Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot hot Chocolate

Shaun, a colleague of one of my friends, was introduced to us all in the pub, and I got on well with him right from the start, despite me being a twenty-year old student and him being a good seven years older than me. That same evening we met I let him know that I was bisexual, just so he was clear, but thankfully although he seemed completely straight, which may have just been subconscious preconceptions on my part about a well built, shaved bald, over six foot tall black guy, he didn't seem bothered by this, and we soon became good friends.

A couple of months after we first met, he came round to my house for some beers and to watch Fight Club, which I'd just bought on DVD and he, somehow, had managed to never see it. Originally my housemates were going to watch it with us, but in the end they decided to go home for the weekend, and our other mate who was going to come couldn't make it either, so it was just the two of us. Before starting the film, he went to get some beers from the fridge, and not for the first time I admired his firm, masculine butt squeezed into his jeans as he bent over, but pushed the thought to the back of my mind in case it made my body do anything embarrassing. This became a bit harder when we sat down though, as the sofa was fairly small, and with his long legs spread out his knee couldn't help but touch mine.

Anyway, we started watching the film, and with Brad Pitt to concentrate on it was easier to control my thoughts about my friend. Or it was until half an hour into the film when he placed his hand on my thigh. At first I couldn't quite believe it, so I didn't say anything and kept watching the film, although I'd stopped taking anything in, but he soon started squeezing and rubbing my leg, moving further and further up until I could no longer pretend to ignore it. I put my hand firmly on his and turned to him, asking him what he was doing.

"Why, don't you like it?" he replied.

"It's not that I don't like it, I just don't know why you're doing it. You're straight aren't you?"


"You're not?"

"No. Although you're the first person I've told. I wondered for years why I had problems with girls and stuff, but for the last year I've realized that I'm gay."

"How come you haven't said before?" I said, amazed at this revelation.

"Well, I'm kind of worried what other people will think, I've never known any other openly non-straight guys before." He shrugged, and then leaned closer. "But before I come out or whatever, I want to fuck you."


"Yeah, you're a mate, you've got experience of sex with other guys, and you're a skinny white guy, which really turns me on."

He grinned, and I smiled back, finding it hard to believe my luck, and released his hand. Shifting a bit, I reached across with my right hand to put my hand on his thigh, while with my left hand I reached up to the back of his head and pulled him closer until our lips met. He was a passionate kisser, his tongue intruding into my mouth and pushing against mine, his hand on my leg shifting to my head while his other slipped around my waist.

Not wasting any time, he undid my flies and reached into my boxers, pulling my cock out, looking smaller than its usual fairly good size in his large black hand, and began pulling the foreskin back and forth, wanking me. Once I was fully erect, Lex pulled his mouth away from mine, bent down and wrapped his lips around my dick, sucking inexpertly at it. I murmured instructions to him, and he gradually improved, lips around the head and bobbing slowly up and down, his stubble scrapping against my skin, uncomfortably at first but as he continued I began enjoying the slightly rough texture.

My hips started thrusting ever so slightly upwards into his mouth, and I stroked his bald head, watching him go down on me, then I removed my t-shirt and leaned to the left slightly, reaching for his thigh around his broad back with my left arm. Here I could feel his cock through the material of his jeans, and feeling its size when not even erect sent shivers of excitement through my body. Caressing it made me feel very horny, and combined with his blowjob made things begin to happen in my crotch, but I didn't want that yet, we'd only just started.

Telling him to stop, I stood up, kicking off my trainers and pulling my trousers and pants right off with my socks, then straddled his lap, kneeling up so I could look down on him and kiss him, his strong hands cupping and squeezing my naked buttocks. As we kissed, I fumbled with his shirt buttons, then kissing and nibbling at his ear while I pulled the shirt off him, pushing my body against his smooth firm flesh. I kissed down his neck to his wide muscular chest, licking around his nipples while my hands felt his arms, almost as wide as my thighs, working my way steadily down over his taut six pack, sliding down to the floor, unzipping his flies as I passed his navel. Reaching his waistband, I leaned back a little and then pulled his trousers and boxers right down in one move, and then off, taking his shoes and socks with them, and discarding them all to the side. My eyes widened. The cock I had just released was not only big despite still being floppy,
it was completely shaved, including the balls.

"I shaved it specially this morning," Shaun explained when I looked up at him with raised eyebrows. "You don't mind?"

By way of answer, I pushed his legs further apart and began licking his hairless balls. I lifted his floppy dick out of the way, massaging it gently in my hand. I felt it begin to stiffen as I took his bollocks in my mouth each in turn, sucking gently on them before licking up his black shaft, getting it nice and wet, and even taking it into my mouth and sucking on it with the foreskin still covering the sensitive head. It continued to harden up and expand from my attention, until it reached its full size of I guess at least ten inches in length and over two inches in diameter. This massive brown cock was too delicious to resist, so I took as much as I could into my mouth and began sucking eagerly, swirling my tongue around and around its shape each time I pulled away, and very soon I could taste precum.

"I just need to get something from upstairs," I told him, stopping and pulling back. "I'll be back in a minute."

"Try the inside pocket of my jacket first," he said as I stood up. Curious, I went over to the chair he'd left it on, felt inside, and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. I raised my eyebrows.

"Am I really such a slut that you knew I'd say yes?" I asked, then smiled when he opened his mouth to reply. "I hope you’re going to fuck me like a slut then!"

Passing him the tube, I turned around and straddled his lap with my back to him, moving back so I could support myself on his knees, his knuckles brushing against my arse as he lubed up his penis. A cold, sticky wet finger traced around my arse hole, spreading the jelly around, then he added some more, and I felt his thick finger push inside me and twist, lubricating inside. I could feel a second slimy finger touching the edge below the first, and I pushed back just a little until with some difficulty he pushed that in too, making me gasp. They must have been almost twice the size of my fingers, and he pushed them in as far as he could, and began finger fucking me, letting me relax around them. Pulling them out, he put his left hand on my hips, and then I felt the tip of his hot, hard, jelly covered cock tickling my entrance.

I pushed back and down, trying to relax my muscles enough to admit the wide dick pressing against my sphincter, feeling the tip poke inside, then more of the head slid in, stretching me until I ached, and just before I thought it would be too painful if I went any further down, I felt the edge of the head slip inside me. Pausing for breath, I pushed down further, biting my lip, sensing the thickness sliding up inside me, shifting position occasionally when he pressed my tight insides from the wrong, painful angle, but managed to keep going. It seemed about five minutes, I was going so slowly, but somehow I was able to be more or less all the way down, then began to lift myself up and down, the pleasure I was getting overriding the slight pain fairly quickly, and my muscles relaxing a little more each time to make it easier.

Once it was clear that he could enter me without hurting me, Lex lifted me off him and stood up, telling me to bend over. I did so, kneeling on the sofa with my elbows resting on the back, his right leg up touching mine as he braced himself with his other foot on the floor and held me around the waist. His stiff cock pushed once more against my arse, which had closed a little in the few seconds we'd changed positions, forcing it inside steadily. I moaned as it slid through my slightly soar anus, the pressure on my prostate quite delicious, until I felt the front of his thighs touching my buttocks. He pulled almost the whole way out, leaving the head in for my muscles to twitch tight around, then thrust back in, getting into a steady rhythm, pulling me back towards him, my softened but still semi-erect dick swinging with the force of his thrusts.

Leaning forwards and bring his other legs up on to the sofa so he was kind of crouched over me, his chest pressed against my back, so his panting was right in my ear as he thrust slightly down, speeding up until he had to resume standing. My moans had now changed to a low cry of "oh!" every time he rammed his shaft up inside me, his legs slapping against mine loudly from the force of his thrust and the speed he was pulling my waist back. He would slow down a bit, holding me still while he moved his hips back and forth so the entire length of his penis slid in and out of me rather than most of it staying in with his short fast thrusts, pushing me back down when I tried to lift myself up to shift position.

Eventually, I managed to get us lying down on our sides with me on the outside, my left leg held up in the air by Lex so he could enter me properly, but in this position our bodies were closer even if Lex couldn't thrust quite as fast. Awkwardly, I twisted around so we could kiss, although this mostly turned into a kind of tongue fight as our lips couldn't fit together comfortably, then I turned away again, his lips instead wrapping around my ear and kissing and licking down my neck, his stubble scraping lightly against my skin. He pulled me closer to him, his taught muscles pressed close to my back and my chest where his arm slipped under and around me.

Not very happy with the new position, I asked him to pull out and sit up, then once again I straddled his lap only facing him this time and kneeling on the sofa rather than standing. Guiding him in, I sank down much easier than the first time, supporting myself with my hands around his neck as I began to bounce up and down on him, now doing my best to clench my sphincter and buttocks to give him a tighter fit, all pain having gone long ago. Lex thrust up to meet my descent, and I allowed one of my hands to explore his firm chest, and bent my head down to kiss him on the lips, his hands squeezing my buttocks, until I got so lost in his kiss that I just let him thrust up into my arse, my body trembling from the pleasure of the stimulation it was giving me so I could barely stay upright.

