Monday, June 30, 2008

Teen Sex in Delight

Another day in paradise he thought, as he swung the leather bags filled with the days’ deliveries onto the cart, and made his way from the office to the start of his route. Ahead lay the routine deliveries, and a few special letters; one for those two cute hippy teen gays that lived together in a small flat on the waterfront. He always assumed they were straight but they are a teen gay, but was always well met, and sometimes surprised with a bag in the mailbox containing homemade cookies or candies. Another packet was for the Hagglestons’ who live further up on the bluff, and, outside of themselves, had no other interests whatsoever. Further along the road, past a large virgin growth of timber and secluded in a thick growth of wild blackberries, the Doctors’ cabin was hidden, where Nick delivered a new parcel virtually every day. At times, the parcels were lab specimens and equipment, but most of the time, the plain brown parcels were a mystery, providing the islands’ primary source of gossip. Further along, past several small housing communities that had been initiated with grand dreams, only to become investors nightmares, were several classic farms scattered through the winding valley that had been the site of homesteads of generations earlier. Finally, out on the point was the strange millionaire, who’s millions were supposedly buried somewhere on the island, and guarded by mystical creatures that roamed the island after midnight, eating any children it caught outside and stealing anything found missing.

Amidst the myths and hearsay, the island was, within itself a self-supporting community, requiring very little from the outside world while keeping a cautious eye on its visitors and anyone that should the least interest in settling there. Amidst the range, the islands population was ready to help one another in time of disaster or devastation. During the winter of ‘98, for example, when the lines were down across the island for the better part of a week on account of a harsh windstorm, the entire community pooled their resources together, including generators, foodstuffs, and extra bedding to insure none of the inhabitants were either cold or hungry. Several times during the year, various community-wide activities were planned, which few missed, and in which everyone knew everyone else, and how well they were doing. Of course Nick with his store of mail always had a slight advantage and he was the guy to know when a new rumor flared.

It was during this particularly bright May Day, as Nick was putting his first barrage of mail into a neat row of boxes, that he and the island would be changed forever. As he closed the last door, and sorted the two envelopes left for him to return to the office, he looked up into the nearby growth of firs and thought he saw a little green critter dust a powder that looked like glitter in his direction. The wind spread the fine powder over a wide area, and Nick hurriedly grabbed his handkerchief to protect his sinuses when he was momentarily engulfed in the silvery shower. He tried to focus on the tree where the little figure had been crouched, but there was no sign of it. Dusting off his uniform, he did his best to mentally dismiss the recent images and returned to the task at hand.

As he completed the second row of boxes and moved towards the third, Henry the teen gay Albanian refugee bolted out of his screen door and dashed towards him. It was rather odd, watching this 16 year old teen gay with far too much weight running towards him in a full sprint, his body rippling and rolling with every stride. In one final and desperate leap, he tackled the mesmerized mailman around the waist with his face buried in his front of his trousers. As Nick struggled to get away, he clawed at his uniform, ripping the buttons from his shirt, and tearing several large holes in the crotch of his pants before he was able to roll from under his tremendous girth. Still clawing towards his escaping figure while struggling to get to his bare feet, he called to him breathlessly. Quickly regaining his composure and grabbing the mail that had fallen from his bag, he bolted back to the office where he maintained an extra uniform for emergencies, looking over his shoulder in fear of seeing his loose form in pursuit.

His supervisor approached him as he was changing, and was overwhelmed with laughter after Nick detailed the full account. Assuring Nick that he had experienced a rare and amazing moment in his career, the supervisor retreated back to his office; shaking his head and laughing. As Nick was changing his shirt, his teen gay counterpart from other side of the island approached and asked about the experience. As he started to describe the event, the look in his face suddenly changed, and he hastily began to remove his uniform. Once he had exposed his oversize breasts for that the teen gay had a breast transplant, he knew his interests in recent history had been somehow diverted and, grabbing his bag, he made a quick exit, knowing his teen gay boy friend could irreversibly alter his retirement plan. Once outside, he sat bewildered on the bench beneath his supervisors office to assess the strange morning he was experiencing. It had to be the powder. The change of clothes should eliminate the traces he hadn’t already brushed away, and hopefully get him back into his normal routine. Convinced the world was once again back on its axis, Nick headed back on to his route in paradise.

Distributing the mail to the first several boxes was completely uneventful, and Nick silently rejoiced. As he opened the next box, he found two pairs of panties wrapped around a bundle of warm sugar cookies. Horrified, he stepped back, and almost tripped on his shoelaces, as the image of Helga suddenly reentered his mind. Gingerly he lifted the cotton bundle out of the mail box and replaced it with a bill from the water dept. As he examined the unwashed fabric, the subtle fragrance of a teen gay sexuality drifted upwards awakening his desires and arousing his fantasies. This paradise does’t have a woman population, all were teen gays. He turned to leave with their most welcomed gift, and the two "hippy teen gays" were on him; pulling him behind some bushes and stripping him despite his best efforts to escape. Nick had never considered himself a candidate for the all-male review, but had never heard any complaints either. He had a medium build and a slight bulge where the beer comfortably rested, but overall he was in comparatively good physical shape. The two teen gays, on the other hand, were just this side of posing for Playboy, with large full bodies, well-rounded breasts and thighs, and excellent muscle tone. Both had brown eyes and light, silky shoulder length brown hair that reflected the glow of the suns radiance. Without ceremony, they took turns holding him down and removing their flannel shirts and denim shorts, then were upon him as honey to bread.

Sensing the gentle importance of the moment, he took them both into his arms, and gave them a strong yet loving embrace, determined to savor every moment of his fantasy turned reality since he really wanted to fuck a teen gay and this time to teen gays would love to fuck him . The morning dew clung to their bodies, as they began to explore one another with gentle kisses and caresses. Soon they were all aroused, and as one of the teen gays slid on to his erect manhood, allowing him to feel every recess of his silky warmth by lowering himself slowly; the other gingerly stepped over his head and eased himself down to his knees, letting him savor his sweet extract from within. Soon both teen gays were moving in their unique rhythms and as their intensity increased, Nick struggled to maintain his concentration. As they began to embrace each other, he reached between their full breasts, and felt the large erect nipples pressed firmly together. Using his fingertips to stimulate the surging mounds, he felt them force their engorged breast against his cock and mouth, straining to provide the stimulation their bodies now craved. As they approached their orgasmic plateaus, he heard their sighs change to moans, then breathy grunts. Simultaneously they climaxed, and flooded him with their orgasmic essence, grinding their sexuality into his body furiously as he struggled to keep from being smothered. His abused organ collapsed from the beating of its life and his mind reeled from the erotic experience, unable to ascertain why but deeply grateful for the opportunity. The two assailants quickly grabbed their clothes and giggled as they fondled the remnants of his once proud erection, then scampered down the embankment and disappeared into the seclusion of their home.

He laid there stunned and shaken from the slam-bam-mail-man experience, rescinding his earlier thoughts of a routine day. Having a fantasy fulfilled was one thing, but having two teen gay non consensually ravage his body was something else entirely. As he gingerly stood-up to get dressed he noticed his two earlier partners, still only partially dressed, talking to Henry and Edwin, the Mayors’ teen gay partner, and pointing to the shrubs where Nick was crouched. He clutched the mail bag to his groin in fear and wondered how they had left their cabin without him noticing. Just above them, in a knotted old oak tree, the little green critter he had seen before was intensely watching the conspiring mob, now being joined by two other teen gays. With non-verbal gestures, they all set off towards his fragile bastion of privacy, and as he stepped back and away from the unfolding scene, he felt two smooth hands on his butt, pinching his cheeks, and caressing their firmness. Nick jerked upright and reeled about to confront Larry Haggleston eyeing his flaccid member with a wanton stare. That was it - Larry had always hated everyone! He dashed for cover in a nearby growth of furs to get dressed as the mob of crazed teen gays continued to grow in size and move towards him.

Experiencing performance anxiety for the first time in his life, Nick watched them encircle the orchard and determinedly move towards where he stood grasping his crotch. Knowing his reproductive life was about to end, his closed his eyes and sank to his knees accepting the predictable; when, in an instant, they turned and ran in full pursuit of the town drunk who had been watching in awe. Moments later, he heard the poor man shriek, and saw tiny shreds of fabric flying into the air from amidst the savage mob. As Nick started to glance away, he spotted the little green figure in a tree overlooking the horrifying scene only this time, he got a much clearer view of his fairy face and small petite figure. His small pointed ears came directly from a fairy tale (or Spocks’ hidden past) and his large, beautiful eyes could easily melt the coldest heart. Upon realizing he had been discovered, he leaped into the thick boughs of the towering firs and disappeared, a small cloud of glittering dust falling from where he had once lain. Looking back at the mob, all he could see were teen gay bodies entangled in orgasmic fury, forcing their half-naked bodies closer to their hapless victim.

