Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Erotic Blow Jobbing Experience with John

So, here I am in math class once again. Math is by far, my worst subject in school and it's the last class of the day so it goes by pretty slowly. I'm a junior in High School, it's all right I guess. I have lots of friends but of course, most of them by a huge majority are girls. My school is pretty small and a lot of people already know I'm a teen gay. Some guys are pretty cool with it and others act like I'm not even there which is totally fine to me. After break I go to my math class, get my textbook, greet the teacher and find my assigned seat. All my classmates were finally in except for John. He was always late and with his charm and good looks he always got away with it, too. John looking good in his uniform (our school had uniforms) grabbed his text book and sat in his seat which was in front of me I might add.

Our math class was 1:30 minutes long so it went by very slowly. John always stretched and when he did you could see his arm muscles and he always stretched very closely to me. Sometimes I would have to move back because he moved backward so much. John had a buzz cut; he was PampagueƱo and had a very hot smile. His height was medium and his body was very, very toned.

Half way through math class we were assigned to our homework with the teacher going around to help others. I had to go pee very badly so I asked the teacher and she said yes. I walk out of the classroom and start heading to the bathroom which wasn't very far. I walk in and find my stall and pull out my thick dick which immediately got hard. I start playing with it a little bit. My dick was average sized but it was thicker than the average cock. I stop playing with it and go pee which was a mistake because it's hard to piss with a hard on but I managed. I flush and walk out and head over to the sink when all the sudden the bathroom door opens with John walking in. He walks in and heads for the stall, but he hesitates when he sees me. He walked away from the bathroom stall and goes to a urinal unfastening his belt and jeans. I try not to stare as I wash my hands. I dry off my hands and throw away my paper towel and as I was looking for the trash can I notice it’s by the urinal for some reason. I hesitate and then decide I should just go throw it away even though my heart was beating with John there, cock exposed hidden in the urinal. I walk towards the trash can and pretend to dry my hands and I slightly glance over where John was pissing and I see his huge cock! I couldn't believe how big his cock was and it was soft! I tried to look away but I couldn't. I was hypnotized by his piece of meat.

"What the fuck are you starring at, faggot?" said John.

I was immediately in a shock of horror and looked up him. I did not know what to say. I did know if I can ever utter a single word. I dropped my towel and ran out of the bathroom then started walking very rapidly back to my classroom. My face was hot, which I knew was very red. I walk back into my classroom which was silent and all eyes turned on me, like they always do. I sit there for awhile recapping what just happened to me.

"Carl, start your work now or you'll be sent to the office," the teacher told me in her normal monotone voice.

I quickly did what I was told pretending to do, my homework when in reality I was just starring at my textbook thinking about John's cock. After thinking about his huge cock I immediately got the biggest hard on ever. I'm surprised my leg didn't come up when my cock ran down it! I saw John walking back to the classroom and my cock grew even harder but I was more scared than horny. John walked into the classroom and our eyes fell on each other. He gave me a dirty look before he sat down and I felt embarrassed beyond belief. Class was over and we were told to clean up and we all did hurriedly. Our teacher always excuses us by assignments we did previously the night before. After my teacher excused the assignments I noticed me and John were the only ones there. Our teacher asked us why we didn't turn in our assignments and we both gave our valid excuses but it wasn't good enough for the teacher and we had to stay after school until the assignment was done. We both sat down and pulled out our binders and essentials.

"I'll be back in about, 15 - 20 minutes," said the teacher grabbing her bags.

"Where are you going?" I asked awkwardly.

"In a teacher’s meeting. Unfortunately. It might take longer but you two aren't going anywhere for awhile. I'm going to lock the door to make sure you two will stay in here. If you need anything, pound 9-0 for the office. ta ta for now," said the teacher as she walked out and locked the door.

Silence filled the room. It was so quiet you could cut it with a knife. The clock clicking seemed to grow louder and louder when finally John broke the silence.

"So faggott, why were you looking at me in the bathroom, huh?" said John facing me.

"Look, I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to. It was an accident. Just don't say anything please," I said nervously.

"Why would I say such a thing? You know how embarrassing it would for me to brag about that shit?" said John.

"Well, sorry again. I don't want any trouble," I said thinking of what right words to say.

"Did you like what you saw?" said John with a different tone of voice.

"I-I well..." I said surprised by the question.

"Well did you or didn't you fucking queer," said John getting more pissed off in his voice.

"Yeah. I did," I breathed out with a huge amount of relief.

John stared at me for a few minutes but it seemed like forever. I could feel my face growing hotter and my bulge in my pants wouldn't stop.

"What have you done with a guy?" asked John a few minutes later.

Why was John asking me these types of questions? He had a girlfriend, Marla who was gorgeous beyond belief. I couldn't find myself a reason on why he would be asking such things.

"Are you queer and retarded?" asked John breaking my thought of mind.

"I've done everything." I said.

"Do you fuck a lot?" John said.

"Ye-Yea-Yeah sometimes..." I said trying not to stare in John's baby blue eyes.

"Lucky. I'm still a fucking virgin." said John shyly.

"What!? You? You a virgin? Nice try," I said in disbelief.