Sensing this, Lex wrapped his arms around me and stood up, staying inside me, and after a few attempts at fucking me standing up like this with my legs locked around his waist, he lay me down on my back. In the missionary position he could fuck me deep and fast, we could continue kissing, and I could wrap my arms and legs tight around his large, sweating body as at heaved above me. Not long after we assumed this position, he panted in my ear that he was going to cum soon, but I told him to stay inside me, and reached between our sweating stomachs to my cock. It was still semi-erect, and sticky from the stream of precum that was leaking from it, so using this as lubricant I started wanking, hardening up again fairly quickly, and a kind of haze filling my head from this and having my arse fucked.

Suddenly, Lex gave a big thrust and stayed inside me, his body tensing and head lifting up, his face contorted as he climaxed, and I felt a hot liquid sensation burst inside me. Wanking faster, and turned on my his semen filling my arse, my orgasm soon followed, him being inside me intensifying it to several times its normal strength, so I felt I was blacking out. An explosion of ecstasy spread from my crotch through my whole body, my spunk spraying uncontrollably all over my hand and both our skin. Finally it subsided, and my whole body went limp, my hand slipping out to leave a sticky trail over Lex's skin, and even my thank you kiss was weak.

We lay together for a while, Shaun's cock still hard inside me, until he carefully pulled it out, and I felt a thick stream of warm stickiness cascade out with it and run down between my arse cheeks to the seat beneath, and his hot dick was wet too when it flopped down next to mine. After a few minutes, we both got up, and I went to the bathroom to fetch a towel so we could clean up a bit. As it was still fairly early in the evening, we decided to rewind Fight Club to where we were last paying attention, got a couple more beers and settled down naked on the sofa for the rest of the film.

I finished my beer pretty quickly, and lay down with my head on Shaun's lap, or rather, as he slumped down a bit, on the base of his stomach. The smell of his sweaty and cummy balls so close to my nostrils, combined with Brad Pitt on the screen began to get me aroused again sooner than I expected. Lex noticed, moving his hand that had been resting on the side of my stomach to hold my growing cock and squeeze my balls gently, so I lifted my right leg up and hooked it around the armrest to make it easier for him. As he began to jerk me off, I lifted his heavy, limp cock up to my mouth to suck and lick on it, still concentrating on the film. Ever so gradually, I felt him growing in my mouth, until he was back to his full size again as the film finished.

After a few minutes of just wanking my hard dick, Lex leant sideways and lifted me up, shifting us until we were in a sixty-nine position with me on top, and I felt his rough stubbly lips wrap around me and his hot wet tongue swirling around the head. I tried to take in more and more of his delicious meat, pushing my head down until it was pushing against the back of my throat before pulling back again. My dick was completely hard now, and I wanted something different from his lips around it, so I pulled away from him and stood up, suggesting that we move to the bedroom.

My bed was much less cramped than the sofa, with Lex on his hands and knees in the middle and me kneeling behind lubing up myself and his tight black virgin arse, pushing my fingers in and out of it until he seemed relaxed enough. Guiding it with my fist, I placed the head of my cock on his slimy entrance and began pushing, feeling his muscles contract and relax, slowly letting me inside. Although I was considerably smaller than him, I was not tiny, and from the tension in his body I could tell that I was stretching him enough for pain not to be far away, so I went as gently as I could, stroking his buttocks to get him to relax. Once I was all the way inside him, I leant over to kiss his back, and slowly pulled out a couple of inches then pushed back in, repeating it, withdrawing a little more each time, until I could feel he was getting used to it.

Kneeling up again on one knee I made my thrusts a bit firmer, pulling him towards me with my hands around his waist, getting into a steady rhythm that he began to meet, grunting each time I entered him. I sped up, alternating between short fast thrusts and long steady strokes, closing my eyes so my only perception of him was his anus around my cock, his firm sweaty flesh under my hands and his heavy breathing. A few minutes of this and he began to moan, first his arms weakening and then his knees, so he was lying face down on the bed with me on top still fucking him, and now pressing my mouth to his muscular shoulders and neck. I knelt up again and pulled right out, getting him to roll over and lift his legs up, as I was still a long way from climax, and I re-entered him, leaning forward supported by my arms and his legs pressed against my body and up past my head.

When I looked down after a couple of minutes watching his face react to being anally penetrated, I saw his massive cock fully engorged and leaking a mass of clear sticky precum all over his dark chocolate cover stomach. I began fucking him harder, leaning back and bring his legs together in front of me to make his hole tighter, spitting on my hands and reaching around to masturbate his cock, aching to cum. Finally I felt the pressure in my balls and rammed hard and deep inside Lex one final time, moaning as I orgasmed, somehow managing several large spurts in my second ejaculation of the night. Remaining inside him, I began jerking him off faster, and soon a jet of white spunk erupted into the air and splattered on his chest, soon followed by another four, then I squeezed more out, which plastered my hands.

I withdrew from him, my semen clearly visible coming out of his dark sphincter, then licked my hands clean before bending down to do the same to his cock, moving my tongue up over his chest until it ended up in his mouth. Snuggling into his neck with his arms around me, I drifted off into a warm, deep sleep.


Early the next morning I was woken up by the sun coming through the windows and shining on my face as I'd forgotten to pull the curtains. For a while I stayed where I was, my head resting on Shaun's chest as it rose and fell with his deep breathing, feeling his limp arm around me, and my morning erection pressed against his hot skin. Looking over his sleeping body an idea occurred to me, so carefully I slid out from under his arms and moved down to his shaven groin, which still smelt sweetly of his juices from the night before. Lifting up his limp cock I began licking and sucking his big balls, being as gently as possible so as not to wake him, and sure enough, after a little of this his organ began to twitch in my hand.

Licking all over the black shaft, I pulled back the foreskin and took him in my mouth, sucking slowly and smoothly, feeling him grow inside me, then licking his shaft again, until he was rock hard again. As I swirled my tongue around the head I could feel him reacting, thrusting his hips slightly and mumbling, though not awake just yet, but as I continued to suck eventually he stretched and opened his eyes, looking down at me through a sleepy mist and raising his eyebrows but saying nothing. Instead, he placed one hand behind his head and the other on mine, stroking my hair as I went down on him, closing his eyes again when I worked his dick with my hand and sucked on his balls.

Already I could taste precum, so I slowed down, licking only the smooth wide top of the head and then kissing down the front of his shaft, caressing his inner thighs, then flicking my tongue over the tip of his penis, teasing him until he pushed me back down on him. I resumed a steady pace, but slowed again when more precum came cascading into my mouth, teasing him once more.

The third time I tried though, Lex held me in place by my hair, so I had no choice but to suck and lick as vigorously as I could, bobbing up and down as he pushed his hips upwards and groaned. Hot cum burst into my mouth, and I did my best to swallow it as he pumped load after load down my throat, coating my tongue with its distinct sweet taste, then my lips and cheeks when I had to pull away for air. I dove back down to swirl my tongue around the pulsing head again as the last few spurts came, drawing his orgasm on longer, swallowing every last drop until he had completely stopped and had started to soften again.

I knelt up and scraped the spunk off my face, licking my fingers clean, and Lex must have noticed my stiff cock, because he propped himself up a bit and beckoned to me. "My turn," he said, and got me to straddle his broad chest, cupping my arse cheeks in his hands and pulling me towards him until he could wrap his lips around my dick. I put my hands on his bald head, feeling him nod back and forth, sucking and swirling his tongue a little better than the night before, and then letting it flop against his face as he licked the shaft. For about five minutes he did this, keeping my hard but not quite bringing me to a climax.

Then I felt a finger wriggling its way inside my sphincter, soon followed by another, and another, until four of his large fingers were squeezed inside my anus and were stretching it, while he began sucking harder.

I pulled his head back and forth, trying to make him go faster as I felt an orgasm approach, until I got so frantic that I accidentally pulled right out of him just as I started ejaculating, spraying two streams of cum over his face and the top of his black head before he managed to take me back in his mouth. I moaned loudly from his tongue surrounding my cock, still spurting semen into his mouth, some of which he swallowed whilst more escaped and ran down his chin, and my hands smeared the spunk on his head all over it in a sticky coating.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided, he pulled his fingers from my arse and I collapsed on the bed next to him, panting. Once I'd got my breath back I didn't feel like lying down anymore, and was becoming aware that both of us stank a bit from all our exertions, so I suggested we take a shower before he left.

This gave me one more opportunity to explore his gorgeous, firm, fit body, this time covering it in a wet soap lather, feeling all the contours, then allowed him to do the same to me. Amazingly, neither of us managed to get hard again during that shower, so the last opportunity for sex with each other that morning passed, but as he went out the door, we both knew that neither of us could resist another night like that in the future.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Happen In?

