Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Bestfriend’s Teen Gay Brother

This is a true story, and if my best friend every found out, there'll be Hell to pay. My best friend Stan has an 16-year-old teen gay brother named Bruce. Bruce now goes to the same high school I graduated from in 1991. Since he was about 11 he has had a sort of a crush on me. At first, I use to tease him about it; however, when he turned about 16 he really began to fill out. He now plays soccer, field hockey, track and basketball - all around very athletic.

One day he came over to my house with a bucket, rags, soap, and a fellow soccer player. When I answered the doorbell he smiled, "the soccer team is trying to raise some money to buy new uniforms, can Tim and I wash your car for $5?" He was wearing a very tiny pair of swimming trunks that showed off his tanned athletic legs and a sports bra since he was a cross-dresser. He was the kind of teen gay you never saw while you were going to high school. He did have braces on his teeth, but he still had an incredible smile.

I noticed his washboard stomach with his belly button pierced, "when did you get that done?" "When we were in Mexico." He replied. That would explain the dark tan that made his natural platinum blonde hair that was pulled back in a tight pony tail stand out.

"Does Stan or your parents know about that?" I laughed. "No, and you better not tell them either!" Tim finally spoke up, "tell him about the Army guys." Tim was not bad looking himself. He had a bathing suit top on and a pair of soccer shorts. Tim was not as tall as Bruce, he was only about 5'2" - maybe 95lbs, with smaller chest but his body was just as athletic. "Shut up!" Bruce snapped at Tim. "He's my brother's best friend!" "Tell me or I'm make up my own story to Stan." I replied. He paused for a minute, rolled his eyes, then spoke up.

"OK, but promise you won't say anything."

"I won't say anything."

Bruce was a little nervous at first, "well, while we were in Cancun we spent all our money in the first couple of days. Jennifer told us that his sister made $1,000 on Spring Break by going into a club and taking his clothes off, even though he was only sixteen."

"So you, little Bruce, took your clothes off in public because you needed money?" I remarked.

"Don't call me little! We all did it and made over $2500 together!

"What about the Army guys?" I asked

"Well, There were these Army guys on leave from Kansas who kept paying us $100 a piece to grind on them naked! They thought they might get something, but we just took their money and left them with hard-ons. There was one guy who was like 35 who paid me $200 to let him lick a certain part of my body. I'm not telling you any more!"

"You better not! Go wash my car!" The thought of him naked was enough to drive me crazy. I felt myself get hard as he told his story. I looked outside and could see his firm tanned ass checks hanging out the bottom of his trunks as he bent over my car. They started to spray each other with the water hose and were dripping wet within minutes. Tim pulled down his soccer shorts to expose his very tight small ass in a near thong-bathing suit. A few minutes later I saw Tim slip into a mud puddle and get mud all over himself. I walked away from the window and then there was a knock at my door a few moments later. It was Tim. "Can I use your shower to wash this mud off?" he asked.

"Sure, go back through the hallway and it's the first door on the left." I heard water running, but it sounded like the door was open. I thought he might be using the sink so after a few minutes I walked back to tell him he could use the shower. To my amazement he was standing in the middle of the tub naked giving himself a sponge bath. I was in a spot in the hall were he couldn't see me. I watched as the water ran between his firm chest, down his stomach, and between his hard-on cock. He turned around to give me an incredible view of his tight little ass. I could see his hard-on cock hanging down from behind as he squeezed the sponge on his shoulders to let the water run down his back. "Are you some kind of pervert?" Bruce whispered. He was dripping wet standing right behind me. I was at a lost for words all I could say was, "I was um, I mean." Tim walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Bruce.

"What were you doing watching me?" Tim asked with a smile. "Aren't you 9 years older than me?" Tim is also 16. Bruce stood a couple of inches in front of me, while Tim was a couple behind. "You look a little nervous, I thought I was just a little teen gay?" Bruce asked.

"Should we tell him the real reason we're here Bruce?"

"I guess we can Tim. Well it's like this. While we were in Mexico and those Army guys were throwing themselves at us, Tim asked me if there was any guy who could resist us. I told him my brother's friend Rob. I told him that I've had a crush on you for a while and lately I've started to fantasize about you. He laughed and told me that we could reel you in like a weak little puppy dog."

I was unable to say anything. Bruce grabbed my shirt took me into the living room and pushed me into a chair.

"So, to finish my story, Tim and I came over here to fuck the hell out of you."

My dick almost burst out of my pants! Bruce began to untie the string on his trunks. "I know nothing I did in Mexico will ever get back to my brother, right? I mean, if he found out somehow that his best friend fucked his teen gay brother he might be a little upset. Wouldn't you agree?" he taunted. Tim stood behind me and began to rub my shoulders. "You're tense, just relax and we'll do the rest." Bruce started to pull down his trunks. They were a little tight so he had to bend forward to get them past his hips. When the slid down his long legs (he is a little tall at 5'8") to his feet he kicked hsm leg and they flew onto my couch.

