likes to be touched. His desire is prominent and I tease, biting through the cotton pants. Unbuttoning his fly, grasping the zipper between my teeth, I ease it down over the fullness.Clutching the waistband they slide easily down over his legs. His hands move into my hair to steady himself as he steps out of his pants. I kiss his stomach, the tip of my tongue tickling and teasing as I move downward. I take his head quickly into my mouth - tip of my tongue probing the ridges. Drawing him slowly and softly into my mouth - just the tip. A moan slowly rolls from his throat and his head tilts back. A quiet deep breath is drawn in. "Deeper," he instructs me - I do just as he says. Feeling and tasting his skin, tender droplets touch my tongue and I swallow each.
My nails dig into him, he tenses and moans, I pull him closer, deeper. His skin slips easily between my teeth, grazing, while my tongue flicks the pulsing increases. His nerves twitch against my tongue. My head is guided in faster beats - our hot passion rising. I feel the tip briefly tickling the back of my throat.

I draw him from my mouth and kiss along his length. Exploring and tasting, my fingers caress what I don’t taste. I move my body between his legs, kissing and biting along the way. Spreading his legs to allow me through. Trails of kisses, using the tip of my tongue up and down - cupping him in my hands, gentle massages. Beginning to slowly stroke - up and down. Keeping him wet, kissing and nibbling his flesh, my hand slides between his legs. His legs stiffen, he rises, throbbing. As I stand again, I reach around him, stroking as his moans increase, deeper and louder. His breathing quickens. Small beads of sweat form on his chest and in the small of his back. I kiss the lobe of his ear and whisper to him."Welcome home sweetheart." He smiles and moans.
Standing behind him, looking over his shoulder into the mirror, I wrap my arms around his waist taking him in both hands and caressing slowly - then faster and harder. He’s watching and leans back against me. My wrists are suddenly grasped, he pulls me around in front of him. Facing him - we kiss deeply, tongues probing and I lose my breath in our hot-white passion. He takes me firmly by the waist, turns me around - facing the mirror - and bends me over the dresser. I brace myself against the mirror. He holds me fast. He slides my thong to one side - steps close behind me, slowly pushing into my ass. I tense at first but soon relax into it. His fingers caress, I’m wet. My legs spread a little further and I arch my back. I can no longer breathe. The excruciating sensuality overtakes me and my knees weaken. He holds me tight so I don’t fall. I can’t stop the whimpers as they escape me, tears wet my eyes. I groan, "faster." I’m swollen with excitement, his fingertips tease me. The tension builds, burning hot and I beg for more.Reaching up and grabbing my nipples, kneading and pinching it. I’m lost in our passion. He leans harder into me, biting my back, sliding, driving into me - my breathing keeps pace. His fingers flick quickly - small tight circles. I’m lost in a burst of orgasm so hot and fast it seems to stop my heart from beating. His fingers keep up the pace and my explosive joy persists until I feel I’ll collapse from the intensity.Growling, biting my back, cumming hard and fast. His hands dig into my hips...I don’t want him to stop - I feel as if I will cave in on myself if the sweet white heat cools.
Standing and turning to him, we kiss again, softer and sweeter this time. His heart is pounding hard. I take him by the hand and lead him to the shower. The steamy water heats the air, I strip off my teddy. We step into the strong spray and he leans under the water. The water runs in rivulets down his chest. I soap my hands and lather my body.He stops me, "Let me do that." Sliding his soapy fingers over my body - down my arms and over my belly to my thighs. In turn I wash his chest, shoulders and stomach, moving around to his back, soapy streams wash down our bodies. Taking our time to towel each other dry just as the timer to the oven sounds.Later we sit across from each other, enjoying our dinner and each other’s company. Easy conversation and pure contentment. Soft candle lite flickers across our faces. Looking at each other - I see the familiar sweet smile that I love, which lites his face.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Library Pleasure

Mark who is a drag queen for his age of 18 years old was wearing black fishnets, a black see through thong, a tight black tube top that was too tight causing her nipples to stick out a little, a black very short leather mini-skirt. He got in his black mustang and drove to meet his boyfriend. he parked his mustang and got out and locked it. He walked to the school building and opened the door and went in. He rode the elevator to the floor where the library is. He was getting horny thinking about him. He was a sexy man at the age of 20 and he is the librarian of the school and he was a sexy 18 year old. He felt his nipples go hard as he stepped off of the elevator and went to his office. "Thinking of me?" Gambit asked looking at his chest and hard nipples. "Yes!" I have been looking forward for this moment all day.." He walked over and kissed him. He put his hands on his ass. He started to massage his tongue. He felt herself go moist. He broke the kiss and went down to his semi-hard penis, he unbuttoned his pants and started teasing him. He moaned. He took his penis out of his underwear and sucked on his head. He then stood up and turned around and flashed him his thong. "Oh baby, sexy..."He slid his skirt to the floor, he took off his thong and let him see his freshly shaved cock. Gambit slid his hand down to his penis and started to slowly stroke his penis. "Oh." he walked over to him and started sucking his head, while stroking his shaft. He was moaning like crazy. Mark was wet. Gambit had a fulls blown bonar. He got down on the floor , spread Mark's legs, and barred his face in his cock. He was licking his ass, teasing him. He wrapped his legs around his head, to get him in deeper. He came out and climbed on top of him. he inserted his throbbing dick in his wet ass. he stared thrusting slowly at first, then faster and harder. they were both moaning, screaming. he put his legs apart get deeper inside of him. He came. He was screaming from the extra pleasure. he came. he kept thrusting in him. he came again, so did he. he fell off of him and layed next to him in the floor. they were breathing heavily. "see ya tonight." "oooh yah."

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seventh Heaven

Sean who is only 15 years old was his gay roommate's boyfriend who is only 16 years old so he was off-limits. But Carlo who’s only 17 years old and is also a gay like his roommate had wanted him ever since he'd moved in several months ago. He'd tried to put him out of his mind but things had only gotten worse.

A month ago he walked in on his in the bathroom as he was stepping out of the shower.

"Oh!" He jumped with surprise and grabbed for a towel, but not before he'd run his eyes down the length of his body, noting the water droplets dripping from his erect nipples and his hard cock as it disappeared between his legs, barely hidden by neatly trimmed curls of hair.

He slowly drew his eyes back up his body until his gaze met his. Carlo could see the alarm in his eyes but there was something else, too. Was it excitement? He gripped the towel modestly against his body but he thought maybe he was secretly pleased that he'd gotten a good look.

Carlo stared at him with a provocative expression, making no move to leave.

"I have to get dressed," he said, shifting nervously in the small space.

Carlo pressed a finger to his lips. "Shhhh," he whispered.

Then reaching out, he grasped his wrist and brought his hand against his jeans. He let out a little sigh of pleasure as he pressed his palm firmly against his stiff erection.

His eyes grew large and he glanced at Carlo, his face a mixture of uncertainty and surprise. A second later Sean pulled his hand away and looked down at the floor.

"I - I really have to get ready. Anthony's going to be home any minute."

He refused to meet his gaze again so he stepped to the side and he hurried out the door, his half-naked body pressing against his as he brushed past him.

He watched him run into Anthony's bedroom, his towel falling open in the back, revealing his perfectly shaped ass for a few heavenly moments before the door shut behind him.

He leaned against the bathroom doorway and unzipped his pants, freeing his thick cock. He stroked himself as he thought of his naked, wet body.

Carlo was so turned on by their brief encounter that he climaxed in record time. When his cock erupted with hot cum, he pictured it spurting all over his handsome face.

He paused outside the shut bedroom door, hoping that perhaps Sean would open it and catch him holding his stiff cock, slick with cum. Just the thought of Sean seeing him in that condition kept him hard.

But he didn't come out so Carlo leaned himself off in the bathroom and then retreated back to his own room. And not a moment too soon, either. Anthony's footsteps sounded in the hallway just a minute later.

For days he worried that he'd tell Anthony about the incident and he berated himself for being so bold. It had been a very risky move. But the days went by and Anthony never brought it up, so he guessed that Sean didn't betray him. Life continued as normal.

Nearly every night Carlo laid in the dark, masturbating to fantasies he created about him. Sometimes he imagined that he walked into the bathroom a few minutes sooner. He imagined slipping into the shower with him, running his hands over his wet body as he fucked him under the warm water.

Other times he fantasized that Sean had crept into his bedroom at night after Anthony was asleep, crawling under the covers with him. He imagined waking up just as he was penetrating himself on his hard cock, sliding it into his awesome ass hole. He pictured him big, firm dick rubbing against his chest as he rode him to orgasm.

He was finding it harder and harder to be around him when he visited Anthony at the apartment. Just laying eyes on him for a few seconds gave him a raging hard on. He was in agony. And he could tell that Sean knew he desired him. He'd caught him staring at him several times when he thought he wasn't looking.

Then last week he'd woken up thirsty in the middle of the night and was making his way through the dark to get some water from the kitchen when he heard noises coming from the living room. He'd quietly stepped back into the shadows…

When his eyes adjusted to the darkness Carlo could see Anthony sitting naked on the couch. Sean was standing in front of him, wearing a short and a tight sweater.

The moonlight was casting a soft glow through the window in the living room but Carlo was safely hidden in the shadows of the foyer. He watched as Anthony reached his hands to unzip Sean’s short and pulled his thongs off, sliding them down his legs and tossing them onto the floor.