The temptation to join in was quickly dispelled and Nick ran for the security of the islands’ wooded area as he tried to understand the sudden turn in roles among the islands inhabitants. It suddenly dawned on him – that one of the leader is none other than his favorite and most desired teen gay Orly. Orly invited him to the orgy party and then harassed him by kissing him and then grabbing his hard-on cock. Orly undress him and then suck his cock while caressing his nipples and chest. Orly did ask him if he wanted to fuck him. He nodded and Orly move back allowing him to enter his virginal ass hole. It was a dream come true for Nick.

After the said party, Orly invited him yet for another party next month and Nick nodded in agreement. After the Orgy, Nick cannot imagine himself out of this paradise. Definitely, Sex in Paradise is the best way to go!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Very Sexy Bet

My teen gay boyfriend Carl and I have a game we play involving bets about all kinds of things. Sporting events, who's right about some little fact of history, well you get the idea, right? The payoff for these bets is something personal that one has to do for the other. Recently, our bets have taken a more sexual turn. If he wins, I have to pay for some new outfit he wants to buy. If I win, he has to wear whatever I say when we go out for the evening for dinner or drinks. Sounds like I win either way, doesn't it?

Well, I've won several bets in a row, so I suggested that in addition to wearing what I wanted, he should have to take off some article of clothing whenever and wherever I asked, without question or hesitation. He objected vigorously at first but after my insistence he finally gave in and agreed.

"But, only my bra or panties, or something like that, right? Carl has been a cross-dresser and he had already done a tranplant. I mean, you aren't going to ask me to strip naked in the center of town, are you?"

As appealing as that sounded I agreed not to ask him to do that.

One night we drove over to a nearby resort town and had dinner by the lake. It was late August and while the days were hot, the evenings were starting to cool down. The place we were having dinner was a classy Italian restaurant set on the edge of the lake. Since it was a bit classy and we were all dressed up for a night out. At my request - having won the bet - Carl was wearing a leather skirt, knee length, with a zipper up the back, black patent four inch high heels, stockings, a button front silk blouse and one of those push-up bras that gave him some spectacular cleavage through the heer white blouse.

We had a lovely dinner, during which I asked Carl to unbutton his blouse enough to give the waiter an eyeful during his many stops to our table. In case you guys haven't figured this out yet, this is a great way to improve the service at your table.

After dinner, we stopped in the bar for an after dinner drink, and were surprised to run into an old friend Steve, who was there with another guy, Brad. We joined them for a drink and some chatting about the good old days. Steve explained that they were staying at a hunting cabin on the opposite side of the lake with two other guys, getting it ready for hunting season.

During our chat I noticed both Steve and Brad ogling Carl,bopth guys have been doodling over teen gays that had transplant like Carl and then I remembered his unbuttoned blouse. Since I was sitting next to him I hadn't been looking directly at him. I looked out of the corner of my eye and was shocked to see a very delightful sight. The push-up bra was doing it's job and with the un-done buttons half of his breast was clearly exposed.

By now we all had finished several drinks and were feeling pretty good. Not wanting to end the evening, Steve invited us back to his place to see the cabin and have another drink with them. Without a doubt they were hoping to see more of my teen gay boyfriend.

I looked at Carl for his decision. He shrugged, smiled and said, "Sure, why not?" Clearly, he was turned on also. We followed them around the lake, and when we got to their cabin, we had to park in an area just off the road and walk down a path to the cabin. It was difficult for him to walk through the dirt in those high heels so I put my arm around him to help. During the walk, I slid the zipper on his skirt way up nearly to the top, but he hadn't noticed, or if he did, he didn't protest. When we got to the cabin we found that it was very rustic and quaint, with gas lights.

There were two other men sitting outside by a camp fire having a drink. Introductions were made all around and the two new guys, George and his teenage son, Ken, were equally impressed by the beautiful teen gay next to me.

Steve made Carl a tall rum and coke and I could see him pouring a lot of rum and not much coke in it. Did he have some ulterior motive? Carl and I sat in lawn chairs and the four men sat on logs and stumps around the fire. The weather was beautiful, cool and pleasant.

George mentioned that they had been coming up to that cabin for years but that Carl's skirt and high heels were a first and therefore a cause to celebrate.

They drank a toast to his outfit and encouraged him to drink up! He took a small drink of the rum and coke, whereupon one of them teased him by saying he was chicken for not finishing his drink like they had. So he tipped it up again and choked the rest of it down. After that, they immediately poured him another one.

I began to get the feeling that these guys might have something else in mind for my teen gay boyfriend other than just talking. I felt a stirring at the thought of him being the center of attention of all these men.

He asked where the washroom was and then excused himself. I caught his hand, pulled him down to me and whispered, "While you're in there, take something off."

It was the game, and now I was demanding the payoff. Usually, I asked him to pay his debts when we were in a strange bar for the bartender, or while we were driving in our car so that truckers could see him. This was the first time I'd ever asked him to do it in private company, and I wasn't sure how he'd react.

His eyes flew open in shock at the realization of what I was asking, "No, I can't do that with this young boy here!"

"He's not that young. Anyway, look at him - and his father; They're dying to see more of you."

"No, I can't..."

"Just DO it! You lost the bet. I'll take responsibility. You have to do what I ask. Remember?"

"Oh, that damned bet. Alright, but just this one thing. And remember, when George get's angry at me, you made me do it."

With that, he stomped off.

The thought of showing himself to these men must have intrigued him, because when he returned I could clearly see that he had left his bra behind. His white blouse was very heer and I could clearly see dark nipples, hard and pointed poking through the thin fabric.

These guys didn't notice right away, but before long Ken was staring at hi breasts and then he whispered something to George. Within seconds they all knew. After ten or fifteen minutes, I whispered to him that it was time to take off something else. The drinks were making him very uninhibited and he just smiled and shrugged as he stood and excused himself. When he returned, I must have looked depressed because he whispered to me that he felt a draft and I knew he'd left his panties behind. He sat with his legs properly crossed but the tiny leather skirt kept rising up. He would uncross and re-cross his legs frequently and then George and Ken across from us were getting a great sight.

I decided to see how far he was willing to go. Clear-headed, he never would have done this, but the drinks were having an effect on him - on all of us.

"Take off your blouse," I whispered to him.

Her eyes flew open. "No! That's too much."

"Come on, you lost the bet. You have to do it. Please!"

"I'll undo some buttons," he compromised, casually sliding his fingers across his blouse and playing with the top button. Unbuttoning it after a few seconds, he looked at me for approval.

I smiled and nodded, mouthing, "Another one."

His hand moved to the second button. It was very sexy watching him. With two buttons undone, his creamy breasts were clearly visible from Steve's vantage point and his motions were not lost on him. He'd noticed him undoing the first one. Now, he couldn't take his eyes off him.

We talked and laughed and told stories and after an appropriate time I again whispered to my teen gay boyfriend. At my request he excused himself to go to the bathroom once again. As he was walking away he turned and winked. I smiled at him and said out loud, "Same dare," The guys heard me and wanted to know what I was talking about.

I just said, "Wait and see."

He came back without any stockings on, and they noticed immediately. They applauded and said "Nice legs," He smiled broadly, loving the attention.

I then told the story of our betting, and that he had lost several a big bets to me. The payoff was that he had to wear anything I requested and take off an items of clothing whenever I asked. They loved the idea of making him lose clothing with them there.

A few minutes later, Ken came back from the bathroom carrying his things in his hand and asked, "Did somebody lose something?"

He was a bit embarrassed, but quite turned on, too, as were all the rest of us. He looked at me and I nodded so he gave a little shrug and announced that he had to excuse himself to go to the bathroom. The guys all cheered when he got up said they couldn't wait to see which of the remaining two things he'd take off.

I thought he was safe though because he had his shoes on. As he was walking away, one of the guys yelled out that "Shoes don't count!"

The temperature was dropping and it was getting cool, We were all disappointed when he came back with the same outfit on that he left with. They all booed him, and I asked if he was going back on him bet!

"No, it's just too cold to take anything else off!"

Steve piped up, "Stand over here by the fire and you'll be warm." He left me and crossed over standing next to Steve. Then I went over to him and turned his skirt around so the zipper was in the front and I zipped it open to the waistband so it would just barely stay on.

