Monday, August 18, 2008

My Life Guard

I wasn’t very happy at the end of my sophomore year in high school when the only job I could get for the summer was the night supervisor job at the local recreation park and swim club since my dad was the owner’s friend. After all, $7.00 per hour is not exactly big money when you have a lot of tuition to pay, but after two weeks on the job I found out that money isn’t everything!
My job was to “supervise” the two lifeguards who were on duty from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. when we closed the pool. After we closed the pool, I was responsible for making sure everyone left the park by 11 p.m. so I could lock the big gates on my way out. The park was about seven secluded acres of land tucked in the middle of some tall trees about a quarter a mile back from the road. Besides the pool there were several ball fields, a kid’s playground, and a picnic area. It wasn’t much money, but it was easy, even if it was kind of spooky late at night with only the security lights dimly shining as I made my last rounds before locking up for the night.
I was lucky that the two lifeguards, both guys but later on I found out that the two guys were teen gays, were good at their job. Alex is in high-school who is 17 years old, while Vince had just finished his first year of college but she is still 16 years old. They kept everyone in the pool under control, and they didn’t fool around on the job. They were always attentive and alert, and it was a pleasure to work with them. It was also a REAL pleasure to look at them. Alex was very cute, but Vince was a real knockout! A great swimmer, Vince looked more like a bathing suit model than a lifeguard, and he could have gotten a job just about anywhere he applied, but he swam on the college swim team and enjoyed being around the pool.
In mid-June, a real heat wave hit the area and the temperature hit the 100 mark during the day and stayed in the 80s overnight. On Friday night we decided to keep the pool open an extra hour to give the people some relief, so it was well past 11 o’clock when the last people left the pool and headed for the parking lot.
Alex had a brand new car from his folks for graduation, but Vince drove a sporty motorbike, the kind Jim McMahon used to do those commercials for on TV. Anyway, as I started locking up the pool and turning off the lights, I heard Alex “honk” his horn good- bye, followed by two little “beeps” from Vince’s motorbike.
A few minutes later I was in my car, headed down the long driveway towards the gates at the entrance. I had just gotten out of my car to close the gates, when I heard the “putt-putt” of Vince’s motorbike coming up the driveway.
“Oh, I’m glad I caught you before you left,” Vince said. “It was so hot tonight I forgot to get my windbreaker when I left, and my wallet is in it. Can you let me back into the pool house to get it?”
I quickly locked my car, and Vince rode his bike into the entrance and waited while I locked the gates to keep any one with ideas of a late-night swim out. I hopped on the back of his bike, and we zipped back to the pool house in less than a minute.
It didn’t take long to unlock the pool house, and in the dim glare of the security lights Vince located his jacket while I waited at the door. He had just about reached the door when he stopped and looked back towards the pool.
“It’s still so hot, I could go for a quick swim to cool off,” he said. “What do you say?”
It had been kind of a hectic day, and as workers, we really weren’t able to enjoy the pool during work hours. “Sure,” I said, “but I can’t turn the lights back on. The parks commission will probably want me to pay for the electricity if I did,” I kidded.
We trotted out to the pool area, and Vince quickly kicked off his sneakers while I pulled my shirt off and started getting my shoes off. Vince was just about to dive into the cool water when he stopped and gave me a funny smile. “I’m not going to ride home on my bike in a wet suit,” he said as he pulled his suit down past his beautiful chest, below his lovely hips and over and off his lovely legs. “Let’s take a skinny dip!”
He dove into the water, and I quickly decided to go along with the idea. Stripping off my trunks, I dove in and swam after him. He swam so effortlessly, I couldn’t get anywhere near him, and I was soon exhausted. After five or six minutes in the pool I had to grab onto the side of the pool and rest.
Just then Vince swam to within a few feet of me and gracefully pulled himself out of the pool. “C’mon,” he said as he ran off towards the playground, “give me a push on the swings.”
