Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam's Big Surprise

Sam prepares himself for the evening to come. He is shivering with anticipation as he bathes and shaves for Paul. He lingers over rubbing lotion into his skin and oil into his shaved cock, enjoying the feel of his soft skin because of the lotion. Finally he goes to dress for him, hoping that he likes what he has chosen to wear.

He slides white lace stockings up his legs, then puts on the sheer white blouse that he bought with him in mind. He adds the red and black plaid "schoolgirl" miniskirt that came with the shirt, and stands before the mirror admiring the picture he makes and how sexy the outfit makes him feel. Sam decided yesterday that he will cross=dress tonight just to tease Paul.

Quickly now, it is almost time to leave. He grabs a bag and throws some silk scarves and a small stereo into it, pulls a long coat over his outfit, and rushes out the door. Sam drives quickly to the motel and pays for the room as always.

Sam leaves his coat on when he arrives, waiting until he gets there so he can see the look on Paul's face when he sees him. He rubs his fingernails softly up and down his stomach and chest, lightly grazing his nipples every so often. Sam waited for a couple of hours before Paul have arrived.

Finally, he hears his car, and his heart races when he realizes he is there. Paul comes into the room, bringing a gust of cold air with him. He sees Sam still in his coat and assumes that he has just arrived as well. While he goes through the familiar routine of undressing and talking to his of things he has done lately, he takes time to admire the unique beauty of this man, who is both his best friend and his lover.

He has dark hair, almost black, peppered with gray. He keeps his hair short, but has finally allowed it to grow long enough that he can grasp handfuls of it while he is fucking him. He has gorgeous brown eyes fringed by soft curling black eyelashes that he would sell his soul to have. His mouth, topped by a neatly trimmed mustache, is the most beautiful part of him. Full lips, the lower one almost pouting it is so full. he loves to kiss him, nibble that lip, suck it into his warm mouth while he is stroking inside him.

As his shirt comes off, he admires his chest, the light dusting of hair, the sweet, perfect nipples that he loves to pinch and bite. As he lowers his jeans, he admires the sight of his cock, still soft, and imagines how sweet it is going to be to lick it to life. His legs, ah, his legs. He has never been a leg teen gay, but he loves everything about his. Not muscle bound but still rock hard, big thighs, perfectly covered in hair. As he bends to remove his socks, he admires the curve of his ass, already imagining the feel of it under his hands and nails while he pulls him ever deeper into him. At last, naked, he goes to the bed and lays down.

Only then does he notice that he is still sitting motionless in the chair. He looks a question at him. He is nervous beyond belief. He has always depended on the sexual allure of himself alone, never adorned in any way. Being here now, the plans he made make him feel alternately sexy and scared as a little virgin gay. He takes a deep breath, and summoning nerve he never knew he had, he stands slowly. Making sure that he has his undivided attention, he turns on the stereo he brought with him.

The song is Slow Ride by Bonnie Raitt, a song whose steady beat has always made him feel sexy. He keeps his back to him, begins swaying with the music, and starts to unbutton his coat. He closes his eyes. The only way he will have the nerve to continue is to close his eyes and dance as if he were alone.

Slowly, he turns to face him, still moving in time to the music, unbuttoning his coat fully and moving one lapel aside so he can get a peek of his outfit. As his eyes are closed, he has no idea how he is reacting to this, and doesn"t allow himself to think about it. He slowly removes his coat, and his nipples harden in a rush, partly from excitement, partly because the room is slightly cool to allow for the body heat he plans to generate soon. He tosses the coat aside, and as the music continues, he slowly dances around the room, showing off his outfit, then removing each piece, taking the time to touch each part of him.

At last, with the song coming to an end, he is fully naked, and hesitantly opens his eyes to see his reaction. He is fully erect, and one drop of precome has escaped the head of his cock. He smiles. going to him, he tells him not to touch him. he bends, and only allowing the very tip of his tongue to touch him, licks that sweet drop from the head of his cock. He smiles again, and goes to the bag and pulls out a scarf. He sees both the question and the innate trust in his eyes, and laughs in anticipation.

As much as he hates to cover those beautiful eyes, he imagines how erotic it will be to have him laying there in the darkness, never knowing what he will be doing next. He folds the scarf and firmly covers his eyes with it, knotting it to the side of his head so that he can still comfortably lay his head down. He bends over and again tells him not to touch him. His hands ball into fists at his sides. Not allowing anything to touch him but his mouth, He kisses him, slowly running his tongue into his mouth. His tongue eagerly meets and tangles with his. He cannot tell which of them is trembling, and fears it is himself. Sam couldn't wait what will be his next movement but he sure knows that it will be the best teen gay sex they will ever had.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Horny Teacher Mr. X

Some people get crushes on their teachers. Not me, plus I never had a good- looking teacher, until my senior year in high school. One of my teachers whom admitted that he was a gay caught my attention, not because of his looks, at first, but because of his age and his experience in gay sex. I am a teen gay and I would love to have experience my first sex with an experience gay like him. He looked like he was 21 (I later found out he was 26). A lot of gays in the school thought he was hot. I thought he was very attractive, but not hot. He did have a well-built body. He was 5' 7", 160 pounds, black hair, and brown eyes. He had a tight ass and medium sized cock. I won't give his real name, so I'll call him Mr. X. Now Mr. X was a funny teacher, but kind of strict. His class wasn't the best, or the finest to be in. He gave us a lot of work. I was only in there for a semester and when it ended I had mixed emotions. As a person and a teacher, I liked Mr. X, but I wasn't sad to be out of his class.

A couple of weeks into the new semester, we had to research a career and find someone to study in that career. I chose teacher. I had a hard time finding a teacher to study, but Mr. X gladly agreed to. So when the day came, I showed up to his room half an hour before school, as he requested. He was wearing black overalls with a tight, tan colored shirt underneath. His outfit showed his well-built body. The day started easily enough. Mr. X guided me through his lesson plans for the day. To make you familiar with the schedule at that school, we have block-scheduling. You have three classes a day. There are A and B days, so you have A classes and B classes. The school days go A day, B day, A day, etc. This was a B day. In between the first and second classes is a 15 minute break. In between the second and last class is lunch. Each class is 1 hour and 40 minutes long.

After going over lesson plans, the bell rang and Mr. X' B1 class came in. The class was boring. They just did a group assignment all period. I observed as Mr. X instructed the class and helped out the groups when they needed it. The first class ended. Mr. X and I went down to the office, made copies, grabbed a snack, and headed back to class. On the way back, I stopped to go to the bathroom. As I headed back to the room, I ran into a friend. He jokingly asked if I had screwed him yet. (During the time we had Mr. X together he told us he doesn't get involved with his students. He would tell the class repeatedly because there was a kid in the class who always asked him out.)

I reminded my friend he doesn't see his students and we both laughed it off. Little did I know what would happen by the end of the day.

The break ended, B4 came in. Same story with that class. Boring, they just did the group assignment. I was hungry and lunch couldn't come soon enough. Finally the class ended and it was lunch time. Mr. X and I grabbed lunch from the teacher's lounge and went back to his room. We made small talk, I learned he didn't have a boyfriend, which surprised me. We finished lunch and talked some more. While we were talking, he reached across his desk for a paper. As he bent over I couldn't help, but admire his ass. I instantly became aroused. When he sat down, he looked at me, not at my face, but down lower. I was sure he had saw the outline of my hard-on through my jeans. Mr. X suddenly got up and walked out of the room. He said he'd be right back. He locked the door on the way out. He claimed he didn't want anyone to come in while he was gone.

A second later, he came back in. I didn't notice right away that he left the door locked. Mr. X walked over to a cupboard and tried to reach for something on the top shelf. He couldn't get it and asked me if I would get it for him. I got up and walked over to him. He turned to me and said, “I lied". He quickly pushed me onto a desk and before I could react, he undid my jeans and pulled them down with my boxer shorts. He grabbed my cock with one hand and put his mouth over the head. He sucked and licked just the head before moving all the way down. I was about to cum, and then he stopped, and proceeded again. He did this about three more times. He was driving me crazy. As luck would have it, the bell rang for the last class. Mr. X straddled me and gave me a long passionate kiss. He said we would finish later. I pulled up my pants as he walked over to the door and let his class in. Needless to say, B6 seemed like it took forever to end. A couple of times during class, he would look over at me and smile. I wanted to just run over, throw him on a desk and fuck him right in front of the class. When class ended, Mr. X scooted his class out the door.

He told me to stay seated as he walked towards me. He straddled me in the chair, kissed me again, and took off his shirt. He let me take off his pants. I pulled down my pants as he stood up and took off his overalls. To my amazement, he wore no briefs. He straddled me again, kissing me some more as he rocked back and forth on the shaft of my penis. He was so hot and wet. I wanted to be inside him more than anything. He then turned around took my cock in his hand, put the tip to his asshole, and inserted it. He stayed there for a second before taking me all the way in. The pleasure was intense. He fucked me hard, picking up the pace, slowing down, and then going faster. Mr. X reached up and turned the radio on to muffle our moans. I couldn't believe I was fucking my teacher. The look in his eyes told me he had totally abandoned himself to the act. It felt so good driving my meat pole into his steamy channel. We continued fucking as I played with his balls and cock. Sweat started pouring off his body as he drove up and down my wet length as his ass slapped against my legs. Holding onto his hips was becoming impossible. The sensation was too great, but before I could cum, he stopped again. He really knew how to push my buttons. Every time he stopped, I wanted him even more. We fucked in that chair for what must have been 40 minutes before he climaxed and came with a mind blowing orgasm and collapsed onto me. We stayed there, holding each other for several minutes, sticking together from the sweat. Mr. X started fucking me again after catching his breath. A few seconds into it, I started to cum, then he stopped, but this time he got off me, pulled up my pants, and pushed me out the door. He said, “I’m not done with you yet".