"That's not much help," chimed in Steve. "The skirt is covering up too much.

He thought he was safe and he laughed about it, but I agreed with them and he told him that he could at least undo the rest of the buttons on his blouse. Well, their cheers and attention got to him, and he pretend being shy, but with a small grin on his face, he unbuttoned it all the way and pulled it out of the waistband of the skirt. They applauded loudly!

He said his feet were a tired because of the very high heels he was wearing, so I suggested he sit in the lounge chair. When he did, his skirt fell open in the front and left him uncovered in the firelight. The blouse was barely long enough to hang at his sides but it wouldn't stay closed so he sat there totally exposed to them. They all agreed that he looked better sitting than standing! He moved his legs around, crossing and uncrossing them so that each man in turn got an eyeful of his lovely legs and transplanted pussy.

George had a flashlight with him and he turned it on him so they could all get a better look. When he did that, he acted like he had given up trying to stay modest and he stood up and took the skirt the rest of the way off and said, "There! Is that better now!?"

They looked astonihed, but were thrilled with him. He now paraded around for their pleasure in just a blouse that was completely opened and spike heeled pumps.

These guys were all totally enraptured with him. He flirted and teased and made some comments about the bulges they were all sporting in the fronts of their trousers. But, he kept away from making that final move. The one that would have turned a very sexy gathering into an orgy. Each time one of the guys touched him he smiled, gently slapped his hand and said, "Lookee, but no touchee."

As we said our good byes, Carl embraced each of the four men and gave each a deep open mouthed kiss. I could tell their tongues were playing and, although they were all behaving like gentlemen, none of them could help but put their hands on him and stroke his body. It was a sad goodnight for them, and they kept urging us to spend the night. But, he insisted that this was not to be. Not tonight anyway.

As we were walking up the trail to our car, Carl asked, "Don't you have my clothes?"

"Nope," I replied. I remembered that Ken still had them folded neatly behind him. He asked me to go get them for him. Instead, I pulled his blouse off his shoulders and then completely off his arms.

Holding his blouse I looked at my beautiful teen gay boyfriend, dressed only in high spike heels, "No, you have to go get them yourself!"

He gave me a long look and then said, "You really want this, don't you." I didn't reply, just looking at him. With a determined look, he said, "What the hell...", and went back down the path to the camp fire. All mouths dropped when this nude beauty walked back into the light of the fire.

"Excuse me," he murmured as he leaned across Ken to get his clothes, his breasts brushing across his face. This was too much for him and he opened his mouth eagerly taking in one of his nipples. He pulled him down closer to him, creating a very sexy sight. He was standing, legs spread, knees straight, bent over at the waist. The view was of his gorgeous ass and pussy fully exposed.

Steve, rising from his seat, and looking at me, "This is too much, I'm sorry but I've got to have to have some of this. He quickly unzipped and dropped his pants as he moved in behind him. I saw his cock spring out in front as he closed the short distance. As my teen gay boyfriend was pulling away from Ken's eager mouth on his breast, he put his arms around his neck pulling his face to him and kissing his full on the mouth. He struggled but was unable to pull away. Meanwhile, Steve, hardly slowing his advance placed his cock against his pink entrance and slid it deep inside my lovely teen gay boyfriend's pussy. I heard him gasp and watched as he struggled unsuccessfully to extract himself from the two men. Then I heard a soft moan as his struggles weakened. Steve, holding his hips in his hands began thrusting with long deep strokes into him.

The passion of the evening caught up with both of them and with a cry he began to climax and his sounds and motions brought Steve to his own sudden climax. He lunged into him harder and harder with loud, almost animal grunts. Finally, he stopped and then he turned to me, stuttering... "I... I'm...sorry... I..."

I was speechless and just stared at him.

George broke the ice, "Steve, maybe we should go inside where Carl will be a bit more comfortable." It was clear that the other three wanted some of the pleasures that Steve had just enjoyed.

Carl just looked at me, his eyes bright and shining. He was obviously not opposed to going inside.

"Okay," I said. "Carl?"

With a little smile he turned and walked into the cabin.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Difficult Relationship

My name I Jerome Ramirez. Well actually it's not Becker but that's close enough. At the time this took place or at least at the beginning of it I was 16, born May 1st 1989 in a fairly small town in the middle of Wisconsin. I am or was at the time 5'6" and 130 pounds with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Yeah I was pretty small but my body was toned and I had a great ass. Well at least so I was told. Actually at that time I guess I never really thought of myself as being good looking, I was just me. I was an only child and have a wonderful mom and dad. My dad is an engineer and works in a larger town about 15 miles away and my mom is a Doctor. None of the problems that I ran into were the fault of them, they really loved me and have always been supportive. I know a lot of guys don't get along with their mom or dad but mine are great. My mom, well, is a mom and my dad is a loving guy without a mean bone in his body. Maybe that's why I still feel so bad about what happened, they loved me and trusted me and I lied to them. My dad used to say, "Just tell the truth, if you tell me the truth I'll never be mad." Well, I didn't do that, I really didn't think I could.

I also have to tell you about my best friend Henry. Henry was born in the same hospital that I was born in and on the same day. That's kinda how we ended up knowing his family because we probably wouldn't have otherwise. They had a lot more money than we did and Henry's parents and mine didn't really move in the same group. But when we were little they thought it would be cute for us to have our birthdays together and since they only lived a few miles away we ended up being friends. Henry was the first person I ever remember meeting and knowing as a real little kid. I've known him forever and we spent as much time at each others houses as we did at our own. I don't have a brother but it was almost like that's what Henry was. He knew all of my secrets or at least the little ones. Henry grew to be a lot bigger that me. When I was 5'6" Henry was 6'1" and 170 pounds. Where I really sucked as an athlete Henry was great, really a winner at whatever he did. He was and is a big handsome guy who always seems to win but I found out that there was more to him than that. I guess everyone has their secrets.

The other person that really played a major role at that time was Henry. Henrywas a deputy sheriff and when I first met him he was 33. Henryis a really big guy, about 6'4" and built with huge powerful shoulders, sandy brown hair, blue eyes and mustache. I don't know what he weighed but he was a big muscular guy. Henry lived in the same small town we did and he was married with 2 kids.

I suppose the lying began when I was about 13 and it dawned on me that maybe the reason that I liked looking at naked guys was because I was gay. Well who the hell do you tell that to? For sure not your dad and for damn sure not your jock best friend. So I buried it deep and tried to act as straight as I could. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of it too and by the time I was sixteen I was certain that nobody knew that I was gay. I was wrong of course.

I had a job working at the local lumber yard home center after school and that was where I first met Henry. At the time I didn't realize he was a cop or I would have been more careful but he wasn't in uniform just jeans and it looked like he had a football in his pants. Geez I would have had to be dead not to look and like I said I didn't know who he was. Honestly I never even had a chance to really consider what I was doing but when he came down the aisle that I was working in I actually did a double take at that crotch of his. Well he caught that. He didn't say anything just smiled and I figured what the hell some guy catches a 16 year old kid looking at his crotch, big deal. I mean after all at that age it's like kids and adults live on different planets. What I didn't realize is that Henrysaw it as an opportunity but he didn't say anything just kept walking. The planets were about to collide.

Before I tell you what happened with Henry I have to impress on you how close Henry and I were. I'm sure that you've had a friend like that in your life, someone who you share everything with, someone you see every single day. I guess, well hell I know, that I took Henry for granted. He was always just there like wallpaper or the tv. My mom and dad were crazy about him and I think he preferred my parents to his own. Even when we got in high school and he became this big jock guy we were still best buds and when he made more friends at school he drew me into that group and made sure that I was accepted.

Then came 1997 and I got my drivers license. My dad helped me buy an old beater and I was in heaven. I had wheels. This next part is the part that's really hard for me to talk about. I mean I know that I'm just writing words on paper but it was the start of a very stupid and exciting time for me but one that I'm pretty ashamed of on a couple of levels. Oh shit I guess I'll just write it as it happened.

Our little town rests in the middle of what at one time were great forests. Those have mostly been logged out now but the town is still pretty surrounded by dense woods, old logging roads crisscross these woods. On an autumn evening in 1997 I was driving back from a nearby town. I had the music blasting and really wasn't thinking of anything just kinda getting off on the tunes. Henrydidn't turn his overhead flashers on until he had been behind me for a while I guess and it truly scared the crap outta me. Of course I checked the speedometer right away and I was going faster than I should have but I didn't really know what the limit was where I was. So anyway I pull over right away and wait for the cop. Looking in my rearview mirror I see this huge hunk of a cop walking toward me. Even in his cop outfit the bulge was huge. Anyway while I did notice the bulge my main thought was on how I was gonna explain the ticket I was gonna get to my dad. I had only had the car for two weeks or so and I figured that I was gonna be walking for at least a month. So anyway Henrysaunters up to the car and when he sees me he rests his arms on the windowsill and kinda leans into the car his face just a few inches away and his hands even closer. I could smell him, a real male smell and I remember the hair on the backs of those hands.

