Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bookstore Escapade

Owning a book store has a plus side and a minus side. The plus side is that, when warmer weather rolls around, teen gays start wearing shorts, tank tops etc. Makes everything sexier looking. I have always lust for ten gays and it's that season when something special happened to me.

One particularly busy afternoon at the store, I just happened to look up from some papers that I needed to sign when I saw a teen gay enter my store. I could easily see a teen gay. I couldn't help but notice him. He had short brown hair, nicely tanned legs; his tight shorts showed he had a firm round ass. I could see why all the boys who would like to fuck a teen gay were gathering around him. I was certain that he had brains since he went looking for a book in the American History Section. My eyes, like every other male in the store, followed him until he was lost from sight.

I soon forgot about the teen gay because things got busy in the store, but I was startled when I felt a tap on my arm and a voice said, "Excuse me, can you help me find a book please?" I turned to see that it was the teen gay that had entered the store earlier. He really was handsome, clear skin, blue eyes, and a wonderful smile. A natural beauty needing no make-up to help him out. His shirt clung to his chest the way the snow caps cling to the mountain tops in winter. Nice and firm. I told him that the book he wanted wasn't in stock but I could have it for him in about three days. I then learned that his name was Alexander, "Everyone calls me Alex." I told him to ask for me "Bart" when he came in next time.

The book arrived earlier than expected so I called him to let him know the book was in. I found myself waiting with bated breath for him to show. When he arrived this time Alex was wearing a tank-top shirt that did more to show his figure than I expected, so I dared to ask if he would join me in a glass of soda. Alex is a cross-dresser. I was thrilled when he said "Sure, I'd like that very much." I learned that he was 16 years old, liked sports, especially tennis. He liked to read, see movies and hang out and do nothing. I knew the school he went to and I said, "I played on your school tennis team in another life time. My picture may even still be in the old display case." I said with a laugh. "I do know that I didn't have any gray hair then." That was when Alex touched the back of my hand and said, "I think the gray looks good mixed in with the brown. Very notable. "I laughed with him and said, "Anytime you're in here you can have a soda on me."

What happened a few nights later was totally unexpected. Alex came into the store frequently and we would often sit and chat, but this evening was different. I was just about to lock the store when I heard a desperate banging on the window. It was Alex! He looked out of sorts so I let him in and asked him what was wrong. Between his sobs he told me that his boyfriend Jay had tried to rape him. "I think he's still outside waiting." he told me. I lead him to a couch in the back of the store and I went to look for Jay. I didn't find him. I told Alex not to worry, I knew who he was and with a few "special" phone calls I knew Jay would never bother Alex again.

I returned to where Alex was sitting and I sat next to him and told him that he would never be bothered by Jay again. That brought a smile to his face. I brushed the hair away from his face and asked, "Are you ok now?" Alex nodded his head yes. I am fairly sure that all Alex wanted to do was to give me a quick kiss of the cheek, but I had just turned my head and our lips met. I heard him say, "Thank you Alex." I know that we both blushed but I dared to kiss him again. Alex said, "That was nice." I agreed that the kiss was nice. I put my arm around his shoulders and gently pulled him towards me. I kissed him again. This time I let my tongue brush over his lips until I felt him open his lips inviting my tongue in to wrestle with his. I could hear Alex letting out a sigh as our kisses became more passionate.

I couldn't resist the temptation that was overwhelming me at this moment. I had the urge to caress his chest and with slow deliberate movements. I brought my hand down to his chest. A shock of electricity seemed to run between my fingers and Alex's firm chest. I could feel his body shiver, either in excitement or fear. I wasn't sure at that moment. I managed to slip my hand under his shirt and I moved it towards his firm chest ever so slowly. I took one of his nipples and easily pinched it between my fingers and started to roll his nipple. Alex gasped "Oh my god! Bart, we can't do this." Alex struggled weakly. "You're too old for me. I couldn't stop working his already turgid nipple. I could feel it harden as I continued to roll it between my fingers. "Bart!" Alex gasped, "We should stop, please! Ohhh!" Alex's voice trailed off. Alex was being overcome by his awakening passions. He gave one last protest as I slowly removed his shirt from his firm chest. Alex started to shake as I kissed each of his firm chest and ran my tongue around his nipples. I could hear Alex say, in weak protest. "Please don't do anything more." I only responded with, "Alex, you're so beautiful." I started to suck on Alex's nipples in earnest now and Alex stopped protesting and said, "Mmm! Harder! Suck them harder." Alex was now engrossed.