Our next meeting happened the next day, during school. I got called out of math class. On the way to the office, Mr. X stopped me and told me he called me out and to follow him. We walked out of the back of the school and out onto the football field. He told me he loved the snow and wanted to fuck in it. I told him it was crazy since it was cold and someone could see us if they walked out of the school. He said that's what made it so exciting. He stripped off his clothes right there, and then he stripped off mine. I lay down in the snow. He straddled me and picked up right where we left off. It was so cold out, my back was almost numb. His pussy felt so hot, like it was on fire, and he was wetter than ever. We fucked out in the snow right in plain of the school. The thrill was awesome. I couldn't take it and started to cum. Of course he stopped." That's it". I said. I rolled him over onto his back and started pumping as fast and as hard as I could. I slammed my cock into his asshole like there was no tomorrow. The snow around us started to melt from the heat of our bodies. Each time I withdrew my dick, it seemed wetter and wetter. I rammed it back in to the hilt. I felt he clench his asshole muscles giving me even more pleasure. I ran my hands over his body and my left hand down his cock. The shock from the cold was something else, and it added more intensity. Mr. X was on the brink of the biggest orgasm of his life. He angled his head to mine s if he was an acrobat and we kissed as we made hot, passionate love in the snow on the 30 yard line. I didn't know how much more I could take. I was holding off until Mr. X came. Soon, the feeling from fucking and the shock of the cold was to much as his body writhed around, and he shuddered as he screamed and came. It had become too much and I followed right behind him, as I climaxed and shot my load deep into his asshole. I kissed him for a long time, and then asked, “I thought you didn't get involved with your students?" He responded by saying, “You are not one of MY students anymore, remember."

Since then we have had sex several times. His goal is to have sex in every classroom and office in the school. I plan on helping him reach that goal.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Manila Filmfest Scandal

My name is Ken and I am a 15 year old teenage gay. I have a boyfriend name Matt and he is also a teengay. This is one of our sexcapade when we once watch a very romantic flick in Manila.

We walk into the movies not to sure what we are going to watch but not really caring. We sit in the back. After a while he reaches over to me and lifts my shirt he realizes that my nipples are turgid, for whatever reason I don't know. He tells me not to make a sound and what ever he did just keep looking straight. All ready I start to ache. He puts my hands on the arm rests. All the while he is saying this he is caressing my nipples.

He gets on the floor in front of me and spreads my legs apart so either leg is on each side of him. As he leans forward he whispers against my nipple and says "Now remember no sounds and don't move". I moan but i bite my lip. Trying not to make a sound. He touches my nipple with his tongue and sucks on it. He takes on of his hands and moves it up my inner thigh. He touches me with his finger tips i make a moan and he whispers against my skin ssshhhh.

I swallow my moan. He slides his mouth down my body and pushes down my shorts. I'm not wearing any briefs he smiles against my inner thigh as he presses kisses up between my thighs making me moan. He take his hand and put it near my mouth saying suck on my finger imagine it being my dick.

I suck his finger in my mouth. As my lips close around his finger he touches me with the tip of his tongue telling me sssshhhhh as I moan around his finger. He stabs his tongue inside me making me grip the arm rests. He then takes his hand away from my mouth i moan as he grabs my hips and pushes my hips closer to his mouth and tongue.

Burying his mouth in my cock, he drapes my legs on his shoulders and I push him closer with my legs not realizing. What im doing he sticks a finger inside my mouth and I climax when while his ucking my dick. He straightens my shorts and kisses my mouth as he pushes my shirt down covering my chest and turgid nipples. I smell my musky scent on him. It turns me on sharing myself with my lover.

He smiles at me and I smile back as I grab his belt buckle and I push his pants and boxers down. He lets out a moan i lean forward on my knees in from of him. I whisper ssshhhh as i lean forward to let him in the moist recesses in my mouth. I suck on his dick and he puts his fingers in my hair burying them. I shake my head no and I take his hands and put them on the arm rests.

I suck on the tip of his dick I swirl my tongue around the tip. He throws his head back and swallows his moan. Feeling his moan vibrate through his body excites me. I start to suck harder knowing that he s going to burst in my mouth any minute. I rub my tongue up and down his dick feeling him get larger inside my mouth. He whispers incoherently tell me in broken gasp he's going to cum. Mmm I lift my head and whisper for his ears alone and says yessss cum in my mouth. I bend my head back towards him and suck on him harder. He then lets out a harsh gasp as he climaxes telling me to swallow every drop of his cum. I gladly comply.

He then pushes me back on the floor and slams his mouth on mine he thrusts his tongue in my mouth as he does he slides deep inside me and he swallows my moan of pleasure. He lifts his head and says turn around so I can fuck your asshole Baby. I gladly comply and he thrust inside me harder and faster mmm. He feels my inner muscles grip his dick harder. He lets out a moan and says YES!! come with me again he says. He climaxes inside me and his climax triggers mine. MMMMMMM he tells me after we collapsed on the floor oh baby you're goood.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Gang Rape

I was tired of the normal sex me and my teen gay boyfriend were having. My teen gay friend had an awe-inspiring body, and he sucked cock implausible, but it just didn't satisfy my craving so I thought. I was toying with the idea of a one on one gay sex encounter.

I was a teen gay at my age of 15 years old, but every time I got hit on by a gay man in the gym it excited me. I am a passionate weight lifter, and take good care of myself; I was always getting hit on by gay men. However I was very naive to the gay experience. I didn't know the first thing about getting involved with a gay man. Plus all I wanted was hot gay sex. This sounded good to me, but I was all talk and no action. Until the day I went to an X rated film theater. I was obsessed to porn, and I loved the idea of jerking off in the open.

So one Friday after noon I was feeling horny and firm to drive into the metropolis and go to the adult film theatre and watch porn and jerk off. It was a warm day and I was wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt. I walked into the dim theatre and noticed about four guys extend through out the little theatre. I found a pleasant spot in the corner of the theatre and settled in. I was watching the show and becoming very horny, I pulled my dick under my shorts and started to have fun with it, it was rock solid. Pre-cum was now oozing out, when I noticed a guy sitting 2 seats away from me. It startled me and I stopped playing with my dick. When on my other side I noticed another guy sitting right next to me. I was nervous when the guy sitting next to me reached out and started rubbing my hard on over my cotton gym shorts, he started tugging on it and outlined the form of my cock with his hand. My cock responded with great pleasure and became very hard. Now I am a very brawny guy who is 6ft tall and weigh 235lbs.

But in the dim theater I was frightened of the guy who was sitting next to me and now beginning to feel me up. He now was sucking my ear and telling me to just calm down, as he striped the gym shorts right off of me. The man on my other side moved over to inspect the action, he whispered to the other guy, and said you got a live one here, I was now very worried as the second guy started to pull my t-shirt off my body and begin sucking my nipples. These two guys had me totally naked when a third guy was standing in front of me with a nine inch hard erection. The guy on my right commanded me to start sucking the third guys cock.

When the third guy grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. He proceed to fuck my mouth when the first guy started to finger my asshole and the second guy took off his pants. All three guys ordered me to get on my knees around them, they continued to feed me their cocks in a loop as I went around and sucked all three cocks, while my asshole was continuously probed by their fingers. I was hot and my cock was rock hard. I was also very scared as these guys continued to plan their gang bang right in front of me in the theater. The third guy the biggest started to say to his partners, look at this cock sucking whore his cock is hard he is enjoying this, lets give him a real show. He ordered me on my hands and knees.

I knew what was about to occur and there was nothing I could make. When all of a sudden they put tarnished hand chains around my wrist and a gag in my mouth and forced me still naked out of a side door and into a waiting cargo van. We drove a good twenty minutes all the while the tree men telling me I was going to get what I came for. Finally we arrived to an old house and the men hurried me in, locked the entrance and led me to a bed room and throw me in a waiting bed. Still handcuffed, the largest guy started to rub petroleum jelly all over the crack of my ass, all three were naked now.

The third guy told me to get ready to get fucked, and be ready to suck, when that happened, he put is hard cock up in my virgin asshole, I was about to yell out in pain when another cock was forced down my throat. I was now being double teamed by these two strangers. I was cuffed and fucked for the next two hours. These guys used me just like a whore and shot their loads all over me and continued to sexually abuse me. Finally they un-cuffed me and forced me to jerk in front of them, I shot a huge load all over my chest, before I could clean up, these guys were yelling that I did enjoyed their game and gang raped me again.

When the day ended my craving for sex was fulfilled.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sex in Summer

My name is Rick and I am 18 years old. The story that I'm gonna share with you happened when I was Still 15 years old. That is the time when I've found out that I am A teen gay. This is my story and of my mother's best gay friend whom I always called Uncle Dan.

From the age that I can remember, I've always been really fond of Uncle Dan. He's about 30 years old, with short brown hair which falls up to his shoulders, really slim and terrific body (he is a cross-dresser ever since). Uncle Dan also had dimples when he smiles, which makes him really cute. He's about 5"6 tall and really is cute. He has married a boyfriend whom has a son and a daughter but he still accepted the kids and treated them like his own (of course that would make him feel like a real woman). He and his so-called family lives in the city, which is about 200 miles from the country town where I live in. It had been a habit of his to take me to his place to spend a couple of weeks each school holiday. His so-called son Richard, though 6 years younger to me was really close to me and we enjoyed each other's company in spite of our wide age difference.

These Christmas holidays were no different. Two days into the holidays Uncle Dan drove down in his station wagon with his 2 kids to pick me up for the holidays. He looked really great. He came in wearing a sleeveless white blouse and jeans. I felt really horny just looking at him because I am also a gay, a teen gay. He had been in my masturbatory dreams ever since I started jerking off, but it really did make me feel guilty all at the same time for thinking of Uncle Dan in such away. But I just couldn't help it.

"Hi Rick, my , aren't you growing into a handsome young man". he pecked my cheek and ruffled my hair. I was still a couple of inches shorter than him, but he always made a similar comment each time we met.

He stayed the night and the next day we packed his wagon and went back to his apartment in the city. His apartment building had a common swim pool , which meant that we could play in the pool, which myself and Richard did each time we got together. "You can take your stuff up to Richards room Rick , I've arranged the bottom bunk bed for you, Richard insists on using the top one because he wants to see Santa clause coming through the window" Uncle Dan grinned.

The 1st few days at his place was really great. Uncle Dan's boyfriend was a sales rep, so I didn't expect to meet him during my stay at his place these holidays. How ever he called every day to speak to me.

On Friday Richard and I went down to the pool to play around. Half way through Uncle Dan came down to join us. He was wearing a white trunks and looked really hot. His nipples, are not very big but he looked really hot in it.