So he asks me if I'm Danny from the Home Center and I tell him yeah and tells me to pull

the car off the highway on to this old logging road so that we don't get hit by a passing car or anything. Now you've got to understand that growing up in this little hick town I had been taught to obey the police like they were gods. It would never have occurred to me not to do what Henrywas telling me. If I had thought about it I would have been aware of the fact that there were no cars on the highway we were in the middle of nowhere.

So after I pull off the road Henrycomes over and rests his forearms on the windowsill and just starts talking about stuff like how do I like my new car and what working at the Center is like and stuff like that. Then he moves his hand towards my cheek and starts stroking it with the back of his knuckle. Well when he starts that I just like freeze. It's just like I have no ability to move. I'm staring straight ahead and saying nothing and meantime he's running his hands all over me and telling me what a fine looking kid I am and how proud my dad must be of me and how he wouldn't want to have to give me a ticket. Then he tells me to get out of the car and says he gonna help me out by not giving me a ticket but that I gotta help him out because his wife is having her period and he hasn't been getting any sex and shit like that. Then he tells me that he's seen me looking at his crotch and he's seen me around town and that he knows that I'm a homo. Now in my mind I'm totally freaking out that he knows my secret and I start getting this picture of my dad finding out about me and maybe losing my job at the center and inside I'm goin nuts but still not saying anything because like I can't.

The next thing I know is he's got my hand and is rubbing it around his crotch and I can feel this enormous boner in there and pretty soon his pants are open and he's pushing me down on it. Now I can't tell you that this didn't in one way turn me on and was like the greatest thing ever to happen to me but at the same time I was scared shitless. For one thing Henryhad a pretty big cock and I had never sucked one before not even a little one, so just having this huge thing being rammed down my throat was painful. Anyway after a couple of minutes he shoots this huge load into my mouth and it's running down my chin and the front of my shirt and god I feel like puking. Then the prick actually wipes his dick on my face, says "thanks Danny" gets in his car and drives off. At that moment kneeling in the forest with his cum on me and my jaw and throat aching I kinda felt like I had been raped. This is the point in this story where those people who have heard it tell me that I was raped but somehow I felt responsible for what had happened, like my wanting gay sex had made this happen. I mean I knew that Henrywas a shit but I felt that my looking at his crotch in the store had triggered this whole thing and I guess in a way it did.

When you're a teenager and you've screwed up like I just did it's kinda scary going home. I mean my shirt was cum stained and I guess that I smelled of sex and even the knees of my pants where dirty from the forest floor. Well I cleaned myself up as much as possible, letting the cum dry and brushing off my knees, and I head for home.

When I get home I try to slip in quietly but of course both my mom and dad are home and I run into them both. My mom gives me a kiss and dad rubs my head (he does that sort of thing) and miraculously they don't seem to notice anything. Here I'm feeling like SLUT is painted on my forehead but everyone seems unaware of it. The thing is that all night long I'm tasting Henry's cum in my mouth and in my mind and while I was too scared to get a hardon when I was with him I'm getting hornier as the night goes on and I'm watching tv with my dad but really I'm reliving the experience with Henry. Well finally I kiss my dad good nite( I know, I know but that's the way he is.) and go to bed. Well needless to say my dick is in my hand as soon as I hit the sheets and after about 30 seconds of stroking I blow the biggest load of my life.

You have to understand that I wasn't living in Los Angeles or New York, I didn't have internet access and as far as I was concerned there was one faggot living in our town and that was me. Well sure there were the usual fag jokes at school but those were just things guys said and even when they said they thought someone was gay I thought it was just bullshit. It never occurred to me that maybe Henrywas gay and actually I think what he did and then went on to do had more to do with a power and control thing than with sexual orientation but none of that occurred to me until after it was over. During all of my sessions with Henryhe never reciprocated in any way, never a kiss, nothing.

Well as I've already implied Henrycontinued to have me service him. The next couple of weeks I blew him 5 or 6 times and then he started fucking me. The first time he fucked me I thought I was going to die. The pain was unbelievable and his cum was leaking out of me all the way home but again after I cleaned myself up and showered it didn't seem so bad and all the next day at school I could still feel his cock in me. I could still feel his sperm hitting the inside of my ass. Looking back on it I guess even in the beginning I was kinda getting off on this power that I had over Henry. I mean this was a huge risk he was taking although that wasn't something that I was really aware of at the time. That he wanted me as bad as he did was I guess an ego thing for me.

The next couple of years were strange and strained. Henryand I would get together generally about twice a week and usually around eight at night. This required a whole lot of lying to my mom, dad and to Henry. Thinking back on that time I wouldn't do it again for anything. Watching my mom and especially my dad losing faith in me was terrible. When I was nine years old I got very sick and while I was able to stay at home everyone was very afraid that I would get worse and I could have ended up the hospital or even I suppose dead. I don't have a lot of memories about that time because I had a bad fever for a long time but I remember practically everyday waking up and having my dad in bed with me. At the time he just said that he got up early and looked in on me but I found out later from my mom that he wasn't able to sleep while I was that sick and he slept with me because he wanted to be there in case I got worse. This was the guy that I was lying to when all he really wanted was the truth, but the real truth was the one thing I couldn't give him. Everything suffered, my grades my relationship with my parents and my friendship with Henry. All of these things were priceless to me but I guess I was willing to trade them all for cock.

Anyone who likes to get fucked will know that while the first few times might be painful it gets better real fast and once I started buying lube that really helped. A month after I started getting fucked by Henryit was feeling pretty good and in three months I loved it, six months later and I couldn't do without it. I thought about that cock 24/7, I was a bitch in heat. Well aside from all the emotional damage I was doing to everyone, most of which I was oblivious to, things went along pretty well. Well as time went by and my need for Henry's dick increased so did my feelings for him. I was a total blind idiot because he didn't give a shit about me but I convinced myself that I was in love with him and that he would fall in love with me or rather that he should fall in love with me. Now had I been thinking objectively I would have realized that after 3 years Henrywas looking for the cleanest way out of this "relationship". I didn't take any of the hints he dropped about ending things and when he just stopped calling me I called him constantly. I was probably becoming quite an embarrassment. Eventually he got things down to about one fuck every two to three weeks and he bitched and moaned about that. Needless to say I was going out of my fucking mind. I thought that I was losing my lover and I was totally addicted to his dick.

Late in 1999 something happened that was to have a profound affect on my life. My dad brought home a computer and we got internet access. My dad said that I could go on the internet but I knew that I had to be careful and tried to confine my online time to those times when mom and dad were in bed. That pretty much meant going online early in the morning and late at night but oh what a change it made. I couldn't believe the first time I went on a gay chat line it was amazing. I felt like I had finally found a place were I was understood. During these chats I eventually told some guys my story and began to get some feedback on what I had been going through. A few months later during the spring of 2000 something else happened that would turn my world totally upside down.

You have to consider that prior to HenryI was with Henry virtually every day of my life. Either he was hangin at my house or me at his or he was dragging me to some football shit or some jock party and of course this being the country we normally spent a lot of time fishing or hunting. This almost totally ended a few months after Henrycame into the picture. For one thing every time I did see Henry he had lots of question about what I was doing and why I was being so secretive. I thought I handled these questions well but let's face it I wasn't thinking very clearly. Finally one Saturday in April he cornered me to go fishing with him and there just wasn't any way that I could get out of it without making a big deal out of it. So off we went bumping across old logging roads in his SUV headed towards a familiar fishing spot deep in the woods.

Well a half hour later and we were fly fishing in a wide shallow stream and making kinda idle chat about cars and shit. Then after a while an odd thing happened. Henry walked up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and kinda kneaded them, then he rested his chin on my shoulder and kinda quietly asked if I wanted to eat lunch now.