Nathan had life and the world by the balls. At age 26, he had his own successful construction company and a very beautiful wife. His wife was his high school sweetheart and after college, they got married and began living out their dreams. It did help having a wife whose parents were filthy rich. When they got married, her parents gave them a wonderful and luxurious home along with her father providing the upfront money for Nathan to start his own business.
Now, he has over 200 hundred employees and over 40 work vehicles. Business was booming and the money kept on rolling in. Nathan is a strapping young man standing a good 6’3” tall and weighing a solid 225 pounds. He keeps his wavy jet black hair short, combing it straight back. By no means could he be considered an Adonis, but he certainly had the features defining ruggedly handsome. One of his best assets was/is, and if his wife were to be the one describing it, was his cock. Nathan’s cock was circumcised at birth and now being an adult, when fully erect, it stretches an impressive 9 full inches. To him it was no big deal, but to his wife, his cock was her pride and joy. Not only was it long, but the silky smooth shaft was thicker than most cucumbers any farm could ever produce.
To match Nathan’s large cock was a set of balls that hung very low between his hairy muscular legs. They were about as big around as oranges, and had the ability to produce a supreme copious amount of thick man juice. Though their sex life was up to par, Nathan’s lovely wife never allowed him to blow a load into her unskilled mouth. Yeah, she’d give him an occasional blow-job here and there, but it never really lasted long enough before she cried out to him to shove it into her cunt. Nathan by no means was frustrated with his wife when it came to the sex department, nor was he on the prowl for another woman, but today, today at one of his work sites, his life was going to change.
Nathan pulled up to one of the sites in which his company was building a parking garage. While speaking with the foreman, Nathan’s squinting emerald green eyes fell upon one of the workers. Why he was looking at the guy befuddled Nathan to no end. The worker looked like he was no older than 15 and Nathan questioned the foreman about the young man who had caught his eyes, and unknowingly perked his interest. The foreman pointed at the young man, then spoke, “Hell, that kid works here part time. He goes to the college during the days, then comes here right after school. That boy is a hard worker and never gives me no reason to call him down. I’ll tell you Nathan, if I had 20 men just like him, this job here would be finished in no time!”
Clearing his throat, Nathan spoke, “Yeah, but how old is he? He looks like he is no more than 15 years old!” The foreman took in a breath, then fired back, “He might look it, but that boy is 20 years old. I checked it myself! Before you ask, his name’s Seth.”
After their brief discussion, Nathan began walking around the job site, but no matter where his feet took him, his eyes roamed the area until they fell upon Seth. Seth was 20 years old and he was a current college student majoring in business. Unlike many of his fellow construction workers, Seth was small in statute. Standing flat on his feet and arching his back in a straight posture, he barely stood 5’4” and couldn’t weigh no more than 110 pounds soaking wet. Though his head was covered with a construction safety helmet, his evenly flowing dirty blond hair could be seen as each strand glorified his back, just below his shoulders. His entrancing eyes also didn’t go unnoticed by Nathan’s wandering eyes. Pearl blue, sparkling against the sun, froze Nathan in his footstep.
As his tour of the job site was concluding, Nathan couldn’t shake Seth, nor his image, out of his head. He also discovered he had been walking around with one massive, now aching, erection. He himself could not understand what was going on for he knew he wasn’t gay, nor had he ever considered the possibility. However, something inside his head left him in one hell of a confused state.
Later that night, while at home, Nathan fucked his wife like never before, but unlike all the previous times, the picture in his mind was that of Seth, and not his wife! The very next morning, while in the bathroom getting ready for work, Nathan jacked his cock with Seth still fresh on his mind. Even the short drive to the office left Nathan’s head spinning with wild and uncontrollable thoughts, all of which, was about Seth. Throughout the long day, Nathan couldn’t help but to hammer his cock 4 more times while thinking about Seth and the young man’s obvious beauty.
Once again, he wore his wife’s pussy out while fantasizing that his wife was Seth. Even in his sleep, his dream world took him to a place where the only two people in it was himself and Seth. He found himself dreaming about what Seth looked like naked, the size of his cock, and when his dream found him sucking Seth’s cock, his eyes fluttered wide open. He knew then that it was just a dream, but his throbbing hard cock was all about present day reality. His wife was on her side and Nathan crammed his cock into her cunt and deposited another load. Nathan’s wife certainly wasn’t about to complain about all the recent sex, and she had no clue that her husband was actually fucking her while thinking about another man!
The next day at work, Nathan simply couldn’t stand it any longer, so he hopped into his truck and headed to the job site hoping beyond all hopes that Seth would be working today. As he pulled up to the job site, his eyes were already roaming for Seth. After a few seconds of searching in impatient vain, his eyes finally rested, more so, feasted upon Seth.
Nathan spoke with the foreman a few seconds, then hastily walked over to where Seth was milling around. Nathan held out his right hand as he introduced himself. When their hands collided, a surge of electricity coursed throughout every inch of Nathan’s body. Seeing the smile splash across Seth’s face sent shivers racing up and down Nathan’s spine. The tiny indentations poking inwardly upon Seth’s narrow, yet smooth, unblemished cheeks made his own eyes dance rapidly within their very own sockets. If Nathan’s mind hadn’t told him before, then his owns eyes were now telling him just how gorgeous Seth truly was.
Their conversation was very cordial, but Nathan couldn’t stop stealing glances at the tiny bulge Seth was sporting inside his denim blue-jeans. Naturally, due to the size difference, Nathan towered over Seth so he could easily stare at the young man’s crotch without the possibility of being caught. Knowing this fact, his eyes began absorbing as much intricate details about Seth’s body as he possibly could. What Nathan’s eyes sent to his brain was the fact that Seth had very little hair on his arms. Another fact about Seth was that he possessed the utmost soothing and charming voice Nathan had ever heard coming from another guy. The longer they spoke, the more involved Nathan’s hormones became. His testosterone level soared to an all time high and if Seth looked down, he would see Nathan’s obvious erection.
Seth made a comment that he had to get back to work, but Nathan would not hear of that. He wanted to be near Seth, admire his astonishing beauty, and listen to his angelic voice some more, so he basically instructed Seth that he was going to ride with him to get something to eat. Being that Nathan was the owner, Seth had no choice but to agree.
The two made their way to a little diner and just as Nathan parked, he looked over at Seth and said, “Why don’t you go on in and grab us a table. I got to make a quick call and then I’ll be right on in.” As soon as Seth slid out from the seat and made his exit, Nathan instinctively smashed his nose sharply into the leather seat in which Seth had just been seated in. Inhaling deeply, Nathan sniffed the seat like a starving dog that had just stumbled upon an outdoor family barbecue. Unfortunately for Nathan, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to obtain any aroma that may have been left behind by Seth.
Nathan joined Seth at the table and they ordered. They talked while they ate and Nathan found out that Seth was working to pay his way through college. He was an only child of a single mother and had no clue who is father was. To save money, he lived with his mom and helped pay the bills. The more Seth spoke, the more impressed Nathan was. Nathan couldn’t help not to notice how perfect and white Seth’s teeth were. He also was enchanted by Seth’s thin cherry colored lips. Nathan had a good look at Seth’s entire facial features without a construction had blocking his wandering view. Seth’s hair was a dirty blond in color and even his thin eyebrows were the same dirty blond. The long upwards curled eyelashes only highlighted Seth’s mesmerizing blue eyes. In Nathan’s mind, everything about Seth was utterly perfect.
As the two ate, Nathan kept both eyes feasting on Seth’s total beauty. Even the way the younger man ate excited Nathan to no end. Even the precious little dimples gracefully impaling Seth’s slender, unblemished cheeks caught Nathan’s attention. Somewhere in the back of Nathan’s mind, he knew, or so he felt, he had to do something to get closer to Seth. Knowing his wife would be going out of town this upcoming weekend, Nathan cleared his throat, and almost in a whisper, stated, “You know Seth, I was wondering. I got some stuff I need done at my house, and I’d like for you to come over and help me out. Believe me, I’ll gladly pay you for your service. I wouldn’t expect you to work for free, and besides, I got a big swimming pool you can jump in to if you get hot.”
Seth had no choice but to agree since Nathan was the owner of the company he worked for. After agreeing, Nathan and Seth finished their meal and Nathan graciously paid for it. As they were walking out of the door, Nathan got a divine look at Seth’s tantalizing butt. The material shaped itself around each glorious cheek, clearly pronouncing the muscularity. Though Seth’s butt was kind of small in stature, the magnificent shape was enough to make any eyes feast upon its pronounced glory.
Friday morning came and Nathan walked his lovely wife out to her parents car to bid them farewell for the weekend. Just for good luck, Nathan tore his wife’s cunt up first thing, and like before, his brain thought of his wife as being Seth. Even as he stood there and watched them travel down the driveway, Nathan’s cock began throbbing furiously as he anxiously awaited for Seth.