He joined us in the pool to play ball, and we had loads of fun. Somewhere down the line he asked Richard and myself if we were wearing sun lotion. We weren't. Uncle Dan immediately ordered both of us out of the pool, ordered Richard to stand still and he applied sun block on him in spite of his ardent protests. Once done he jumped into the pool. " Your turn Rick" he said while rubbing his hands with lotion and coming towards me. I was standing on the edge of the pool. He came over and rubbed lotion on my back and came forward to apply it on my front. He applied the stuff on my top and bent down to apply it on my legs. Despite my ardent efforts to stop it I started getting a hard on when he started rubbing it on my thighs, and i was praying to god that he would not notice it, but when he stood up , I'm pretty sure that he would have seen it. How ever he made no indication of it. After keeping the bottle aside he dragged me into the pool with himself and we just continued with the game. I was really embarrassed but Uncle Dan acted as if nothing had happened. Soon as we got out of the pool I went into the bathroom to relieve my self. Uncle Dan's applying sun lotion on me was just too much to take.

That evening all of us went out to see a movie. As soon as we got back home there was a call from one of Richards friends mother's saying that they had to go out some where and if it would be ok if their son Derek slept over. Derek was dropped off at about 9 pm.

"Why don't you go put your stuff in Richards room Derek" he said. "Ricky baby, you can come sleep in my room tonight" he told me as he was clearing the dishes. So I went upstairs , got into my P.js and went to sleep in his room. About an hour into my sleep Uncle Dan came into the room. He didn't turn on the light. I was awake at this point. He was wearing a loose white T shirt and jeans. He was doing something at his dressing table. After awhile he came over, sat on my side of the bed and ran his hand through my hair. "Did I wake you up honey?" he asked. "Thats ok Uncle Dan, I was not really falling asleep anyway. It's kind of warm". He looked at me for awhile. "I know honey, it can get pretty warm here". "Hey, it's late, and I've got to get to work tomorrow". "Tell you what, I'll put a change and come'. With that he went into his bathroom , and came into bed. He was wearing his white silk nighty , in which he always looked really hot. No doubt that Uncle Dan's boyfriend really fantasize him. He is already a woman despite being a gay. We talked for a couple of minutes about home, my mum etc. After a while he gave me a peck on the cheek and went to sleep.

After about half an hour I was just drifting to sleep when i felt someone touching my face and giving small kisses. I opened my eyes to see Uncle Dan. "Shhhhh just lie down and relax baby, he said, and he kept giving me tiny pecks on my forehead, cheek and he was moving down to my neck. My PJ top had front buttons, and i felt uncle's fingers slowly removing button by button from the top. He still had his nighty on. I just couldn't believe that this was happening. Half way through unbuttoning my shirt he removed the blankets which were covering me,
off. As he removed it I could clearly see a tent built up in my pajama bottom...... Uncle Dan got back to the task of removing my shirt buttons. When I found him removing the last few buttons the pleasure of his hand being only inches away from my cock was exciting. After removing my shirt completely Uncle Dan slid up next to me and gave me my first french kiss..... Then he started trailing his path down my neck, slightly bit on my left nipple, moved to my right and trailed his way down to my tummy, and started licking and kissing me there. The sensation and feeling was unbelievable. I tried to touch my cock , but he kept pushing my hand away with his. At this point he had got on to my body, and was lying horizontally on top of me. I felt my erection crushed somewhere between his chest because I could feel his nipples totally erect, which was still covered with his nighty. I tried to touch him but, he kept pushing my hand away. After kissing me all over tummy , which obviously was still hairless, and smooth, I felt him pushing my pj pants down bit my bit. He was touching and kissing every inch of my lover tummy. Then he suddenly moved down a bit , and for the 1st time , as if by accident, ran the back of his hand over my cock , once. She looked up at me and smiled seeing the effect of what he was doing on me. He was doing all this while my pj's were still covering my erection. then he moved even lower and massaged my legs through my pj's. After doing this for a while he moved over my cock, kissed my tummy and pulled my pj's completely off. My cock just sprang out. After completely pulling off my pj,s off me he moved up to my cock, and for the 1st time really got hold of it . He touched the length of it about thrice . I felt i could hold on no longer. "Oh baby, you have a really beautiful cock. It's so smooth". He let go of his grip on it and started tickling it with his nails. " Do you masturbate baby?" . "Yeah", I said. He just kept closely inspecting my hairless cock. All the time he kept lightly tickling it. "Daily?". " yeah, sometime " i said. He suddenly stopped, realizing my terrible discomfort. I had never been able to completely pull my foreskin down. Uncle Dan, gently started to pull my foreskin down. I didn't go all the way, but it felt great. A bit of pain but great. "Don't worry, when you get older you'll be able to pull it down completely" he said looking up at me. He smiled . Then he applied a bit of spit and started licking my head, and then down to my balls. All the time he kept gently touching my cock, but made sure that i didn't come. After kissing around my cock, which had grown bigger than I had ever seen it he took it into his mouth, the head initially , then he went all the way down. He did this really slowly a couple of times , letting me enjoy the sensation. After a couple of times , i just couldn't take it any longer and shot a load into his mouth. I felt that i came much more than i have ever done with my hand jobs. I felt in heaven. Uncle Dan kept sucking me until i was completely soft and then let go of it. After massaging my cock for a while he came up to me and kissed me again. "How did that feel sweety" he asked. I was just speechless. Uncle kissed me for a couple of more minutes then shifted back down to my cock. It was still soft, but he started sucking it hard. Much harder than he did the 1st time. after about 2o minutes of this i felt hard again. Uncle got up on his knees and pulled his nighty off. That was the 1st time that I had ever seen Uncle Dan naked. His nipples were so beautifully turgid. He moved up to me, took my hands and let me touch him. He moved over my face and fed each nipple at a time for me to suck. They were just unbelievable. After about ten minutes of this Uncle Dan turn around and grabbed hold of my cock and moved on to me. The first sensation of entering his asshole was unbelievable. He let me take my time getting use to it. Then he started moving harder and harder on me. At one point he let out a slight moan, which now i know was an orgasm. It was just unbelievable. He fucked me like that for about ten to fifteen minutes and i shot a second loan in his asshole. After that we went to sleep naked, I slept in his arms. I didn't sleep in Uncle Dan's room the next few days since Richards friend was at his place for only one night,and when Uncle Dan asked me to come sleep in his room, Richard also wanted to join ,so i moved back into Richard's room. How ever, I did have many more experiences with him, sometimes in his bathroom, In his room during the day when the others were asleep and so on. It has been many , many years since that experience. But looking back now that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bar of Lustfullness

Hi! My name is Andrew and I am 17 years old. I am one of the teengays in my batch in highschool. I have known that I am a teengay since I was 13 years old. I would share to you a story about one of my sexcapades in one of my favorite nightspot in Manila. The name of the bar is none other than Bedroom Bar. I alway wear sexy feminine clothes whenever I go there and that gave me my once in a lifetime sex fantasy come true. Check this steamy story out and feed your fantasy.

My head relaxed, bending slightly to the side. His hot breath lingered along the soft curve of my neck. Searching lips scorched the delicate skin and melted into its softness. My eyes, that were closed and lost in the moment, opened slowly. I stared through their lust-filled glaze into the night sky. I noticed that the moon was barely visible, offering only a small glimmer of light to see by. The stars twinkled brightly against the ink-like blackness of the night.

I could hear voices talking excitedly nearby, as they made their way inside the club. Music could be heard radiating through the thick wall behind me. It's erotic beat influenced my response. He pressed me firmly against the wall, to restrain me from too much movement. His need for dominance became evident.

Roaming hands were allowed a brief moment of exploration before he grasped my wrists, pinning them above my head. One strong hand was all it took to keep me immobile from the waist up. His free hand was searching for access beyond the flimsy material that concealed my aroused flesh. I squirmed against him with false need to break free. It excited him more. My hips writhed against the swelling bulge trapped within his pants.

His mouth hungered for the soft skin heaving shamelessly from the boundary of my garment. Breathlessly he mumbled, "My God you taste so good " His grip on my wrists loosened. " Your scent is intoxicating and it drives me crazy." Lightly applied White Musk wafted in the air, mixing with the aroma of imminent sex. The fragrance lured us into recklessness. His need for control was abandoned as his hand released its hold on my wrists.

We paid no attention to the people passing by in the near distance. Enticed by the forbidden chance that we might be caught, our arousal heightened. The darkness of the night and shadows cast by nearby buildings masked our secret encounter. Despite knowing this, I knew our intensifying moans of lust could give us away at any moment. My freed hands pulled him closer. I couldn't help but grope his hard cock through the fabric. The temptation to satisfy my curiosity drew me in. I teased him deliberately.

He backed away slightly, hesitating a moment in enjoyment. Sensations coursed through his body, which left him in a needful state. His hands were pressed hard against the roughness of the wall to steady himself. " Mmmm Your so hard." I announced. Gazing deeply into his eyes, I taunted him with the devilish grin that spread across my face. "Is all that for me? Can I suck it deeply?" I asked in a breathless whisper.

Playing into the game I had begun, he answered, " Damn right it is " his mouth covered mine hungrily. His kiss was demanding at first then softened. His lips slowly parted from mine, neither of us wanting the kiss to end. " And you'll love every inch of it." He concluded in a barely audible voice.

I didn't let on, but I never doubted the enjoyment I would encounter. The past familiarity we shared had prepared me for our impending intimacy. Over time, the flames of desire had burned fiercely. Which ultimately stripped away any restraint I might of possessed. The control he felt he needed to obtain had already been bestowed upon him.

There we stood between two buildings groping each other with wild abandonment. His hand slipped under my skirt and forced my legs further apart. He searched for the pleasure that overflowed within me. He smiled confidently, as his hands slipped beyond the silk material concealing my wet cock. The look on his face told me such an eager response to his touch hadn't been foreseen. He was pleased with himself.