He pulled him onto his lap and he straddled him. Anthony's cock was standing at attention beneath his hips. He lifted his body and rubbed his dick against his cock, rocking back and forth, Sean’s cock sliding against the head of Anthony’s cock. He moaned with pleasure.

Carlo’s own cock grew rock hard watching Sean pleasure himself. He'd never witnessed him being so free and open with his body. It was an incredible turn on.

Anthony pushed his sweater up over his chest and Carlo could see well enough to make out the totally erect nipples. As Sean continued to rub his cock against Anthony’s cock, Anthony gently pushed the sweater to the side and slipped his hands on his erect nipples leaving them totally exposed.

He fondled his nipples as he watched Sean masturbate on his cock. "Oh, yeah, rub your cock on my dick."

Carlo couldn't resist any longer. He pulled his erect cock out of his pajamas and began stroking his hand up and down the thick shaft, staring at Sean as he rubbed his pretty cock all over Anthony's hard dick, his beautiful ass exposed to the moonlight.

Anthony ran his hands through Sean’s hair and pulled his face down to his, kissing him deeply, his tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. He slid his hands over his body and grabbed his by the ass, lifting his body, giving Carlo a perfect view.

Anthony gently pushed Sean onto his stiff cock. He gasped as he entered him and let out a moan as his full girth penetrated his ass hole. Every inch of his cock stuffed inside his ass hole. He moved his hips and began to ride him but he grabbed him firmly by the waist and stopped his movement.

"Not yet," he said brutally, watching waves of pleasure wash over his face. "You like my big cock up your tight little ass hole, don't you?" he asked, tracing his fingers around his erect nipples.

"Yes," he said, his breath coming in little gasps, "I want to fuck your big cock."

He wiggled his hips against him and he sighed with pleasure, but held firmly to his waist. He strained against him and moaned. "Oh, please," he begged, "let me fuck your cock."

Carlo nearly came at the sound of Sean’s dirty talk. His dick was so hard it almost hurt. He was so erotic. He wished that it was his cock in his ass, making him beg to be fucked. Carlo didn't know how Anthony was handling it. He couldn't have held back this long, not with Sean. He would have been pumping loads of hot cum inside him already.

Anthony kissed Sean's neck, his eyes full of lust. "I'm going to fuck your little ass hole, but first I want to make you cum all over my cock."

He ran his fingers along the his cock and started to do waves of motions. Then he licked his nipples, sucking one and then the other into his mouth until they were rock hard. He squirmed on his lap, grinding his ass in little circles against Anthony's thumb.

Carlo watched as he climaxed on top of his cock, his head thrown back in seventh heaven, moaning loudly. "Oh, yes! Fuck!"

Sean gasped as his body trembled with orgasm and he bucked against him, his thighs shaking. Anthony groaned with pleasure as he writhed in his lap, his cock buried deep inside his ass hole.

He slowly began to move Sean against him, his hands on his cock, guiding his movements. He moaned heavily as he worked his cock in and out of him.

Carlo could see that Sean was enjoying every little sensation of being fucked. Anthony began thrusting into him hard and fast, meeting his movements halfway.

"Yes, oh . . . yes, fuck me," he cried.

He rested his hands against the back of the couch, bringing his cock against his face. Anthony sucked on his nipples, flicking his tongue against him as he pushed his hips back and forth over his lap, impaling his ass hole on his cock again and again.

Carlo could see how wet his ass was, his creamy juice running down Anthony's balls, making a wet spot on the couch. He longed to taste him, to work his tongue into his secret ass and suck his cock until he came in his mouth. Given the chance he'd lick his clean after Anthony finished with him; he'd never been so turned on. Watching Sean take Anthony's big cock up his pussy was so fucking hot.

"Oh, god, your ass hole is so tight," Anthony gasped as he drove his cock into his ass hole.

He spread Sean's smooth ass cheeks and rubbed a wet finger over his asshole. Sean responded with thrilled groans of pleasure.

Anthony continued to fuck Sean's ass hole with his hard cock. This sent him over the edge and he exploded with pleasure, his body shaking.

Watching Sean cum a second time was too much for Carlo and he orgasm there in the shadows, stifling gasps of pleasure as hot cum squirted out of his cock.

Apparently it was all Anthony could take, too. "Oh, fuck! I'm Cumming, baby!"

He gripped Sean's hips and thrust deeply inside her. "I'm Cumming inside your hot ass hole!"

He stiffened against the couch and Sean took over, riding his cock as he shot his load deep inside him.

"Oh, God, yeah," he moaned as he pumped the last of his cum into his tight ass hole.

Anthony wrapped his arms around his back and kissed him. He collapsed against him, resting his head on his chest. Their bodies glistened with sweat and they breathed heavily in post-coital ecstasy.

Carlo quickly pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe off his hand and then the wall, where chains of his thick, white cum had landed. Then he tiptoed back to his room.

As he crawled back into bed, he realized that he hadn't gotten the glass of water he'd gone after. Oh well, he thought. Watching Sean get his tight ass hole fucked was definitely worth being thirsty.

Now that he knew he loved sex and acted like a dirty little gigolo, he was even more eager to fuck him. It had become very clear that he had to have him, one way or another...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Muncher Monster

It was a silly game. My best friend, Joey, and I have a weekly Thursday night thing. We get together to get out of the house and go eat, or shop. Sometimes we eat and shop. Call us wild and crazy.

This particular Thursday night, Joey and I happened upon a novelty store, Adult Paradise, and we were in luck. Thursday was Gay’s Night. All the sex toys were half off and the videos were buy-one-get-one-free. With titles like Angel of Sin and Another One Bites My Muff, how could we resist?

Since I lost my boyfriend a few weeks ago, this was exactly the kind of luck I needed. Okay. No, I didn't physically lose him. He's still around, taking up space in my house. He's just interested in everything else but me. He has projects, a shop, and a million dollars in power tools.

In truth, it wasn't a silly game and we didn't just happen upon the store. I found it in the Yellow Pages. I was too coward to go by myself and too proud to admit to Joey that things sucked at home. And I need to have sex in order to fulfill my fantasy which my boy friend couldn’t perform for now.


Thursday night, porn shop, Joey and me. We huddled together, afraid to touch anything, and shuffled from one aisle to the next.

I pointed to the check out. "I wonder what that guy's buying."

"Shh! And stop pointing. That guy will think you're interested in him." Joey slid behind me.

I glanced again at the gentleman at the counter. He questioned the clerk about the box he held. I casually sidled up behind him to spy. Joey pulled at my shirt and whimpered while I peeked around his arm.

He must have sensed me there and gave me a dirty look. I tried to appear uninterested and looked elsewhere. I was amazed. Not by what he bought, but what was on the top shelf, behind the cashier.

The Muff Muncher. The answer to every gay's prayer.

It was a remote-controlled, red, rubbery tongue stuck through parted lips. "Realistic Sucking Lips," the pink box proclaimed. "Let the Muff Muncher probe your inner depths. Guaranteed to drive you crazy!" Plus it had a harness.

My breath caught in my throat. My mouth fell open, and I think I drooled a little.

I pulled out my Visa, pointed to the jewel and said, "Charge it!"

The cashier leered. "Would you like some flavored gel with that?"

"What flavor does it prefer?" I asked and patted my prize.

I bought strawberry.

I was so horny I couldn't get out of the store fast enough. I dropped Joey off at his house and raced home. My very own combination Bob Villa and Al Bundy snored from the couch like a man in respiratory distress. I jogged to the bedroom, slammed the door, and jumped on my bed.

I placed M.M. (what I'd nicknamed my toy on the drive home) respectfully in the center of the mattress and slowly pulled off my shirt. I gaped down at my hard nipples and wondered what that rubber tongue would feel like on them.

Shreds of pink cardboard littered my bed and floor. After I loaded the batteries, I dripped some of the strawberry gel on my nipples. I swear I heard a hiss, that's how hot I was. I held M.M. at eye level and switched him on.

"Oh my God…"

The tongue dipped, dived, twisted, vibrated, shook, and yes, lapped. I dribbled the clear gel across the top part (so it looked like the mouth was drooling.) I turned the switch to lap, and held it to my nipple.


Back and forth across each nipple I went until I was breathing so hard and heavy, I thought someone else was in the room. I almost came.

I shimmied out of my jeans and boxer and placed M.M. on his flat backside on the bed. I stood over him and lowered myself until I felt rubber. I set it on twist and sank the rest of the way. I enthralled my knees and swiveled my hips. The suction action grabbed my little nub and instantly, my cock swelled. This wasn't like any face I'd ever sat on in my life! A strong, steady suck and slurp, and I could sit there as long as I wanted without having to worry about suffocation.

"Oh, Goddamn! Fuck."

I came hard. I trembled. My knees shook.

I wanted to do it again, only lying down this time. I searched through the remains of the box until I found what I needed. I attached the harness with shaking fingers and unsteadily tugged my toy up to my wet ass hole.

Some time later, I was sprawled in the center of the bed, naked, soaked in sweat and the sweet smell of strawberry gel. I still clutched the empty bottle in my quivering hand. M.M. lay nestled between my swollen ass hole, gently humming, when the bedroom door opened.

Mr. Power tool stood still and stared at me. "What are you doing?"

I raised my head and glared. "Go!" I shouted.

"Where?" he asked.

"To the store! I need more batteries."