It was an intimate thing to do and something he had never ever done before. I mean I could feel his breath on my ear and the whole thing sent shivers thru me but I just kinda put it outta my head and after fishing a bit more we headed for home. Now I totally thought that Henry was straight, I mean you just don't get studlier than Henry. So when he did this it kinda threw me. Yeah we had had a couple of camping trip beatoff sessions years before but there was no way this guy could be gay. Henry was also very tight with my Dad. Dad had given up trying to get me to watch football with him and it wasn't unusual for Henry to come over on the weekend at watch with him. Henry's parents were pretty old or at least seemed that way to me. He had a brother Mark who was ten years older and worked in his dad's office and an older sister who had married some dude and moved away. Henry's mom and dad loved him I guess but they really never seemed to be there. If they weren't at the country club they would be traveling or some shit. This was kinda the one negative thing in Henry's life and now that I think about it he really treated his older brother like a dad. When Henry needed something like money or shit he would just call Mark and somehow it got done. Mark was a cool guy too, married but stud city.

Well that night I get a chance to go online and chat and some guy that I had talked to before asks me what's new with my life. Well this guy knew about the cop and all and I mentioned what had happened with Henry that morning. Well then this dude and a couple of others all started telling me that Henry had to be gay and was coming on to me and of course I said no fucking way but it did make me wonder about it. I mean Henry had stuck to me like glue even during the heaviest time with Henrywhen I was really treating him like shit and it wasn't like he didn't have other places he could have gone. He knew everybody on the planet and there were babes who would have killed just to have him say hello. The other thing that had been kinda working in the back of my brain were the looks that my dad and Henry were exchanging lately. Not big obvious looks but just quick glances this had been going on for a few weeks but I felt like they were planning something but my birthday was coming up along with Henry's and I guess to the extent that I thought about it I attributed it to that. Like I said my ass is my best feature not my brain. Well OK my dick is alright too, not huge but pretty. In defense of my stupidity I was so fucking in need of a cock up my ass I was about out of my mind. The bottoms out there will understand.

Well the following Monday Henry corners me at school and says how much he enjoyed the fishing and that it was cool us hangin out like we used to and could we do it again Friday morning cause there was no school that day and of course I say yes. Well it turns out this turns into the week from hell because I'm calling Henrythree and four times a day because if I don't get a cock up my ass I'm gonna go crazy. Henryof course by now is treating me totally like shit and tells me his wife is pregnant again and how he's gonna spend more time at home. The prick! I'm being a total asshole to everyone I run into and I can see my dad has this weird look on his face all week and I figure if he's still sane he's ready to have me committed to some fucking nuthouse.

Well I somehow manage to make it to Friday morning but my emotions are really kinda raw and Henry seems to pick up on this and is treating me like I could explode at any minute, which is pretty much, the truth. So anyway we go back to our same favorite fishing spot and we're just doing that and it's a really pretty morning. The sun is filtering threw the new leafs on the trees and there's a lot of new green all over the woods and there's this great smell of the earth, the way the ground itself smells in spring. Anyway I'm half talking to Henry but mostly thinking about what a sonofabitch Henryis when I realize that Henry is standing next to me with his hand on my shoulder and I kinda jump because it surprised me. I said, "What, what?" and he says "Dude I've been talking to you for five minutes and your like not here" and I just feel myself blush because I'm such a dufuss and I say that I'm sorry and like what were you saying.

Then he takes my fishing rod and his and lays them on the ground. Then he turns me around to face him and looks me right in the eyes. And we're standing there and his hands are on my shoulders and his face is just a few inches from mine and he says,

" Danny I know. I know about you and the cop."

Well I can feel these explosions going off in my brain and I'm seeing white flashes of light inside my head and I'm trying to pull away from him but he won't let me go and I feel like my body is crumbling, like my whole body is just falling apart piece by piece but Henry is still holding my shoulders and I'm pushing his chest to get away from him but like nothing happens cause he just hangs on and I know that I'm crying and where the fuck did that come from and then he pulls me in and just holds me tight to his chest while I cry. Geez I don't ever remember crying before except maybe when I was a little kid cause I'm not a crier but a fighter but my life has been such shit lately and I guess you can only take so much and now I'm like this crying machine and it just seems to go on and on but Henry just holds me really tight and then I feel him kissing my neck and rubbing my back and he says, "Why did you let that asshole touch you, why didn't you come to me."

Well this is a news flash! Were the fuck is that coming from? But I know a good thing when I feel it and just stay were I'm at cause he's so fucking strong and it feels so good to be in his arms.

Finally I get somewhere near getting my emotions under control and I pull back a little and say, "Why? What could you have done?" Remember, great ass no brains.

And he just looks at me for a few seconds then says, "Dumbass little fucker".

Henry always knew the right thing to say. Then he kissed me and I felt like that lady in that old movie who kinda lifts up one leg behind her when the dude is kissing her. Anyway this kiss goes on and on and his tongue is like six inches down my throat and it's now beginning to dawn on me that maybe Henry is gay.

Henry is saying, "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about me but Danny you gotta believe I love you and babe I won't ever let anything happen to you. Just say we'll be together and I'll take care of everything else." Those beautiful green eyes are searching mine and I know somehow deep inside that this is how my life is suppose to be so I kiss him again and bury my face in his chest and I can smell him and it's comforting and sexy and I've never felt so safe in my life. So I nod my head yes and then say, "What do we do now?", and he says he's got a busy day planned for us but the most important part is right now and he grabs our fishing rods and takes my hand and we walk back to the truck. Henry pulls out a blanket and a bunch of food and shit and we head off for a little clearing on top of a nearby hill. Well I'm feeling a little like a virgin on her wedding night but as we're trudging up that hill his hand is on my ass most of the time and he asks me if it bothers me and I tell him it belongs to him and he can touch it whenever he wants and he just grins.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Bestfriend’s Teen Gay Brother

This is a true story, and if my best friend every found out, there'll be Hell to pay. My best friend Stan has an 16-year-old teen gay brother named Bruce. Bruce now goes to the same high school I graduated from in 1991. Since he was about 11 he has had a sort of a crush on me. At first, I use to tease him about it; however, when he turned about 16 he really began to fill out. He now plays soccer, field hockey, track and basketball - all around very athletic.

One day he came over to my house with a bucket, rags, soap, and a fellow soccer player. When I answered the doorbell he smiled, "the soccer team is trying to raise some money to buy new uniforms, can Tim and I wash your car for $5?" He was wearing a very tiny pair of swimming trunks that showed off his tanned athletic legs and a sports bra since he was a cross-dresser. He was the kind of teen gay you never saw while you were going to high school. He did have braces on his teeth, but he still had an incredible smile.

I noticed his washboard stomach with his belly button pierced, "when did you get that done?" "When we were in Mexico." He replied. That would explain the dark tan that made his natural platinum blonde hair that was pulled back in a tight pony tail stand out.

"Does Stan or your parents know about that?" I laughed. "No, and you better not tell them either!" Tim finally spoke up, "tell him about the Army guys." Tim was not bad looking himself. He had a bathing suit top on and a pair of soccer shorts. Tim was not as tall as Bruce, he was only about 5'2" - maybe 95lbs, with smaller chest but his body was just as athletic. "Shut up!" Bruce snapped at Tim. "He's my brother's best friend!" "Tell me or I'm make up my own story to Stan." I replied. He paused for a minute, rolled his eyes, then spoke up.

"OK, but promise you won't say anything."

"I won't say anything."

Bruce was a little nervous at first, "well, while we were in Cancun we spent all our money in the first couple of days. Jennifer told us that his sister made $1,000 on Spring Break by going into a club and taking his clothes off, even though he was only sixteen."

"So you, little Bruce, took your clothes off in public because you needed money?" I remarked.

"Don't call me little! We all did it and made over $2500 together!

"What about the Army guys?" I asked

"Well, There were these Army guys on leave from Kansas who kept paying us $100 a piece to grind on them naked! They thought they might get something, but we just took their money and left them with hard-ons. There was one guy who was like 35 who paid me $200 to let him lick a certain part of my body. I'm not telling you any more!"

"You better not! Go wash my car!" The thought of him naked was enough to drive me crazy. I felt myself get hard as he told his story. I looked outside and could see his firm tanned ass checks hanging out the bottom of his trunks as he bent over my car. They started to spray each other with the water hose and were dripping wet within minutes. Tim pulled down his soccer shorts to expose his very tight small ass in a near thong-bathing suit. A few minutes later I saw Tim slip into a mud puddle and get mud all over himself. I walked away from the window and then there was a knock at my door a few moments later. It was Tim. "Can I use your shower to wash this mud off?" he asked.