Slowly, he began to jack off my cock. He teased my balls intentionally between each touch. If his intentions were to drive me crazy it was working. I held on tightly grinding my hips against him like a real gay in heat. Each wave of pleasure was more intense than the one before, as my orgasm drew nearer. " Ohhhh God Yessssss!" stumbled out of my mouth. The uncontrollable spasms of release had descended upon me. I rode each wave of passion until it began to subside. He slided out his hands from my cock and brought them closer to his face. With both fingers completely immersed in his mouth he began to suck my juices from them. His eyes closed as I watched him inhale the sweet scent of desire.

Satisfied he had devoured every lingering trace, I heard him command, " Get on your knees now." He was quiet so as not to call attention to us, yet his voice remained firm. I knelt willingly before him on a small patch of carpet lying still between two tables that was covered with enough decorations so as not see the people on each table. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper until it wouldn't go any further. I noticed that he was having difficulty sliding his jeans down over his hard cock. It had become so swollen with arousal that I think it even surprised him. In the faint starlight, I detected a glint of pre-cum glistening at the tip. It was enticing me to take a taste to lick it clean. Then begged for me to suck his hardness for more. His cock twitched in anticipation, beckoning me to fulfill its need.

I admired his thickness for only a moment, before I felt his hand cup the back of my head. Urging me forward. His fingers entangled within my hair to anchor his grasp. "Suck me." he ordered in a low growl. I lowered my mouth over his length until I wasn't able to take anymore. My lips hugged his cock tightly, as I began my slow torturous descent. " Mmmm, Yeah that's it baby."

My mouth slid hungrily up and down his cock. The rhythm accelerated, as I became more comfortable with his size. I became obsessed with the task at hand, sucking him harder and faster. I wanted to hear him beg for release to lose control.

His grasp on my head tightened, as he held me still to receive his thrusts. I fondled his balls with my free hand, raking my nails lightly along the taut skin. He slowed his frantic pace to keep from releasing too soon. Both of my hands slid around to cup the well-defined roundness of his backside. I caressed the soft flesh invitingly, which almost sent him over the edge. His thrusting stopped abruptly. "Stop " he begged, "I'm not ready yet." I moaned in disapproval, as my lips slipped from the end of his cock. "Get up."

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He had something else in mind something I longed for. To feel him deep inside of me, filling me completely with his hard cock. Fucking me hard and fast until neither of us could hold back any longer. I stood slowly, brushing the remnants of sand that clung to my knees. He was impatient. His lips assaulted mine with intense need. I reciprocated feverishly, with no intention of denying my own needs.

His hands clawed at my top trying to release my nipples from its prison. He found success, as my left nipple was exposed to the night air. The darkened color of my nipple stood out against the paleness of my skin. He leaned down and caught the erect nipple in his mouth, sucking at it hard. His tongue teased me in between each playful nibble. I didn't know if I wanted to pull him closer or beg him to stop. Within seconds, the decision was no longer mine.

Turning me around to face the wall, he lifted the bottom of my skirt, so that the backside rested at my waist. "You better use the wall to steady yourself." He suggested. I bent slightly at the waist and did as he said. With my hands against the wall I felt him tug at the sides of my lacy panties. Evidently, they didn't give way as he intended. I felt him tear at each side until the unwanted restriction was removed. They lay in a heap on the ground beside my feet no longer functional. His intensity scared me a little yet excited me too.

For some reason I briefly glanced toward the exit of the bar. A couple of guys stood outside and appeared to be talking quietly to each other. "Had they heard us?" I wondered silently. They looked around inquisitively, as if searching for something they heard, but couldn't see.

I felt the head of his cock pressing against me from behind. He rubbed it up and down the length of my asshoke until it was covered with my juices. His fingers slipped in and out of my hole a couple of times. I felt him position the head of his cock against my opening once again and waited for the initial thrust. He grasped my hips firmly and plunged forward. His hard swollen cock pierced the tightness surrounding my womanhood. I flinched at the initial discomfort, but quickly surrendered to the delightful fullness I felt deep within. His cock, slick with cum, slid in easily. Until his groin rested against my fleshy cheeks unable to plunge any deeper.

A groan of undeniable ecstasy escaped his lips. I mirrored his verbal approval with my own deep moan of appreciation. My hand involuntarily reached for my exposed nipple. Rolling and pinching it between my fingers I waited for the emptiness of his outstroke followed by another deep thrust into my tingling depths. Every nerve ending felt alive with sexual tension. He continued teasing me, slowly pulling outward then thrusting deep. It wasn't long before I insisted he stop the insatiable teasing. "Fuck me damn it!"

At my request, he began driving his hard cock into me. He had every intention of continuing until he had nothing left to offer. His deep hard thrusts gave new meaning to the saying, "Hurts are so good." It wasn't long before I was pounding against him in perfect unison. I abandoned the need to touch myself, when I realized both hands would be needed to steady myself against his driving force. I held on tightly to the brick support I found necessary, while my sanity slipped between the cracks of the wall. Our impending climax heightened. I was so close

The climatic quiver began in my toes and vibrated throughout my entire body. The intensity seemed to double once it reached my asshole. I could feel it throb involuntarily around his shaft. He couldn't hold back any longer. Thrusting into me one final time he emptied his load into my depths. He pressed against me exhausted allowing my orgasm to milk him dry.

His spent member slipped slowly from between my legs, as it was still very sensitive to touch. I turned toward him and began to readjust my clothing. A smile was upon both our faces. I guess I could assume confidently, that both of us were completely satisfied with the night's outcome. He fastened the button on his pants. "So, are you planning on going in?" he asked. He nodded towards the back door that people had been using all night. "Or would you prefer to go somewhere else?"

That little devilish grin formed on my lips once again, as I replied, "Somewhere else sounds like a lot more fun. You coming?"

"Not yet but I will be."

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Choir's Field Trip

My life has been so boring for over a year now. I love my teen gay boyfriend dearly, but he's already beginning to bore the hell out of me. Less than a year later we had a fight about our sex escapades. Since then, Luke just hasn't seemed interested in sex, only performing about once a month, if I begged. Now, I have never been unfaithful to Luke, but more and more often I have become a master in the art of masturbation.

I became a student assistant at the local community college one ago. And, being in the choir department, have noticed that I am always surrounded by beautiful teen gays. Recently I had taken a liking to jacking-off to porn movies about barely legal teen gays, wishing that it were me and one of the teen gay friends that I ogle every day. I would walk the halls whenever possible to watch teen gays do their physical education while I attend my duties as a student assistant. I quickly learned that this was a bad idea, as my fertile imagination and desperate need for sex would make my cock stand at attention three or four times a day. I would have to make my way back to my supervisor's office or an empty classroom and jack-off before the students entered. In a way I liked the idea of being caught, my mind hoping that one of my teen gay friend would take pity on me and suck me dry.

So, that's the way my sex life has been for over a year already. To make matters worse, for the last three months, Luke hasn't given me anything at all; not even a peek. We had fought about the need to get him braces, an expense which we can barely afford at the moment since we are both teenagers living the life with a budgeted allowance that our parents sent us. He was so upset at my insistence that his mouth would have to wait that he didn't tell me goodbye as I left for a field trip. A couple of my best teen gay friends were in the PLM choir, and I was going along as a guitarist. I snapped and thought to myself to hell with Luke. If I can get any kind of action this weekend I am going to jump on him! I went to inside the bus and got onto the bus without incident, and got to my seat towards the back of the bus. I decided to take a nap as soon as the two co-member of choir whom I think are also teen gays like me, Clyde and Rellie, were in their seats beside me. Before long I was sound asleep. Or so they thought. Within minutes after the bus went off, I heard the strangest noises coming from beside me. I opened my eyes a little and saw Rellie, who was sitting beside me, hunched over Clyde's lap. Clyde's eyes were closed and he was biting his lips. I realized that the sound I was hearing was the lively sucking Rellie was giving his rod. I dumped all pretext of sleeping and stared wide-eyed as Rellie's tawny brown head bobbed up and down. Clyde looked over at me and smiled, then closed his eyes and started to tense. Rellie's head stopped and I could tell he was taking in his cum.

A few moments later he had milked him dry and sat back up, wiping his lips and smiling. He looked over and saw me staring at him and said with a grin, "He said he hated bus trips because he has a motion sickness. It was the best way I could think of to calm his nerves." He glanced down and saw that I had a raging boner and gave a little giggle. "I see bus trips make you a little nervous, too. Would you like me to 'release your nerves' too?"

I was so unprepared to be propositioned within an hour of leaving home that I said nothing. Rellie slid his hand over my bulge and smiled again. "You are bigger than I thought you would be. I think you need this release. Just sit back and try not to make too much noise. I am not about to suck every teengays like us on this plane." I looked over to Clyde, who had zipped his pants and put on headphones, ignoring us completely.

Before I had the chance to say a word, Rellie was leaning over and pulling my cock through the unzipped opening in my pants. Without a sound he opened his mouth and inhaled the whole tip of my cock, which is about an inch around. God it felt so good. He slowly began bobbing his head on my cock and I closed my eyes, trying desperately not to make a noise. With five bobs he had my whole 7 inch cock in his throat! He started to speed up, swirling his mouth around my shaft and then licking just under the head before swirling back down. The only sound I heard were the soft slurping noises he made, while his other hand was rubbing my balls through my pants.

It had been so long since I had had a blowjob that I came within three minutes, shooting a huge load into his warm, wet mouth. He kept sucking on my cock until it was completely dry, then sat back up. He was still smiling as he looked at me. "That was nice, don't you agree?"

I was stunned that he was so blasé about it. "Nice," I muttered. He looked down at my cock, which was still semi-hard and poking out of my pants. "You don't get much at home, do you? That didn't take long at all, but by the looks of it I don't think you were done."

He looked around and saw that the tourist guide was about to come to them with some papers to give. He whispered fervently in my ear. "If you want to finish that," he pointed at my cock that was getting harder by the second, "then meet me in the bathroom as soon as he passes." Then he got up and went to the bathroom behind out row. The bus that our school rented was the one with a comfort room in it.

I barely had time to stuff my rod into my pants and cover it with a Car magazine before he came with and handle the papers. He looked at me, then the magazine on my pants, and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. "Here is the paper that you need for this trip".