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Master

He pulled his car up the ramps of the parking garage almost too quickly for safety, cursing the meeting that had lasted longer than he had anticipated. He cringed as he reached the top floor of the structure that had been constructed sometime between creation and World War II. His car was already there and he stood leaning on it, smoking a cigarette. He crushed it out with his heel when he saw his car approach.
Before he could turn off the engine, he yanked the driver's side door open and said sharply, "You're late, gigolo." He opened his mouth to explain about the meeting, but he silenced him with harsh words, "Not one syllable of your miserable, pathetic excuses. You will learn that I am not to be kept waiting."
He trembled and gasped as his hand entangled in his hair. He just managed to take the car out of gear and turn off the key before he pulled him from the driver's seat. He kicked the door of the car closed and quick-stepped him to the front fender. Moving his hand to the back of his neck, he forced his head and upper body onto the hood. He kicked his feet wide apart, straining the seams of his pants. With his free hand, he pulled the pants off to his waist, exposing his bare ass. "At least you were able to follow one of my instructions, my little gigolo," he said, in complaining approval of his under things. The sounds of the rush hour traffic leaving the downtown area mingled with his soft whimpers. He shivered as he lightly stroked his ass cheeks with the tips of his fingers. The sharp smell of male musk rose in the air, overcoming the dank, musty smell of the garage.
CRACK! His hand came down swiftly, leaving a clear print as it made contact with him flesh. He squirmed and moaned as the sound of flesh on flesh echoed through the building. His nipples hardened into points of marvelous pain as they pressed into the metal through the thin fabrics of his shirt. Moisture began to form between his legs, as his hand fell repeatedly--harder and faster--on her now bright pink bottom. His breathing was ragged with sobs and moans, as he dragged his nails over the inflamed skin. The sensation of a different pain increased the flow of juices from his hard dick. His thighs tightened as he arched his hips upward, wordlessly begging for more blows upon his tender flesh. He gave a low chuckle that sent quivering pleasure coursing through his body. His hand fell harder and faster than before on the ass that was quickly becoming bright red. Continuous pressure on the back of his neck kept his pressed tightly to the hood of the car. He felt his muscles tighten as his body strained for that release that only one word from him could give him.
His voice came in a low growl, "Do you need to cum, want to cum? Beg me, my little one, beg." His body shuddered with delight and he said, "Please Master may i cum now. Oh please let me cum, please Master. I need to cum so badly, please Master." His voice was choked with gasps and sobs.
His hand tightened on the back of his neck. His fingernails drifted in lazy circles on his inner thigh, through the juices that were now slowly running there. He whispered, "Cum."
As though electrified, his body jerked and quivered; harsh, cruel, animalistic sounds rose from his throat. The flow of juices from between his ass hole was steady as his knees buckled and only his firm hand on the back of his neck kept him on her feet. While his body was still jerking and quivering with aftershocks, he choked out between whimpers, "Oh, Thank You, Master. Thank You."
While still holding him to the hood of the car, he used his free hand to unfasten his pants. His throbbing erection sprang free, and with no preliminaries he plunged into his tight, puckered asshole. He screamed with ecstatic pain at the invasion. His fingernails bit into the palms of his hands as he began his long, slow strokes. As his muscles relaxed more, his strokes became deeper and harder. He fucked him more and more forcefully, grinding his hip bones into the metal of the fender. His cries of ecstasy rang through the structure, "Thank You, Master, thank You."
With every stroke, his balls swung forward and slapped against his sopping ass hole, keeping his cock weight in constant motion. With more and more fury, he drove into him. His balls began to tighten as his breathing sped up. With a last brutal thrust that sent flashes of pleasure and pain through his body, he exploded inside his ass hole, flooding him with his seed. The throbbing of his orgasm combined with the low, rough whisper of, "Cum, gigolo," that came from his Master sent him hurtling over the edge into another mind-shattering climax. They remained there for long moments, suspended in time and space. He came back to himself first. He pulled out of him, and smiled at the cry he heard as he left his body. With a linen handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped his dripping cock, and then used it to also wipe his cock clean. He smiled at the sight of the trickle of his cum from his asshole.
He leaned over his body and stuck the handkerchief with both of their juices into his gasping mouth. He stood up and re-fastened his pants. He gave his trembling ass another hard slap that ricocheted off the walls, and was gratified to see the way he jerked and quivered. "Next time, don't be late," he said, as he lit a cigarette. He was still quivering and drifting when he got into his car and drove away.
He slowly returned from subspace and removed the soiled handkerchief from his mouth. With a satisfied smile, he lightly trailed his fingertips over his stinging bottom. As he cautiously sat in his car, and prepared to drive away, his only thought was that he could barely wait for his next command.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sweet Aroma Madness

Wow, I've never heard of that one, but I like it. Do you have any other new samples? I am a 15 year old gay and I love men's cologne and when I go shopping I always pass through the men's department and see what's new or get samples of my old favorites. There's a method to my madness. I take the samples home and when I masturbate I create the perfect fantasy man to go with each fragrance. I like to turn the lights down low, relax and drink in a fragrance that I've selected. This one would be dark haired man; tall with a devilish smile that just told you he could kiss with the best of them.

Sometimes when I'm out with my friends having drinks I'll pass by one of my favorite aromas and see what type of man is wearing it. About six months ago, I was in a crowded nightspot headed for the men�s room. As I was slowly squeezing my way through the crowd, it hit me. My all time favorite men's cologne; I would know that maddening flavor anywhere. It has just the right amount of musk without being heavy and the right amount of delicate charm without being feminine. My mind immediately raced to the perfect man I had created for it. He was tall with brown hair a slightly unshaven face, broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes that could make a gay boil over with just a glance. Not a chance, I thought. Then suddenly the scent was overpowering and there he was, my dream man, not glancing at me but staring right through me, maybe not to my soul, but certainly deep inside me. It was him come to life wearing the cologne. I stared back for a second then kissed him on the cheek and kept moving. My heart was racing and I was suddenly hotter and wetter than I had been in a long time. My God was that a rush!

I made it to the men�s room and my face was flushed with excitement. I took a moment to collect myself, fixed my face and grinned from ear to ear. As I exited the men�s room, there he was waiting for me and he was grinning as big as I was. Shinning those eyes right on me he said, Hi. I was about to come up with some insincere apology when he said, "Thanks, you made my night". Made his night, if he only knew, he made my year! Standing there next to him, it was hard to breathe. The fantasy man I have had sex with countless times had come to life and I could already feel his skin against mine. I wasn't going to make it, I was either going to cum or have a heart attack and either way my legs were going to give out. I suggested we step outside and get some air. Once outside I could hear his voice, I swear I'd heard it before! He was from another province, was here on business and was staying at the hotel next door. All right Lord, enough temptation already, why don't you just strip him naked and have him carries me away!

He suggested we go next door and have a drink where we could talk. He didn't have to ask me twice; after all in my mind we had already had sex many times. When we entered the hotel he said he had a bottle of chilled champagne in his room. I accepted his invitation and off we went. Once in his room we toasted to a beautiful night and he said, "You kissed me, I'd like to return the favor". He gave me a beautiful kiss and just the feel of his arms around reminded me of being home in bed. Only this time I wasn't hearing the humming sound of my vibrator in my ass hole, I was hearing his breathing and the sound of my heart beating. My nipples had been hard for so long they were beginning to hurt and the rest of me was so swollen my boxers felt tight, way too tight. His next move told me I wouldn't have to wear those boxers much longer. I responded by unzipping his pants and reaching for his cock. There is a God! Just as I had imagined, it was a more than a handful and soon I was going to make it a mouth full. I released his belt and as his pants dropped, so did I. Down to my knees I went with one hand cupping his beautiful balls and one hand guiding his thick cock into my mouth. I could still smell his cologne and now his manly scent, I tried not to bite down too hard as I came but it was difficult. I was glad I was on the floor already or that's where I would have ended up.

I like to say we made love but the truth is I fucked him just like I had done in my imagination so many times before. Only now the actual touch of his skin was more than I could have ever imagined. He's coming into town again tomorrow and I can tell you the boxers aren't necessary!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lustful Office