"Look, no tan lines. We laid out naked everyday." Bruce had the first natural blonde pubic hair I had ever seen. It was neatly trimmed. Next he pulled off his sports bra to expose his rock hard nipples "I ask you again, am I still the little teen gay you claim I am?" Again nothing came out of my mouth. I wanted to tell him to stop and get dressed but I couldn't. Tim tilted my head back and ran his warm tongue over my lips. We began to kiss when I noticed his tongue was pierced. It felt weird at first, but after a while I didn't notice it. I could feel my shorts being pulled down by Bruce and my dick sticking straight in the air. Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of a tongue being wrapped around my shaft. My tongue continued exploring the inside of Tim's mouth as I received the best head I could ever remember. He did scrape me lightly with his braces but it wasn't too bad. Bruce stopped and licked his lips. "Let's bring him into the bedroom." We walked into the bedroom. I asked them both to bend over the bed. This was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Both assholes by a teen gay hung down eagerly awaiting my attention. I shoved my face into Bruce's waiting ass from behind and tasted his young juices. I ran my hand up Tim's thigh and put three fingers into his little ass. His juices quickly ran out onto my hand. I was playing with Tim's little ass as I consumed Bruce's. After a few minutes they laid me on my bed and Bruce resumed to suck my dick again while Tim straddled over my face. I saw his cock hanging down as he lowered it to my waiting mouth. Within minutes Tim was cumming as I consumed all the juices between his legs. He had his entire weight on my face, but he was so small that I didn't really notice. His juices glazed my entire face as he rubbed his cock all over while he came.

"Can we fuck him now Bruce?" Bruce responded, "no, not until I get to taste some of his cum." With that, a little pre cum squirted into his warm mouth and he swallowed it immediately. "Anyway, my ass is going to be the first to stretch out on his dick." Tim continued to rub his freshly shaven cock all over my face while Bruce straddled my cock. He slowly lowered himself onto my shaft until he hit the bottom. My dick was buried in my best friend's sister's fresh little asshole. His ass were completed stretched and wrapped around my cock. He began to slide up and down, his juices soaking my shaft. "I've fantasized about this for years! And now your cock is mine!" We began to increase the pace in only a few minutes. My arms were wrapped like a vice on Tim's thighs. My mouth was at least an inch into his ass. Bruce's juicy warm asshole took its toll on me. My cum began to explode inside Bruce. Bruce was shaking as he came at the same time. His asshole could not hold all my cum because it began to seep out while he still road my shaft slowly. I then let go of Tim and he climbed off of my face. Bruce had his nails embedded into my chest when he pulled my cock out. A long stream of semen poured out onto my leg as he dismounted. A quick squirt hit him in the belly button and covered his new belly ring. Tim was not about to waste this. He licked my cum off of my leg, then licked Bruce's belly button then proceeded to lick all the cum out of Bruce's twat. Tim's little ass was right above my cock as he bent over eating Bruce's cock. My dick was instantly hard again. Tim's ass was well lubricated from my mouth and hanging in full view, so my dick slid right in. "Please fuck me hard Rob." Tim said as he lifted his head from Bruce's ass with semen running down his chin. Bruce quickly shoved his head back down between his legs. Bruce had already come once on my dick, he was now cumming just seconds apart and was shaking in total ecstasy. Tears were running down his cheeks as total euphoria began to take him over.

I slowly fucked Tim doggy style. I buried myself deep into him with one thrust and began to move my hips in small circles. This drove him over the edge as he came is waves. I was bent forward fucking Tim and kissing Bruce, while Tim continued to lick his cock. I didn't realize that I had come until I saw more semen dripping from Tim's ass. The whole time I was inside his felt like an orgasm. Maybe I was cumming the whole time because when I withdrew from Tim even more cum leaked out then was in Bruce. I fell to my heats exhausted. The teen gays quickly began to 69 one another to suck out my warm semen from between their legs.

When Tim went to the shower I gently pushed Bruce's legs apart and I fucked some more before I came with his legs wrapped around my neck. Tim got out of the shower only to have me bend him over the bed and fuck him from behind with my balls hitting his cock with each thrust. I quickly replaced the cum he tried to wash away in the shower. My dick could not get enough. Our fun ended when Stan called to say he was coming over in a few minutes. When they were dressed I could see a wet spot on Bruce's shorts where my cum continued to leak out.

"When will we do this again?" Bruce asked

"I made a mistake; I can't believe I did this."

"It's not your fault Rob, you're just a guy with a weakness for sex. Like all guys." Tim responded. Bruce walked over and whispered in my ear, "tonight I'm coming over by myself and we're going to screw all night." That's exactly what happened. We continued to have sex once or twice a month until he went to college. This was one experience I surely won't forget!

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