I shook my head, praying he would leave quickly. He gave Clyde the same papers, and then moved back towards the front of the bus. I stood up and walked as straight as I could into the bathroom. Rellie was in there, doing a handjob while sitting on the commode. I closed and locked the door, watching him make himself cum. "I need a little stress release too," he said through bated breath as he was getting closer to orgasm. "How do we do this in here? There is barely enough room " But I should have known he would know how to do this. I think he is a charter member of the mile-high club. He pulled me in front of him and pulled my pants down. My member bobbed in front of him, looking for a port to land in. He put his hands on my shoulders and jumped a little to straddle my thighs, putting one foot on either side of the wall behind me and thrust his asshole close to meet my dick. It was just too good to be true. Rellie has always been one of the sexiest walking ass I had ever seen, always strutting around in short denim and wiggling for all the guys and gays in the choir. This was one of my fantasies come true! I plunged in without a second thought, not even bothering to ask if he needs some lubricant since I don't have one. God, it felt so good to be fucking a willing participant, with Rellie's hands moved to my ass, forcing me deeper and deeper into him. "Oh God, fuck me," he softly repeated over and over as I pounded into his tight little asshole for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted it never to end. Unfortunately, it felt so good that again I came before I wanted to. Rellie could feel that I couldn't last much longer, and started to rub his ass. He came as I unloaded another wad into this young beauty. He bit down on my neck to keep from yelling and wouldn't let my rapidly softening dick out of his asshole until he was done.

When he did finish, he got up and dressed as if this was a daily occurrence. he side-stepped me to arrange his face in the mirror while I just stared at him in amazement. He caught my expression in the mirror and laughed. "Didn't you like it? I sure did."

I stammered like a school boy after his first time. "Y-y-yes. It was great. But, uh, I am in a relationship right now."

"You remembered that a little too late, didn't you?" He turned and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Don't worry. I don't care, and I won't tell. Besides, I have enjoyed watching you watch me this whole year, and fair is fair." "You know I watch you?"

He laughed loudly then. "Are you kidding? You are terrible at hiding things. I noticed the first week of choir that all I had to do was bend over in a little short and your soldier stood at attention. I bet you jacked-off a lot after seeing me, didn't you?" "God, yes," I said, deciding honesty was the best policy. "I wish I could have seen that. You have a very nice dick there. If you had just given me a little warning, I would have taken care of it for you every time. You are so cute when you're horny." And he left the bathroom.

I came out a short while later and resumed my seat beside him. He leaned his head on my shoulder and started to fall asleep, obviously tired. Before he succumbed, I heard him mumble "I canceled my reservation at the hotel, so I can spend the whole weekend with either you or Clyde. The choice is up to you." And he was out.

What a wonderful break from reality this trip was turning into.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camping Ecstacy

I wanted to get showered early so I would get a good start on my first day as a camp counselor. The first set of campers would not show up for two weeks yet, but there was preliminary work to do, and I had never been a camp counselor before. I nervously stepped out from my cabin, wearing only a robe and beach sandals, and headed for the communal shower/toilet that served this cluster of cabins. I hadn't walked around out in the open naked for a year or so and wearing just the robe began to get me horny. Being early, I would be able to get some relief in the shower.

I stepped into the bathhouse and was startled to hear a guy's voice, telling someone to 'Suck it deep, baby'. I slowly stepped toward the shower room and peeked around the corner. There on the floor was Jack, a senior counselor. He was in charge of the cabin next to mine. He was also on his hands and knees, with one cock in his mouth and a second cock in his asshole. Two well-built (and naked) campers of age 14 and 15 were pumping him from both ends. The guys or should I say teen gays did not see me. They were intent on one thing, shooting a load of spunk into Jack. My hand instinctively went inside my robe and I began doing handjob. The tenage gays who is fucking Jack from behind began to pump faster, harder.

'Here is a load of cum for you, Sir', he said as he plunged into him and stayed deep. The teenage gay in his mouth quickly pulled out and declared that it was now his turn in his asshole. Jack seemed to be as horny (if not more) than any of my fraternity brothers. He told the teenage gay from his ass to come up from so he could clean him off. While the second teenage gay was beginning his fuck, a long semi-soft cock was dangled in front of Jack and he began to lick it clean. By now, my cock was very hot and very wet, and my hand was working its way faster and faster with every touch I'm making into my cock. Soon Jack's oral attentions had produced an erect cock for his to suck on. The teenage gay behind him was pounding away at his asshole and quickly added his load of cum to his ass.

As soon as the teenage gay in his ass recovered a bit he said they had better get back to their cabins. They began to slip on their trunks and Jack gave each cock a good-bye kiss (and suck). I slipped backward into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door. I heard the teenage gays leave and then the shower start up. I was very hot and wanted to finish my handjob, but I was worried that Jack would catch me. So I went out into the shower room as if I had just arrived. When I said hello to Jack, he turned to me and asked if I enjoyed the show. I was a bit startled and Jack said he had seen me when the teens switched places. He said that the first teen was a good fucker and that the second was a new camper this year. He asked again if I had enjoyed the show. I finally said that I had enjoyed watching them.

I was now naked and soaping up under the shower facing away from Jack. I heard him moan and turned to look over my shoulder at him. He was leaning back against the wall with one hand cupping his balls and the other feverishly rubbing his cock. When he saw me looking, he said that the studs were good but they just were not enough. I giggled and he told me to turn around and finish myself off too. I was a bit embarrassed but decided that my horny cock needed relief. I turned and leaned on the wall to face him. Jack said that the teens would love my shaven cock. I told him the gays back at school certainly did. I began to work on my cock as quickly as possible. I began to mimic Jack's actions, cupping one of my balls in my left hand. My right hand went immediately for my cock and began rubbing into my cock. Jack began to thrash around as his orgasm arrived and mine followed very quickly. By the time I recovered, Jack had finished washing and was drying himself off. I quickly finished washing and joined him at the benches. Jack said he could introduce me to the better studs if I was interested in just screwing for fun. I told him I was always interested in screwing.

That night at dinner, Jack told me to meet him in the shower early the next morning for a staff introduction. I masturbated twice that night fantasizing about who he was going to introduce me to in the shower. The next morning I woke up very early and hurried to the bathhouse. I went inside to find Jack and the head lifeguard/swim instructor. I had been introduced to him yesterday but had not noticed the immense bulge in his speedo's that was evident today. Jack introduced us and as we shook hands, he began to pull down his swimsuit. He suggested I kneel in front of him and help. Slowly we eased the suit off his tight muscular ass and then down off his bulging cock. His tool was at least ten inches long and it wasn't completely hard yet. Jack and I stood up and he began to remove my robe. I was still facing him when the robe opened and he saw my hairless cock. When he whistled his approval, Jack said he knew he would like my cock. He pushed us toward the showers and told us to hurry up the washing part so we could get to the fun. We quickly turned on the water and each began soaping up a washcloth. When we turned toward each other, we noticed that Jack had left us alone and we began to wash each other. He was big and muscular and hard (very hard when I washed his cock and balls). He was gentle and washed everything but he did pay more attention to my balls and cock and ass than he did to my back or arms.

When we were all soaped up, we rinsed off and I knelt down in front of him. I was staring at this large hard pleasure pole, hoping that he was as good a fucker as his cock looked. I cupped his balls in one hand and began to lick up and down his wet shaft. After slowly licking the full length of his cock, I switched to fast short flicks, starting at his balls, moving sideways and up until I flicked all around his cockhead. He took my head in his hands and I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide his cock across my tongue and into my mouth. I got half of his shaft into my mouth when his head touched the back of my throat. I closed my mouth and sucked hard and pulled back until just his head was in my mouth. I released the pressure and let him push his way back in. We alternated this sucking and fucking until his cock grew in width until I could only take a quarter of his cock. I backed off and licked him from balls to cockhead again. He suggested we move to the benches to continue. I laid back on the bench with my ass right on the end. I spread my legs as he knelt in front of me. He pulled my bare cock and began a fierce lapping at my cock. In just moments I was cumming. He never slipped his tongue into my cock, but I was cumming anyway. He stood up, turned me around and quickly pushed his rod into my hot, horny asshole. I was still recovering from my orgasm as he pushed his whole length into me. His cock went in all way to his balls. And he began pounding. Hard, fast pounding fuck. I did not feel much of his fucking, but I came again, and he came right after me. We were now worn out and very sweaty. Jack came back in (he had been watching us from the doorway) and hurried us back into the shower before heading back to our cabins. After Mr. Lifeguard left who is only 18 years old anyway, Jack said he wasn't a great licker or a warm lover but he could really pound a gay like me to orgasm. My tender ass and I agreed. He was not my choice for a lifetime lover, but he would definitely do for a quicky.

In the weeks that followed, Jack introduced me to the rest of his list of sex teenage gay partners. I screwed one gay in the boat house. He took me in there, stripped off my trunks and then brought him in. After some introductory kissing (Jack was always watching now), Jack had me turn around and bend over a sawhorse that he had padded with some towels. He had him quickly suck my cock first to one orgasm and then he told him to fuck my ass. Without a word, he plunged in. I love getting my asshole fucked so I gave no resistance. A few more plunges and I was receiving his load of cum. Another time Jack introduced me to the Stable Master (older gay - maybe twice my age) and his head riding instructor. They stripped off my t-shirt and sucked on both of my nipples at the same time. I almost came from just that. We eventually all got naked and the riding instructor laid down on a hay bale and had me mount him. Jack helped guide his cock as I sat down and impaled myself on his fuck stick. I began riding him, bouncing up and down on his cock. Jack was sucking the stable master right next to us and he occasionally rubbed my cock. My speed picked up as I enjoyed the cock ride, until I was blindly bouncing my way to an orgasm. I collapsed on top of my riding instructor and he held me tight. Jack used some of hic own cum to lubricate my asshole again and he guided the stable master's slathered cock into my butthole to finish the sex sandwich. The stable master was now in charge. His motions, long deep plunges in and long strokes out, drove me up and down the riding instructor"s cock, fucking him more, fucking him to orgasm. Finally the stable master shot his load into my ass once more.

Near the end of the summer, we had a theatrical troupe join our camp. Before they arrived, Jack asked me if I trusted him enough to have sex with one of his friend's with a blindfold on. He told me, I would get the best cocklicking I would EVER get. He said his cocklicking friend was in the troupe and would only do it if I was blindfolded. Since I had cum from every sexual encounter Jack had arranged (some more than once, and more when I arranged the meeting), I decided to trust Jack. I agreed to wear a blindfold while getting my horny cock licked.