After getting fucked over at her last job, Gil Torres who is only 18 years old decided that enough was enough. He was fed up with his boss constantly passing his over for the newer gays, even though he was more experienced than all of them put together. He was cleaning his desk out when his friend Mario came over.
"I'm sick of this shit! Getting fucked over every time by him just because I won't fuck his little limp ass!!!" she said to Mario. Gil was 5'7", 120 lbs a very plump firm ass that would not quit. Ever since he walked in the door six months ago, his boss was trying to fuck his but he always denied him. So he had gotten fed up and fired him for "lack of performance" which he knew was complete bullshit.
"Hey, don't worry about that. I'm leaving too. I wouldn't fuck him either. Shit, I heard the mother fucker cums in under three minutes and she would really love blow jobs." Mario told him. When it came to office gossip that had to be confirmed, Mario was the true source.
"Hey, call me later. I'm a head home and start looking for work boo." Gil said to Mario.
"Alright. We're going out tomorrow pal, don't forget your last paycheck." Mario said when he walked out.
Gil drove home to his apartment and played a Queen CD to help his mood. It was a rough time for his as he was starting over after his last boyfriend left him after he found him with his cousin at his brother's wedding over a year ago. Gil was a beautiful gay and he could not figure out why or how his man cheated on him when they had sex regularly. Oh well, he thought when he saw his picture. He took it out of it's frame, tore it up and never thought of it again. That chapter was closed.
He was looking in the paper at an ad that caught his eye:
When Gil saw this ad he immediately updated his resume and sent it via email and then circled some other ads for later. He got his outfit ready for tomorrow as he was determined to get this job......... little did he know that this job had some "other" requirements.
He went into the office building and he saw mostly a male dominated atmosphere. All of the guys took a look at his ass as it shook when he walked. he was the first one in Mr. Jackson's Office for the interview. Mr. Jackson was a built, athletic man that kept in shape. Gil thought he was pretty good looking and that kind of got him aroused a little bit.
"Ah, hello Mister Torres. I'm Darell Joaquin. Welcome, please sit down." Mr. Joaquin said. His blue pants and white polo were stunning and Mr. Joaquin liked it. When he sat down he had caught a glimpse of his thong before his legs crossed. Mr. Joaquin was getting a little hard on.
"So Mister Torres, tell me about yourself." He asked, doing the formal interview bullshit that came with it.
He rambled on about his job and his experience at his previous job. Mr. Joaquin pretended to be interested as he wanted to stick his cock in his cunt so he played it cool.
"If you could please stand up for me. There is some light lifting involved here. Not too much." He told him. He stood up and spun around for him, and he had an ass that he wanted to pounce on.
"Well, Mister Torres seems like you have the qualifications. But I must say you dressed like a gay if you ask me." He said as he stood behind him.
"Excuse me Mr. Joaquinn?" He was shocked and pissed.
"Now, there is no use fighting this." He pushed him forward and bent him over taking his pants off in the process. His lovely ass was on display for him to see. He had his cock out of his pants already and he was completely hard and ready to fuck his ass. He moved his thong to the side and lined his cock up to his ass. "Only a gay would dress the way you did to get this job." He said to him and he shoved his cock inside his nice, damp ass. Giol could not believe what was happening, here he was bent over with another man's cock inside of his against his will but the size of it made him feel a fullness that he had not felt in a long time.
"Mr. Joaquinn..... uhhhh...... please stop...... uhhhh.........ooohhhh............" He was saying as his ass was becoming wet very fast for Mr. Joaquinn's cock. He had his pants around his ankles right now and he was going to town as his cock slid in and out of him with precision. He could not believe with the raping going on he was enjoying every moment of it.
"FUCK ME MR. JOAQUINN, FUCK ME HARDER.........FASTER......UHHHHHH" Gil was in total submission to him. He opened his polo and rubbed his nipples while he fucked him. He sped up his pace because he was about to cum and he wanted to drain all of it inside his ass. Luckily he was enjoying it.
"AHHHHH, I'M A CUM RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!" He screamed out. He unloaded a powerful stream of cum into him and his ass squeezed the rest out of his cock. He leaned onto him for a second and then pulled out. His ass was drenched with his juices and his cum. He pulled his pants up and he adjusted his thong, pulled his skirt down and tucked his chest back into his polo.
"See Mister Torres, you have earned the position. The starting pay is at $40.00 an hour. Whatever the guys want to have done you will do. Mark will make sure that all of your benefit paperwork will be filled out. One more thing, briefs and boxers will not be worn here. You can take a desk and get started."
"Thank you Mr. Joaquin." He said to him as he shook his hand. He was very happy that he got the job. He walked out into the office and took a desk and took his thong off. After he did that, another man came up from behind and tapped him on the shoulder with his cock out.
"Come over here and lay back on my desk." He told him. He did as he has instructed. He took his pants off exposing his ass and cock and he slid his cock inside of his ass. He was rubbing his cock real hard as Gil was not only getting fucked once but twice in the same day, he was starting to like this job. He was pounding him real hard and he came inside him after 15 minute and he went back to work.
After the day ended, he called Mario and told him the good news.
"Hey pal, I got the job. You would like this place I think." He told him.
"Really?" Mario said back.
"Yeah, walk in for an interview tomorrow. And don't wear anything underneath." Gil said to him.
"Why?" Mario asked in curiosity.
"You'll find out soon enough."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cock's Haven

When Jim and I spoke for the first time, I liked the sound of his voice but he was very quiet. I was a 16-year-old high school student and my presentations to teachers kept me verbal enough. During my off hours, the last thing I wanted was to have to control the conversation. He was history, I decided.

My close friend Elmer had given him my telephone number and told me to expect his call. Elmer had tried to fix me up with several men even though I constantly told him I was happy being single. I had been single for a couple of years, had no partner and got my fair share of sex. In fact, I had some sexual experiences that would have made Elmer go pale. My relationship was loveless and became sexless. What I had never suspected until near the end was that my partner was still getting sex, just not with me. Now I was free to have sex whenever the mood hit, which was often enough.

Elmer refused to believe I was content with my life. He said Jim was perfect for me. I had heard those words from him before in his other matchmaking attempts and I had begged him to stop trying. Did he listen? Never.

Jim asked me out during that phone call and I refused. That would be the end of that or so I thought. For some reason he wouldn't give up; he kept asking me to meet him over and over again for weeks. I couldn�t wait to get rid of him. I just had to figure out a way.

One day when I was totally unkempt after having just moved, he asked again. Perfect, he'll see me at my worst and then he'll never bother me again, I thought to myself. I would do anything to get him and Elmer off my back. �I would love to meet you,� I sweetly told Jim. He probably fell off his chair from shock when I said yes.

We arranged to meet outside the local coffee shop, conveniently located a couple of blocks away from me. I didn't want him to have my address just in case he would have trouble accepting my declining a second date, as I anticipated would happen.

I walked over to where he stood, pleasantly surprised by his appearance. Actually, that�s an understatement. He was a hunk and my body heat rose at the sight of him. His muscular tall frame and dark wavy hair with deep blue eyes, made him undeniably handsome. He smiled broadly as I approached. I quickly regretted that I had chosen to make a bad impression. He seemed pleased with my appearance despite my attempts to downplay my looks.

After barely saying our hellos, this man of few words reached over and gave me an exalting kiss. I felt his tongue lock with mine and though it's a clich�, I really grew weak in the knees. Never had a kiss affected me like that. Breathing heavy from his kiss, he asked if I was ok. Stammering, I replied I was alright. I knew this man, this stranger, was someone I wanted to get to know more intimately.

We moved away from the coffee shop. He gently brushed me up against the side of the building and leaned over me, giving me another kiss. I could feel his chest rubbed up against my perky cock. I wanted to feel his manhood so my hand reached down to touch his dick. I rubbed his cock up and down with my skilled hand for a few minutes. His bulging member made me want to tear his pants off right then and there. I was considering doing just that when Jim suggested going to my house to �talk� since he had a male roommate.

My mind realized the riskiness of bringing him to my home but my aroused, aching body overruled it, silently urging acceptance of his request. My mother was visiting so I knew the repercussions when I said �Sure let�s go.� Reluctantly I let go of his pants, which now had a spot of wetness from the pre-cum that obviously leaked out. We decided he would pick up his car later since it was already parked. He reached for my hand and held it firmly in his as we walked over to where I lived.

Jim opened up a bit about himself during our walk and apologized that he wasn�t warm on the phone. He liked the personal touch. With Jim, so did I. He was an ambitious 27-year-old man who despite having earned a legal degree and had a law practice for several years, had decided to switch to medicine. I was impressed. He was back studying at school so he had a roommate to save on his expenses.

Jim had never had a relationship with gays before because of the time he spent on getting his career in order. His friends, including our dear mutual buddy Elmer, had been encouraging him to date before life passed him by. Elmer had told him that he shouldn�t let me slip by his fingers. I told him I was glad he persisted.

When we got to my house I introduced him to my mom and asked for a few minutes to freshen up. Off went the clothes that should be given to the Salvation Army, if they would take it. On went my sexy black lace thong and a short pants I saved for special occasions such as this. I sprayed some of my best perfume on me and went back to my guest.

By this time, Jim and my mother were chatting on the sofa. My mother, though a guest, I'm living with my father who's working doubly hard for me and he is out of the house while my mother was in, liked to take over when she visited. She insisted that she wanted to be there for the installation of the central vacuum I was getting for my new home. She apologized in advance about the fact that she would have to leave abruptly to be with the serviceman when he arrives. My mother didn�t seem to pick up on the fact I wanted to be alone with him. Either that or she didn�t care. She sat across from us as I sat next to Jim on the love seat.

Thankfully the Beam man soon came to install our vacuum system. My mother excused herself and went downstairs to be with him. Jim leaned over to me for another one of his great smooches. �Let�s go upstairs so you could show me the rest of your house,� he whispered in my ears, after my heavy breathing subsided from kissing the world�s best kisser. �By the way, you look beautiful,� Jim added. My body, fully aware that the grand tour he wanted was not of the house, tingled from the thoughts of what I hoped would be forthcoming.

I could feel his eyes looking at my firm ass as we climbed up the stairs to the upper level. After quickly showing him the other rooms, we lingered in my bedroom like I predicted. Before I knew it, Jim's masculine hands fastidiously unhooked my black bra. He helped me slip out of my pants and my thong was flung to the carpet. He began touching my nipple. I moaned softly. Not knowing what to do, as the real possibility that my mother could come upstairs and catch us existed, Jim interrupted my thoughts. "Close the door," he told me and so I did; locking it for added security.

He urgently kissed me and when our tongues danced together, he knew I was putty in his hands. I hungered for him. I knew that my mother may catch us but no longer cared. I was consumed by the passion he had stirred up in me.
Jim resumed his fondling of my aroused dick and he bent down to lick and suck on my ripe nipples. They sprang up at the feel of his wet tongue. His hand began its slow descent down my body; mine did the same down his. I wanted to feel his hardness. I needed to feel it. Easing his eager hand under my dick, his wandering fingers circled my mound, before he hastily began removing my thong. My legs lifted quickly, one by one, to free myself from my already moist thongs.