I loved the feel of Alex's chest and nipples in my mouth as I sucked each one of the. Each tug on his chest brought moans from him and his fingers dug into my arms as the passions built up inside of him. Alex didn't resist when I finally got up the nerve to remove his shorts and briefs. He lifted his hips to make it easier for me to remove them. I easily moved my hand between his legs and started to stroke his balls. Alex let out a long sigh and his body shook as I rolled my hand into his hard cock. I didn't wait long, I moved my mouth down his hard cock, and Alex dug his nails into my arms and said, "Oh Bart! Ahh!Yes!" His pubic hair was so fine, that when I breathed lightly on it, Alex shook violently with passion. There was no turning back now.

I continued to work my mouthin and out of his cock bringing more cries of passion from Alex. I ran my finger over his anus while my mouth worked on his cock and his body bucked and heaved. I slid my finger into his anus and finger-fucked her ass, which brought Alex to a very explosive climax. Alex's grip on my arms was so tight I thought he would leave a bruise, or worse. "Ahh! Yes! Bart! Mmm!" Alex gasped out in ecstasy. Alex watched as I removed my shirt and pants. He didn't try to run, he spread his legs, inviting me inside his asshole . Alex let out a small cry of "Oh god! It's so big." as I started to push my cock inside of his virginal asshole. "I think it's ripping me apart Bart. You're too big!" I was inside of Alex now and slowly we found a rhythm that made it much smoother for the two of us.

My engorged cock felt good inside of Alex, his muscles stretched to accept my cock. I must have been brushing against Alex's ass because I could feel his body starting to move faster and faster. I couldn't hold on any longer. I climaxed inside of Alex's asshole, each spasm of my body drove my cock inside him even deeper, but he took it all. When I finally was able to move off of Alex, we sat on the couch not saying a word to each other. Alex climbed onto my lap and put an arm around my neck and gave me a kiss which I eagerly returned and I loved the feel of his chest as he pressed against my own chest. Softly Alex asked if I would take him home. I said sure and Alex started to get dressed again. I could see that he didn't mind me watching him dress at all.

Alex and I said very little on the way to his house. He snuggled in the crook of my arm and even took my hand and let it rest on his chest and let me play on his still turgid nipple. I pulled over before I got to his parents house and said, "Alex, about tonight, I'm sorry, I couldn't seem to help myself. I will understand it if you call the cops, I would really like us to be lovers if you'll have me Alex." Alex said nothing for a moment but when he spoke he said, "I would like that to Bart, despite our age difference. Alex could see that I wanted him again right there in my car. Alex said, "I think we better say goodnight for now Bart." We did say goodnight with great unwillingness. We even managed to say "I love you."

I didn't see Alex again for about 5 days. I missed him a lot. Then on the evening of day 5, he walked into the bookstore with a large paper bag in one hand and a huge smile. "Hi there Bart!" he said lightly. I smiled back and said "Hi yourself." Alex wasted no time, "Care to go to the movies with me tonight?" Alex knew I closed early on Friday nights. I told him sure. I don't think either one of us can recall the name of the movie we saw. Alex and I found a seat in the balcony way in the back where we made up for 5 days. Alex even undid his shorts and let me finger play with his cock and balls in the theater till he climaxed. Seemingly flushed Alex asked me to take him to my house. I was eager to do just that.

As soon as I opened the door to my house I showed Alex where the bathroom was and he disappeared inside with the paper bag. When Alex came back out he was wearing a very sheer nightgown that clung to him in all the right places. "Do you like it Bart?" He asked. "I looked for 5 days till I found this one." I told Alex that I loved the way it looked on him and that I loved him as well, no matter what he wore. This night Alex was on top of me and I held on to his cock as he rode my cock for all it was worth deep inside his asshole. "Oh, Bart. That was so great!" he exclaimed as he rocked back and forth and let out a happy sigh when I ejaculated inside of him. "Yes, honey. That's it. Fill me with your sperm!" We spent the rest of the night changing positions and I tested every opening on Alex's body and each one made him just as eager as before. Alex and I spent more than one night in my bed that summer. I don't know what he was telling his boyfriend.