I hopped out of the pool and followed him into the sandy area where the playground equipment was located. Vince was sitting on one of the swings, and I pushed against his bare back as he glided through the warm air. He was really handsome looking in the dim glow of the security lights. When he asked me to slow him down, I tried to catch him tenderly, but he nearly crashed into me and my hands ended up grabbing his cock. I waited for his reaction, but I never expected what happened next.
“Come around in front,” he said. “I want to suck your cock!”
You can imagine how fast I moved around in front of him since I love teen gays cock sucking ability! As he sat on the swing with her legs spread, I stepped up to him. My prick was exactly the same height as his mouth, and he just pulled my cock right into his lips and started sucking! He started working on my tool so vigorously that I grabbed onto the swing’s chains to keep my balance. Suddenly, Vince used his feet to start the swing moving, and before I knew it, we were swinging back and forth, my cock in his mouth, and me holding on for dear life.
While this was a pretty exciting way to have sex, it was physically impossible to keep up for long. I finally had to beg him to stop before I fell, and when he stopped, he jumped off the swing and ran towards a set of parallel bars a few yards away.
Being very athletic, Vince had no trouble mounting the parallel bars, and when I arrived he was sitting on top, one leg over each bar, with his cock in the middle—just as high as my face!
“Now it’s your turn to do the eating, sweetheart,” he said. It’s all yours!”
Seeing his hard-on cock right in front of my face was quite a turn on, especially after the blow job he gave me. I didn’t hesitate to bury my face into his bushy cock, sliding my tongue up and down his balls, finally focusing on his cock. Working my tongue back and forth over his balls and a few moments later my tongue was probing the edges of his asshole.
With all the juices flowing down his thighs and his ass, he was one soppy wet cock! As my tongue probed his asshole, my fingers were slipping in and out of his ass. The Olympic Games might have some great gymnasts, but nobody does the kind of moves Vince was doing on the bars that night!
After a few minutes, it felt like my whole face was going to slip up into his juicy cock, and as I jiggled my fingers faster and faster in his ass, his body arched and convulsed in pleasure.
I was starting to wonder how much he could take when he suddenly managed to pull away from me and effortlessly dismount from the bars. We were both soaking wet from sweat and his cock juices but he still had more surprises in store for me. I grabbed for him, but she slipped away and headed for the sliding board. He had gotten only two steps up the ladder when I caught up to him– his ass jutted back at me, face high!
My tongue quickly burrowed its way up his asshole, while my hand reached around and worked on his cock. Pushing my tongue into his hot ass as far as it would go, he started gyrating and grinding his ass into my face so hard I thought my nose would break. He started moaning and gasping, and it seemed half my face was up his ass. But my ears weren’t, so I heard it when he said “Stick that big prick of yours up my ass!”
As juicy as he was, I knew it wouldn’t be tough to do. I simply climbed the ladder until I was up behind him, and he did the rest. Reaching back and grabbing my prick with his hand, he placed the head of my shaft at the entrance to his ass. Just when I was ready to thrust into him, he lowered his ass down onto my prick, engulfing my hot cock up into his moist, tight asshole.
As I thrusted in response to his tightening and relaxing his anus, we slowly worked our way up the ladder to the top of the sliding board. With my prick still thrust up his hole, he leaned forward, as if he was going to slid down the sliding board on his stomach, head-first. Now I had a perfect angle at his ass hole, and filed with lust and passion, I plowed my hard cock into his hole, slamming against his buttocks with a loud slap each time. Although I was in a sexual frenzy and couldn’t stop from fucking his ass like a jackhammer even if I wanted to, I was hoping it wasn’t hurting him. I shouldn’t have worried, because above his moans I heard her repeat “Harder, harder, harder, harder!”
I finally couldn’t take any more, and I had to cum early. In a few seconds, he was up and running away from me again, but this time he ran to the pool to rinse and cool off. A few minutes later we were back at the gates, locking up and kissing each other good-night.
My head was still spinning from the night of wild lovemaking, so I nearly fainted when he waved good-night and yelled as he drove off, “Tomorrow night I’ll show you some tricks on the seesaw and the merry-go-round!”
Yes, when it comes to jobs, money isn’t everything!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Asian Teen-Gay Best friend