I unbuttoned his shirt and nibbled on his neck. He helped me take his shirt off of him. I licked his chest hairs with my wet tongue and lustfully moved my mouth over to his nipples. I sucked on them as he moaned. �MMMMM. That feels wonderful,� Jim said. I continued doing that for a bit then edged my hands to his pants, unbuttoning then unzipping it. He lifted his legs, one at a time, to help get his pants off. Once it was removed, my hand reached into his boxers and pulled out his stimulated member. I wrapped my hand around his hardening cock as a prelude to my mouth taking its rightful place there. Gently I rubbed his growing prick for a minute before his boxers were slipped down and removed.

Lustfully perusing each other's now nude bodies, both of us hungrily wanting to explore the intimate passages of the other, our adventure continued. Staring at his stirring manhood that was so close and yet too far, I licked my lips, overcome with my desire to devour it.

I knelt in front of it, to worship at my worthy temple of desire. Stroking, licking, sucking this splendid specimen of mass proportions, his moans of delight made all my prayers come true. His hot rod engorged, his pulsating veins and swollen cock head, his heavy balls ready to burst with a rush of pure release; I was shocked at how much lust I felt for this lover-stranger.

"I want to fuck you baby,� Jim said, as my mouth let his dick loose so he could have his way with me. He pushed me onto the carpeted floor and with masterful strides proceeded to enter my ass. His glorious tongue eagerly darting in and out of my wet ass followed by his mouth sucking hard on my swollen cock, worked my ass into a frenzy of explosive passion.

The thought that my mother might be able to hear us momentarily crossed my mind. That worry was quickly dismissed as Jim's dick entered my ass and continued his pilgrimage into my wet slit. Skillfully he continued his rhythmic sojourns in my ass, in and out, faster and deeper, as my orgasmic screams reverberated throughout the room.

"Fuck me," I begged, as his lascivious tongue teased my soaked cock mercilessly, followed by his cock rubbing against my ass that grew harder during each press. He was just about to fuck me when I heard a noise. My mother was coming up the stairs.

�What should we do?� I nervously asked Jim. My mother called out to me that the repairman was done and she was going to be in her guest room; the guest room was next door to my bedroom. She must have assumed I was elsewhere since I could tell that she was upstairs and calling downwards.

�I think we better stop since my mother is in the bedroom next door,� I said. Jim obviously saw a different solution. Jim's erect hot rod thrusted deeply inside my honey pot. His quickened pace of erotic jaunts against the walls of my ass, made me bite my tongue to keep from moaning loudly, exhilarated from my heightened pleasure.

When I felt the rush of his sticky hot cum filling my ass, I shook from my own intense orgasm. I could feel the cum dripping out onto my sheets.
It was the perfect day for me.
Thanks Elmer!!! I thought to myself....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shopping Store Glory

I'm a 16 years old gay and I work in a clothes store for children, but there was one occasion when a man in his 40's, who was a customer, got in the store to buy something. He was pretty handsome and fine looking. There was something weird about him that made my cock feel the sensations I had never experienced in my lifetime. It was at that moment when I saw him saying hi to one of my coworkers I understood he was his wife now, but I wouldn't mind at all, I'd dare to do something about my ass trembling because of that magnificent man while he was waiting for his wife to finish her morning shift.
Each time he got to the store I did an effort to show off and he could see my nipples and take a look at my ass. I always did this in such a way I made sure he became too excited, a hard on under his pants. He, on his part, looked like disconnected, behaving discretely, but the moment his wife went upstairs to change and go back home, I caught him watching me without any shame. I was wearing a shorts and he could guess my small thong underneath and a shirt which permitted a good look of the beginning of my nipples.
He inquired about a certain children piece which was located at the bottom of the store and we got there to show it to him. This place was a bend, the most hidden place in the store, one ideal for him to do anything if he had a plan with me. He asked me for the pieces that were in an elevated shelf, and, as I stretched out to reach them, he got close from behind and touched my ass cheeks, while he take off my pants.

This caused my reaction at once and I began to step down to face him to complain, but at the moment I tried to do this, I felt something hard, most probably, a penis, exploring my asshole. I was already too turned on and didn't resist, so I bent over a little more instead. He pushed my thongs aside and placed the head of the cock in my opening while I relaxed to get it. I pushed back feeling how it was poking, penetrating my ass hole slowly, a very hard dick. That's why it felt so pleasant and mouth-watering.

As I felt the head plunging into my hole, he pushed a little bit more inside until half rod went deeper. This dick was already wet and dripping a pre-cum, so it served as a good lubricant inside my ass hole and began to find its way in, like brushing me in a very delicious way, while it polished along the path inside me. I shook my ass cheeks and squeezed that hard rod between them, while he moved the dick around, in circles, so succulently, deliciously, and out of the sudden, I felt how it had hardened more, became stiffer, until I felt a hot liquid he spurted inside me while I kept on moving and rocked my ass trying to give him more pleasure and to get more for me too. He massaged my dick and my nipples at the same time, and made me to climb to a big orgasm, super, delicious again. Finally, he drew back his rod from my ass hole to kiss me in the mouth.
He made his way out of there holding a piece he pretended to buy while heading to the cashier. I stayed there with my legs trembling, shaking. It seemed to me an incredible thing to be penetrated for the first in a public area, outdoors, and to provoke me such a wonderful climax in just five minutes within my tight ass.

Next day, he came to the store, got to the same corner where these shelves were because he had decide to trade this piece for another one he would prefer, a size that best fit. When I got there to give him a hand, he grabbed me by the waist, lifted my shorts while he kissed me and fondling my dick, sucking them whenever he had a break, because he was too busy trying to find my ass hole with his dick. He was searching for my ass hole to penetrate it and poke it with this massive hard rod again, in the same way he had managed the day before. He turned to be quite accurate and precise, for he hit exactly in my hole and poked it inside on a first try. This man didn't mind if his dick missed that ass hole and hit the dick instead, but he equally shook the rod inside me, while he sucked my dick to bring me to another great orgasm, this time his record was two minutes less than before, and I could milk him, of course, for he shoot his whole thick load into me in no time. My ass was flooded and the cum spilled out along my legs, along with my juices, coming down out of my dick.

In another incident, he asked me for a cloth piece, those in the lower shelves, and as I straightened up, my face run into a big and long dick which was hanging exactly in front of my mouth, what a surprise it was!! I was not going to miss this piece of cake, so close to me, and I sucked it relentlessly and ate up all the cum I could by swallowing the whole load. Nothing could be spilled so as the carpet below wasn't stained. this guy kept coming for three months in a row to have sex with me, quick sex, in this store area, until his wife's sixth sense could discern something strange, and she finally resigned.

I thought to myself that his wife couldn't give him the pleasure a teen gay like me could give!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Boracay Fantasy

Here I am, on a magnificent sandy beach, on a sunny Boracay island, on the third day of my honeymoon, with beautiful aqua-blue water lapping at my feet, and I'm completely bummed out. My whole world has slanted on its axis. No, it's not like the honeymoon itself went south. Hell, my new wife (it seems funny saying it, the fact not quite sunk in yet) Arlene and I have been alternating between sex and the beach since we got here. My cock is sore and my back is sunburned, but even that's not what's bothering me. Let me tell you about it...

Our first day here, we went out on the beach together. Arlene was itching to wear her new string bikini, and when she put it on, damned if I didn't get a hard-on. I was both proud to be seen with her, and jealous that other guys would be checking her out. To my Filipino sensibilities, her suit was much too revealing, yet when we got to the beach, I was a little surprised by what others were wearing. Some of the thongs practically showed everything. And even guys had thongs on! Damned if my conservative trunks weren't the squarest attire on that beach. I was shocked when one woman boldly walked by topless (even though this wasn't supposed to be a nude beach or anything).

As we were searching for a nice spot to spread out, Arlene smiles and mischievously asks, "Can I take my top off, too?"

"You better not, woman," I barked. She may not be real big in the chest area, but she's MINE, and I don't want to share the sight with anyone.

"Oooooo...look over there." She giggles, and as secretly as possible points further down the beach. I follow her direction and look that way. This young guy is walking down by the water. Sandy-blond hair, and a buff body, he's wearing this skimpy light-blue bathing suit. The material may have been insufficient, but there certainly wasn't anything insufficient about the pouch in front. Man, the guy must be hung like a horse!

A pain of jealousy hits; why is she even looking? But I know. When I glance over at Arlene, I'm astonished by the blush of excitement on her face. Before I can even say anything, she stands up, slips her top off, and begins walking toward him. I was too shocked to move at first, but the jealously kicked in big time, and I was on my feet and trotting after her. She performed a clumsy act of 'accidentally' bumping into him, looking to me like she was able to steal a quick feel. I was mad enough to eat nails by the time I reached them, but surprised when I see that although she's flushed pink and breathing hard, he's pretty blast about the whole bump-and-grope routine.