"Sure, go back through the hallway and it's the first door on the left." I heard water running, but it sounded like the door was open. I thought he might be using the sink so after a few minutes I walked back to tell him he could use the shower. To my amazement he was standing in the middle of the tub naked giving himself a sponge bath. I was in a spot in the hall were he couldn't see me. I watched as the water ran between his firm chest, down his stomach, and between his hard-on cock. He turned around to give me an incredible view of his tight little ass. I could see his hard-on cock hanging down from behind as he squeezed the sponge on his shoulders to let the water run down his back. "Are you some kind of pervert?" Bruce whispered. He was dripping wet standing right behind me. I was at a lost for words all I could say was, "I was um, I mean." Tim walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Bruce.

"What were you doing watching me?" Tim asked with a smile. "Aren't you 9 years older than me?" Tim is also 16. Bruce stood a couple of inches in front of me, while Tim was a couple behind. "You look a little nervous, I thought I was just a little teen gay?" Bruce asked.

"Should we tell him the real reason we're here Bruce?"

"I guess we can Tim. Well it's like this. While we were in Mexico and those Army guys were throwing themselves at us, Tim asked me if there was any guy who could resist us. I told him my brother's friend Rob. I told him that I've had a crush on you for a while and lately I've started to fantasize about you. He laughed and told me that we could reel you in like a weak little puppy dog."

I was unable to say anything. Bruce grabbed my shirt took me into the living room and pushed me into a chair.

"So, to finish my story, Tim and I came over here to fuck the hell out of you."

My dick almost burst out of my pants! Bruce began to untie the string on his trunks. "I know nothing I did in Mexico will ever get back to my brother, right? I mean, if he found out somehow that his best friend fucked his teen gay brother he might be a little upset. Wouldn't you agree?" he taunted. Tim stood behind me and began to rub my shoulders. "You're tense, just relax and we'll do the rest." Bruce started to pull down his trunks. They were a little tight so he had to bend forward to get them past his hips. When the slid down his long legs (he is a little tall at 5'8") to his feet he kicked hsm leg and they flew onto my couch.

"Look, no tan lines. We laid out naked everyday." Bruce had the first natural blonde pubic hair I had ever seen. It was neatly trimmed. Next he pulled off his sports bra to expose his rock hard nipples "I ask you again, am I still the little teen gay you claim I am?" Again nothing came out of my mouth. I wanted to tell him to stop and get dressed but I couldn't. Tim tilted my head back and ran his warm tongue over my lips. We began to kiss when I noticed his tongue was pierced. It felt weird at first, but after a while I didn't notice it. I could feel my shorts being pulled down by Bruce and my dick sticking straight in the air. Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of a tongue being wrapped around my shaft. My tongue continued exploring the inside of Tim's mouth as I received the best head I could ever remember. He did scrape me lightly with his braces but it wasn't too bad. Bruce stopped and licked his lips. "Let's bring him into the bedroom." We walked into the bedroom. I asked them both to bend over the bed. This was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Both assholes by a teen gay hung down eagerly awaiting my attention. I shoved my face into Bruce's waiting ass from behind and tasted his young juices. I ran my hand up Tim's thigh and put three fingers into his little ass. His juices quickly ran out onto my hand. I was playing with Tim's little ass as I consumed Bruce's. After a few minutes they laid me on my bed and Bruce resumed to suck my dick again while Tim straddled over my face. I saw his cock hanging down as he lowered it to my waiting mouth. Within minutes Tim was cumming as I consumed all the juices between his legs. He had his entire weight on my face, but he was so small that I didn't really notice. His juices glazed my entire face as he rubbed his cock all over while he came.

"Can we fuck him now Bruce?" Bruce responded, "no, not until I get to taste some of his cum." With that, a little pre cum squirted into his warm mouth and he swallowed it immediately. "Anyway, my ass is going to be the first to stretch out on his dick." Tim continued to rub his freshly shaven cock all over my face while Bruce straddled my cock. He slowly lowered himself onto my shaft until he hit the bottom. My dick was buried in my best friend's sister's fresh little asshole. His ass were completed stretched and wrapped around my cock. He began to slide up and down, his juices soaking my shaft. "I've fantasized about this for years! And now your cock is mine!" We began to increase the pace in only a few minutes. My arms were wrapped like a vice on Tim's thighs. My mouth was at least an inch into his ass. Bruce's juicy warm asshole took its toll on me. My cum began to explode inside Bruce. Bruce was shaking as he came at the same time. His asshole could not hold all my cum because it began to seep out while he still road my shaft slowly. I then let go of Tim and he climbed off of my face. Bruce had his nails embedded into my chest when he pulled my cock out. A long stream of semen poured out onto my leg as he dismounted. A quick squirt hit him in the belly button and covered his new belly ring. Tim was not about to waste this. He licked my cum off of my leg, then licked Bruce's belly button then proceeded to lick all the cum out of Bruce's twat. Tim's little ass was right above my cock as he bent over eating Bruce's cock. My dick was instantly hard again. Tim's ass was well lubricated from my mouth and hanging in full view, so my dick slid right in. "Please fuck me hard Rob." Tim said as he lifted his head from Bruce's ass with semen running down his chin. Bruce quickly shoved his head back down between his legs. Bruce had already come once on my dick, he was now cumming just seconds apart and was shaking in total ecstasy. Tears were running down his cheeks as total euphoria began to take him over.

I slowly fucked Tim doggy style. I buried myself deep into him with one thrust and began to move my hips in small circles. This drove him over the edge as he came is waves. I was bent forward fucking Tim and kissing Bruce, while Tim continued to lick his cock. I didn't realize that I had come until I saw more semen dripping from Tim's ass. The whole time I was inside his felt like an orgasm. Maybe I was cumming the whole time because when I withdrew from Tim even more cum leaked out then was in Bruce. I fell to my heats exhausted. The teen gays quickly began to 69 one another to suck out my warm semen from between their legs.

When Tim went to the shower I gently pushed Bruce's legs apart and I fucked some more before I came with his legs wrapped around my neck. Tim got out of the shower only to have me bend him over the bed and fuck him from behind with my balls hitting his cock with each thrust. I quickly replaced the cum he tried to wash away in the shower. My dick could not get enough. Our fun ended when Stan called to say he was coming over in a few minutes. When they were dressed I could see a wet spot on Bruce's shorts where my cum continued to leak out.

"When will we do this again?" Bruce asked

"I made a mistake; I can't believe I did this."

"It's not your fault Rob, you're just a guy with a weakness for sex. Like all guys." Tim responded. Bruce walked over and whispered in my ear, "tonight I'm coming over by myself and we're going to screw all night." That's exactly what happened. We continued to have sex once or twice a month until he went to college. This was one experience I surely won't forget!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Barn Threesome Sexcapades

Dan half leaned, half collapsed against the old door. Wet from head to toe, he shivered in the cold gusts of wind and cursed himself again for ignoring the weather forecast. And the dark clouds on the eastern horizon when he had set out on his three-mile run. Idiot, he chided himself, why couldn't you wait until tomorrow?

The downpour had started less than two minutes ago, about halfway through his run. At first the cool drops had felt good on his hot skin. Then they had gotten larger and colder, making him run faster, trying to reach the old barn before he was completely soaked. But he had lost that race. Now, with his skimpy jogging outfit plastered to his skin, he felt cold and miserable and longed to be back home, in his warm bed, with his boyfriend by his side, or on top of him, or . . .

"Thank God for small favors." he muttered to himself when he tried the knob and, to his surprise, found the door unlocked. He slipped in and closed the door again, briefly wondering if the owner would mind. Probably not.

Dan had run past this barn dozens of times, but had never stopped to venture inside. Hadn't even thought about what might be inside. When his eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, he took a quick inventory. Bales of hay stacked up in the back, almost getting the ceiling; more bales sprinkled around randomly in front of the stack; a small workbench and a few tools in the corner to his right; loose hay sprinkled knee- high to his left, an old blanket spread out on top of it. Above the blanket, one small window that looked like it hadn't been washed since Reagan was president. Not exactly the Ritz, he thought, but it's dry. Dry!

A drop running down his forehead, then down his nose and falling from the tip reminded his why he had come in in the first place. He shook his head energetically and sent droplets flying in all directions. Once out of the cold wind, he wasn't shivering anymore, but his wet and clammy clothes made his feel cold to the bone.

He hesitated briefly, then pulled his t-shirt over his head, wrung the water out of it as best he could, and draped it neatly over a bale of hay to dry. His tight shorts went onto another bale. He even placed his running shoes on a bale, although he doubted that the vicinity of the hay would do anything to get the water out of them.

A quick glance out of the window convinced him that these was nobody else around. Who else would be stupid enough to run in this kind of weather? Satisfied that he would have the barn all to himself, he finally slid his panties down his long, muscular legs and repeated the wringing ceremony one last time.