Only me and my teen-gay best friend Al showed up to get extra help for Physics during Exam Week the first day. Al was the only one I saw when I walked into the lab. Amazing how he still took the time to make sure his hair was just right (sitting above his shoulders and framing his face) and that his clothes had the right accessories to go with it. Yes, Al was indeed a cross-dresser since he was 14 years old. He finally knew and accepted that he is indeed a teen-gay when he was only 13 years old. You had to leave it to the Asian student to be the one to arrive first thing in the morning to study for a test that was coming up in a few days. We would ask our teacher for help once-in-a-while but for the most part it remained pretty quiet. Al was so focused. He’d just write, type in his calculator, fix his glasses and do it all over again. That’s what I lover about him and even though I know he is a teen-gay and he is Asian, we became close and he became my best friend.

The teacher told us he had to go proctor another exam so he locked the door behind him and told us to answer the door if anyone knocks. The two of us went back to work until I heard Al give a frustrated groan. I tried to help out but we were both stuck and he just said, “Well fuck my life! I hate this!”

I looked at him and said, “You see that’s your biggest problem. You need to lay back and relax. Like this,” I took hold of his shoulders, “you don’t mind, do you?” He shook his head and I started to give him a shoulder massage—innocent but it still had the added perks.

He really did relax because he rolled his head around, leaned back and moaned a bit. “Mmm, that’s what I need. Oh yeah right there. Hmm.” As he did this I had to through in a little smart-ass remark, “So you apparently really like your massages.”

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Al looked behind and almost whispered, “That’s not all I like… and there’s more than one way to get relaxed.” He fully turned around, got off of the stool and leaned back on the lab table. He grabbed onto my shirt and pulled me in towards him. We kissed, Al was leading the way, slipping his tongue into my mouth and swirled it around until he found mine. I put my hand on his cheek and stoked it, pushing the hair out of his face. He brought his hands up to my chest and rub up to my shoulders, then back down again. He unbuttoned my golf shirt and kissed the newly exposed part below my neck while I felt up and down his forearms.

Al then leaned back and pulled his shirt up and off. His purple bra stood out against his tanned skin (Asian tan, not the mild white-person change) and he reached behind to unhook it. Instead of taking it off, he held it against his chest to keep them covered. He motioned to me to take off my shirt, so my shirt went off and his bra dropped down. He then clasped his hands behind his back, moved left and right and tilted his head down with a sexy, pouting look and me, inviting me closer to him.

With one hand I reached to one of his chest and massaged it as I put my mouth around his other nipple. He laid his hands on my shoulders while I sucked on that sweet, subtle nipple. He moaned and I kissed further down his body. When I got far enough, I undid his belt and jeans and as I pulled them down, Al hopped up onto the table and opened his legs wide, right in front of me. I kissed the inside of his hard-on cock. I kissed and licked his hard-on cock, slowly, and brought my fingers up in his ass hole for an added touch. Al’s breathing was getting deeper and faster, and so did my tongue. I spread his legs to get more specific in my work in his hard-on cock. From here I just improvised with whatever his reaction was. “Ooh. Ooo yeah! Ahh, right there, right there! MMMM YEAH!” I felt his hard-on cock get instantly wetter and I knew that he just came.

He sat up and bent over the table, grinding his ass against my crotch and so I instructed him to turn around. I undid my pants, pulled out my already hard cock, and slowly stuck it inside of his ass hole. He was so small that I looked huge in comparison to him, but his well exercised ass hole wasn’t too tight to hinder performance. I was building a momentum, in and out, in and out, and he was loving every moment of it. “Oooooh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh God, that feels so good.” I started to get deeper than before until I was getting all the way inside. He turned over and now when I was going in, I could feel my balls hitting his ass. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me HARD! Oh yes! Pull my hair!” I pulled the side of his hair and went faster. “Oh yes that’s it! Just like that”

I’m not as vocal a person during sex, but since he was saying so much I just threw in the occasional “Yeah! Oh God!” as he would moan, groan and yell. Al started rotating like a washing machine on the rinse cycle and I knew he was about to cum. He let out one big scream and I felt his cum like a geyser against me. He was having trouble catching his breath so I stopped, still not finished. I knew Al was done and didn’t have the energy to keep going.