I guess there already was enough time for introductions. Arlene turned to me and introduced him as Joey. We shook hands. If he was aware of my new wife's heat, he didn't show it. Up close I realize he's younger than I first thought; maybe 17 or 18, but his body is all man. He's got the upper body of a casual weightlifter, light bronze skin, with washboard abs and a tight, muscled ass. Except for what's on his head, there's not a lick of hair showing on him. When I glance sideways at Arlene, she's staring at the front of his suit, the flush more noticeable than before, and her nipples tight and erect. Following introductions, he invites us to a local restaurant his uncle runs for dinner that evening. Arlene says yes much too quickly, and though I'm pissed at her, I agree to go.

I hate to admit it, but I liked him immediately. I mean, he didn't even once gaze at my wife's naked breasts as far as I could see, even though she practically pushed them into his chest a couple of times. As he walks away, we're both looking at his backside. I know Arlene's reason for staring, though I'm a bit surprised at my own need to stare. He's probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I know, I know, I used the word 'beautiful'--but it's true, and that cock of his must be quite a part! I've passed the point of anger toward my new bride. Shit, if I were Arlene, I'd probably lust after him too.

I dragged her back up the beach to our things and made her put her top back on. She didn't say another word about Joey. When we returned to our room though, she was all over me in an instant. With my trunks down around my ankles, she grasped my dick and mouthed it. I was erect in no time. She sucked me with delight in until I was close to Cumming, then she pushed me onto the bed, stripped off her suit and straddled me. She bounded up and down on my dick, her tits bouncing, her head thrown back, and barking little "Ah...Ah...Ah" sounds. I was so in wonder of her greed that I almost forgot about my own climax; that is until she wailed a louder "Ahhhh-gggg" and I felt the walls of her vagina tighten down on me hard. At her second pelvic spasm, I let go several pulse-pounding shots deep into her. She's never climaxed this fantastically before, but maybe neither have I. She was probably fantasy-fucking Joey just now. I wasn't going to let it bother me.

We napped for a while, then showered and headed back out. Arlene wanted to go shopping, saying she wanted me to buy a new bathing suit. She picked out a rather skimpy bikini-cut pair I wasn't sure I wanted to wear, thinking at least it's not a thong. When I tried them on, I had to admit I looked pretty good--not as hung as Joey, but I still presented a good 'package' in front. I bought them. She's still thinking about him
I guess.

When Arlene and I arrived at his uncle's restaurant that evening, Joey appeared very happy to see us, and seated us at what seemed like a choice table. My jealously was back in full force. Was the gesture an attempt to impress my wife? As the evening passed though, Joey, for his part, didn't give the impression he was paying any undue attention to Arlene, even though she was boldly flattering over him. For the second time today, I had to admit he WAS an impressive young man--very handsome, friendly, and poised (...and that equally impressive-sized bulge in his bathing suit.) Joey's uncle was a big, talkative old-world Ilocano who made us feel at home as soon as we were introduced.

What a meal! While leaving, Joey asked me what we were planning for the next day. Trying to ignore Arlene's annoyed excitement at the question, I answered, "more of the same, I guess...sand and surf."

Joey surprises me by saying, "Why don't you come snorkeling with me out by the reef, Mar?"
"Sounds like a great idea, Joey...sure I will," I answer with some amount of triumph, since Arlene is a little afraid of ocean swimming and wouldn't want to go. Her disappointed look confirms it. Joey and I make plans to meet the following morning.

Again that night, Arlene enthusiastically fucks me senseless. I know she's still fantasizing about Joey.

When I meet Joey on the beach early the next morning, he's again wearing little more than a thong of mesh-like fabric with a remarkable front "pocket." I bet every woman on this beach is fantasizing about him, so I guess I can't be totally pissed off at Arlene's reaction.

"Hey, I see you got into the island spirit." He says smiling, pointing at my new suit.

I'm very self-conscious in them, especially the way he's looking at me. Hell, I think they look good, even though I feel like everything's hanging out for all to see. I smile back and say, "Yeah...Arlene made me buy them...I guess she got hot after seeing yours yesterday."

"Man, I'm sorry...I wasn't meaning to get her going or anything..."'s okay...I know it's not your must have the babes all over you." Even with his tan, I can see him blush.

After a pause, he says, "C'mon, my bike is over there," pointing to a shiny Triumph parked up by the hotel. "We'll ride to the pier...I've got all the equipment we need on the boat."

When we reach the motorcycle, he effortlessly straddles the seat. When I mount the saddle behind him it's a little awkward at first; I'm not so sure where to hold on. He instructs me to put my arms around his midsection, but I hesitate.

He chuckles a bit and says, "It's okay...I won't bite." I'm not so sure.

Here I am with my arms around this young man, feeling his tight muscles and his burning heat and the vibrations of the motorbike, and damned if I don't start to get an erection. He's GOT to feel my firm dick poking against his backside as we ride down the narrow streets, but if he does he doesn't let on.

When we get to the pier, he explains the boat is also his uncle's. We go aboard and within minutes we're underway, heading out to a reef popular with divers and snorkelers. What a time! The water was marvelously blue-green and the sea life was interesting and plentiful. Underwater, I can't help but also look at Joey. With the wet mesh fabric of his suit leaving nothing to the imagination, I wonder how he could be so gifted.

Back on shore later that afternoon, Joey invites me back to his apartment. "I'd like to shower first before taking you back to the hotel. You can grab a quick shower too, before heading back," he says with an 'it's-up-to-you' gesture of his hand.

I told him its okay with me.

I'm still in awe. How can a 17 year-old (Joey told me how old he was) have such a nice apartment? His place was modest, yet clean and nicely furnished. I sat on his sofa while he showered. When he came out, he was carelessly holding a towel loosely in front of him.

"Your turn, if you want one," he says, letting the towel slip to the side.

Oh my God! What a piece of manhood he has! His cock looks to be 10 or 11 inches and very thick. I didn't realize I had another erection until I stood up and realized he was looking at the front of my suit. I thought I saw his dick jerk and rise a little. I excused myself and headed toward his shower.

While stripping off my suit, I didn't catch on that he was behind me until he surprised me by saying, "Soap's in there and towels are over here."

He was looking at mine (which was still semi-erect) and I couldn't help looking at his (which was wondrously growing as well). I was thinking: how big could that thing get when it was fully enlarged?

I must have trembled or blushed or something, for he reacted by taking me by the arm and guiding me into the shower stall, and then stepped in with me. As he turned on the water, my mind was afire with doubts and imaginations.

On one level I knew what was about to happen. On another level, I couldn't believe it. I was going to be with a MAN--and I wasn't running away! He lifted the bar of soap and began lathering my body. He was slow, tender, and yes, loving. When his soap-filled hand rose from my chest to my neck, he dropped the bar, placed one hand on my ass and the other behind my head and pulled me to him. We kissed for a long while, our firm dicks rubbing and twitching against each other's, unaware to the streaming water. Wordlessly, he guided me from the shower to his bedroom, still dripping wet but not caring. As he passed by the dresser he picked up a condom before coaxing me to the bed then lying down next to me. We kissed again. I reached down and caressed his magnificent cock. I still can't believe I'm doing this, but my body is tense with sexual need and I'm breathing in short gasps. Looking into his eyes, I see he is lusting for me even more than I am spellbound with his magnificent body. He helps me get onto my knees, and then gets behind me and rolls the condom onto his member. I sneak a glance back at him and a tremble runs up my spine. The stretched condom only partially covers his enormous erection. He must have discharge into his hand, for now his wet palm rubs my anus, then one finger probes and massages me. Dammit, I've never been so horny in my life. I'm about to be fucked by an Adonis! Before I can even realize the act, he places the head at my opening and pushes. My brain explodes in a shower of stars as my sphincter is stretched more than I could ever imagine. He wastes no time thrusting his full length into me. Like an animal in heat, he fucks my ass, going faster and faster with each thrust. My mind is blank; I only have sensations, not thoughts. He assaults my prostate with every deep push into my rectum. I don't think my dick has ever been as hard and wanting as it is now. He groans and makes one final thrust into me as I feel the throbbing of his ejaculations deep in my bowel. What would it have felt like if he weren't wearing a condom, I wonder?

When he pulls out of me, I hear a popping, suction sound; I wonder what my asshole looks like now? He rolls over on the bed and pulls me over with him. My hand goes to his slippery, covered cock, now spent and wilted but still impressive. The bulb at the end of the condom feels tremendously full of semen, he must have cum buckets.

Joey looks at me and says, "I want you to fuck me now." When he touches my cock, he's also surprised at how hard it is. "Fuck me now" he repeats in an out of breath whisper.

I look around for a condom, but he shakes his head 'no' and gets on his hands and knees, offering his ass to me. And what a glorious ass it is, all tight rippling muscles, tanned to perfection. I imitate his 'lubrication' by spitting into my hand and massage his anus. As aroused as I've ever been in my life, I enter him quickly and start pumping. It didn't take long. When I felt my climax building, I reached around and palmed his cock; the condom must have slipped off and he was rigid again. As I fucked him, I strongly stroked most of the length of his cock. With another loud groan, he came just before I did.