It was agreed that Seth would come to Nathan’s home right after school. Nathan knew that Seth would be arriving somewhere around 2 in the afternoon. As the clock drew closer and closer to the time for Seth to arrive, Nathan’s cock throbbed harder and harder and he was leaking pre-cum like a busted water hose. It was also agreed that Seth would stay the weekend at Nathan’s and Nathan had already prepared one of the bedrooms for Seth to stay in. This wasn’t just any ordinary bedroom either. When the home was given to him and his wife, Nathan had his own construction company do a little work to remodel. When this bedroom was added, for safety purposes, Nathan had designed this bedroom with a secret passage. A passage in which the large mirror overlooking the bedroom was in fact a two way mirror. The large mirror in the bathroom was also a two way mirror. Inside the passageway, there was plenty of room for him to stand and peer upon the unsuspecting person using the facility. There was also a large safe at the end of the passageway which Nathan kept plenty of cash on hand.
It was a little after 2 when Nathan spotted Seth’s vehicle slowly come up the driveway. Seth drove slow so his eyes could capture the beauty of his boss’s home and well decorated property. As Seth pulled up to the garage, Nathan walked out to greet him. After their initial greeting, Nathan took Seth inside and gave him a grand tour. Seth was in total awe of Nathan’s gorgeous home. The last leg of the tour brought Seth into the bedroom Nathan had picked out for him. In Seth’s eyes, this bedroom was almost as big as the home he and his mom were living in. When he walked into the bathroom, Seth was almost floored at the size and sheer beauty. The bathtub alone looked like a miniature swimming pool and the shower could easily fit 10 large adults. To say the least, Seth was a bit more impressed than ever. Only in his dreams could he ever afford to live in something like this.
Nathan left Seth alone to unpack and get properly situated to his temporary living quarters. While Seth was unpacking, Nathan was already inside the passageway peering on, with one massive throbbing boner in hand. As Seth began placing items of clothing into a drawer, Nathan was slowly stroking his horse like cock, smearing the gallons of pre-cum all over the head of his engorged cock head. When Seth walked into the bathroom, Nathan stood on the other side of the mirror, effortlessly stroking his cock. From Nathan’s vantage point, he could easily see everything inside the bathroom, including watching Seth who now was stepping up to the urinal, unzipping his zipper. Nathan’s heart pounded sharply into his chest as his eyes fluttered as Seth reached in and fished out his limp circumcised cock. Nathan could only see about an inch or so of the slender morsel, but his eyes gleamed upon the mushroom head as the tiny piss slit parted and the yellowish pee began splattering into the urinal. As Seth was pissing, Nathan began pumping wads of his man seed into the palm of his left hand. As his cum was blasting away, Nathan saw the creamy flesh of Seth’s shaft. It was so creamy in color, Nathan couldn’t even see the faintest of veins. It too, was utterly perfect. His mouth watered as the last of his thick cream pooled into the palm of his left hand.
As Seth finished, then washed his hands, Nathan made his way into his own bathroom where he washed all the cum from his hand. They met in the hallway and Nathan decided to give Seth a tour of the grounds. While they walked, Nathan found out that Seth did not have a girlfriend, he was concentrating more on his studies and work. Also, Nathan couldn’t take his eyes off of Seth’s tantalizing butt. Upon their return back to the main house, Nathan showed Seth the pool. Seth reached down and touched the water and if felt so absolute soothing. However, he forgot to pack swim wear and made mention of that fact. Nathan smiled, then said, “Shucks Seth, it’s just me and you way out here and nobody can see nothing. Me and the wife go swimming naked all the time. If you want to take a dip, you can wear your underwear or just go naked, makes me no never mind.”
Nathan was already wearing cut off shorts and Seth agreed to take Nathan up on his offer to go for a swim. Nathan went ahead and dove in, and immediately swam up to the side of the pool in order to keep both of his eyes zeroed in on Seth. Seth took off his shirt, and Nathan almost gasped at the glorious sight. Seth’s chest was void of hair and his perky pink little nipples appeared to be at an erect state. As the shirt slid over Seth’s head, Nathan’s eyes grew wider as he saw a tiny patch of dirty blond hair gathered in the center of each armpit. Seth’s rippling muscles danced before Nathan as Seth bent down to undo his boots. Once Seth removed each boot, he slid off his white sock, neatly placing them inside his boots.
As Seth’s slender fingers latched onto his zipper, Nathan felt his heart pound like thunder. Nathan’s eyes watered with envy as he watched intently as Seth began sliding his tight blue jeans down his lower body, then completely off. There, right there in his own back yard, stood an almost naked angel. Seth stretched, giving Nathan more of a distinct and proper look. Seth was in his underwear, but these were bikini briefs and a bright white in color. Nathan’s eyes roamed up and down Seth’s solid little body and he could see no hair with the exception of some tiny light colored growth upon each of Seth’s shins. When his eyes darted upwards again, Nathan peered upon Seth’s belly button, or what he knew was Seth’s belly button. It didn’t have the appearance of a hole, nor did it protrude outwards. It was nothing more than a couple of tiny lines intertwined together.
Still in a state of trance, Nathan was startled back to reality as Seth jumped over Nathan’s head, landing with a slight splash in the center of the pool. The first ten or fifteen minutes passed and the two seemingly kept a slight distance from one another. It seemed Seth was an avid fan of WWE wrestling and somehow coerced Nathan into playing a role. Nathan would stand on the side of the pool and hip toss Seth into the water. Each time Seth got out of the pool, Nathan got an eyeful of Seth’s slightly covered crotch area. He could easily make out the outline of Seth’s one inch flaccid cock, and he could barely make out the appearance of the younger man’s smallish sized balls. Even the pubic hair was kind of hard to determine, but he could see the definite makings of a smallish patch.
Eventually, their horse play resulted in Nathan using various sorts of suplexes on Seth. Even the younger man’s silky smooth skin sent shock waves throughout Nathan’s entire hulking body. His erection was definitely noticeable, but in the eyes of Nathan, Seth apparently hadn’t notice. Nathan stole every chance he could to cop a feel of Seth’s tight little butt. On more than a few occasions, Nathan’s large hands cupped Seth’s butt, offering a tender little squeeze here and there. A few times, Nathan allowed his hand to briefly grope Seth’s cock sending his mind into a more feverish state than it already was.
After nearly two hours of playing in the pool, both agreed to shower, then get something to eat. Naturally, Nathan delayed his shower for he once again quickly went into the secret passageway until he followed Seth into the bathroom. Seth eased his wet underwear down, then off, giving Nathan a clear view of his total nakedness. Nathan mentally noted Seth’s crotch features. The little patch of pubic hair looked like it had been trimmed. It was a mix of blondish, light brown and it formed a small perfect V. Now, his eyes targeted Seth’s flaccid cock. Sure enough, it looked like it was about an inch long and very slender. The mushroom head appeared to be slightly larger than the creamy smooth shaft. Seth’s soft cock peacefully rested upon two evenly shaped nuggets, tightly withdrawn, which were about the size of ping-pong balls. The sac itself was creamy in color and it looked like they had been completely shaved, or hair simply didn’t grow there. Either way, Seth’s cum makers made Nathan’s mouth drool.
Seth was standing in front of the mirror brushing his teeth and Nathan’s eyes danced to and fro as Seth’s cock danced all around from his body movements. Once Seth was done brushing his teeth, he took the time to turn to his side just to give his body a once over. By doing so, this gave Nathan a birds eye view from a side angle. The young man was absolutely heavenly and that taunting butt cheek seemed to be echoing sharply into Nathan’s swarming mind. Seth’s tan lines sparkled heavily into Nathan’s eyes, noticing just how creamy white his butt and cock area glistened next to his heavily bronzed tanned body.
Nathan’s eyes followed Seth’s mouth watering butt as Seth walked into the shower and began wetting his luxurious and cock stirring body. Oh how Nathan wished that those were his hands roaming Seth’s body as he peered on, watching every move Seth was making. While his eyes stayed glued upon Seth and his overwhelming body, Nathan was already stroking away at his own monstrous cock. As Seth began applying the soap to his upper body, Nathan’s eyes fell upon the flaccid cock swaying from side to side making his own inner being somewhat electrified, sending huge wads of his own cream flying sharply into the palm of his left hand. Nathan was still pounding his cock as he watched Seth place his right hand behind him, using his finger, began applying a copious supply of soap to his butt crack area. Nathan wanted so desperately to see first hand the most hidden treasure that Seth possessed.
Nathan was no virgin when it comes to anal activity. His wife loved it when he dined on her asshole, but as far as penetration goes, she would not even consider it. Now, Nathan wanted to dine on Seth’s asshole and he could only envision what the younger man’s tasty treat just might look like. In the meantime, Nathan began squeezing the last remnants of his thick juice into his hand, still keeping both eyes locked onto Seth.
Seeing that Seth was close to being finished with his shower, Nathan thought best to go ahead and take his own. His shower was quicker than Seth’s and Nathan decided to wear a short, yet baggy, old gym shorts. Nathan intentionally failed to wear underwear cause he had this idea that he somehow was going to show his cock to Seth. Wearing these shorts, all he would have to do was spread his legs a bit and his cock would certainly be visible to Seth if the younger man dare to look.