Al saw that I still needed some help to keep going so he dropped down to him knees on the floor and held onto my cock. He got straight to business, no build up and at all and sucked on my cock. His little hands made me look bigger than I really am and his little mouth was struggling to get around it at first, but he got use to the size and kept going. I couldn’t believe it when he tried to deep throat a bit—and succeeded too! I felt his gag on me and that was about all I needed. “Oh God I’m gonna CUM!!”

He jerked me like a jack-hammer as he pulled his head away but I was already shooting off. Most of it went in his mouth and I still had enough to get on him face. He couldn’t hold it all in so some leaked out of his mouth and onto his body. He smiled and told me, “Well now I’m definitely relaxed!” He winked, cleaned up over the sink and we got dressed. I don’t know how sound proof those walls were but either no one noticed, or they decided not to say anything. I never thought of having sex with ten-gay best friend but I do admit I love every single moment of it. Thanks to my Physics teacher.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Luxurious Birthday Present

I had been waiting for this day for 10 years, and had been planning it out for a few months. My best friend Sam was out of town as a councilor at a youth camp since he was the SK chairman in our barangay. As usual my parents were gone also. That was ok though since it was the way Sam and I had planned it. Sam's mother had died giving birth to him, and his dad had spent 40 hours a week slaving away at the factory to give him a good life. They were not wealthy, but they lived comfortably and I felt more at home there than in my own house. I had spent a lot of time there growing up because my own parents were out of town on business so much.

I took a long bath and put on my makeup since I am a cross-dresser and my parents knew about me being a teen-gay along with a touch of my favorite perfume in some strategic spots. Then I put on my red dress and a pair of heels that were a bit higher than anything I was really used to walking in. I drove over and knocked on the door and Art, Sam's brother, answered.

I stepped in and tossed my purse and car keys on the coffee table. Then I told him it was my 16th birthday and I was planning to celebrate it in a special way and he was part of the plan. I could tell he wasn't exactly comfortable with me being there. He saw the way I was dressed, and he knew I usually didn't stop by when Sam wasn't home.

I stepped up to him and pressed my body against his then I kissed him. I could feel my nipples getting so hard and I felt his reaction too. I undid the button that was holding my dress up. He just stood back and stared as my dress fell to the floor at my feet and I heard him gasp. I just smiled at him then I turned around to model for him as he just stood there staring with his mouth open. I always thought that Art has indeed always fantasizes in having sex with a teen-gay like m that has become a cross-dresser. I heard this rumor all over the barangay but just can’t believe it so I and Sam decided to put it as a test and planned on trapping him. I can’t deny that I always adore Art’s brawn’s body and his big asset down there.

He was saying something about how I really should be leaving, but I just stood there a minute and he reached out to touch my chest and caress my nipples. He didn't resist when I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Then it was my turn to be stunned. When I pulled him out I was staring at about 8 inches of rock-hard manhood. I had never seen anything like it. The boys I dated in school never had anything like that. I just smiled and kissed him again then kneeled down to attack that monster.

I stroked it and kissed it all over, and then I cupped his balls as I wrapped my lips around it. I was starting to get concerned about going through with my plan because he was so big. He moaned and put his hands gently on my head. He wasn't trying to force me or anything, so I somehow knew I had to go through with it. I kept pulling him deeper and deeper into my mouth, backing off just when I thought I was going to choke. Then with one more attempt I pushed in and felt my nose against his body as my throat swelled with his fullness.