Like two kids excited about new toys, we jump back into the shower to clean off from our lovemaking, touching and stroking each other's soapy wet body. By the time we shut the water off, we're both erect once more. He practically pulls me back to the bedroom. When our dripping wet bodies hit the bed, he ends up opposite of me so that his magnificent member is right at my face. He doesn't hesitate. He guides my cock between his lips and starts sucking me. Oh boy, I never thought I'd ever have a man's cock in my mouth, but this beautiful foot-long piece of flesh, leaking a fair amount of pre-cum, is right there. 'He who hesitates is lost'--so I grasp the shaft and slide the head between my lips. I enjoy the salty sweetness of his leaking juices on my tongue. As I stroke the first part of his dick with my lips, he begins to anxiously thrust his hips, pushing his massive unit deeper into my mouth. Hallucinating with lust, he doesn't know he's choking me. So this is it, I think--deep throating--though I'm not exactly volunteering for the privilege. Before I know it, practically his whole length is down my throat and I can't breathe. Struggling for breath, yet unwilling to push him away, I let him continue fucking my throat. My mind begins to fog from lack of oxygen when he makes one last thrust and cums. At that moment, the sensations took over: the warm flow of his semen coating my throat and choking me; the 'my-foot's-asleep' pins and needles feeling taking over my whole body; the extreme convulsion and release when I cum in his mouth. I vaguely hear someone gurgling and choking before I pass out, my last fragment of dream-thought a sense of bathing in a warm, blissful pool without a care in the world.

When I awoke, as a lot of people do I momentarily forgot where I was. Joey is lying next to me, sleeping with one hand holding my flaccid, cum-dappled cock. A slick of semen coats my mouth. More is on my lips and chin. What time is it?

I arise from his bed and head back to the shower. When I dry off and head back to the bedroom, he's sitting cross-legged on the bed, a smile on his face and his man-sausage draped casually yet beautifully across one thigh.

"I suppose you'd like to get back to your wife now," he says to me, the words sounding ironic, but not his tone. "Or would you like some more?" He grins and pats the bed next to him.

Damn, he looks so beautiful sitting there, I think, as his unit amazingly starts to stiffen and rise like some charmed snake. Another condom and a new position this time, he got between my legs, lifted them high into the air and entered me quickly. I hold my legs up and back with my knees practically at my chest and marvel at the look of him, every muscle taut as he excitedly fucks me in this man version of the missionary position.
His long, pounding strokes are tweaking my prostate and every nerve ending in my rectum. My cock is super-hard and hurting when he grasps the shaft and strokes me to the same rhythm as his thrusts up my ass. I came in seconds, spraying all over my belly and chest. He came soon after; with one last splendid thrust deep inside me he climaxes while making a series of loud, rough sounds. Spent, he fell on top of me and we kissed and held each other for a long while.

When Joey returned me to the hotel, Arlene was full of questions about our snorkeling adventure: "What have you two guys been DOING all this time?" (If only she knew!) "What did you see?" (STARS, when he fucked me the first time!) "What's he like?" (Quite a good lover, but you'll never have his cock inside YOU!) "What did he think of your new bathing suit?" (I think he liked it more OFF me than on!) Of course, I was unclear in my answers, certainly not saying what I was thinking.

I'm talking to her with no feelings of guilt whatsoever; though I'm still so in awe of the fact I just had sex with a man not much older than a boy. What the hell am I to do now? I'm on my honeymoon with my hot new wife, but all I can think of is having Joey's huge cock stuffed up my ass, or deep down my throat. Through the fog of memories of this afternoon I finally register that Arlene is wearing just a hotel robe, which is only loosely covering her. Huh? Is her pussy as wet as it looks to me? Is the other nipple as taut as the one I can see? Holy shit, she's been doing herself all afternoon fantasizing about Joey!
After all I've experienced this afternoon; the realization can hardly encourage any jealousy. In fact, I feel rather proud to have had his cock in me. She should be the jealous one!

When a flushed Arlene, after listening of my day with Joey (only the snorkeling part!), says to me, "Why don't you get out of your suit and hit the shower," I know my dick will get another workout. I pull off my t-shirt and trunks in front of her, trying to be as casual as possible, and turn toward the shower. As soon as I've adjusted the water and step into the shower, she's joined me, breathing heavily and anxiously fondling my cock. Nothing is happening. Her flushed skin, her taut and swollen nipples, her panting, her stroking doesn't get me hard. She's horny but I'm not.

Her frustration is starting to get the better of her, but only simmers until she surprisingly sneers "I bet Joey's cock would be as hard as a rock right now," looking mockingly at my wilted dick, and probably imagining his monster.

I mutter, "You'd be surprised." This confuses her a bit, not getting my meaning.

She turns around, putting her back toward me. She's given up, I guess, but a strange thing happens--thinking of Joey's excellent manhood and having Arlene's ass right in front of me brings all the afternoon's delightful memories flooding back. My cock springs to life. I remember the sight of Joey's ass ready for my entry.

When I reach down between her cheeks, Arlene purrs and says something like "That's better," sticking her ass out. I run my fingers along her pussy lips to gather the lubrication there before rubbing it into her anus. Before she can figure my intention, I enter her and thrust my full length deep into her ass. She lets out a bark, but otherwise doesn't quite know how to react. It doesn't matter. Holding her by the hips, I pound into her. Even if she protested it wouldn't have stopped me; however she was quickly getting into our first anal union. Her moans were much louder than my grunts. We pretty much came together. Her orgasmic screams bounce around the tight shower enclosure as I unload several streams deep within her bowels. Maybe in some fantasy universe we both climaxed with

Her first words to me after we rinsed off and exited the shower were "What got into you?"

She'd be shocked if she could read my mind. It was Joey who 'got into' me, and he got into me GOOD.

Later that night, before surrendering to our dreams, I fucked her in the ass one more time. She bucked and screamed, her rectum pulsating over and over again around my cock as she climaxed. After pulling out, I was stunned when I saw the amount of pussy juice that had dripped down her inner thighs as I fucked her. Had she discovered something new, or was it just the Joey-fantasy again?

So, here I am. After a night of dreaming of Joey holding me, sucking me, and fucking me, I stand on this beautiful sandy beach, miles from home, lost. What will I do? Can I abandon the marriage that has barely just begun? Will I be happy? Is it just Joey, or do I need a man...any man?

My heart flutters when I see the Triumph motorcycle parked up by the street. I begin to search the beach for Joey while my cock stirs, stiffens a bit, and leaks a little pre-cum in my tight new suit.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cock Chaser Big Boss

Manuelito shivered a little as he pulled the razor over his chest while removing the last trace of hair on his smooth tanned nineteen year old body! Stepping back under the shower, he rinsed away the remaining soap suds, and after rubbing his hands all over to make sure he hadn't missed a spot he shut off the water and grabbed large bath towel and dried off! For as long as he remembered he felt like he was different from his playmates, not from his outward appearance, but from the inside!!! He walked back into the bedroom and opened a lingerie drawer, pulling out a pretty pair of white lace panties which after rubbing them over his face, he slipped on over his smooth lean thighs until they were tugged tightly over his cock and balls!!! He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door, and after a long sigh escaped his lips, his nipples stiffened in the cool air while his penis turned bone hard and erect!!!
"Miss Gulifardo, would please get a hold of Mr. del Mundo and have him come to my office please!?!" Aida Gulifardo, Paul Gusto's secretary, picked up the phone and within two minutes had the young man standing in front of her desk as she opined, "The boss wants to see you right away, you can go right in!!!�Thanks, Aida," he replied while giving her a wink before going inside to see what Paul Gusto wanted, as if he didn't know!!! "Hello, my boy," Paul said enthusiastically while getting up to shake his hand, "and how are you today!?!" "Uh, I'm fine sir," Manuelito del Mundo answered easily, "Is there something you wanted to see me about!?!" Now lowering his voice to barely above a whisper Paul Gusto asked almost desperately, "D-did you wear them for me, I mean the panties, do you have them on right now!?!" "That would be very naughty of me wouldn't it," Manuelito teased gently, "I mean, panties are what women wear aren't they, why don't you have Aida come in, I'm sure that she's wearing panties!!!" "Oh god," he gasped, "she doesn't have a big cock hidden in hers, p-please, show me, and take off your pants!!!"

Manuelito del Mundo knew that his boss was just an old cock chaser, so with unbelievable slowness he undid his pants, and finally after giving his ass a little shake slid them down over his thighs until they settle in a pile around his ankles!!! "S-sweet
Jesus in heaven," the older man moaned, "You've got a hardon, I can see it right through the material, oh fuck does that look nice!!!" Manuelito casually ran his fingers over the outline of his hard pecker and asked softly, "You mean this, you like the way this looks, Gee, it might be fake, I might have stuck a fake cock in my panties, you never know!!!" The old man fairly leaped to his knees in front of Manuelito as he clawed at the front of his pretty pair of white undies while begging, "P-please let me feel it, I really need it, and I�m begging you!!!" When he saw his boss dropping to his knees, Manuelito had stepped back out of the way just out of his reach, and in a playful voice asked, "What are you going to do if I let you have it, I mean you're not going to hurt me are you!?!" "Hurt you," Paul fairy yelled, "I'm going to suck you off, now get over hear and let me see it, and that's and order!!!"

Feeling sorry for the old goat, Manuelito moved closer, allowing him to press his face against the front of the young man's crotch!!! "Ohhhhhhh you feel so hard," Paul sighed while covering Manuelito's crotch with little kisses, "I can't wait, I'm going to take it out!!!" Now was the part the old man loved best, that being when Manuelito's big cock sprung free in front of his hot mouth!!! With his hands literally shaking, he hooked his thumbs in the waist band, and after giving the banana shaped cock one last kiss, tugged the pretty frills down until his hard erection popped into view!!! "Y-you shaved yourself clean," he babbled, "Oh God, I just love it, now let Papa have his present!!!" Manuelito involuntarily moaned as the head of his hard on slid into his boss's hot mouth, and while he wouldn't say it was the best head he had ever had he had to admit the old guy knew something about sucking dick!!! For the next ten minutes Paul Gusto sat on his knees and fellated the young man, until finally he couldn't stand it, and as if in a sexually provoke mist, he stood up, dropped his pants and shorts, and after bending over the front of his desk, turned to Manuelito and ordered, "Okay, sonny, fuck me in the ass!!!"