"Hey, don't fucking say anything or I'll fuckin' make your life hell. But yeah, I am. I always brag about shit but none of it is true," said John starring out the window.

I still couldn't believe he was telling me this. Out of everybody why me?

John got out of his seat and turned the blinds down and closed them. I didn't know what he was doing but I didn't care to say anything. He stood to the right of me and started unfastening his belt and pants.

"What are you doing?" I said in awestruck.

"I'm taking my pants off, faggott. You out of anyone should know this," said John unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down. He got his boxers which were bright turquoise and shocked them down exposing his 6" soft cock.

"So what do you think fag? Am I your type?" John said modestly.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Here we were in class, after school and there was a 99.9 perfect chance of getting caught and yet, here was John, the schools heartthrob with his cock in front of my face and me, being a retard, not doing anything about it!

"Yeah... Wow you're huge," I said slowly.

"I think I'm all right," said John touching his cock.

"Your more than alright," I said starring at his thick cock with lots of veins.

"How’s my ass?" John said turning around exposing his hairy apple bottom ass. It was the most amazing ass I have ever seen.

"Its...," I said breathlessly.

"Thought so," John said turning back showing his cock which was fully erected.

"Suck me," John said.

"WHAT," I said questioning John's motives.

"Fucking blow me right now or you'll be sorry you fucking queer," John said.

I didn't need to be asked twice. I put my mouth on John's hard cock starting with his head. His head was huge and I started working down to the rest of his amazing cock. John moaned with deep pleasure.

"Awe, fuck," John said in a small tone of voice.

Knowing that I was making John satisfied, it was an immediate turn on and by cock didn't let me forget that either.

I kept my focus on working Johns cock. I couldn't go all the way down but I worked my magic. His veins felt good on my tongue. 5 minutes must've gone by when I stopped sucking him and started licking and sucking his balls.

"AH, fuck man." John said breathing harder.

I was sucking his balls and jacking him off at the same time. I got off his balls and started my mouth again sucking his cock which seemed bigger than I remember. I looked at the clock and 15 minutes have gone by. I became anxious after awhile of the fear of being caught. John was enjoying himself with no hint of cumming anytime soon.

"John?" I said gasping for fresh air.

"What?" John said getting agitated of my mouth leaving his cock there hard and unsatisfied.

"I don't want to get caught doing this. It's been about 30 minutes since the teacher has left." I said kneeling back up with my cock fighting my shorts to escape.

John came back to reality looking at the clock and hurriedly put on his boxers and fastened his pants. He still had a hard on and his nervousness was making me nervous.

"Tell anyone what we did and you'll be sorry!" John said angrily.

"Yeah, of course." I said confused.

John sat back down and I followed his lead. 7 minutes later our teacher came exhausted. We were both sitting there doing our homework.

"Finished yet, boys?" Our teacher said.

"No, this is some confusing material." I said stupidly.

Gosh, why did I say that? 'Confusing material' who says that? I thought inside my head.

"Go home boys and I expect that homework to be on my desk by tomorrow’s class or you'll receive an automatic F for this assignment," Our teacher said in a bitchy tone of voice.

We both agreed and walked out together. I looked at John and he was looking at the ground.

"Hey John!" said a few couple of Jocks in the parking lot.

I looked at John and he seemed surprised by his fellow teammates being after school still.

"Hey man, are you walking with that dirty faggott?" said the quarterback pointing at me.

John looked embarrassed and I quickly walked away from John out of the parking lot to the street. I looked back and John was laughing with his teammates. 15 minutes goes by and I always walk home from school when I hear a honk. I look around and to my surprise, its John.

"Get in, now." said John in a forceful sexy tone.

I do as I'm told and I get in his car. He immediately takes off with silence inside the car.

"We're not done faggott," said John looking at me then back at the road.

"Look, my name is Carl; not 'faggott'," I said looking at John.

John seemed surprised that I stuck up for myself and smirked.

"Fine, 'Carl' we're going to go on the back way to Hop yard road," said John turning at the corner.

Now, Hop yard road was a road that nobody barely ever went on since the new freeway was put in the other side.

"Why?" I asked John worryingly.

"Because we're not done, yet. You still have some cock sucking to do and you better start now," John said with his once again sexy attitude.

This time, I knew better not to hesitate. I loved the taste of John's cock and he loved me sucking his cock. I unlatched his belt and his pants. He sat up while I pulled his pants down and he quickly said down looking at the road. John's cock was still semi-hard from our previous session and I immediately sat my mouth on John's cock and started sucking his cock like I've never sucked before.

"FUCK that feels amazing," John said loudly.

Knowing that he loved it made me harder than I was in class. I started rubbing my cock through my pants while I sucked John's cock.

"Hey Carl, let me see your cock?" John said pulling over.

It was like a dream come true. I immediately, took off my pants and when John saw it, He began caressing it. I was really horny at that time so I immediately released a full load of cum. John, was a bit surprise but did love it!!! John then instructed me to suck his hard-on cock again and after five minutes, he then released a full load of cum. His cum was so sweet and I love it!!! John was satisfied and he stated that we can do it every weekend.