Seth had finished toweling off, but after fumbling though the dresser drawers, he realized he forgot to bring along his regular nightwear. With the towel draped around his body, Nathan announced himself, then walked into the bedroom where Seth was at. Seth informed Nathan of his situation and Nathan didn’t have to think twice to let Seth know it was okay with him if he just wanted to walk around in his underwear. Once that was settled, Nathan went into the kitchen to prepare them a meal.
A short time later, Seth walked into the kitchen and Nathan almost fainted at the beauty who was now standing just a few short feet away from him. Nathan did wear his underwear, and they were white and in the form of a skimpy bikini. Naturally, Nathan’s eyes darted upon Seth’s cloth covered cock which slightly protruded outwards forming a nice little basket. Nathan felt his own cock twitch and jerk and he was trying to do anything imaginable to prevent an erection.
Throughout the remainder of the evening, Nathan did everything humanly possible to show Seth his cock. On a few occasions, Nathan thought he saw Seth looking, but Seth was too quick or Nathan was too slow. The two just sat in the living room conducting a conversation. During this time of conversational period, Nathan constantly kept on stealing peaks at Seth’s cock and balls. Though he couldn’t actually see bare flesh, Nathan could see their intricate features just by the way they defiantly pronounced themselves inside the tight bikini underwear. At one point during their long conversation, Nathan did mention something about gays just to see Seth’s reaction. Seth didn’t react one way or the other and quickly changed the story back into one more related to construction.
Much to Nathan’s disappointment, Seth announced he was tired and ready for bed. As the two walked through the large house, Nathan walked slightly in behind Seth just to keep his eyes focussed on Seth’s more than appetizing tiny butt. Seth went into his bedroom and Nathan bow was walking away. For whatever reason, Nathan thought it would be best to check in on Seth one more time before going to his own bed. Walking into his secret passageway, Nathan quickly peered into the bedroom and noticed that Seth must be in the bathroom. Walking a bit more to his left, Nathan now stood in front of the full length mirror where Seth was standing, naked as the day he was born.
This time truly was different, for now, now Seth was standing there looking at himself and his cock was fully erect. Nathan guessed it to be close to 4 1/2 to 5 inches long and was about as thick as the stalk of a carrot. Seth’s erect cock jutted from his body straight out with a slight upwards arch. The mushroom cock head flared out and was a tad thicker than the shaft. A lone pearl drop of pre-cum glistened at the opening of Seth’s tiny piss slit, making Nathan’s mouth water heavily.
Seth’s left hand latched onto his own cock and began slowly jerking the magnificent work of art back and forth. After a few teasing seconds, Seth removed his left hand, then placed his left leg on top of the bathroom countertop. Nathan’s eyes almost popped out of their socket when he saw Seth pop the lid off of a Vaseline jar, scoop up a wad with the fingers of his left hand, then appealingly began inserting a finger or two up his butt. Nathan couldn’t see how many fingers were inside Seth’s butt, but he could tell that Seth was using his fingers to fuck his asshole as his right hand grabbed hold of his cock and began pounding back and forth.
The pleasure splashing across Seth’s face was absolutely priceless in the eyes of Nathan. If he wasn’t utterly gorgeous before, now making all sorts of contorting faces, Seth truly was the envy of all things considered to be gorgeous. As Seth fucked his ass with his fingers and stroked his cock, Nathan was slamming away at his own. Both of Seth’s ping-pong ball sized nuggets were trapped tightly in a tightly withdrawn sac, offering the appearance that the younger man only had one nugget, but Nathan knew better.
Nathan was getting close to unleashing his load, when Seth cried out and a string of thick, milky white, sperm began firing rapidly from his cock, splashing onto the mirror. There must have been a good 7 to 9 strands that shot up and struck the mirror before spurting wads of cream upon the countertop. That was all it took for Nathan to pump gallons upon gallons of sperm into his left hand. Seth’s sperm upon the mirror was directly in the eyesight of Nathan, and that alone was way too much for him to handle. He could see the thickness, the pureness, and the overall quality, and now more than ever, he wanted to taste it. As his mind fantasized about the taste of Seth’s sperm, Nathan was oblivious to the fact that he was now munching on his own man sized cream. In his mind, this was Seth’s sperm and not his own. Nathan realized that it wasn’t too salty and in the realm of everything to be considered, it actually tasted pretty good.
While Nathan was licking the last of his own sperm from his hand, he watched as Seth raised up his right hand as to inspect several thick wads of his own sperm attached to his knuckles and fingers. To Nathan’s delight, he watched as Seth began licking the sperm chunks from his hand. When Seth’s hand was clean to his satisfaction, Seth leaned forward and began using his tongue to swipe the cum off of the mirror. Naturally, Nathan was on the other side mimicking Seth’s tongue swiping motion. Seth took his time and devoured every last drop from the mirror and countertop before using some toilet paper to ensure that both areas where clean and void of his cum.
Seth removed his fingers from his ass and Nathan couldn’t help not to notice that Seth’s fingers were shiny from the lubricant, but didn’t have the appearance of being “dirty.” On the other side of the mirror, Nathan followed Seth and watched as the younger man folded back the covers and slip into bed. It was then that Nathan went into his own bedroom and literally collapsed from exhaustion. Even though Nathan was fast asleep, his mind kept on repeating Seth and his cock milking episode.
Nathan awoke first, and after cleaning himself up a bit, he went into the kitchen to prepare them some breakfast. A short time later, Seth appeared and sat down on one of the barstools. He was still wearing his tight white bikini underwear. As Nathan was cooking, Seth politely inquired, “So Nathan, what do you want me to do today?” Nathan could only smile as he quickly replied, “Whatever you want to do?” Seth shot back, “I know what I’d like to do, but what kind of work do you want to me to get started on?” Nathan poured Seth a glass of orange juice, sat it down in front of him, while standing just to Seth’s left, Nathan softly replied, “Seth, you are a hard worker and I truly appreciate that, but I didn’t bring you into my home to work, I brought you here to have fun and relax. Life is just too short to work all the time. Don’t worry either, you are getting your full pay for being here. You can call this employee appreciation time if you want to. Now, you did say you know what you’d like to do, so what is it?”
Seth shifted his butt upon the leather cushion of the stool, offering a heart melting smile, then angelically replied, “I’ll uh, I’ll have to tell you later.” Nathan was now back in front of the stove, slightly turning to his left, replied, “That’s okay by me, but Seth, even though you don’t know me all that well, I don’t want you to feel that you can’t tell me anything. Believe me, there’s nothing you can say that could possibly hurt my feelings or change my mind about you. When you are ready, you can tell me what’s on your mind.”
After placing the plate of food before Seth, Nathan took up a seat next to him and Nathan could literally feel the heat piping from Seth’s perfect little body. While they ate, Seth’s right leg accidentally brushed up against Nathan’s left leg, sending chills racing up and down Nathan’s spine. Once they were done eating, the both of them began clearing off the countertop, placing the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. At one point, while Nathan was standing in behind Seth bent over to place a couple of plates in the rear of the dishwasher. For whatever the reason, Nathan couldn’t resist the opportunity to quickly place his nose within a fraction of an inch away from the area he knew Seth’s treasured asshole lay hidden. Inhaling deeply, hoping to find the unknown, Nathan could only detect an aroma of pure freshness. He exhaled once and inhaled twice just to clarify things and his first initial aromatic experience was correct. There wasn’t a remote foul odor, just an intoxicating pleasing aroma.
After the kitchen area was all cleaned up, the two men went into the living room. Seth had to admit to himself that it felt nice to be able to walk around in just his underwear. He couldn’t do that at home, unless he was in his small bedroom, and now being in this large house, he somehow felt extra special. They sat and talked for about an hour when Nathan received a call and he was needed at one of the local job sites. Seth did say that he would go with him, but Nathan persuaded Seth to remain behind and enjoy all that his home offered.
Nathan got dressed and was now driving down his driveway. Once Nathan was fully out of sight, Seth quickly shucked off his underwear and began slowly walking around the large home totally naked. Now, this was ever so awesome to Seth. Being able to be naked, walking around without a worry in the world, felt so amazing. His bare footsteps took him into Nathan’s huge bedroom. Seth was no thief, but he was amazed at all the inherit beauty Nathan’s home offered. As he peered around the room, looking out of each window at the beautiful scenery, out of the corner of his right eyes, Seth saw a box sitting on the floor next to the large walk-in closet. Being more inquisitive than anything else, Seth looked in and saw several packages of twin pack Fleet enemas. Also, there was a handwritten note which explained adding ingredients to the content of the enema.