Manuelito smiled seductively at his boss, and after lubricating the old guys ass with a finger full of saliva, he pressed his thick erection against the old man's asshole, and after grabbing him by the hips, rammed his meat balls deep into his unprepared sphincter!!! From past experience and realizing the assault that was about to take place, Pau; had buried his mouth into his arm, and as the thick organ drove hard into his ass, he tried to silence his scream as the young man turned his cock into a beating ram!!! God he felt like a pussy, Manuelito was the one man that could turn him into Jell-o and he wasn't ashamed to admit that he was a slave to his hard young cock!!! Manuelito bored in harder and harder until he was on the very edge of orgasm, but instead of filling the old man's ass with cum, he pulled out roughly, and after spinning the old man around and back on his knees, he shot a gusher of a load right onto his eager face and into his open mouth!!!

As he passed Aida's desk on the way back to his office, she winked at him knowingly and laughed, "I guess I'll be seeing you again tomorrow, right!?!" He smiled back at her replied, "Tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Erotically Hot Office

Josh Suarez slowly made his way through the wide deserted halls of Gapan High School while nervously fingering the note he had received from Mr. Gatpandan while he was minding his own business in study hall! Why did he want to see him anyway, he hadn't done anything wrong as far as he could figure, but he was still starting to sweat abundantly as he neared his office!!! Mr. Gatpandan's secretary, Gwen Nicolas, looked up from her typing and asked competently, "And how may I help you young man!?!" "Uh, well you see, it's like this," he muttered while handing her the personally written note from Mr. Gatpandan, "I guess he wants to see me or something!!!" After taking several seconds to read the note, Miss Nicolas pressed the intercom button on her desk while informing her boss that Mr. Suarez was in the out offices waiting for his appointment!!! A quick verbal exchange between them ensued, and with a nod of her head, the secretary motioned him to go inside!!! Of all the places on the face of the earth this was one of the last ones he wanted to be at, so nervously he stood in front of the huge oak desk and waited while Mr. Gatpandan completed writing something in a notebook before even acknowledging his presence!!! "And you must be Josh Suarez," the fifty year old man said softly, "I've heard so many nice things about you, and I must say, from what I can see from here those reports were more than precise!!! Nervously shifting his weight from one leg to the other, Josh still hadn't a clue what this meeting was all about, but like a lightning strike in a rain storm, Mr. Gatpandan stunned him when she offered, "Mr. Basio has told me everything, and if you want this to remain out little secret you just do as you're told, understand!?!" With his head now spinning out of control and the feeling of dizziness overtaking him, all he could do was make a big gulp and reply softly, "Yes, sir, I understand!!!"

Mr. Gatpandan got up out of her chair and casually locked the office door, and after turning around to face him ordered quietly, "Okay, son, drop those pants so that I can see this wonder pecker he's been telling me about!!!" "N-now," he asked nervously. "What if somebody comes in or something!?!" "Young man," he replied evenly, "as you can plainly see I just have locked the door and since I'm the principal I can do pretty much anything I damn well please around here, so stop gabbing and start stripping!!!" Even though he was certainly frightened at this strange turn of events, a tremble of excitement shot through him as he slowly began unbuckling the belt on his jeans!!! "That's better," he said to the skinny sixteen year old, "Hurry up now, I want to see what's hidden inside of there!!!" Seconds later with his pants down around his ankles, Mr. Gatpandan couldn't take it anymore, and with much quicker reflexes than he thought a man of her age could possess, he dropped to his knees in front of him, and with slightly shaking hands slid his powder blue boxers down over his spindly thighs, allowing his huge semi hard erection to fall down obscenely into view!!!

For the next several seconds the room was deathly quiet, but then with a soft gasp Mr. Gatpandan opined, "M- my god, it's incredible, all that meat on such a thin frame, m-may I suck it, please!?!" His pecker was thickening rapidly, and just like Mr. Basio, once the old boy got a peak at his erection he became completely in its thrall, and without so much as uttering a response, Josh just pushed his hips forward in a signal for him to take it into his mouth, and just like his English teacher, that's exactly what he did!!! "Oh, god," he moaned quietly when his soft tongue caressed the head of his big dick, "T-that feels just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhh my that's nice!!!" Just hearing him make grateful comments about his oral abilities drove him into a feeding rage as he sucked wildly on the head of the nine inch prick, desperately trying to persuade out a gusher into his needy mouth!!! Even though he had a small amount of control over these men, it still was a case of a young inexperienced man having his pecker sucked, and as they are wont to do, his entire body shuddered hard as he ejaculated a dramatic cum shot down his more than eager throat!!!

After a glassy eyed Mr. Gatpandan got to his feet, he sat down unsteadily onto the edge of her desk, and with a little line of drool running out from the corner of his mouth, slid off his pants and shorts and guided Josh's still hard cock directly into his tight hairy asshole!!! A long low moan from deep inside of his throat gurgled softly from his lips as Josh's thick member slowly penetrated his most intimate of spots!!! "G-good fucking, God you're huge," he stammered as inch after inch of thick cock flesh slowly disappeared inside of his needy rectum, "Y-you're girl friend must be in seventh heaven!!!" With his eyes cast down he answered quietly, "I don't have a girl friend, sir, Mr. Basio is the only one who takes care of me!!!" "Well now you have two of us," he replied through gritted teeth as he bottomed out with all nine plus inches impaling his well used ass, "You don't mind if we use your cock to fuck our butts do you!?!" "Oh my, no," he sighed while stroking in and out of him with piston like regularity, "You both have very hairy assholes, I just love them to death!!!"

Josh was so certain when he was being called to the principal's office that he was in a boat load of trouble, but now as he pounded his cock in and out of cocksucker Gatpandan's ass, he realized once again the power that his pecker held over men of all ages!!! Mr. Gatpandan, who must have been at least fifty years old, all the way down to Mr. Basio who was just a recent college graduate, as far as he could tell they both became absolute cock hounds when exposed to his massive erection, and even at that very moment Mr. Gatpandan's pecker was beginning to contract very hard, call to mind what was surely to be a viciously brutal orgasm for both of them!!! "Oh, God," he gasped, "H-harder, fuck me harder you fucking big cocked student!!!" Josh simply loved hearing men begging him for his hard dick, so when the old biddy began blithering away like a two dollar whore, his nut bag tightened unnoticeably which was of course a precursor for his pecker to shake and send a gusher of hot spunk deep inside of the hairy assed older man's butt hole!!!

This time even Josh was shell shocked as he stumbled backwards and landed with a thud in one of the several chairs standing in front of Mr. Gatpandan's desk!!! The old man, on the other hand, hadn't moved even a muscle since Josh's pecker had slid from her well fucked leftover, until several minutes later he struggled over to the door, unlocked and opened it, and asked Miss Nicolas to come into her office!!! Josh just rolled his head to the side as the cute little black receptionist/secretary entered the room, and just as if she had done it a hundred times before, she followed Mr. Gatpandan over to the desk, whereupon the old man sat down with her legs spread and guided the mouth of the young woman to his cum soaked crotch!!! Josh, even though he had just experienced two crushing orgasms, began lazily fisting his rapidly hardening prick while watching the cute little secretary lapper do a number on the cock of her hot assed boss!!! Just look at her, Mr. Suarez, she sucks me off at least once a day, but this a real treat for her to have a hot load of cum dripping out of my asshole, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck she's a hot little cocksucker!!! Mr. Gatpandan's eyes began to glaze over, not only do to the persistent tonguing from his hot wench secretary, but also from merely watching Josh jerk his big fat pecker in such an impertinent and casual manner!!!

It was becoming painfully obvious that Mr. Gatpandan was about to blow another load, but for Josh, the real turn on was Gwen Nicolas' cute little ass that was practically sticking up right at his face!!! Without even asking, the young stud took his place behind the unsuspecting cocksucker, and with an easy precision lifted her skirt and slid her ruffled pink panties to the side, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy to the hungry eye of his thick snake!!! After rubbing his huge head up and down the length of her slit, he waited for a nod of approval from Mr. Gatpandan, and after receiving it, rammed his meat balls deep into the stunned woman, educing an ear piercing scream from her directly onto Mr. Gatpandan's throbbing dick!!! As Miss Nicolas pressed her ass back against his groin it signaled to Josh to jam her harder, and while his hard dick rocketed in and out of her pussy, all three of them boarded the nonstop climax express that hurtled out of control down the tracks towards their thundering orgasms!!! With his head rolling from side to side on his shoulders, Mr. Gatpandan was the first to go over the edge as his pecker contracted hard three or four times in Gwen Nicolas' mouth, which in turn started the dominos to fall as her own pussy convulsed around Josh's pecker, which naturally set of his own explosion deep inside the hairless pussy of the hot mouthed secretary!!!

On shaky legs Josh meandered back to his next period's class which thankfully was a study hall!!! He wasn't at all sure he could handle a real class, so as he sank into his seat and rested his head on the desk, he was roused to attention when the study hall proctor tapped him on the shoulder and announced, "Mr. Suarez, I have a note from Mr. Basio, he wants to see you in his room at once.!!!

Another job for Mr. Hard-on cock!!! He muttered.