Stark naked, still wet, but not as cold anymore, he walked over to the blanket. Except for a few stains it appeared clean enough. He looked hard at the stains, but the dim light made it impossible to tell what they were. Spilled beer? Cum stains? Who cared anyway. He lay down and rolled around on the blanket until the crude material had soaked up most of the moisture from his skin. When he came to rest on his back, he felt almost warm again.

After a few minutes, his thoughts went back to his boyfriend and what he would do with him if he could see him now. He imagined his hands caressing his body, his lips on his, his tongue in his mouth or his tongue in his, and involuntarily brought his hands up to his chest. Small chest for sure, barely B-size, but so firm he never needed to wear a bra. Never. Too bad Jimmy didn't pay them the attention they deserved. Dan has been a cross-dresser ever since 13 years old.

What the heck, he thought. I can take care of them myself as long as he takes good care of my cock. Meanwhile, his hands moving tenderly back and forth over his chest had had an effect. His nipples stood up proudly and poked his palms, sending little waves of pleasure through his body whenever he moved his hands. And Dan was an expert at making these waves grow, making each one just a little bit more intense than the one before it, until the final wave swept his away and made him explode in a powerful orgasm that left his breathless and exhausted.

Dan slowly, almost reluctantly, released his right nipple and slid his hand down his flat belly until his fingers felt the little hair that pointed the way to his hard on cock. He toyed briefly with his pubic hair before he moved his hand farther down and ran his middle finger through the gap between his moist and swollen cock.

He sighed softly, wishing it was his boyfriend's dick getting ready to penetrate his asshole and playing his cock now, and spread his legs wide. The palm of his hand came to rest lightly on his pubic mound. Responding as if on their own, his hips bucked up and bumped into his hand, sending a shock wave from his sensitive hard cock responding great.

His hips and right hand cooperated perfectly and increased both the intensity and the frequency of the shock waves. His left hand remained on his chest, traveling back and forth between the twin nipples, alternately caressing the sensitive flesh and pulling lightly on his fully erect nipples.

Dan felt his juices leaking out of his cock and running down the crack of his ass, gathering in a wet patch on the blanket. Beer stains, he giggled. Not exactly the most likely explanation for the other stains. The thought slipped away as fast as it had come and he concentrated on his handiwork again. First one, then another finger joined the one already lodged in his cock. His hips increased their tempo, pushing his cock against the palm of his hand with each thrust.

Just when he felt the first tinges of an orgasm set in, he heard the sound of footsteps in front of the barn door. More than one set of feet, from the sound of it. For a moment, he considered scrambling back into his clothes, his panties at least, but he was too close to getting off to stop now. He had been his first; if some latecomer didn't like what he was doing, too bad. In any case it wouldn't be the first time that somebody watched him jacking off or having sex.

The thought of having a couple of strangers walk in on him pushed him over the edge. His hips jerked up violently one last time, his hand crashed into his cock, and he screamed with pleasure while he collapsed on the blanket, jerking uncontrollably. He never heard the barn door open and was only dimly aware of human voices, first cursing the rain, then gasping unintelligibly, probably at the sight of his naked, writhing body. But dealing with their presence would have to wait until his orgasm subsided and he could think rationally again.

When Dan finally gathered enough strength to takeout his hands away from his cock and open his eyes, he found himself sharing the barn with three men, apparently runners who had been surprised by the rain, just like himself. Still breathing hard, he sized them up quickly. The oldest one of the guys was obviously embarrassed, not wanting to look at him, but not knowing where else to look either. Probably married and faithful to his wife, he thought. The fool doesn't know how much fun he's missing. The other two looked more promising, about ten years younger than the first, early 20s, Dan estimated, and unable to keep their eyes off his body.

"Hi guys!" He smiled brightly at them. "I didn't know I had an audience."

"Sorry 'bout that." The senior of the group tried to return his smile but failed, still too embarrassed. "I wasn't.... We didn't mean to...."

"That's okay." Dan cut him off. "I hope you enjoyed the show. What's your name?"

"Joe. And I'm committed to my gay boyfriend."

"No problem, Joe, I'm not jealous. Name's Dan." He looked at the other two guys and they introduced themselves as Steve and Andy. None of them mentioned a gay boyfriend.

"Pleasure to meet you guys. Why don't you take those wet clothes off before you catch a cold?"

Joe was dumbfounded. While he still debated with himself if he should strip in front of his friends and a stranger, Steve and Andy followed his suggestion rather enthusiastically. Within half a minute they were completely naked, their clothes thrown heedlessly on the ground and their shoes kicked after them for good measure.

"Come on, Joe!" Dan teased him, now sitting upright in the center of the blanket, his arms resting on his slightly spread legs. "You are not prim, are you?"

Joe looked from Dan to Steve to Andy, all of them naked, and shrugged his shoulders. He stripped quickly and sat down on the bale of hay that was farthest from the blanket, pressing his thighs together to keep his swelling dick down.

"You'll dry much faster if you roll around on the blanket a couple of times." he suggested and moved out of the way.

Steve and Andy jumped on the makeshift bed and stretched out. Dan watched them roll around and was pleased to see their dicks getting hard.

"Won't you join us?" he asked Joe with a bit of interest in his voice, wondering if he really wasn't the least bit interested in his body.

"Thanks, I'm fine."

Dan shrugged and returned his attention to the two male bodies next to him. Both had sat up and faced his, openly admiring his physique.

"Your cock is so cute!" Steve couldn't contain himself any longer.

"They're called nipples, you chauvinist pig." Andy chided him in mock disgust.

Dan laughed out loud. "That's alright, call them nipples if you like. That's what I call them, unless I'm talking to my grandmother." He arched his back to make them stand out more prominently. "Want to touch them?"

"May I?"

Steve was kneeling by his side before he had a chance to answer. He just smiled, let himself sink down on the blanket and folded his hands behind his head. Steve took that to mean Yes. He leaned forward and placed his hand on his belly, then moved it up in little circles until he reached the edge of his left nipple. At the same time, he let his tongue dance around his right nipple, moving closer and closer.

"Yeah, that feels good." Dan encouraged him. He gasped when his lips finally closed over his nipple and his tongue caressed it lightly. Another gasp when he started to suck on it.

"You don't need both of them, do you?" Andy had moved in and pushed Steve's hand away from his nipple. Steve's reply was unintelligible, but he did pull his hand back. Andy wasted no time and wrapped his lips around the just-released nipple, sucking and licking it alternately.

Trusting that his nipples would be taken care of expertly, Steve decided to move on to his cock. He let the other nipple slip out of his mouth, positioned himself between his legs, and pushed them so far apart that his cock lips parted, revealing his erect cock and soaking asshole. He dove right in and licked up as much of his juices as he could, then spread his lips even farther with his thumbs and began to explore him with his tongue.

Meanwhile, Andy had taken over both of his nipples as expected. He kissed him way from nipple to nipple and back again, leaving traces of his saliva all over his chest.

Dan squirmed under the assault of two tongues and four hands. His continuous moans and the occasional scream of pleasure told the guys they were on the right track and motivated them to keep going.

"Fuck me now!" Dan demanded between gasps. "Steve! Andy! Anybody!"

Steve was in the best position to comply. He withdrew his tongue, swallowed the cock juice that was in his mouth, and got ready to penetrate his asshole. Holding his asshole apart, he placed the tip of his rock-hard dick at his entrance and thrust his hips forward until their pelvic bones collided. Dan let out another scream of pleasure .

When Steve rammed his dick into his ass, Andy gave up his attempt to keep his lips on his nipples. The way he was thrashing around, it just wouldn't be possible. He stretched his back to work the stiffness out, then knelt down by his head and offered him his dick to suck on. Dan reached out and guided it into his mouth. He closed his lips around it and traced the sensitive ridge of the head with his tongue.

Andy was in heaven. His expert tongue dancing around his dick, the exquisite suction, and his hand massaging the shaft and occasionally tickling his balls were exciting him more than anything he had experienced before. His gaze jumped back and forth between Dan's mouth with his own dick sticking in it and his cock, which Steve was fucking with hard and fast strokes, groaning each time he thrust his hips forward. He fought the urge to push his dick deeper into his mouth, trying to prolong his pleasure as long as possible.

Watching his friend getting a blow job right before his eyes was a new experience for Steve. Combined with Dan's tight asshole squeezing his dick, the sight of his mouth and hand working on Andy's dick aroused him so much that he knew he wouldn't last much longer.

"I'm coming!" Steve grunted when he felt his orgasm set in. He thrust his dick into him as far as it would go and began filling his ass with his cum. With each jerk of his hips he let out a croaky grunt until his load was spent and his dick deflated slowly. When he felt his legs slip off his back, he took his cue and pulled out of his. He collapsed by his side, panting heavily.