Now, more inquisitive than ever, Seth picked up one of the Fleet enema’s and placed it on top of the dresser countertop just to his left. He carefully opened the top and picked up a large bottle of a substance called “WET.” Taking his time, he carefully poured the substance into the enema bottle. After doing that, he picked up an open wine bottle and poured it into the enema bottle, filling it all the way up to the top, then placed the top back onto the enema bottle.
Seth picked up the full enema bottle and quickly went into the bathroom that joined his bedroom. He read the instructions twice before laying down on the floor as if in a doggy style position. Pulling the safety shield off of the tip, Seth slowly inserted the nozzle up his rectum and began squeezing the contents into his bowels. It took a lot of twisting and squeezing, but he managed to get the vast majority of the content up inside him before removing the nozzle.
At first, he really didn’t feel anything, but within a few minutes, he felt the enema beginning to work. He fought and fought to retain the content until the built up pressure was just too much. He just made it to the toilet before his bowels unleashed a torrent of mixture into the bowl. Seth sat on the toilet for a good 30 minutes or so before he felt he was thoroughly drained from anything else that his ass could produce. Once he was done with that ordeal, he took a shower and brushed his teeth. Still naked, Seth decided to check out the water in the pool. The sun was beating down sternly and the water tested to be fine, so he dove in. This was his first time actually swimming naked.
Seth frolicked in the pool, feeling ever so special of his nakedness. He swam laps, dove off the diving board, and just played and relaxed in the pool. Time simply got away from him and the next thing he knew, Nathan was standing at the side of the pool looking at him. At first, Seth could only apologize for being naked in the pool, but it was Nathan’s response that grabbed Seth’s undivided attention, “Seth, you don’t need to apologize for nothing. If you want to swim naked, then so be it. For that matter, I don’t care if you walk around naked. This is your weekend remember? Do whatever makes you feel happy!”
Nathan turned and walked back inside the house. That was when Seth remembered his underwear was laying on top of his bed. His mind was running frantically with wild and emotional thoughts. He knew Nathan was married, and he knew that Nathan was the owner of the company he worked for, but there was something about the man that intrigued Seth to no end. The one major thing that nobody knew about him was that he was gay. His mother knows about his sexual preference, but up to present day, Seth had never been with another guy. In his mind, he had a self conceived notion that his dick was too small and his body features was just as small. However, this time spent with Nathan was a constant pressure on his mind. After all, the men he had always fantasized about, were men who looked just like Nathan. The man was big, powerful, and strong, not to mention the extra added fact that Nathan was filthy rich!
Seth got out of the pool, quickly toweling himself off, and began his long walk towards the bedroom where he was staying, and especially where his clothes and underwear were. He had just walked inside where he met Nathan who had already changed clothes. Nathan wore the same short, baggy gym shorts, with no underwear, that he had wore the night before. Nathan’s feasting eyes traveled the short distance down from Seth’s perfect body, and rested upon the most perfect soft cock known to mankind.
Seth wasn’t blind and he saw where Nathan’s eyes were now glued upon. Seth’s angelic soft voice brought Nathan back into reality, “I need to go wash the chlorine off.” Nathan stepped to the side and as Seth walked passed him, Nathan quickly lashed out, “Remember what I said Seth. If you want to walk around naked, be my guest. It’s absolutely perfect with me.” Nathan’s mouth spoke that before his brain had a chance to evaluate the full sentence. Seth walked away and Nathan was left standing there still befuddled about what to do next. He knew all too well how to approach a woman, but he was totally clueless on how to approach a guy, and not just any guy, an angel as in the younger man who knew as Seth.
As Seth took a shower, his mind began fantasizing about Nathan. He had seen the man’s cock reveal itself to him inside those shorts, and he knew it was enormous just by the size of it when it was soft. Seth silently envisioned Nathan’s large cock as it took the cherry from his virgin ass. He knew it would be painful, but he more than welcomed that pain just to experience gay sex with a man who he desired more than life itself. But the thought of Nathan being remotely gay soon ventured from his mind, after all, the man had a beautiful wife, a large castle like home, and a very successful construction business. In his mind, Seth told himself that there was no absolutely way a man like Nathan could be bisexual, much less a homosexual.
Once he was done showering, he brushed his teeth again, ensuring to scrub his tongue with the minty flavored toothpaste. He held his underwear in his hand, but remembered what Nathan had said about him being able to walk around naked. He did enjoy the way it made him feel, and he still, somewhere in the back of his mind, hoped that he could have his first gay sex, actually, first sex ever, with Nathan. He folded up his underwear and placed them inside one of the drawers.
Taking a deep breath, Seth stepped out of the bedroom stark naked and proceeded to find Nathan. As he walked through the large room, Seth could hear the balls being struck in the billiards room. He walked in to find Nathan playing billiards. Once again, Nathan’s eyes absorbed the total beauty of all that Seth offered. Nathan suggested that they play a game of pool and Seth walked over and grabbed a pool cue. Nathan allowed Seth to break. As they played, Nathan intentionally positioned himself in behind Seth. As Seth would lean over the table to take a shot, Nathan drooled over Seth’s outstretched butt. Even the tiny line separating the creamy muscular tiny mounds was small, and even though Seth had to stretch, the tight little mounds would never spread far enough for Nathan to see the younger man’s asshole.
During one shot, being proud of himself for making it, Seth quickly backed up and landed into Nathan. Out of instinct, Nathan wrapped his muscular arms around Seth’s body and Seth could feel the steel like cock of Nathan’s as it pressed sharply into the crack of his bare butt. Without a doubt in the world, Seth felt absolutely safe in the arms of the hulking Nathan. The warmth of Seth’s body sent shivers coursing over every square inch of Nathan’s muscular body. Nathan himself, could feel his rock hard cock pressing into Seth’s majestical butt.
As Nathan’s muscular arms imploded about his upper body, Seth held onto the pool cue with his right hand, but his left hand fell upon Nathan’s arms. His fingers glided over Nathan’s slightly hairy arms sending both bodies into a mild body bumping seizure. Their tender embrace was short, and only lasted for a second or two, but the feeling of electricity soared ever so high throughout both of their bodies. This vibrant feeling also set Seth’s once flaccid cock into a throbbing and straining erection.
Seth slowly began turning his body to the right, still being clutched by Nathan’s muscular arms. As Seth nearly turned all the way around, now becoming one with Nathan’s solid chest, Seth’s right hand came into contact with Nathan’s monstrous pre-cum spewing erection. Nathan was peering down into Seth’s entrancing eyes while Seth was looking up, straight into Nathan’s eyes. Nathan’s large hands groped the silky smooth flesh of Seth’s back, and neither man could muster up enough courage to utter a single word.
Almost, as if both men were on auto pilot, Nathan leaned his head down a bit and soon their moist lips connected. In no time, no time at all, both men slid their probing tongues into the other man’s saliva drenched mouth. For both men, this was their first time ever kissing another man, but just from hearing their jaunting moans, one would never have known. Nathan’s hands freely roamed Seth’s back while Seth’s own little fingers dug sharply into Nathan’s back. Eventually, Nathan’s left hand softly clutched onto the back of Seth’s head, cooing softly at the texture of his luxurious hair, while his right hand slowly inched its way down until it now rested upon the divine butt cheeks he so desperately salivated over.
Seth slid his right hand around Nathan’s hulking frame until it came into direct contact with Nathan’s one eyed monstrous beast. Seth’s fingers gingerly felt the massive thickness through the thin baggy shorts, moaning loudly at the thickness of Nathan’s cock. Stretching his fingers as wide as he could, Seth noted that it would take both of his hands to be able to fully enclose around Nathan’s thickness. The feel of Seth’s hot hand upon his cock almost made Nathan’s knees buckle.
Still locked in a loving embrace, both exploring tongues swabbed the others mouth with a fiery hot vengeance. Nathan’s fingers slid between Seth’s silky smooth mounds, vibrantly inching closer and closer to Seth’s most hidden treasure. When Seth felt the fingertip splash upon his puckering little asshole, his feet immediately arched up onto his toes. His own little hand still explored the thick length of Nathan’s pre-cum spewing cock. Both bodies trembled as life itself seemed to no longer matter. Just now, the time at hand, this glorious moment was all that truly mattered.
Nathan forced his mouth from Seth’s, only to find the left side of Seth’s sweet aromatic neck. Nathan kissed, licked, then began nibbling on the silky flesh forcing further audible grunts and groans flowing feverishly out of Seth’s open and panting mouth. With the fingers of his right hand probing the depths of Seth’s soothing butt, Nathan brought his left hand in contact with Seth’s throbbing erection. Even Seth’s cock felt silky smooth, and as hard as a chunk of iron. Nathan’s large hand easily concealed Seth’s 4 1/2 inches of rock hard beauty. Seth was still arching himself up onto his toes as the rush of profound sensations exploded over every square inch of his shaking little body.