I was scared and pulled back pretty fast because I couldn't breathe. He smiled down at me and asked if I could do that again, so I did it as I looked up into his eyes. They were pleading at me in a way I couldn't resist so I did it again and kept it there as I used my throat to massage his manhood. I could feel his balls tightening and knew he was close, but I needed a breath so I backed off for a second and went back for more before he exploded filling my throat with so much come I thought it was going to run out my nose before I swallowed it all. I licked him clean as I enjoyed his moans.

It seemed to take him a minute, and then he seemed to come back to reality. He kept saying, "Oh my God Gary, what have I done." He just kept saying that over and over. I held his hand and told him it was my birthday, I was in my birthday suit except for these "fuck me" shoes, and my birthday wasn't over yet. Then I led him upstairs to the bedroom. He didn't resist. As I led him upstairs to his bedroom, I can sense the urgency in him as he caresses my nipples while kissing me hungrily. This was all part of my plan and I am beginning to like it. When we entered the room, he was hungrily kissing me. He then inserted his middle finger and fucks my so hot ass hole. I begun to moan real loud and this make Art hornier. He instructed me to turn around as he begun to take out his middle finger in my as hole. He then began to insert his 8-inches hard-on cock to my hot waiting ass hole. I was a little hurt since I never experienced being fuck with an 8-inches hard-on cock but eventually I began to like it. He then thrust me slowly trying to feel the hotness of my ass hole. When he felt I couldn’t take it anymore, he then began thrusting real fat and within 3 minutes he exploded his hot cum all over my ass hole. I never felt so satisfied all my life. This is indeed the happiest birthday of my life. I thank him for the wonderful birthday present. He then stated that we could do it again some other time. Who am I to refuse that 8-inches hard-on cock anyway? So, I nodded for an approval.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Five-Star Sexual Intercourse

This weekend started off very badly with my teen gay boyfriend being annoyed with me - he had had a tough week at work and I guess I wasn't sympathetic enough. We hardly spoke at all on Friday. But Saturday started better and his mind was clear. We played in a squash tournament and he won the teen gays doubles and some prize money. He offered to take me out for dinner on his price. It was now summer weather and as usual the sun had brought out the best (or maybe the worst) in him - he was horny!

We had a delicious meal in a restaurant on the edge of the sea and then took a walk on the beach. He was very cuddly and kept looking round to see whether there were any couples who might be doing naughty things - it happens a lot here and we've done lots of naughty things ourselves - it turns us both on if others are doing things too. But disappointingly, there were none - it was still quite busy on the beach, being the first nice evening since the winter.

We returned to the car and drove off. I was keen to explore his horny state and took him to a secluded parking place deep in the woods. It was almost deserted - just one other car some 100 meters away. We'd had fun here a year ago and he was already getting crazy for me by the time I'd parked and switched off the engine. "Take off your jeans and boxer," I said, sweetly. That look came into his eyes - of pure sexual lust. He very quickly pushed his clothes to the floor, and then slanted the seat down into fully reclining. I had the most beautiful view of his freshly shaved cock and gorgeous legs - mmmmmmm, I was hard anyway, just thinking about it before we even stopped at this place. But first, I wanted to taste him.

I pushed his back so that I could feast on his tasty freshly shaven cock, licking deep between his hard cock and delicious balls. He was going crazy and crying deliciously with passion. After a long while of this extremely exciting caressing, he cried loudly, "I'm aching for you." I sat up and quickly unzipped my trousers, dragging out my painfully hard prick. I asked him to turn around and then pulled him quickly up across my legs so that he could grab my prick and push it straight between his thighs. He was so wet that I slipped deep into his asshole in a single thrust and he sat there with such a lovely smile on his face.

"At last," he cried, "I've been aching for you since we left the squash club!" Then he started to ride up and down on my prick, which slid deliciously in and out of his dripping ass. My trousers were getting covered with a continuous ooze of them! It didn't take long before he was bursting to cum and we just kept riding until his hard on cock spasmed wildly and almost pushed me out as he pressed hard against me in the pleasure of his cum.

