Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camping Ecstacy

I wanted to get showered early so I would get a good start on my first day as a camp counselor. The first set of campers would not show up for two weeks yet, but there was preliminary work to do, and I had never been a camp counselor before. I nervously stepped out from my cabin, wearing only a robe and beach sandals, and headed for the communal shower/toilet that served this cluster of cabins. I hadn't walked around out in the open naked for a year or so and wearing just the robe began to get me horny. Being early, I would be able to get some relief in the shower.

I stepped into the bathhouse and was startled to hear a guy's voice, telling someone to 'Suck it deep, baby'. I slowly stepped toward the shower room and peeked around the corner. There on the floor was Jack, a senior counselor. He was in charge of the cabin next to mine. He was also on his hands and knees, with one cock in his mouth and a second cock in his asshole. Two well-built (and naked) campers of age 14 and 15 were pumping him from both ends. The guys or should I say teen gays did not see me. They were intent on one thing, shooting a load of spunk into Jack. My hand instinctively went inside my robe and I began doing handjob. The tenage gays who is fucking Jack from behind began to pump faster, harder.

'Here is a load of cum for you, Sir', he said as he plunged into him and stayed deep. The teenage gay in his mouth quickly pulled out and declared that it was now his turn in his asshole. Jack seemed to be as horny (if not more) than any of my fraternity brothers. He told the teenage gay from his ass to come up from so he could clean him off. While the second teenage gay was beginning his fuck, a long semi-soft cock was dangled in front of Jack and he began to lick it clean. By now, my cock was very hot and very wet, and my hand was working its way faster and faster with every touch I'm making into my cock. Soon Jack's oral attentions had produced an erect cock for his to suck on. The teenage gay behind him was pounding away at his asshole and quickly added his load of cum to his ass.

As soon as the teenage gay in his ass recovered a bit he said they had better get back to their cabins. They began to slip on their trunks and Jack gave each cock a good-bye kiss (and suck). I slipped backward into one of the toilet stalls and closed the door. I heard the teenage gays leave and then the shower start up. I was very hot and wanted to finish my handjob, but I was worried that Jack would catch me. So I went out into the shower room as if I had just arrived. When I said hello to Jack, he turned to me and asked if I enjoyed the show. I was a bit startled and Jack said he had seen me when the teens switched places. He said that the first teen was a good fucker and that the second was a new camper this year. He asked again if I had enjoyed the show. I finally said that I had enjoyed watching them.

I was now naked and soaping up under the shower facing away from Jack. I heard him moan and turned to look over my shoulder at him. He was leaning back against the wall with one hand cupping his balls and the other feverishly rubbing his cock. When he saw me looking, he said that the studs were good but they just were not enough. I giggled and he told me to turn around and finish myself off too. I was a bit embarrassed but decided that my horny cock needed relief. I turned and leaned on the wall to face him. Jack said that the teens would love my shaven cock. I told him the gays back at school certainly did. I began to work on my cock as quickly as possible. I began to mimic Jack's actions, cupping one of my balls in my left hand. My right hand went immediately for my cock and began rubbing into my cock. Jack began to thrash around as his orgasm arrived and mine followed very quickly. By the time I recovered, Jack had finished washing and was drying himself off. I quickly finished washing and joined him at the benches. Jack said he could introduce me to the better studs if I was interested in just screwing for fun. I told him I was always interested in screwing.

That night at dinner, Jack told me to meet him in the shower early the next morning for a staff introduction. I masturbated twice that night fantasizing about who he was going to introduce me to in the shower. The next morning I woke up very early and hurried to the bathhouse. I went inside to find Jack and the head lifeguard/swim instructor. I had been introduced to him yesterday but had not noticed the immense bulge in his speedo's that was evident today. Jack introduced us and as we shook hands, he began to pull down his swimsuit. He suggested I kneel in front of him and help. Slowly we eased the suit off his tight muscular ass and then down off his bulging cock. His tool was at least ten inches long and it wasn't completely hard yet. Jack and I stood up and he began to remove my robe. I was still facing him when the robe opened and he saw my hairless cock. When he whistled his approval, Jack said he knew he would like my cock. He pushed us toward the showers and told us to hurry up the washing part so we could get to the fun. We quickly turned on the water and each began soaping up a washcloth. When we turned toward each other, we noticed that Jack had left us alone and we began to wash each other. He was big and muscular and hard (very hard when I washed his cock and balls). He was gentle and washed everything but he did pay more attention to my balls and cock and ass than he did to my back or arms.