"Wow, baby, that was fantastic." was all he managed to say -- which didn't matter since Dan wasn't listening. He let his head fall back on the blanket, releasing Andy's dick from his mouth with an audible popping sound.

"Your turn." he panted. "Hurry up!"

Andy was delighted. When Steve had positioned himself between his legs, he had expected to get no more than a blow job.

"Thanks, darling." He grinned from ear to ear while he climbed on top of his. Dan reached down between their bodies and guided his dick into his asshole, obviously not wanting to lose his momentum.

Andy didn't need any further encouragement. He fucked his hard and fast, knowing he wouldn't last long. His oral ministrations had brought him close to the edge and his tight asshole, enveloping his dick like a velvet glove, would finish him off in no time flat. Dan, close to another orgasm himself, sensed his urgency and met each thrust of his hips with one of his own.

"Yeah! Fuck me!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. He felt the first waves of a new orgasm radiating out from his cock. "Fuck me! I'm coming! Fuck me hard!"

His wild screams robbed Andy of the last bit of self-control he might have mustered otherwise. He drove his dick into his to the hilt and flooded his cock with his cum. Drained of all his strength, he barely managed to roll off his and collapsed by his side, both of them breathing heavily and enjoying the warm afterglow of their orgasms.

"I don't mean to interrupt you guys, but it's not raining anymore." Joe's words finally got through to them. They lifted their heads simultaneously and looked out of the window. He was right. Even a tiny patch of blue sky could be seen, although it would surely be swallowed by the clouds before long.

Joe and Steve had already put their wet clothes back on and were obviously waiting for Andy to do the same. He was in no hurry, though. He wrapped his arms around Dan and kissed him tenderly. "Thanks, babe. That was wonderful."

"And thanks to you." he said, turning around and gathering his jogging outfit off the hay. "Joe, I really admire your willpower. Ain't many guys who turn down a chance to screw me."

"Don't take it personally, Dan. I just don't cheat on my gay boyfriend."

"You should. Occasionally. You're missing a lot of fun."

"Whatever. Come on, guys, let's finish this run before the rain starts again." Joe opened the door and took off, obediently followed by Steve and Andy, who waved their good-byes and wished Dan a great day.

Dan closed the door and ran in the opposite direction, eager to get back home and under the shower with his boyfriend. Just have to keep his nose away from my cock for a while, he chuckled.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Delicous Friendship

I've always considered myself totally heterosexual, and never even considered a sexual experience with another guy. That was until I began surfing the net. I began to find sites like this and others which had stories and pictures posted of men enjoying other men sexually. I began to think about it more and more, and for the first time in my life fantasized about other men while masturbating. Since watching women masturbate was always my biggest turn-on, it only seemed natural that the thought of men masturbating might also excite me... I was right.

After almost a year of exploring on the Web and in MforM chatrooms, I knew that I somehow had to experience something in real life. But I certainly didn't want to do it with a stranger.

The person I looked to was my best friend Tim. I would soon discover that Tim fit the description of the type of guy that excited me from my on-line experiences. He was thin, with nice muscle tone, but not considered built, he had dark hair a nice tan and had a completely smooth chest and stomach and hardly any hair on his legs. Even though we had been friends since high school (now in our early 20's) I had never seen him totally nude. I was becoming increasingly curious.

Even though we're very close, I found it very difficult to bring up the subject. I did it as subtlety as possible; one day while surfing the net together I "accidentally" stumbled upon the stories posted on your page. I purposely went to the hottest ones and pretended to read them for the first time with him.

I kind of said very casually after reading them that I couldn't believe that they were actually a "bit" of a turn-on.(In reality I was ready to explode just discussing it with him). I asked him if he ever thought about sex with a guy, and after some initial denying it, he did confess to dreaming about it once in a while. I told him I thought it might be interesting under the right circumstances.

Well, the right circumstances came about a month later. We were at his house, it was a very hot day and we were swimming in his pool. I had just finished some laps and I crawled up into the floating pool lounge to catch some sun while Tim continued to swim. As I laid in the very hot sun, I began to watch Tim in the pool. I couldn't believe how much I was getting turned on watching his very smooth body slice through the blue water. It actually scared me a little, because I really didn't want to be bisexual; I love girls.

I couldn't resist the urge though; as he swam by me I extended my leg out, pushing it into his back, pretending to hold him under. I was just dying to feel his skin under my own, even if it was my foot. He swam out from under me and fought back, overturning my lounge bringing me into the water with him. We started underwater wrestling, and I purposely fought hard just to hold on to him. The smell of the chlorine on top of his skin was intoxicating. I was going crazy.

I knew I had to stop or I was going to embarrass myself. I broke free and got out of the pool, grabbing my towel quickly to cover the growing bulge in my bathing suit. I laid down on the lounge for a bit, but I couldn't get my erection to subside.

"Does being out in the sun too long make you horny sometimes?" I asked him.

He laughed, "yeah, of course it does. Hot sun always does ".

I got up from the chair and started toward the house, telling him I needed to get out of the heat. I went upstairs to his room, fortunately his parents were both working. In his room he had a VCR and I knew some x-rated movies. I put one in the machine and began watching it, my cock was so hard I was going crazy. The scene was a girl/girl encounter, but all I could think of was feeling his body in the pool.

"What are you doing?" he asked from the doorway

"I'm really horny, I told you."

"I can see that," he said looking down toward my crotch. "Just go take care of yourself in the bathroom." he said.

"But then I won't be able to see the film," I said, while pushing on my cock through my swim trunks. I could see his eyes were fixed on my hand pushing on my cock. I don't think he knew what to make of it, but I could see that his own bathing suit was rising a bit in the front. This scared me to death, but also excited me so much that I was encouraged to continue.

I slid my hand up my left leg to rub inside my suit, I pretended be interested in the film again, but I couldn't help but turn back and stare at his ever growing bulge. Finally there was no hiding it for him either. I kind of smirked and gestured for him to sit down and watch the film with me.

He did just that, sitting next to me on the floor about six feet away. We were now both rubbing our cocks under our suits and watching these two girls 69 each other on the tv.

The more we got into it though, I noticed that Tim kept looking toward me more than he was watching the screen. This was fine by me; It was all I could do not to stare right at his bulge. I could feel my heart racing and my breathing quicken.

I new somebody had to take the first step, I slid off my trunks, exposing to him my very hard 7 1/2 inch cock. He was totally fixed on me from that point on, and a little shocked that I'd done it.

"Come on," I said, "You mine as well be comfortable,"

Without further suggestion he pulled off his bathing suit, and I got my first look at another guy's erect penis. He was hard, and actually his dick looked similar to mine, I discovered we both keep our pubic hair cut very close and our balls shaved.

I leaned back against his bed and faced him, inspiring him to also turn and lean against the wall to face my way. we were now totally ignoring the movie and concentrating on each other's hands working of our hard cocks.

Our eyes drifted back and forth between each others crotches and the expression of pure desire on the other's face. What turns me on so much about watching people get themselves off is that look in their eyes, when they reach the point of no return; where they must cum at any cost. Tim and I both had that look in our eyes.

Tim brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his palm to wet it and returned it to his cock. I followed his lead. The chlorine had made my cock a bit dry and my saliva made stroking easier.

When a drop of pre-cum appeared on my head, I brushed it with my fingertip and brought it to my waiting tongue. Tim watched with delight, "I thought I was the only one who did that," he moaned.

I was getting close and so was he, we were both laying back now, hips rocking in rhythmic motion.

"Fuck, I never thought this could be so hot," he moaned, almost screamed.

I couldn't resist, "Cum with me Tim". I screamed.

I jumped up and moved closer to him; I didn't consider the consequences, I didn't care, I just had to feel him. I moved next to him so our legs were touching, then in a more daring move I rubbed my cock against his leg. "Cum on me Tim," I screamed.

He too was beyond control and he moved forward and knelt in front of me. Our legs were together and our cocks even brushed together. I wanted so bad to kiss him at that moment, but I couldn't, I also wanted to suck on his nipple but I held back. Feeling his cock against mine would suffice. I looked directly into his eyes as my cock exploded, sending blast after blast of semen against his stomach. He burst too flooding my own chest and stomach. We collapsed into back and stared at the others cum soaked body.

After about twenty minutes, we managed to clean up. We didn't really talk about it much after that, trying to make like it was no big deal. We have spoken since about it and both have confessed that we enjoyed it very much and would like to try and explore further. We have done just that...