The people in the other car had now returned and they were getting ready to leave. I told him to move across into the driver's seat while I went round and got in the passenger's side. There he was lying back in my seat, his legs wide apart and his soaking asshole looking so damn beautiful. He pulled me hard towards him and we kissed deeply. My fingers found their mark quickly, first one, then two then three fingers driving into his asshole and stroking in and out in a slow hard rhythm until he was almost cumming again. Then I went down with my tongue onto his clit and stroked it gently until I felt his spasms again. This time, his cum was hard and frantic and he squealed with pleasure as he burst.

The other car had driven away by the time I came up for air. I slipped out my prick again, moved between his thighs and in the small space available managed to slide up inside his sore asshole until I was fully home. It took no more than five strokes of my hard prick before he was cumming and only about another ten and then I shot my load inside him to pleased cries from us both. Our orgasms were so intense it was almost like being knocked unconscious and we just lay coupled together for a long time, enjoying the warm feeling.

We gathered our clothes together and had sat back in our seats. He had managed to pull on his boxer to stop our cum juices dripping out onto the car seat, not bothering to put his jeans on again. At that moment, what should arrive but a motor-cycle policeman? He stopped beside the car and had a very long look at his legs. I wound down the window and he said, with quite a smile, "Is everything alright, sir?" "Fine thanks, officer," I replied, managing not to grin too broadly. "We were just leaving." He said, "It's OK you don't have to leave, I was just checking." He gunned his motorcycle and was soon gone. We giggled frantically at our narrow escape and laughed all the way home about scenarios in which he came just a few moments earlier - maybe he would join in? Or we'd both have been arrested....

We arrived home to find that there was an erotic movie on the TV - we sat close and cuddling on the couch and watched some of it. It was quite erotic and, for once, had a sensible story line. As the first set of adverts came on, we decided to move to the bedroom and watch the rest of it in more ease. I immediately went to the bathroom to clean my prick after our earlier fun. He slipped into the bathroom just after me and had a quick shower. On arriving in the bedroom and seeing his fabulous brawn body, I was completely overcome with lust for him. I threw him down on the bed and literally consumed his hard-on cock with my mouth, but in the longest tender licks I've ever given to anyone. I stroked my tongue over every part of his hard-on cock and all nearby sensitive areas, delicately teasing him into a mad crazy state of delight. He wanted me so much, but I was just going to let him cum hard and long - I slipped my finger inside his asshole and stroked his asshole at just the right moment and he exploded into an amazing cum that completely wiped him out. He did manage to groan out a delicious "Thanks" before he'd curled up and fallen asleep. Somehow, I managed to calm my erect prick down and cuddled up beside him and slept too. We'd totally forgotten about the movie!!

After just about the most delicious sleep ever, with dreams of all the best parts of yesterday roaming through my mind all night, I woke up and was immediately surprised. My teen gay boyfriend was instantly awake and within seconds, he'd pushed back the bedclothes and pulled my already hard prick out of my pants. He sucked it slowly inside his lovely warm mouth and gave me the most delicious suck and lick job ever. I was writhing in ecstasy in no time and practically cumming every moment as he tenderly treated me delicately. His gentle hands were caressing my pulsing balls and his lips squeezing along my hard shaft. He brought me over and over again to the edge of cumming and then relaxed, saying, "Just like you teased me yesterday night!" I managed to groan, "Yes, darling, but I did let you cum!" He grinned through a mouthful of my prick, "You couldn't stop me, but I can keep you here for ages." He then just kept sucking my hardness, feeling the start of pulsations and then stopping, for about 10 minutes until I was almost screaming at him to let me cum.