When we were all soaped up, we rinsed off and I knelt down in front of him. I was staring at this large hard pleasure pole, hoping that he was as good a fucker as his cock looked. I cupped his balls in one hand and began to lick up and down his wet shaft. After slowly licking the full length of his cock, I switched to fast short flicks, starting at his balls, moving sideways and up until I flicked all around his cockhead. He took my head in his hands and I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide his cock across my tongue and into my mouth. I got half of his shaft into my mouth when his head touched the back of my throat. I closed my mouth and sucked hard and pulled back until just his head was in my mouth. I released the pressure and let him push his way back in. We alternated this sucking and fucking until his cock grew in width until I could only take a quarter of his cock. I backed off and licked him from balls to cockhead again. He suggested we move to the benches to continue. I laid back on the bench with my ass right on the end. I spread my legs as he knelt in front of me. He pulled my bare cock and began a fierce lapping at my cock. In just moments I was cumming. He never slipped his tongue into my cock, but I was cumming anyway. He stood up, turned me around and quickly pushed his rod into my hot, horny asshole. I was still recovering from my orgasm as he pushed his whole length into me. His cock went in all way to his balls. And he began pounding. Hard, fast pounding fuck. I did not feel much of his fucking, but I came again, and he came right after me. We were now worn out and very sweaty. Jack came back in (he had been watching us from the doorway) and hurried us back into the shower before heading back to our cabins. After Mr. Lifeguard left who is only 18 years old anyway, Jack said he wasn't a great licker or a warm lover but he could really pound a gay like me to orgasm. My tender ass and I agreed. He was not my choice for a lifetime lover, but he would definitely do for a quicky.

In the weeks that followed, Jack introduced me to the rest of his list of sex teenage gay partners. I screwed one gay in the boat house. He took me in there, stripped off my trunks and then brought him in. After some introductory kissing (Jack was always watching now), Jack had me turn around and bend over a sawhorse that he had padded with some towels. He had him quickly suck my cock first to one orgasm and then he told him to fuck my ass. Without a word, he plunged in. I love getting my asshole fucked so I gave no resistance. A few more plunges and I was receiving his load of cum. Another time Jack introduced me to the Stable Master (older gay - maybe twice my age) and his head riding instructor. They stripped off my t-shirt and sucked on both of my nipples at the same time. I almost came from just that. We eventually all got naked and the riding instructor laid down on a hay bale and had me mount him. Jack helped guide his cock as I sat down and impaled myself on his fuck stick. I began riding him, bouncing up and down on his cock. Jack was sucking the stable master right next to us and he occasionally rubbed my cock. My speed picked up as I enjoyed the cock ride, until I was blindly bouncing my way to an orgasm. I collapsed on top of my riding instructor and he held me tight. Jack used some of hic own cum to lubricate my asshole again and he guided the stable master's slathered cock into my butthole to finish the sex sandwich. The stable master was now in charge. His motions, long deep plunges in and long strokes out, drove me up and down the riding instructor"s cock, fucking him more, fucking him to orgasm. Finally the stable master shot his load into my ass once more.

Near the end of the summer, we had a theatrical troupe join our camp. Before they arrived, Jack asked me if I trusted him enough to have sex with one of his friend's with a blindfold on. He told me, I would get the best cocklicking I would EVER get. He said his cocklicking friend was in the troupe and would only do it if I was blindfolded. Since I had cum from every sexual encounter Jack had arranged (some more than once, and more when I arranged the meeting), I decided to trust Jack. I agreed to wear a blindfold while getting my horny cock licked.

A few days later (after the troupe had arrived), Jack met me in the bathhouse again. I had watched the guy's in the troupe while they unpacked their gear and I would not have objected to any of them. Jack and I stripped off our robes and he put a blindfold on me. He helped me sit on the bench and he went to get the cocklicker. When he returned, he sat behind me and pulled me back to lay against him. At his instruction, I pulled my legs up and open, holding them behind the knees. My hairless cock and ass were now available for anyone to see. Janck reached down to my cock. He told the cocklicker that he knew my cock would be hot already. I felt the tip of a tongue slowly work its way up to the top and then around my exposed cock. I didn't feel any lips, just the tip of a tongue going around and around my shaft. The tongue moved up and down. The pleasure of this tongue was begining to build. This was definitely a good cocklicker. The tongue began to go deeper, wiggling its way into my pleasure stick. As it moved in, the tongue rubbed both the left and right sides of my cock. I had had guys really try to lick the cum out of me but this tongue was getting deep enough to do it. Deeper and deeper, more and more pleasure, this tongue wiggled and rubbed and was going to make me cum. I knew Jack was talking to this cocklicker but I did not notice what he was saying until I heard him say, "Now, really tongue-cock." The tongue pulled out and it lapped at my cock and then plunged into me. God, that tongue must have been long, it felt like he was laready fucking my ass. It pulled out and plunged in again, deeper. I was begining to cum, and I begged for a fucking. The tongue began plunging in and out faster, like a real fucking. Faster, deeper, no tongue can be that long, but it went deep. Finally, I was cumming, thrashing around as if this was my first orgasm. Jack had to hold my legs to keep me from crushing the head at my cock. I reached down and grabbed this head and helped it suck deep into me. At the peak of my pleasure, I just pulled the head tight against my cock and held it there. The tongue slowly moved around rubbing at the walls of my cock. I had cum from the BEST tongue lick I had ever had. When I relaxed enough to release the head between my legs, Jack slowly removed my blindfold and I saw the blonde head of the troupe's lead male dancer. I asked if he was the best cocklicker in the world and he said " of course", and let out a 6 inch tongue to flick at my cock. This guy had the longest tongue I had ever seen and he knew how to use it in a cock. I knew he would make a lot of gays very happy.

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