Seth cried out as Nathan’s digging tongue slid into the canal of his left ear and began graciously probing. The more Nathan tasted the body of Seth, the more he wanted, better yet, the more he had to have. The angelic sounds piping out of Seth’s contorting mouth only made Nathan hungrier. Although Seth’s mind was spinning out of control, he had enough sense to slide his right hand under the fabric and cop a feel of his first cock, other than his own that is. The cock his hand was now on was indeed a superior cock. It was hot to the touch and harder than a baseball bat. Seth slid his hand onto the giant bulbous head and began lovingly smearing the gallons of pre-cum up and down the entire length of the 9 inches of thick man meat.
With Seth’s hand now gliding up and down his cock, Nathan’s own hulking body began shivering wildly. He took turns ensuring himself that both of Seth’s ears had been tenderly loved, as well as both sides of his delicious neck. Nathan could feel his cum boil, so he backed up a bit and quickly lowered his head where his lips devoured Seth’s tiny erect right nipple. No sooner had Nathan’s lips met Seth’s nipple, Seth literally screamed from the body quaking sensation of having his nipple sucked on. Nathan not only sucked the tiny morsel, but he began gently biting down while flicking his tongue directly on the very tip. This only made Seth scream out that much louder. The fingers dancing over his asshole and the hand gracing his cock all added to a body quaking uncontrollable movements.
After working on both nipples, Nathan easily picked Seth up and tenderly placed the younger man on top of the billiard’s table. Using his left hand, Nathan guided Seth’s upper body flat on top of the table as he used his strength to under hook Seth’s silky smooth thighs, drawing his lower body nearer to him to the point that Seth’s lower back was right on the very edge. Nathan had Seth’s left foot in his hand and for the first time in his life, he began licking feverishly all over Seth’s foot, including in between each curling little toe. Nathan had never dined on anyones foot before, but now his actions were out of control. He licked and sucked each toe of each foot before using his tongue to work upwards. As he licked Seth’s shins, his eyes feasted on the jutting cock with an eye appealing drop of pre-cum glistening upon the tiny piss slit.
As his snaking tongue inched towards Seth’s tightly withdrawn, seemingly hairless, nuggets, the thought of being able to suck another man’s cock never once crossed his mind. With one gentle upwards lick, Nathan’s tongue was now fixated on Seth’s heavenly nuggets. Not only was this exciting to Nathan, but the fragrance spewing from Seth’s quivering body was simply intoxicating.
Seth automatically raised his knees closer to his shoulders, allowing Nathan more room to operate. And operate, Nathan was now doing. At this point, Nathan engulfed both nuggets into his mouth and his tongue was busy exploring every silky smooth vibrant region. Seth was cooing, grunting, and moaning like crazy as his mind seemed to slowly drift free from his body. Nathan’s nose was pressing peacefully upon the base of Seth’s twitching and throbbing erection while his eyes took mental notes of Seth’s reactions and twisting angelic little mouth.
Unable to control his own animal like urges any longer, Nathan released Seth’s delicate nuggets, and then his tongue started at the base of Seth’s twitching cock, licking all around, working his way slowly upwards. Using his right index finger, Nathan lifted Seth’s cock up, then pointed it directly in front of his drooling open mouth’s direction. Seeing the pearl of pre-cum, Nathan slid his tongue outwards and carefully scooped up the tiny liquid. Once his tongue was safely back inside his mouth, his taste buds danced with joyous glee at the wonderful five star delicacy now swarming heavily inside his mouth. Without a doubt, Seth’s pre-cum was more than delicious, it was addicting. Seth slowly placed his parted lips over Seth’s flared mushroom cock head, and graced himself by going slowly downwards until his nose pressed sharply into the soft little hairs of Seth’s pubic area. His first cock and Nathan reacted more like a pro. His mouth began bobbing up and down the silky smooth shaft, using his tongue to swarm the cock head, and tasty shaft.
Within a minute or two, Seth cried out and Nathan felt Seth’s cock expand, then a volley of warm thick nectar began firing away inside his mouth. Nathan continued applying a vacuum like pressure, containing the shooting sperm in the process. Seth’s body riveted out of control as his cock unleashed a powerful surge of sperm missiles like never before. Nathan vowed to himself that he wouldn’t swallow until he had every ounce of Seth’s cum inside his mouth. Not once did he question his own ability to swallow Seth’s sperm, but more so, looked forward to tasting Seth’s most prized offering.
Now, with the last of sperm offering from Seth now swimming frantically inside Nathan’s mouth, it was then that he decided to start swallowing. Seth’s cock was still trapped between Nathan’s lips as Nathan tasted his first sperm sample. The first tiny bit slid down his throat, but offered no familiarity as to a taste, so Nathan swallowed a bit more, but this time, in a larger quantity. Still, it was the same results. There was no taste at all, so he began swallowing more and more until he forced himself to realize that Seth’s sperm actually had no taste at all.
As the last of Seth’s creamy nectar slid down his throat, Nathan allowed Seth’s now limp cock to fall free from his lips. Seth’s eyes were tightly closed and his breathing was very rapid. Using this moment as an advantage, Nathan forced Seth’s legs over his head, seeing for the first time, Seth’s most prized hidden feature, his bung hole. Nathan inched his eyes close, noticing that Seth’s asshole in no way, shape, fashion, or form, could ever be mistakingly called a little “brown eye.” The pinkish little speck was surrounded by the same creamy color as the rest of his butt without a hint of brown coloration whatsoever. As his eyes zeroed in, Nathan could also detect that there was simply no hair growth inside of Seth’s creamy colored crack either.
Just as he had done plenty of times with his wife, Nathan placed his inhaling nostrils directly over Seth’s tiny speck and began taking in deep breaths. After several attempts, Nathan realized that Seth’s butt hole was sparkling clean and totally void of any foul odor. With that in mind, Nathan plowed his tongue directly onto Seth’s asshole. Seth’s eyes opened wide as he felt Nathan’s tongue drilling away at his butt hole. With his eyes now open, Seth’s mouth flew open too, springing forth all sorts of words unknown to any English dictionary. Up until now, Seth never really considered the way he would feel having a tongue lapping at his back door, but now that Nathan’s tongue was plowing away, Seth knew he loved this newfound sensation.
Like a blood thirsty lion, Nathan eagerly began trying to force his tongue inside Seth’s butt hole. It took a little doing, but eventually, Nathan’s tongue made entry and was now crawling within the fiery hot realm of Seth’s mind boggling ass. Nathan forced his thick tongue inside Seth’s ass as far as it could go, lapping at the anal walls while using his tongue like a cock, to fuck Seth’s muscle clutching rectum. Seth shoved his elbows behind his knees, forcing both feet to easily duck in behind his head. By doing this, Nathan’s tongue was able to slide in deeper, feeding Seth with nothing but divine overwhelming pleasure.
Seth was screaming from pure pleasure as he felt every twitch, probe, and flicker of Nathan’s beefy tongue deep inside his rectal cavity. While Nathan’s tongue was performing all sorts of miracles to Seth’s fiery hot mouth watering ass, Seth’s cock began to pulsate and throb, veering off into an out of control state. No hands were on Seth’s cock, but the feeling of blowing his load caused Seth to cry out. Nathan quickly pried his anal dwelling tongue from within the miraculous depths of Seth’s rectum just in time to shove the younger man’s soon to be erupting cock back inside his mouth. No sooner had Seth’s cock entered Nathan’s mouth, Seth’s body severely shook and his cock exploded his richness sharply into Nathan’s mouth.
Nathan moaned in delight as spurt after spurt of Seth’s rich and creamy sperm volleyed into his mouth. At best guess, Nathan figured that Seth’s cock shot at least 8 large strands before pumping out oozes of the rich cream. Nathan continued applying pressure as his tongue basked in the puddle of Seth’s milky nectar within the safe confinements of his mouth. As the last of Seth’s sperm exited his cock, his cock began to rapidly deflate and now his cock became extra sensitive. Guiding Nathan’s mouth off of his cock with right hand, Nathan allowed the limp noodle to fall free. Nathan opened his throat and moaned with effortless joy as he began swallowing Seth’s creamy cum. Once again, there was no taste to describe.
Seth had unfolded his silky smooth legs and lay there, panting wildly. Nathan stood still, allowing his eyes to capture all the beauty that Seth offered. In Nathan’s mind, Seth was by far, the most gorgeous person that had ever graced this earth. Nathan stood between Seth’s legs, using both hands to gently caress Seth’s hairless thighs. Seth slowly rolled his head to one side, then the next, keeping his eyes closed as his body continued to periodically involuntarily tremble. Nathan took a step backwards, then lowered his upper body so his tongue could lick Seth’s balls. Seth mustered up enough energy to place his right foot on top of the table as he cooed and moaned as to the sensations that Nathan’s tongue was pleasing him with.
Through all of this recent activity, neither man dared to utter a single word to what had just transpired. In fact, no words needed to be exchanged. Nathan helped Seth get off the billiard’s table and now stood chest to chest as their lips once again collided with one another. As their roaming tongues feasted on one another, Seth used both hands to lower Nathan’s shorts. Feeling his shorts clanging around his ankles, Nathan picked up one foot, then the other, kicking his shorts to the side. Now, both men stood there naked with their tongues wildly fixated in the other’s moist mouth.