A few days later (after the troupe had arrived), Jack met me in the bathhouse again. I had watched the guy's in the troupe while they unpacked their gear and I would not have objected to any of them. Jack and I stripped off our robes and he put a blindfold on me. He helped me sit on the bench and he went to get the cocklicker. When he returned, he sat behind me and pulled me back to lay against him. At his instruction, I pulled my legs up and open, holding them behind the knees. My hairless cock and ass were now available for anyone to see. Janck reached down to my cock. He told the cocklicker that he knew my cock would be hot already. I felt the tip of a tongue slowly work its way up to the top and then around my exposed cock. I didn't feel any lips, just the tip of a tongue going around and around my shaft. The tongue moved up and down. The pleasure of this tongue was begining to build. This was definitely a good cocklicker. The tongue began to go deeper, wiggling its way into my pleasure stick. As it moved in, the tongue rubbed both the left and right sides of my cock. I had had guys really try to lick the cum out of me but this tongue was getting deep enough to do it. Deeper and deeper, more and more pleasure, this tongue wiggled and rubbed and was going to make me cum. I knew Jack was talking to this cocklicker but I did not notice what he was saying until I heard him say, "Now, really tongue-cock." The tongue pulled out and it lapped at my cock and then plunged into me. God, that tongue must have been long, it felt like he was laready fucking my ass. It pulled out and plunged in again, deeper. I was begining to cum, and I begged for a fucking. The tongue began plunging in and out faster, like a real fucking. Faster, deeper, no tongue can be that long, but it went deep. Finally, I was cumming, thrashing around as if this was my first orgasm. Jack had to hold my legs to keep me from crushing the head at my cock. I reached down and grabbed this head and helped it suck deep into me. At the peak of my pleasure, I just pulled the head tight against my cock and held it there. The tongue slowly moved around rubbing at the walls of my cock. I had cum from the BEST tongue lick I had ever had. When I relaxed enough to release the head between my legs, Jack slowly removed my blindfold and I saw the blonde head of the troupe's lead male dancer. I asked if he was the best cocklicker in the world and he said " of course", and let out a 6 inch tongue to flick at my cock. This guy had the longest tongue I had ever seen and he knew how to use it in a cock. I knew he would make a lot of gays very happy.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trashy Sex Adventure

Nandy watched through his kitchen window as the big trash compactor moved down the street towards his house. He lived in the last house on the block, and since it was a dead end street, the driver always backed into his driveway so he could turn his rig around and make his exit. It was hot out to day, and even though it was only ten in the morning, the thermometer in the window showed eighty five degrees. The truck was now only one house away and Nandy stared intently as the garbage man jumped out of the driver's seat and hefted a fifty five gallon barrel like it was a pillow and dumped the contents into the compactor! He crossed and uncrossed his legs while admiring a light layer of sweat shining on his black chest and arms, so when he pulled into his driveway and dumped his container, he opened the back door and yelled out, "Say, it's awful hot out today, how about some iced tea!?!" He finished emptying his barrel, glanced at his watch, and replied, "Sure, why not, I've got a few minutes to spare!!!

"Come on in," he said, while holding open the door for him, "have a seat at the kitchen table and I'll get the tea out of the fridge!!!" "Sugar and lemon," he asked? "Just lemon," he replied while flashing his million dollar smile!!! After handing him his glass, he settled down in the chair next to his and began, "I'm really sorry, but after all these months I don't even know your name!!!" He took a long swallow of tea and replied, "It's Henson, Bob Henson!" Nice to meet you Bob," he said while extending his hand, "I'm Nandy Evangelista!" Both of them sipped on their tea for a few moments before Nandy offered while taking his glass, "Let me get a little more ice for you!" As he stood up, he purposely let his robe fall open giving him a generous peek at his naked body and wishing he would love to have sex with a teenage gay! He dropped a few cubes into his glass and returned to his chair, only this time, leaving the top of his robe open far enough so that his turgid nipples were clearly visible!!! Bob tried to keep from staring, but when a young gay practically begs you to look at his erect nipples, well, in that case you take advantage of the situation!!! In a very calm quiet voice Nany asked, "Do you like the way my chst and erect nipples look, Bob?!?"

If wasn't for his being black, you could have seen the red rising in his cheeks from embarrassment as he stammered, "Uh, no, I mean yes, I've really got to go, I have a schedule to meet!!!" Being slightly bemused at his discomfort, he asked sweetly, "Why, Bob, I do believe that you're shy, haven't you ever seen a city gay's nipples before!?!" After making an audible gulping sound, he replied, "Uh, sure I have, lots of times, it's just that, well, I know you're still young and all, and besides, you're a customer of mine!!!" "That's right," he said with a smile, "and you know what they say about customers don't you!?!" "W-what," he stumbled?!?" "They say that the customer's always right," he replied while dropping his robe!!!

The look of consternation that up until that time had been etched on his dark face, was quickly replaced with one of lust!!! "Have you ever fucked a city gay," he asked softly while carresing and pinching his nipples?!? Now growing more emboldened he replied, "I've fucked a lot of city gays, and they love getting it from a brother!!!" And why would that be," he asked while putting on his little show!?! "Do you really want to know," he replied with just a touch of insolence in his voice!?! "Why," he asked, "is it some big secret!?!" He laughed a hearty laugh and shot back, "It's big all right, big enough to make your white little ass shake!!!" "Oh, my," he replied in mock fear, "do you think I should run and hide, I'm so scared!?!" It was then that he started unbuckling his gray work pants and said evenly, "You're gonna get it just like every other city gays, and you're gonna love it!!!

Now facing against the kitchen counter, Nandy thrust his asshole forward in an open invitation to the young black stud!!! All ready bare above the waste, he kicked off his boots and stepped out of his trousers, leaving as his only clothing his white sweat socks and bright red bikini underwear!!! The outline of a very large erection could easily be seen through the thin nylon material, causing Nandy to moan as he imagined it in his hot little asshole!!! He gave a short cackling laugh and opined, "Just as I thought, you want it just like every other teenage gays I've fucked, white, black, or purple, it don't make no difference, all you gays want Bob's big cock!!!

Now moving up right at the back of him, he pushed his own crotch forward until his sheathed pecker was pressing against Nandy's buttcheeks!!! "Feel that pecker," he whispered, "I'll bet that little cock' already dripping like a faucet!!!" It was too, but dripping wasn't the right word, it was flooding, and to prove it, all you had to do was look and see the little river of cock juice running down the inside of Nandy's right thigh!!! As his breathing was becoming more labored, Bob took his hands and placed them on his shorts and ordered, "Okay, baby, it's time to open your present, and I'll guarantee you won't want to return it!!!" No matter how Bob tried to put down teenage gays, there was one salient fact that he couldn't deny, that being a cute little 14 year old gay had given him a huge hardon!!! "Oh, dear," he breathed when it popped out of his shorts, "i-it's beautiful!!!" "Well, sweety," he said with a smirk, "you ain't the first one to tell me that, now suck it for me!!!" Nandy then turned around to follow Bob's order.

This was a moment he had been dreaming about for months, for just the opportunity to put this big black pecker into his mouth and suck it until it filled his mouth with cum!!! It was so smooth, the head that is, because the shaft was just the opposite, all bumpy with veins and dark skin!!! In his mind it was the perfect sex toy, the head was ideal for sucking, with it's velvety glans shining with his saliva, while on the other hand the thick rough shaft would be perfect for fucking, with all of its irregularities that would arouse the inside walls of his ass!!! He really wanted him to cum in his mouth, but since time was a factor, he let it slip from his mouth and begged, "Take me and fuck me, I want to feel you inside of my ass!!!" He stood at least six feet tall, while he was just a shade over five two and petite!!! After picking him up under his arms, he lifted him and order him to turn around until his ass was positioned directly over his hard pecker where he slowly let his descend on to its smooth head!!! "Oh, my gosh," he moaned as the first few inches of meat slid inside of his, "y-you're fucking huge!!!" He asked him if he was ready, and then with one hard shove, pressed down, driving his long thickness deep into his asshole!!! His first orgasm tore through him even before his cock bottomed out!!!

For the next five minutes he hung on for dear life as he bounced him up and down on his brutal shaft, and cumming over and over again, while being caught on his pecker like a coat on a hook, and even if he wanted to get off, he was stuck there until he wanted to let him go!!! Each of his orgasms seemed to be more intense than the one before it, and after his sixth one, by his count, he lifted him off his dick, turn him around, put him on his knees in front of him, and ejaculated a huge spurting load of cum into his now open mouth and all over his face!!! There was just something about shooting on to a white teenage gay's face that always made his day!!!

As he was turning to leave he gave him one last glance, and laughed out loud as he looked at the disheveled mess that he had left sitting on the kitchen floor!!! "Hey, baby," he remarked, "I hear it's suppose to be hot next week again, why don't ya have some tea ready for me, okay!?!" With a weak smile, he nodded his head and mouthed the word, okay!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Teenage Gay Broken Hearted Club

They had been meeting like this for about two years, twenty teenage gay in all, 15-18 yearsold, and between relationships. The group had been organized by Ben Cortez and his good friend Sam Henzon. When they lost their boyfriends only two months apart, both teenage gays felt as though their sex lives had been ended for good. After months of mourning their heartaches, they tepidly tried to enter the social gays scene, with not much to show for it. Increasingly they became frustrated with their situations, and decided to do something about it! What they came up with, was a semi formal club that only allowed membership to teenage gays with the above criteria. They found out was that there were a lot of teenage gays out there in the same boat they were in, that being alone for probably the first time in their life, and also with a very strong and persistent sex drive.

“I think everyone is here,” Ben said to Sam, as he counted heads trying make sure everyone was present and accounted for. “All but Jones,” replied Sam, “he called with regrets, but his cousin is in town for the weekend and he can’t make it.” Nodding in agreement, Ben locked the front door and went around to the back and did the same. All of the shades and curtains had been drawn, and the twentieth meeting of the Teenage Gays Broken Hearted Club was about to begin! Sam went to the middle of the living room and clinked a glass with a spoon and asked for everyone’s attention.“sisters, the doors have been locked and the party can begin, of course their is food and drinks in the kitchen, so please help yourselves. As usual, our waiters and waitresses will be assisting you and seeing to your every need! I said waitresses because over the last three or four meetings we have had some call for gays help. Taking advantage of this option is totally up to your own discretion! Ben is up stairs checking to see if they are all ready to come down and serve you. Remember, we’re all here to have a good time, so please make the most of it! Thank you!”