He then suddenly stopped. "I'm aching for that now," he cried, lying back and spreading his legs wide apart. With my prick aching to cum, I just clambered across his waiting asshole and drove it straight inside his wet hot asshole. He groaned deeply and came instantly, spasming on my hard-on cock wildly. I started to move inside him as he calmed down and, amazingly, I realized that my prick was so sensitive that I wasn't going to be just cumming within seconds. In fact, it was difficult to keep moving it was so sensitive. So I just stayed deep inside his asshole, contracting my muscles so that my prick just kept throbbing slowly inside his asshole. He could feel every movement and his reactions were clear to me - he was going to cum again within a very short time. I just held inside him, feeling every little twitch and spasm until with a loud cry of delight he exploded again, with a warm gush of his hard-on cock juices shooting out all over the base of my prick and balls. That extra lubrication gave me just enough freedom of movement despite the sensitivity of my prick, to start thrusting madly into his delightful asshole until with another loud cry he burst into yet another cum. I never imagined my teen gay boyfriend cumming for three consecutive times. I was definitely horny at that time. I feel like exploding. In just a matter of seconds, I did explode in his hot beautiful asshole with so much fun. I always wanted to have ex with him like this. It was indeed a dream comes true for me and I don’t think I’ll ever complain again. I don’t think I’ll ever asked for anything more.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Thirst For Teen Gay Sex

I was tired of the normal sex me and my girl friend were having. My girl friend had an awesome body, and she sucked cock unbelievable, but it just didn't satisfy my appetite so I thought. I was toying with the idea of a one on one teen gay sex encounter.

I was straight, but every time I got hit on by a teen gay man in the gym it excited me. I am an avid weight lifter, and take good care of myself; I was always getting hit on by teen gay men. However I was very naive to the teen gay experience. I didn't know the first thing about getting involved with a teen gay man. Plus all I wanted was hot teen gay sex. This sounded good to me, but I was all talk and no action. Until the day I went to an X rated movie theater. I was addicted to porn, and I loved the idea of jerking off in public.

So one Saturday afternoon I was feeling horny and decided to drive into the city and go to the adult movie theater and watch porn and jerk off. It was a hot day and I was wearing gym shorts and a T shirt. I walked into the dark theater and noticed about four guys spread throughout the small theater. I found a nice spot in the corner of the theater and settled in. I was watching the movie and becoming very horny, I pulled my hard cock under my shorts and started to play with it, it was rock hard. Pre cum was now oozing out, when I noticed a guy sitting 2 seats away from me. It startled me and I stopped playing with my hard cock. When on my other side I noticed another guy sitting right next to me. I was nervous when the guy sitting next to me reached out and stated rubbing my hard on over my cotton gym shorts, he started tugging on it and outlined the shape of my cock with his hand. My cock responded with great pleasure and became very hard. Now I am a very muscular guy who is 6ft tall and weigh 235lbs.

But in the dark theatre I was scared of the guy who was sitting next to me and now beginning to sense me up. He now was sucking my ear and telling me to just relax, as he striped the gym shorts right off of me. The man on my other side moved over to examine the action, he whispered to the other guy, and said you got a live one here, I was now very concerned as the second guy started to pull my t shirt off my body and start sucking my nipples. These two guys had me completely naked when a third guy was standing in front of me with a nine inch hard erection. The guy on my right commanded me to start sucking the third guys cock.

When the third guy grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. He proceeded to fuck my mouth when the first guy started to finger my asshole and the second guy took off his pants. All three guys ordered me to get on my knees around them; they continued to feed me their cocks in a circle as I went around and sucked all three cocks, while my asshole was constantly probing their fingers. I was steaming, my cock was rock hard. I was also very scared as these guys continued to plan their gang bang right in front of me in the theater. The third guy the biggest started to say to his partners, look at this cock sucking whore his cock is hard he is enjoying this, let’s give him a real show. He ordered me on my hands and knees.

I knew what was about to happen and there was nothing I could do. When all of a sudden they put tarnished hand chains around my wrist and a gag in my mouth and forced me still naked out of a side door and into a waiting cargo van. We drove a good twenty minutes all the while the three men telling me I was going to get what I came for. Finally, we arrived to an old house the men hurried me in, locked the door and led me to a bed room and throw me on a waiting bed. Still hand cuffed the biggest guy started to rub petroleum jelly all over the crack of my ass, all three were naked now.

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