Seth placed both of his small hands onto Nathan’s massive cock and began offering slow, gentle strokes. Nathan’s body quivered as the two small hands on his cock almost brought him to his knees. As they kissed passionately, Seth began twirling the palm of his right hand around Nathan’s bulbous cock head, smearing the massive quantity of pre-cum all over the large mushroom shaped object. With his right hand on Nathan’s cock, Seth lowered his left hand to Nathan’s large, heavy balls. He could feel the hairs as they matted against the palm of his hand. In matching with the size of the older man’s cock, Nathan’s balls were just as big. Just by the touch, Seth already realized that he would not be able to place both of Nathan’s large cum makers into his mouth.
As their loving kiss broke, Seth slowly sank to his knees, ensuring both he and Nathan that his tongue would slither across Nathan’s entire upper body, prior to both knees touching the carpeted floor. Now on his knees, holding the base of Nathan’s more than impressive cock, Seth came eye to eye with the monstrous beast. Flicking out his tongue, Seth scooped up a large quantity of Nathan’s pre-cum. The pre-cum swarming inside his mouth had just a minimal reflection of salt, but other than that, it offered very little as to a taste.
Seth used his tongue to swipe and lick all over the giant bulbous cock head before lavishing his pink tongue all about on Nathan’s massive man meat. After working his tongue up and down the lengthy, beefy shaft, Seth stretched his mouth and sank it over the large knob. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, all Seth was capable of getting into his mouth was Nathan’s large cock head. Feeling Seth’s precious little mouth on his cock forced Nathan’s body to tremble and his knees to steadily buckle.
His first time sucking a cock, and it was a whopping enormous cock at that. Even while fighting with his own ability to suck cock, Seth didn’t ponder the notion if he would be able to endure this massive cock inside his ass. He already knew he wanted to feel Nathan deep inside of him, regardless of the pain. In fact, Seth had already prepared himself mentally to feel his ass walls give way to the giant one eyed beast.
Nathan scoured Seth’s head with both hands as the younger man brought him joy like never before. Seth did gag a few times, but he never once gave up on the fight to milk the gargantuan cock. In less than three minutes after starting his first cock sucking session, Nathan’s cum valve opened and he began firing rockets of sperm torpedoes deep into Seth’s already overly stuffed mouth. Seth never once entertained the thought of whether or not he could swallow another man’s sperm, and with keeping that in mind, Seth opened his throat and began swallowing hastily in order to conquer his most recent quest.
After about the third swallow, Seth discovered that Nathan’s cum had very little taste. It was hot, gooey, thick, and exciting all rolled up into one. As fast as Nathan’s cock spat out a wad of sperm, Seth would swallow. He didn’t want to spill a drop, not one single precious drop! Within a short time, Nathan’s cock became semi flaccid and Seth opened up his mouth and allowed the large beast to slip free. At that point, Seth began hungrily slithering his tongue all around Nathan’s low hanging balls. Nathan’s body was bucking and shivering as the pointy little tongue dashed all around his sensitive balls. After a very short time of working on Nathan’s balls, Nathan had no other choice but to stop Seth.
Seth stood up and the two embraced one another and their tongues slid easily into the other’s mouth. As they kissed, Nathan held onto Seth and began moving both bodies out of the billiard’s room and down the hall. It took a little time as their tongues embarked on a loving battle and their moans joyously danced off the hallway’s walls. Eventually, Nathan managed to get both of their shaking bodies into his large bedroom. As soon as his hand felt the edge of his large king sized bed, Nathan interrupted their passionate kissing and guided Seth into a doggy style position where Seth’s knees were barely hanging onto the edge of the bed. Wasting no time, no time at all, Nathan dropped to his knees and began stroking Seth’s tiny crack with long smooth strokes. Each time the tip of Nathan’s tongue struck Seth’s exposed asshole, Seth’s body jerked and his mouth opened, spewing moans and low audible grunts.
Nathan stabbed at the tiny pucker hole until his tongue finally gained entry, then as if in total animal mode, Nathan’s tongue wildly frolicked in and out of Seth’s anal canal sending Seth into a body bucking frenzy. Both men’s cocks grew back into their throbbing rigid state as Nathan hungrily dined away on Seth’s delicious bung hole. Nathan reached around Seth’s body with his right hand and latched onto Seth’s cock, where he began slowly stroking the slender member, driving Seth absolutely insane from pure utter pleasure.
After about 15 minutes, Nathan got up from his knees and lay on the center of the bed. This time, he had Seth straddle his upper body with Seth’s gorgeous face facing him, then watched Seth as he lowered his magical ass upon his outstretched tongue. Seth literally impaled his asshole onto Nathan’s tongue and began gyrating his hips from side to side while sliding his ass onto the anal probing tongue. Nathan loved the way Seth’s hairless balls slid upon his nose as Seth fucked his ass onto his tongue. Seth, lost within himself, began stroking his cock as he rode his ass onto Nathan’s thick tongue.
It only took a few minutes of that, but when Seth cried out he was about to cum, Nathan took over and forced Seth’s cock into his mouth just in time as the younger man’s cream began spurting sperm chunks into his mouth. Nathan was grunting while Seth was whimpering as his cock unleashed 5 massive spurts, then began oozing a steady flow of addicting cream. Nathan increased his vacuuming pressure until the last morsel of Seth’s tasteless sperm dribbled onto his tongue. With no more sperm to offer, or at least, for right now, Nathan opened his throat and groaned loudly as the thick milky sperm slid down his throat. Once again, Seth’s sperm offered not much of a taste and Nathan hungrily sipped on the fine nectar until his mouth was void of sperm.
Seth eased his body off of Nathan’s and collapsed onto the bed, on Nathan’s right side. Seth was breathing very heavily, but did manage to whisper, “Nathan, would you please make love to me?” Nathan rolled onto his right side and began gently swiping the side of Seth’s left cheek, then whispered, “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t ever want to hurt you!” This was their first words exchanged since this all began. Seth rolled his face to the side, still gasping for breath, but managed to squeak out, “Yes, I’m sure! I know it will hurt, but I want this more than anything in the world.”
Nathan kissed Seth on the lips, then slid off of the bed. After retrieving his bottle of lubricant called “WET”, he grabbed a towel, then slid back up onto the bed, but this time, he sat on his butt in between Seth’s widely spread legs. Applying a generous amount to the fingers of his right hand, Nathan slowly inserted his index finger. Seth moaned as the finger slid up his rectum and without realizing it, Seth was gyrating his hips in unison to the anal dwelling finger. After a brief time, Nathan inserted a second finger, then a third. Nathan couldn’t get over the fact just how tight Seth’s asshole really was. He also was overwhelmed at just how hot the younger man’s love tunnel was and the bone crushing anal muscles and how they attacked his anal exploring fingers.
The three fingers inside him offered a mild dull ache and when those very same fingers struck his prostate, Seth became intoxicated at the overall sensation. When Nathan inserted the fourth finger, Seth now felt like his virgin hole was being pried apart, but he also knew that Nathan’s cock was much thicker than the fingers, so he bit his teeth and relaxed his anal muscles, allowing the fourth finger to crawl deeply inside of him. In due time, Seth began to clutch his anal muscles, forcing shivers of pure excitement to ravish his wildly shaking body.
While Nathan continued lubricating Seth’s mystifying love chute, his left hand was busy smearing the lubricant all over his twitching cock. With the fingers of his right hand playing gleefully inside Seth’s rectum, and his left hand busy stroking his now slippery cock, Nathan leaned forward a bit, and softly whispered, “Are you ready? Do you want me to put my cock inside you now?” Seth’s mind was running amuck, but his mouth screamed out, “Yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSS, fuck me nowwwwwwwwwwww!”
Nathan retrieved his slippery fingers from the awesome tight clutches of Seth’s magical anal kingdom, taking the time to make a brief inspection and he was happy to find nothing related to the area in which his fingers had once been inside. Nathan wiped his hands on the towel, then inched closer on his knees until the giant bulbous cock head was directly pressing onto Seth’s already tightly sealed butt hole. Seth could feel the giant head as it pressed against his anus. The moment of truth was now at hand for Seth and he was doing all he could do to prepare himself for the pain in which he knew was inevitable.
After several frustrating attempts, Nathan finally managed to force the head of his cock into Seth’s ass. Seth couldn’t help not to scream as his anal walls stretched farther than ever to accommodate Nathan’s magnificent one eyed beast. Seth then place his right forearm into the clutches of his teeth as he felt like his ass was being savagely torn apart as more of Nathan’s beast like cock head slid farther into him. Nathan slung his head back as he felt the scorching heat and the vice like grip of Seth’s anal muscles as he pushed another inch or so up the younger man’s breath taking rectum.
Seth knew this would be a bit painful, but never could he have ever imagined this would be the most painful experience he had ever partook in. To Seth, Nathan’s diving cock felt more like a fiery telephone pole being shoved into his rectum. The intense gut wrenching pain was almost to the point of being unbearable. Tears evenly flowed from the corners of Seth’s eyes and this did not go unnoticed by Nathan. He did stop and asked Seth if he wanted him to pull out, but it was Seth who shockingly shook his head from side to side, indicating a no.
With Seth’s silky smooth legs upon his strong shoulders, Nathan shoved his cock into the younger man’s anal orifice, feeding the fiery hot hole about 5 thick inches. Seth’s mouth flew open widely and he could