Just then, ten naked young men and two teenage gays came down the stairs and into the living room. As they mingled among the older teenage gays, they asked if any of them would like food or drinks to be served. Some of the gays gave drink and food orders, and the young naked boys and gay shurried out to the kitchen to pick up their orders. Other gays simply talked to the youngsters,while others reached out and fondled the naked young bodies in front of them. You see, this club was designed to satisfy the sexual needs of it’s members, and all of the kids were totally naked and would do anything that one of the members wanted them to. The only rules were that no one would do anything painful to anyone else, and that what ever you did, was to be in full view of everyone in the club. That meant that not only were you satisfying your own sexual desires, but that you were also putting on a show for your fellow club members! Many of the parties the club organized had ended with someone saying that the most satisfying moment for them had been watching another member having an orgasm! This rule seemed to form a bond among everyone present at the parties, as everyone had seen everyone else in various sexual situations, and it made it very easy to empathize with someone who you knew had just been able to satisfy a sexual need.

Most of the waiters and waitresses were between sixteen and eighteen years old, and the gays loved the feeling of smooth young flesh, it reminded them of how it feels to caress it. The boys were selected for their young appearance, as well as genital size. They liked to have a variety of penissizes at the parties, because some of the gays liked to have a boy with a very small penis, while others loved the contrast of a boy who was very slim and young looking with a huge penis hanging between his legs. Cole was a very popular boy with the group, because he looked like he was only thirteen or fourteen, but he had an eleven inch penis that was about eight inches long when soft. Today for example, a sixteen year old gay named Ruel had first dibs on him. When he asked Ruel if he wanted anything, Ruel never said a word, he just leaned over and put the head of the huge member into his mouth and sucked it right then and there, while Cole stood quietly watching as his penis grow to it’s full eleven inch length. Ruel had both of his small hands gripping the shaft, holding it like it was an expensive jewel. Ruel continued to suck, and Cole asked him if it would be okay to cum now. Ruel looked up at the young stud, and without taking his mouth off his head, nodded to go ahead! Cole smiled down at him and then released a torrent of sperm into his waiting throat! He tried to swallow all of it but being he was so young, and he produced such a huge amount of it, some cum dribbled down the front of his chin. Finally releasing the monster, he used his fingers to scoop up the missing cum and lick the last drops up. Several of the other teenage gays applauded after he was done, and Ruel just said, “God I miss getting to suck a cock every day,” and other members nodded their heads in agreement!

Over on the other side of the room, Ed Olimpo was about to do what he did at every party, that being getting his large chest with its turigid nipples sucked by a young man. Sitting with his good friend Al, Ed opined that the thing he missed the most was getting his nipples sucked at least once a day. When he was in a relationship, it wasn’t unusual for his boyfriend to go to sleep nestled up against hid chest with a nipple in his mouth. Ever since he was a young girl, Ed found that he needed to be with a good sucker, and he made sure that his boyfriend was addicted to his lovely chest! Many a morning did he wake up to the feel of his nipples growing erect in his mouth. After awhile he began to haveclimaxes by nipple sucking alone, so now he was on the lookout for someone to take care of his aching nipples. Looking around the room, he started unbuttoning the front of his polo, while catching the eye of a boy name Randy. He now had exposed his turgid nipples. Randy came over and asked, “Anything I can do for you sweety? ” Unclasping the front of his polo, he pulled it apart, causing his nipples to fall into his hands. “Would you please take care of these for me,” he asked? “Sure,” he replied, laying down on his back across the thighs of Al, with his head at Ed's chest. Randy’s penis was right in Al’s lap, and he took it in his hand and began to slowly jerk it. Ed gave a long sigh as Randy took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it like a baby. He held his head gently, caressing his face as if he were a new born. “God it felt so good,” he thought, “I needed it so much!” Al reached over and patted his friend’s arm as if to say, “I’m glad you feel better!” Ed rolled his head and eyed Randy’s erection and asked Al, “Are you going to suck that magnificent erection or not?!?” Al laughed and lowered his mouth onto the head of the hard penis staring up at him with it’s one eye. Randy gave an audible groan as Al sucked up and down on his hardon! Ed pulled the big nipple from Randy’s mouth, substituting it with his other massive cock. It was quite a scene, one gay nursing the young boy, while the other sucked his hard pecker! Ed’s cock was now approaching an orgasm from the insistent sucking his nipples were receiving. Seeing his friend with the young cock in his mouth sent him over the edge as he squeezed his legs together trying to put pressure on his throbbing little cock. His whole body shook as his orgasm spread from his cock up to his chest! Al had pulled off the hard penis and now jerked it fast in his hand. His balls becoming taut, Randy’s penis shot cum all over his belly and chest in large spurts. Both gays rubbed the cum into his skin, occasionallylicking some off of their fingers.

Sam again took center stage as he stood up to make an announcement. “Sisters, today we are going to have a special treat. Cole and Mike are going to put on a little show for our viewing pleasure! So everyone get a good seat, because the show is about to begin!” Everyone scurried around trying to get a good vantage point so that they could see the young stud Cole, stick his huge cock into Mike’s tiny little ass! Mike was hosting his first party, and was just cute as a button! Only about five feet tall, he was very slim. His pubic area had a sparse growth of brown hair growing along his balls. He looked like he was only about twelve years old! The two children faced each other in the center of the room and just looked at each other over for a few seconds. Cole made the first move by stepping up to Mike and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. Mike responded by putting his arms around Cole’s back and returning a more passionate kiss as he crushed his body into Cole's. When they broke away from each other, Cole’s penis was now becoming very erect! It was so quiet in the big room you could have heard a pin drop! Several of the teenage gays had pulled down their pants and had begun to brazenly masturbate as they watched the show. No one really paid any attention to them, however, as they were transfixed by the sight of Cole’s mammoth erection! Mike, looking even younger next to the thick penis in front of him, took it in his hand and caressed the big head gently. Cole looked down, watching as the small hands played with his hard penis. Putting his hands on his shoulders, Cole pushed Mike to his knees so that his mouth was inches from the giant head. “Suck me,” he said softly, throwing his head back as his mouth slid over his smooth velvety head. Only being able to get his mouth over the head, he used his hands to jerk up and down the huge shaft. His mouth, now very tired from trying to stretch over the egg sized head, so Mike lay back on the floor with his legs spread wide open. Drops of dew were clinging to the hair along his balls, and it was quite evident that Mike was in a state of extreme sexual excitement! He stared up at the big horse cock that towered over him while trying to turn around to position his asshole to Cole's gigantic cock, a little afraid yet totally under it’s spell. At this moment, he was just like every gay in the room, a slave to mammoth shaft of cock that stuck obscenely in the air for all of them to see! Looking around the room, Cole gave everyone a chance to see his erection, because he knew that for the rest of his life gays would do his bidding for just the chance to just hold his massive member! Turning his attention back to Mike, he asked, “What do you want?” Raising his arms towards his groin, he said, “Give it to me, please!” Cole took a hold of his shaft and rubbed his head up and down Mike’s wet buttcheeks. he groaned out loud when he brushed across his tiny asshole. Taking what seemed like forever, he teased him with only the very tip of his big pecker while Mike began to writhe around trying to get his penis inside of him. Feeling a little sorry for him, Cole finally stopped his head up against his hole. Slowly he pushed inside of his asshole, feeling his incredible tightness! When only about three inches of his pole was inside of his, Mike had a thunderous orgasm! He thrashed around, but was caught on the end of the gigantic penis, and it pinned him in place. Cole now growing more excited seeing the little gay cum, drove his cock in farther. Again Mike couldn’t help himself, being stretched to the limit, he came again, while many of the teenage gays were now also having cums of their own! It was stunning to see this tiny little gay being skewered by the biggest cock any of them had ever seen! Cole’s nut sack tightened up and his dick grew even harder as his own orgasm started to build. Now unable to control himself, he plunged his dick all the way home and started to pound the defenseless asshole. It was a total assault on his asshole, and Mike was now in the middle of one long earth shaking orgasm! His tight asshole muscles tried their best to grip the huge shaft, but all that did was make it a tighter fit, which drove both of them to climax!!! Cole let out a low bellow as his cock expelled load after load into the pretty little ass! Now totally spent, he collapsed, kissing his neck and cheeks softly until his cock grew soft and slipped out of his now gaping asshole. The members of the club gave them both a standing ovation!

Ben now took the floor and thanked everyone for coming. “Drive home carefully, we want to see all of you here next month!”

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Twins Sex Trip

Ken, a 15 years old gay stepped over and ran his hand up my leg, pausing to caress the head of my dick which was hanging out of the leg of my cutoffs. I hadn't bothered to pull on any underwear. Ken was almost as good looking as Sony his twin brother who also happened to be a gay. Both gays had fabulous bodies, large firm and smooth well-rounded asses. Ken had a cute face, whereas Sony was absolutely handsome for a gay.

"Yes, anything you want to do!", Sony agreed.

"Lets get on the bed first," I suggested, "Then we have fun."

"Lay down on your back.", Sony insisted. "Have we got something for you!" I complied, and Sony leaned over and put my dick in his hot mouth. His tongue swirled over the head, ran up and down the shaft, and started over and over again. I looked over at Ken and he was watching seriously. Not having anything better to do with my hands, I reached between hiss legs and caressed his hard-on cock. Ken gasped with surprise, then spread his legs even more. His cock was already hot and hrad as a rock, so I continue and obviously love the hardness of it, then started giving him a blowjob and massaging his balls with my thumb. His balls was so oh nice to touch I thought to myself. Ken had his eyes closed and was erotically caresing his erect nipples. He was slowly lowering his body, deepening the handjob, and rocking his hips back and forth, intensifying the stroking of his balls. Ken's hot cock juices ran down my hand while Sony's mouth was still working on my throbbing dick.

