Sunday, November 25, 2007

Manila Filmfest Scandal

My name is Ken and I am a 15 year old teenage gay. I have a boyfriend name Matt and he is also a teengay. This is one of our sexcapade when we once watch a very romantic flick in Manila.

We walk into the movies not to sure what we are going to watch but not really caring. We sit in the back. After a while he reaches over to me and lifts my shirt he realizes that my nipples are turgid, for whatever reason I don't know. He tells me not to make a sound and what ever he did just keep looking straight. All ready I start to ache. He puts my hands on the arm rests. All the while he is saying this he is caressing my nipples.

He gets on the floor in front of me and spreads my legs apart so either leg is on each side of him. As he leans forward he whispers against my nipple and says "Now remember no sounds and don't move". I moan but i bite my lip. Trying not to make a sound. He touches my nipple with his tongue and sucks on it. He takes on of his hands and moves it up my inner thigh. He touches me with his finger tips i make a moan and he whispers against my skin ssshhhh.

I swallow my moan. He slides his mouth down my body and pushes down my shorts. I'm not wearing any briefs he smiles against my inner thigh as he presses kisses up between my thighs making me moan. He take his hand and put it near my mouth saying suck on my finger imagine it being my dick.

I suck his finger in my mouth. As my lips close around his finger he touches me with the tip of his tongue telling me sssshhhhh as I moan around his finger. He stabs his tongue inside me making me grip the arm rests. He then takes his hand away from my mouth i moan as he grabs my hips and pushes my hips closer to his mouth and tongue.

Burying his mouth in my cock, he drapes my legs on his shoulders and I push him closer with my legs not realizing. What im doing he sticks a finger inside my mouth and I climax when while his ucking my dick. He straightens my shorts and kisses my mouth as he pushes my shirt down covering my chest and turgid nipples. I smell my musky scent on him. It turns me on sharing myself with my lover.

He smiles at me and I smile back as I grab his belt buckle and I push his pants and boxers down. He lets out a moan i lean forward on my knees in from of him. I whisper ssshhhh as i lean forward to let him in the moist recesses in my mouth. I suck on his dick and he puts his fingers in my hair burying them. I shake my head no and I take his hands and put them on the arm rests.

I suck on the tip of his dick I swirl my tongue around the tip. He throws his head back and swallows his moan. Feeling his moan vibrate through his body excites me. I start to suck harder knowing that he s going to burst in my mouth any minute. I rub my tongue up and down his dick feeling him get larger inside my mouth. He whispers incoherently tell me in broken gasp he's going to cum. Mmm I lift my head and whisper for his ears alone and says yessss cum in my mouth. I bend my head back towards him and suck on him harder. He then lets out a harsh gasp as he climaxes telling me to swallow every drop of his cum. I gladly comply.

He then pushes me back on the floor and slams his mouth on mine he thrusts his tongue in my mouth as he does he slides deep inside me and he swallows my moan of pleasure. He lifts his head and says turn around so I can fuck your asshole Baby. I gladly comply and he thrust inside me harder and faster mmm. He feels my inner muscles grip his dick harder. He lets out a moan and says YES!! come with me again he says. He climaxes inside me and his climax triggers mine. MMMMMMM he tells me after we collapsed on the floor oh baby you're goood.

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