I began to draw my hand from Ken's sopping wet cock, but he grabbed it and held it tightly to his hard-on wet cock. I pulled my hand now, and he came with it. I grabbed his thigh and swung his leg over me, so he was now sitting on my chest. I pulled my hand from his hungry cock, grabbed his ass, and pulled him snatch right up to my face. As soon as I flicked his cock with the tip of my tongue, he went wild, humping my face, filling my nostrils with the sweet aroma of his cock juices. I thought I would give him all the licking he could handle. I rammed my tongue into his hard-on cock with all my might, then gently nibbled on his balls. Apparently he had a low threshold, as this was all he could stand.

"Oh God, I'm coming!", he screamed, ground his cock into my face one more time, quivered, then collapsed sideways onto the bed. One down, one to go. I looked at Sony, still sucking my dick for all he was worth. I was nearing the end of my endurance, and I still hadn't had my dick in any hot asshole yet. I grabbed Sony's shoulders and pulled his mouth from my dick. I turned him around and held him up, his black pubic hair just inches away from my face.

"Give it to him! Now!", Ken whispered. Sony's cock didn't look wet so I asume his wasshole wasn't ready yet also, but my dick was ready to take some asshole. Ken reached over and spread Sony's still dry cock, and began tweaking his cock. Sony gasped his surprise at his most private place being touched by his twin brother. Within seconds though, his cock began to hard-on, and his juices started flowing. I slowly lowered Sony to my rod, admiring his glistening pinkness. Ken guided my throbbing rod into Sonya's wet asshole.

"Please, be careful! Ah-h-h-h! Go slow, I'm so tight!" I lowered Sony very carefully, for his hot asshole was indeed the tightest asshole I had ever felt. With that in mind, I fought the urge to slam him down on my eager dick. As soon as he was down, I grabbed his cock and began sliding him back and forth. Sony bit his lip as a tear trickled down from one eye.

"Stop, Mr. Balero! Its hurting my twin brother!", Ken commanded. Then to Sony, "You haven't done it much, have you?"

"Just once, with Mike, and he isn't this big. It hurt then, too!" Sony sobbed. "I wanted so bad to do it with Mr. Balero because he's been so nice to me, and I was so scared when I saw how big he was. Oh, it hurts!"

"You'd better get up then.", I reassured. "I don't want to do anything to you that you don't want me to do."

"I want to go on, really I do! But don't you have anything I could use to make it easier?" "Yeah, any vaseline or petroleum jelly or something like that?", Ken asked.

"I have some petroleum jelly in the bathroom.", I answered. Ken jumped up and padded into the bathroom. I watched his naked ass jiggle as he left. "You're gonna have to get up.", I told him. I gently lifted up on his chess. He bit his lip again and moaned as my dick slowly withdrew from his tortured asshole. With a pop from his asshole, a shriek burst from his lips as my dick sprung from his nearly dry fuckhole. He knelt on the bed next to me, softly crying, clutching himself where it hurt. I realized that he had been wrong in pretending to be so eager. A more gentle approach was needed.

I reached over, pulled him to me, and passionately kissed his lips. He jerked once in surprise, then melted into my arms, returning my kiss, forgetting the pain in his asshole. I ran my hand around to his firm cock and gently stroked his nipples, feeling them harden under my touch. I pulled my mouth from his and kissed the point of each hard nipple. He moaned and gasped with each touch of my lips, but from pleasure this time, not from pain. While I had him aroused, I lightly traced circles on his tummy with my finger, each circle going lower and lower, until I finally reached the black muff of his pubic hair. Slowly, I reached down and cupped his cock with my hand, being careful not to press too hard. I would know when he was ready for penetration on his asshole. He responded with a jerk and a gasp. I pressed again, and he gasped again. I kissed each firm nipple one last time, then started kissing down his tummy to his now hard-on cock, which was now warming and starting to respond to my touch.

I spread his legs and gently ran the tip of my tongue to the full length of his cock. When I reached the vicinity of his balls, he reacted as though he had been shocked. He arched his back, pressing his cock against my face. Maybe he was ready. I probed again with my tongue, harder this time, as I was doing tjis I'm gently separating his buttcheeks. He went mad again, jerking and twitching in response to the touch of my tongue, moaning and panting. Then I felt his cock harden even more, his inner lips swell and spread, and his delicious juices start to flow. Now he was definitely ready for more. I gently ask him to turn around and probed on his asshole with my tongue, licked all the way up, swirled it around, bit it gently, then probed his asshole again. When I started doing all this, he went even wilder. He spread his legs, humped and reared against my face, and pulled my head tight against his hot asshole.

"Oh-h-h-h-h, fuck me," he moaned, "I can't stand it any more! I don't care if it does hurt! Please, please fuck me!" I put his throbbing cock between my lips and gave it one hard suck, drawing it completely into my mouth, and pulled my head back sharply, causing his cock to pop back. He screamed, thrust his hips at me, and grabbed his sweating chest with its turgid nipples.

When he had subsided, his legs still spread, I mounted him in the traditional position of gay people. I started to position my throbbing pole for a gentle entry, but Sony spread his buttcheeks with one hand and guided my tool to his sopping wet asshole with the other. He was much wetter now than when Ken diddled his cock, wet enough to fuck.

"Please do it now!", Sony pleaded. I began to cautiously insert my dick, and found that due to his juices, entry was no problem. Sony groaned like a virgin as I slid into his hot wetness. When he had taken as much of my ten inch tool as he could, I still wasn't all the way in. But he began pumping his back, causing the swollen head of my dick to ram against the back of his asshole. he was as deliciously tight as before, but he must have been stretching, for with just a few strokes, my balls were slapping against his buttcheeks, and I was in to the hilt. My tenderness and foreplay had paid off.

"Oh-h-h-h, that's good!", he purred when I began pumping to meet his rythym. He was pumping as hard as I was. With each stroke, I would completely withdraw from his hot, tight wetness, then shove my eager tool back in to the hilt, never missing his voracious target, always sliding easily in, jamming against the back of his asshole.

His pumping increased in tempo, and I sped up to match. Each pump became harder and more frantic than the one before. Sony's breathing became harder and faster. He was about to come, and I wanted to come with him. I started ramming as hard as I could.

"Don't stop! I think I'm gonna come! Oh-h-h, its so good! Come in me! Oh, please, I want to feel your load in me!", Sony screamed. He bucked and reared and screamed incoherently, then went limp. I continued to pump. In just a few seconds, he began to pump anew. For more times than I could count he orgasmed.

Once I felt my orgasm approaching, I gave him one last hard ram and drove my weapon in as far as I could. I came at this point, spurting his sweet, tender young asshole full of my hot sticky come, like an erupting volcano. He gasped, trembled, and fell back to the bed. I pulled out my softening dick. Our sexual energies were spent for the moment.

I glanced down at the foot of the bed, and saw Ken, whom I had forgotten about. He sat in the chair at the foot of the bed, his legs spread, working his hand on his hard-on cock. He had found the petroleum jelly, then found us screwing away. Feeling left out but excited by the erotic sight of his twin brother getting a good fucking, he used his hand to do a handjob on his own hard-on cock.

I saw that Sony also was seeing something he had never seen before, his twin brother's cock and his own hand working on it.

Karen finally looked down, under heavy-lidded eyes and saw Sonya so close. "Why don't you do this for me?", Karen asked.

"I would love to" Sony replied.

Oh, yes-s-s, oh, yes-s-s. Do it good, oh, that's so good!", Ken purred. My dick was hardening again at the sight of the twins masturbating each other.

I had an idea. If Ken was as promiscuous as he seemed, he might not object to what I had in mind. While Sony continued to work his handon Ken's cock, I helped Ken out of the chair and down to the floor, his heaving cockon the floor, his ass up in the air. He stayed in that position, crooning wordlessly, cock juice dribbling down his thighs, Sony still masturbating him.

I picked up the tube of petroleum jelly that Ken had found, and liberally covered my erect rod with it. Then I stood behind Ken, straddling Sony.

"Are you also going to do it with him?", Sony asked.

"Watch and see!", I responded. With that I grasped Ken's hips and aimed my dick at the delicate rosette of Ken's ass. Using my dick like a weapon, I suddenly shoved my tool in as far as I could. Ken let out a scream, tearing out fistfulls of carpet.

"Oh God, fuck my ass! That hurts so good! Fuck me harder, give me all you've got! Make it hurt! And please Sony faster with your handjob!"

"I'm also assfucking Ken!", I informed Sony, who was now completely aroused.

I needed no invitation, and neither did Sony. Both of us gave Ken all we could, Sony with his handjob in Ken's cock, me with my dick far up Ken's clenching asshole. Ken rocked back to take us both in, then forward, then back for more. I couldn't see how Ken could take my dick, as long and thick as it was, all the way up his asshole, but he was doing it and getting his rocks off, to boot.

"Do it more faster", I panted to Sony.

"Are you kidding me?", Sony asked in disbelief.

"No, cover your whole hand with petroleum.and do it faster!"

My dick felt volicity of Sony's hand on Ken's cock.

"Now push harder!", I commanded, giving Ken's nether hole another stroke.

I felt increased pressure on my dick and heard Sony wail, "My whole hand went in!"

"Good! Do him just like that!", I gasped.

"Cram my cock full. I love it!", was Ken's response to the new violation. He trembled, then shoved his ass and cock, doubly impaled, back at us for more. We continued like this for another minute or so.

"Harder! Oh God don't stop now, I'm coming! Fuck me! Come in my ass! Squirt me full! Ken arched his back, then screamed as I pushed my dick to the absolute limit, pumping his reamed ass full of another load of my hot lava. Then he collapsed to the floor, exhausted. I pulled my dick out of his ass, as Sony pulled his hand out of Ken's cock. Ken lay on his belly, his ass stretched open obscenely, my cream oozing out, dripping down to his cock.

"That's incredible! I didn't know Ken did that kind of stuff! It had to be fun!

I spent the rest of the night alternately fucking Sony and Ken, shooting great loads of hot jism into both gays. I never knew I had such stamina. The next weekend, they came back to visit again, and finally, with great preparation, got to fuck Sona's beautiful ass hole again. We fuck and make love on a regular basis now, and are a happy threesome.